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Of Plants & Plans; Tenken & Jossle
Topic Started: Feb 27 2018, 11:14 PM (237 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

It was rare these days to ever see Doctor Kiyah Bright out of the small town of Frestia, even rarer still to see her in an agitated state and, finally, the rarest of all to actually see her yelling at someone - even if it was deserved. The man cowering before her was an enormous man, almost a full foot in height above Kiyah herself but the cold fury with which she was lambasting him -and the volume of said shouting- was enough to make the fear in his eyes extremely evident. Maybe it had something to do with the cold aura of power she was radiating, maybe it had something to do with the finger that was pressed oh-so-close to his face...
Maybe it was the second pair of arms that were currently stabbed into his abdomen, blood slowly trickling down her wrists.

"You complete and utter fool!" she was saying loudly, her voice carrying loudly across the platform of the train station and her two "regular" arms gesturing widely even though her eyes never left his face, "Do you have any idea exactly how important those plants were! The expense required to ship them through a warzone notwithstanding, they were going to be used to save lives on the front lines of the war! Are you just a literal cro-magnon or are you a shaved ape?!"
The man didn't really reply beyond a simple whimper of pain as Kiyah withdrew her other two hands, the blood on the fingertips dripping down as he collapsed, Kiyah's eyes glaring down coldly.

"I took an oath, once, to do no harm," she hissed, her voice low and the fury radiating from her palpable, enough that all the nearby bystanders who had been watching with fear -and a morose interest- all backed off a ways more, no longer willing to be within the potential firing range of whatever it was this beast of a woman would unleash on the poor fool before her, "But that oath has not applied for some time. Maybe if you reach a medical center within the next few minutes your perforated stomach wont cause your death."
She turned on her heel and walked off the platform, the second set of arms somehow vanishing into nothingness, heading for the town proper in hopes of finding a phone to call through another order.

"I doubt it though."
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Okay, that is one angry woman. The men deserved it though...the longer the war lasted, the longer his clan had to deal with it. specially him, so he was all for anything that helped end the god's damned war with boscans. That was the one thing he gained from his communion in east forest.

He needed to act.

That was Izayoi's thought as he watched the scientist literally tear ass through the workers with a sort of clinical emotional detachment that told izayoi she was either A) sociopath or B) a fellow steelman. It had taken him many years of mental discipline to deal with how his body and brain toyed with his emotions and how expressed them to people...usually trough melee violence. But he was digressing..most female of his 'blood' were not this blatant about their issues and her kegare read was, very strange. Familiar even...

It was negative alright, but it do not affect her, just how his own kegare caused by the countless 'non-humans' he had murderer in service to humanity did not weight him. Fascinating, even sociopath gained negative kegare trough their sick joy of murder but while the lass was not a zen master like him, she definitely caught his eye now. The people of city were incredibly interesting was his thought as he raised an eyebrow at the woman letting the weakling live, first trevor and now this lass

As the crowd moved further away, leaving Izayoi in his cloak as the only individual who didn't even move from his spot as he watch the doctorine release the man to the ground to get help before moving to him and kneeling to the man, closing his eyes and reading his kegare. Nothing to popped out. This man was not a evil man or even a good one...he was just...so bland and empty of any worth, the man had likely runaway to preserve himself and given the enemy valuable intel and/or technology the lass was developing

Gregory Wulfenbach was human in iza's eyes but barely worthy of such title but human enough that with a proper mindset, he would achieve great thing so with a quick activation of his ten, he dove his finger into several points of the man's chest, striking his pressure points causing his bleeding to reduce along with his pain as his wounds stopped bleeding altogheter. Lifting the man with his right arm by grabbing the man's throat, lifting him and sitting him on nearby table, the cloaked man spoke with a voice full of cold serenity

" I have extended your time, hurry to the hospital and you will live.However, next time, deliver the goods even at the cost of your life. Humanity needs not an indecisive burden such as yourself. Become something worthy of the title of human for now i know you, and should we cross again and you remain this indecisive about your duties to mankind; It will not be the lass who will kill you....I will kill you, Gregory Wulfenbach and I would not be gentle nor denied."

