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Holder Magic
Topic Started: Mar 5 2018, 04:50 PM (101 Views)
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Let the flan flow through you.
Hey guys! Quick question for you all.

It's concerning Holder Magic and the weapons you possess.

Let's say I have a weapon I want to make that can take three forms (Bo Staff, Sword & Shield, Bow). Could my Holder magic apply all three? Obviously a technique for the bo staff would not apply to the bow, etc.
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Hoennese and proud!

Sounds like you're trying to cheat around the Holder rules to me...
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Let the flan flow through you.
What do you mean?
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Stay the course.

He means that, functionally, having a weapon that can take 3 forms like that and having your holder magic apply to all three is similar in nature to having three holder items which is why he's saying you're trying to cheat around holder rules.

I'll posit further and say that having a holder item with three radically different forms like that probably wouldn't be acceptable. The forms are just too different. Even if it's one item in a physical sense, it's undeniably three items in a practical sense. If you were to say have a Bo Staff that splits up into nunchucks or a three sectioned staff or a sword that splits into a chainsword or into two swords, that might be more applicable, however.
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yes helo it is i hifen
You could have three T3 Holders. Would be horrible "theme"-economy though. You could opt for healing or whatever instead.
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