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The Festival of Flowers; Spring 2018 Event
Topic Started: Mar 15 2018, 01:23 AM (308 Views)
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Stay the course.

The Festival of Flowers

"After a long winter, there's nothing I love more than spring. The sight of all the beautiful flowers across our kingdom, the lovely scents, and all the great things to do during spring. There's hardly a better time to take a vacation or go on a picnic. Simply wonderful!

Hi, everyone, it's me Franceska and, even though times have been tough, I think it's important that we continue to spread the joy and beauty of the Spring season to each other, and even to the people we might disagree with. I think if everyone understood the language of flowers and stopped to smell the roses, then I think we'd all really get along. Just as it's my brothers' duties to defend the Kingdom, it's my job to make the people of Fiore happy and cheerful! That's why I'm bringing back the time-honored tradition of Fiore's Festival of Flower!
- Franceska Georgina ro Unmariquia

Special Achievements

Like other events in the past, this event, which runs from March 14th to June 20th, is an achievement checklist event based on the joy and renewal of Spring. Sounds great right!

How it Works

  • Pick an item to do in the checklist and do it in an RP post.
  • These should be done by your characters. Achievements and rewards are also character-specific.
  • You can do up to 1 of the checklist items per post.
  • You can do up to 3 of the checklist items per thread.
  • Upon completion of this event, estimated to last until around June 20th, the last day of Spring, you'll receive SP and Jewels based on how many you completed. This will have some sort of cap, naturally.
  • Checklist items only count if they're done after this event starts, so you can't dig up new threads to try to squeeze SP out.
  • [Tentative] You can do up to 10 Achievements for SP and Jewels. The rewards will be revealed at the end of the event.
  • All participants will receive a secondary bonus prize if every item on the checklist is completed. I won't regularly keep track of this until the end, so keeping an eye on this as a group and working on a team is a good idea.
  • To claim rewards, simply post a link to the achievement where the achievement was accomplished and properly label which achievement it is. You can do this when the event is completed.
  • As one more additional thing, a Festival of Flowers is being held in numerous cities throughout the Kingdom of Fiore. You can find out which cities these are below. RPing in these cities will confer an additional 1 SP if the thread at least 3 pages, and an extra 2 SP if it is longer than 5 pages. These locations also have their own achievements. They don't need to be completed in that city to count as one of your achievements.
  • More achievements will be added at a later date.

Festival of Flowers Host Cities

Magnolia: "In the language of flowers, Magnolia symbolizes gentleness and femininity. But, did you know that Magnolias can not pollinate without the help of beetles? No wonder those Fairy Tail mages settled around Magnolia. That spirit of companionship and cooperation is truly amazing! I would love to give a Magnolia to Lady Lucia of Bosco. I'm sure we would make great friends too." Collect a Magnolia flower and offer it to a good friend.

Belladonna: "The Belladonna is notorious for its toxicity, capable of causing death. However, in proper doses, it can be used as a cosmetic and even a medicine." In the spirit of the belladonna, heal another character and spread good will.

Poinsettia: "Long ago, a young boy was unable to provide a gift for a celebration. In his despondence, he gathered weeds and placed them in the ground. Miraculously, these weeds bloomed into beautiful crimson flowers. Poinsettias! Amazing, isn't it? I remember planting flowers with my dear brothers when I was small... It was so much fun. Hey, who are you calling shorty?" Plant a poinsettia flower.

Acacia: "They say the Acacia represents renewal and fortitude, and even life and death. I can't think of a better name for Acacia, a city of such amazing progress. Legend says that the Fiore's founder, High King Arlan, even wrote his first codes and orders on acacia wood." In honor of this, place an acacia on a gravestone.

Coreopsis: "What a wonderful, flower. The site of a coreopsis flower just makes me cheerful. So vibrant and lovely. Did you know that the coreopsis stands for love at first sight?" In honor of this, give a coreopsis flower to someone you care about so they can know how much they mean to you!"

Trillium: "They say you shouldn't pick a trillum flower because it can be so delicate that picking it can damage the whole plant. But, with a careful hand you can replant it. That's just like Trillium, a tough city that's always come back no matter what. That's just so admirable!" In honor of this, carefully pick a trillium flower and replant it if you think you're up for the challenge.