The aura of serenity changed to one of pure, unadulterated blood-lust as the man in the white cloak starred at Wulfennbach's eyes, his own eyes glowing with unearthly light as his voice carry the weight of a swordsman and a god at same time, his voice barely terrifying whisper but Gregory shook both in terror and outright panic attack as first he was attacked by a four armed woman now some kind of blond psychopath who had hands as sharp as blades and the strength to easily lift him of the ground with one arm as if he was a dog.

"For i will find you. Across the waking seas, over the boscan mountains and trough the heart of the multi-dimensional void itself before i give you up. No matter how far you run after i take a turn, your life is mine now and i command you to live with glory, effort and wisdom for any man that follows not the path of man, deserves not the air he breaths."

Lowering his head to be almost kissing the man, Izayoi asked one final thing while turning away from the man carrying a terrifying note of murder to the now receding blood-lust and power he had shown.

"do you understand, wulfenbach?" "Yes, master. I will make myself useful to mankind even if it kills me."

Talking a look back and giving the man a nod, Izayoi put his hand to his back and began to walk away from scene as he didn't feel like dealing with a bunch of knight's corpse. For a moment he thought about following the lass but his mind told him better. She was human, worthy of such title so Izayoi's intervention in her life was not necesary and one did not live as long as he had in the supernatural occult world without living by one hard rule; Never poke the Eldritch Abomination/Women without a plan. Also known as Don't put your D@#% in crazy

Oh the delightful irony of that statement was not lost on this writer...
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Hoennese and proud!

Perhaps her rage had blinded her just a little, for Kiyah was in a little bit of an irritable mood as she walked through the streets of Oshibana, heading for the nearest political office -the mayor's place of business- as it was connected enough to send the messages she needed back to Acacia and from there into the rest of the continent for her required items. The plants were not all that important in the grand scheme of things -in fact she had been lying during her tirade, they were for her to distill a new nerve agent but she had long ago learned to lie in public when it came to little stupid things like "morality" and "not killing everyone in the name of science"- but it was the principle of the thing that had really irked her, and as a result she was not what one would call kind to the mayor's secretary.

"I need to send a message through to Acacia," she said quite brusquely as she entered the office, nobody in sight to slow down her need via a line or the like before she could see the secretary, "And I need it to arrive within the day, how fast can it be sent and when."
The woman behind the desk blinked prettily at her, her blonde hair and vapid expression unfortunately telling Kiyah all she needed to know about this lady before she smiled a little too-wide and began to babble some inane platitudes about the general business of the day and how extremely busy she was and she was so sorry. It was unfortunate for her of course that Kiyah was not in a reasonable mood, for her platitudes only caused what eventually happened.

"You misunderstand," Kiyah cut the woman -Becky, her nameplate read- from speaking in the middle of her launching into some rather strange side-story about needing to go to the dentist some time soon, "I was not asking. If you are not capable of sending a message for me please point me in the direction of someone who can so that I can continue my business and not have to deal with those who are clearly incapable of basic tasks any longer."
Becky smiled a little wider and began to say something about Kiyah needing to leave before security was called, but she cut it off with a yelp of surprise as Kiyah leaned forwards and tore the phone in two with one hand, her eyes never straying from the girl's face.

"I did not stutter." she said simply, letting the destroyed pieces of metal fall from her grip, "Who do I see to send a message to Acacia. Now."
This time she got the information she was after and before long she was in a small office one block East, her message sent and thanking the small man who had done it for her, shaking his hand and pressing a small bag of coins into it before moving on her way. She was of a mind to return to the train station and simply take up shop for a time as a doctor but more's the point she wanted to at least see if any of the shipment was salvageable first, and to see if the man she had assaulted was alive at least.

She sort of hoped not.

It was not a long walk once again for her to return there, making her way across the platform and ignoring the slight lull in the hubbub around her when people spotted her -she had been making a scene not all that long ago after all- and heading to the docking areas and the shipping yards, finding her train carriage once again still being unloaded. This time she took a little more time to inspect the stock of the rather delicate Pergrandian Blood Lily that had perished in its improper handling on the train, particularly by the fool she had ki-
Wait, he was alive?
Yes, he was sitting on a nearby table and clutching his head, the holes in his body not closed over but no longer gushing blood, only a light oozing as he had clearly torn the wounds a little more by sitting down. Approaching was simple, he didn't even notice her until she was close and by then it was too late, her hands were on either side of his head checking temperature and the other two were already pulling out needle and thread from her coat to begin stitching the wounds.

"Do not speak," she said as she worked, the man wincing in pain as the needle flashed through his flesh time and time again, sewing up the holes Kiyah had put there herself with the same hands that now healed him, "I expected you to die and you did not, that alone is miraculous enough. It is also not the fault of you and yours that you are too stupid to follow simple instructions. This I will not hold against you, next time easier steps shall be given to your group to preserve my specimens. But rejoice, at least one flower has survived and so it is on you I shall test the drug I was aiming to create, does that not sound wonderful? It will be used to save our countrymen on the front lines after all!"

He had long since passed out -probably as a result of the earlier blood loss rather than the general pain of the wound stitching- but Kiyah picked him up and hoisted him over one shoulder with complete ease, tucking her other two arms away and returning to the crates. She removed the one remaining blood lily from its crushed brethren and delicately placed it into her front jacket pocket before moving off and outwards toward the location she had set up the day before to begin her testing when she had expected a myriad of samples. True, now she had limited items to work with but at the least she had her first test subject...
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Izayoi, who had not yet left the general area felt the presence of the lass moving and coming back. He had been clearing his sword trough magical customs when she returned, the angry one and had she come for revenge? some kind of twisted sense of morbid duty? This demanded observation.

Not thinking at this point, grabbing his yamanbagiri from a babbling guard and punching the guard off-handily when she tried stop him, knocking her out with a swift jab of his left hand and catching her with the same arm and set her down against the wall gently...she was quite the fetching lass but a bit insecure of herself. if she wanted him, she should have just asked. Never let it be said that izayoi was who shied away from female attention.

Turning around and looking towards Kiyah across the train tracks, the man gracefully jumped over several train tracks, hoping from disembarking train to another letting his cloak flutter in the air as he land near the now operating Kiyah as a certain scent hit his nose as she stopped stitching and moved trough the train to get something. Blood Lily? Hm, interesting, it seems the woman had some knowledge in the medical but those flowers were not only rare as even Izayoi had to run a small greenhouse back in Qitan for his fix of the flower and even then he had to use several ancient eastern techniques as the flower was known for being delicate and hard to raise in captivity

However, aside its rarity what worried the blond was how exceedingly dangerous it was when not properly handled as yes they could be use for beneficial purposes involving red blood cells and in treating certain blood related diseases, his own augment body require an monthly intake of blood lily-based drought to replenish the massive amount of red blood cells his body burned away to keep the contamination of his blade from killing him. However, without proper dosage and preparation the flower can cause explosive anal exsanguination or even just straight people overfilling with so much blood they exploded like overfilled strawberry muffins. Poor Tatewaki...hidebu indeed

Choosing to jump in to save wulfenbach's life or at least being taken by the lass for some unknown purpose, having not heard her speech to the man before reaching her. Izayoi spoke his voice as friendly as he could make it while letting his white mantle covering his whole body

"Excuse me miss, it might be rude of me but...are those pergardian blood lilies by any chance? i happen to be something of a apothecary myself and would like inquire, if possible, if you would sell me the dead plants. They can still be salvaged for my purposes at least."
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Hoennese and proud!

Look, Kiyah was an exceptional woman in a large number of ways let's be up front about that. Not only was she a world-reknowned scientific authority and medical expert she was also what one would call "a bit fucking strong dude holy shit" and her skill with magic was comparable to those upper-levelled men and women who adorned themselves as
"S-Rank Mages" within the various Guilds throughout the country of Fiore. There were few who could surpass her in terms of her attention to detail and even fewer still who could sneak up on her undetected, the various bits and bobs she had on her person as well as her general abilities said to that. So when the glasses she wore detected the movement of air currents around her as she carried the large man away -not to mention the myriad of noises and smells the approaching man gave off- she did not stop or even slow down her pace when he walked up to her.

She didn't expect him to be a bit... stupid though. The words he spoke to her were almost enough to make her want to correct his ignorance -not even necessarily what he said but more how he said it- though she refrained, for it had been said to her that to be so incredibly lambasting out the gate was never a good sign. But, again she did not slow down for him and simply walked onwards, the lily safe in her jacket should this evident ragamuffin attempt to steal it -not that he could through sheer physicality of course- and the enormous man slung over her right arm in a completely casual manner. There were a number of ways to respond to such an attempt at discourse, such a foolish question, but she went with the simplest one, the one that also let her disengage easiest.