Lotus: "The lotus is a wonderful flower. So clean and pure even if it floats upon a dirty pond. No wonder it's associated with spiritual enlightenment." Let's all take a moment to meditate and find our own enlightenment.

Chrysanthemum: "The regal chrysanthemum! In Fiore, this flower represents the military and the Knights of Fiore. In other countries like Minstrel, it's also really important too. It represents many things, such as long life, fortune, and well-wishing." Give a chrysanthemum to a soldier.

Crocus: "The Crocus is the flower of our capital, and I can't think of anything more fitting. See, it represents cheerfulness and mirth, and it's one of the first flowers to emerge in spring. After a long winter, this is when our kingdom is the most beautiful of all, from sight to smell. That's why the crocus is still used as a common fragrance. So, let's stop and smell the flowers, everyone!" Pick up a flower and smell it.

Dandelion: "Some consider the Dandelion a weed, but I think it's as beautiful as any other flower. It can grow practically anywhere, even in the cracks of pavement or the side of the roads. Maybe that's why they named Dandelion that? Such a hardy city, but it's always so full of hope. That must be why people make wishes when they blow on dandelions!" Blow on dandelions and make a wish.


  • 5 Centimeters Per Second: See cherry blossoms.
  • Basic Botany: Pick a flower
  • The Gift of Spring: Receive a flower.
  • How Fancy: Wear a flower in your hair.
  • Don't Catch It: Make a flower bouquet.
  • A Romantic Omen: Catch a flower bouqet.
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away: Stay indoors while it's raining outside.
  • Making a Splash: Jump into a puddle.
  • Double Rainbow: See a rainbow.
  • Ella-Ella-Ey-Ey: Use an umbrella
  • By your Side: Give someone an umbrella while it's raining outside.
  • Pic-a-nic Basket: Have a picnic.
  • Tasty Fresh: Eat some fresh produce.
  • Seasoned Chef: Cook some food with garden-grown herbs and seasoning.
  • Road Trip: Take a trip from one town or city to another.
  • Take a Hike!: Go on a hike.
  • Field of Dreams: Run through a meadow or field.
  • Chirp, Chirp: Go bird watching.
  • Squirrel Tactics: Climb a tree.
  • Tea for a Two: Attend a tea party.
  • Green Thumb: Tend to a garden.
  • Spring Cleaning: Clean a dwelling or some of your belongings.
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Attend a yard sale.
  • The Festival of Flowers: Attend a festival at one of the cities in Fiore.
  • Lucky, Lucky!: Find a four-leaf clover.
  • Have One on Me: Buy someone an alcoholic beverage.
  • Dionysian: Drink wine.
  • I'm green da-ba-dee...: Wear something green.
  • Fooling Around: Play a prank on someone.
  • It's Lit: Smoke a cigar in honor of a special April day.
  • Easter Egg: Find any kind of egg.
  • The Hunt is On: Hide an egg.
  • Easter Candy: Consume a piece of chocolate.
  • Nice Buns: Pet a bunny rabbit.
  • Not That Kind of Pole Dancing: Participate or watch maypole dance festivities.
  • A Pinch of Green: Pinch someone who isn't wearing green.
  • Singin' In The Rain: Yep, sing in the rain.
  • Pony Rides Aren't Just For Kids!: Throw Ride an equine.
  • The Gift of Love: Give a bouquet.
  • Preparing the Festivities: Brew or help create an alcoholic beverage.
  • Top 'o Da Mornin' To Ya: Wear a leprechaun outfit.
  • Damn it Ashton!: Have a prank pulled on you.
  • Are You Sure That's Chocolate?: Eat a chocolate egg.
  • It's Actually Chocolate: Give a chocolate egg.

    More achievements will be added later throughout the season for potentially even more rewards. Stay tuned, everyone, and work together to keep track of completion and get everything done! Have a lovely spring season.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

[tabs][tab=Leo]Total: 9[/tab][tab=Cam]Total: 2[/tab][/tabs]
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^ Mood.

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What's The Point

OkAy DaYuD
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

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Chirp, Chirp: Go bird watching. The Flower of Crime
Making a Splash: Jump into a puddle.The Flower of Crime
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Hoennese and proud!

Kiyah Achievements
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Combat Enthusiast

Blitz Ranfen:
- Tasty Fresh
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