And then, for all intents and purposes to Izayoi's eyes and ears and nose at least, she vanished. Of course she didn't really, she had instead simply relaxed her body and then sprinted off in a single leap, carrying her over three blocks forwards in a single heartbeat and then letting herself run at a moderate -moderate for her, terrifying for any normal or merely above average person- pace to the laboratory she had set up. It took her no more than fourteen seconds to do so, landing outside the small shop easily enough and making her way indoors with a simple nod to the person she had startled on the street nearby. It was an ice-cream shop at the front -she found the symmetry with the Grimoire Heart Guild Hall delightful- but the second storey was set as a laboratory; sound and explosion proof all from the outside. A simple nod to the owner again and she was upstairs, placing the large man down on a table of cold stainless steel and placing the straps on him carefully before removing the lily from her coat and placing it in a small glass dish with a lid, which she sealed with a press of a nearby heat lamp.

"Experiments shall begin soon," she informed the still-unconscious subject, but she always liked to give a little briefing before she began, "You shall be subject number one and by agreeing to this experiment you forfeit all rights of conceit and liability of damages, you also agree to allow the fullest and most extensive use of your life up, until and including after death - do you agree?"
She waited her customary five seconds to let him respond before nodding in satisfaction and moving the dish with the lily to a large white machine nearby that was softly humming, placing it inside a small hatch and closing the door and pressing a nearby green button that increased the humming sound.

"Then let us begin."
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Okay, maybe this had not been a good idea. Izayoi didn't need his senses to tell him that this woman was being stand-offish with him almost to point of rudeness but then again he did approach a stranger while being admittedly a bit dodgy looking. Not only that, the women was obviously way stronger that he was so he was understandably dreading chasing as someone who could just straight up banish to him was not someone he wanted angry at him as he just got his health back and master Tung would be please if he want back to him for another session.

The blond sighed. He had a feeling this was not his day and once more the gods proved him rigth as he began hearing whistles and voices way too familiar to him; the Knights of Fiore.

Turning around focusing on his best disarming smile the blond raised his arms in surrender as the knights began to surround him only to have to jump in the air to dodge a charging female knight who straight wanted to tackle him to with a stun gun. Surprised as the gung-ho attitude the humble tiger landed on the charging large woman, kick first, knocking her out by kicking him in the head with his left heel and landing with almost unnatural grace with his . Scanning the group while entering his 'empty' stance, Izayoi notice the leader was the same fetching lass he had knocked out and she looked positively livid as she pointed a sword a him and roar

"Surrender smuggler, you are under arrest for possession of dark magic weapons and attacking a customs official !" "now my good lady...while profusely apologize for my attack on your person i can assure as an osafune, that i have permit to carry this sword...here"

Reaching in to this pocket and producing a slip of official looking paper which he carefully placed on the ground as a sign of surrender only for the same woman he had believed to knockout to grab him from behind and jamming the stun gun straight into his second for a brief second before izayoi freed himself from the hold using his strength and putting the woman into a beautiful reverse armlock, having a build up resistance to shocks trough the constant use of his deviant blade. Taking a disarming tone once again as the women struggle to escape the hold izayoi had her pinned with his left knee keeping her arm on her back as Izayoi noticed how the woman seemed to be surrounding him for a group rush and that the paper he set on the floor was being burned by small lighter the grinning fetching lass had as she spoke

" as i a said....illegal possession of dark magic weapons and aggravate assault. Now ladies lets show this gorgeous asshole what happens when he messes with onibas women"

Izayoi took a deep breath, controlling his frustration as while was no chivalrous knight as to say no to attack women he also did not have time for this shit so giving a bow the man wrapped himself in his mantle and appear outside of the group as he teleport and began running and jumping as the lass and her female friends began chase

"Sorry but not today, lass" said the blond with some amusement as he jumped from train to train while focusing on the general direction of the scent of the blood lilies as while he knew he could not lead those lasses into the attention of that woman he wanted to at least be able to pinpoint her general location and stakeout her identity, someone with such a negative kegare was someone he needed to study and qualify if she was human or not.

The lass, nicknamed zenigata, began roaring orders as she would not let this punk of a man show her up in her own hometown, she was Jessica Z. Law and no man escaped her! no matter how gosh damn gorgeous the man was. Taking to the streets and chasing on her magic bike trough the streets as Izayoi jumped over the ceilings as she kept barking order to cut him off while firing shots from her gun at him. Only for the blond to easily keep jumping trough her fire, almost as if he knew exactly the trajectories before she shot and using walls and chimneys to hide from fire without stopping.

this was beginning of an epic rivalry and one hilarious story to tell your grand kids.
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Hoennese and proud!

The preparations in the laboratory were easy enough for Kiyah to complete in little time, it wasn't as though she wasn't inexperienced in the actions after all, this was something she did every single day of her life and done so for many many years now. Tightening the steel straps on the prone man's body, taking a sample of his hair, his tissue -carefully extricated from underneath the left armpit, a small excision of flesh exactly two inches in diameter and one-half inch deep- his blood and his aqueous humor. All of these samples went into test tubes, one that remained inert and sealed atop her bench and another went into a spectrometer, to test and analyse them at a resting rate.

The hum of the large machine with the lily in it continued to echo around the room and Kiyah smiled to herself as she worked, always finding some pleasure in the semi-mundane things in her life that were so extraordinary to the layperson. Why shouldn't she take pride in her skills? She had worked so very hard for them after all, years and years of study and research, of field work and laboratory preparations, of autopsies and necropsies. Study to further her knowledge in her field of excellence, what could be a bad thing about that? Despite the questionable morality of some of her more... exotic... researches she was a pioneer in her field and she would continue to be so, and happily, under the umbrella of Grimoire Heart.

Still this sample mixing would take some time, the machine had to replicate and break down the parts of the blood lily over time and then seperate them by weight and composition, and the spectrometer would take several hours as well. Kiyah found herself considering the deceased samples of the lily at the train station, a passing flicker of thought touching the man who had offered to purchase them, and she considered the idea that maybe there was some way to restore them. The Pergrandian flower was well known to be extremely hard to grow in the first place and the only reason it was shipped in was because the Fioran soil was too richly concentrated by the magical atmosphere in the country so they would not grow. But perhaps...

She found herself sealing up her lab then, closing and locking the door behind her and turning the lights off as she went. The man would not escape, it would take a superhuman to destroy those steel straps, someone at least as half as strong as she was, and the machines were content to do their thing and process away uninhibited by petty things like light or human presence. No, Kiyah nodded to the parlour owner as she left again and began to walk down the street, a casual stroll as she went, though it did not take her long to slow to a halt and watch a disturbance in the making. Well, at the least it was the ending parts of one disturbance and the beginnings of a second, related as it may be.

Walking outside she spotted in the distance over the rooftops a figure leaping around, jumping from one to another. They were quite some distance away so Kiyah was not particularly bothered - she was curious obviously but not extremely so. No, instead she simply continued on her way, ignoring a group of knights who ran past her in formation in the direction of the figure; ignoring the sounds of a motorcycle at moderately high speeds in that same direction and indeed mostly ignoring the whole thing. It was not a very long walk to the train station but she did notice as she walked that the scent of the blood lily still hung about her - it had been in her coat after all and she hadn't taken it off. It was a rather pungent scent to one of her perceptive capabilities and she wrinkled her nose slightly as she walked, not bothered by it but certainly less than pleased.

At any rate, she had dead lilies to retrieve.
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Running through the streets from a horde of angry women was not new to Izayoi. It was the price of his lifestyle but being running from a horde of military trained woman balls to the wall dedicated to beat the shit out of him by whatever means necessary was definitely a new experience as looked down towards Zenigata and her crew pulling out rocket launchers and getting into firing position on his hiding spot in the roof of a brewery. The blond knew if one of those missile veered of target, a massive fireball would ensue hurting thousands, provided they were in fact explosive but he would take that gamble as he assumed an iai stance and got ready to cut them down while looking down at Zenigata with cold eyes as the lass and her team growled back at him, the playfulness of before gone as it seems Zenigata was going to stop at nothing to avenge her slighted honor. The blond sighed. Had he not felt that woman's negative aura he would not have reacted that way but he genuinely did it to protect Zenigata...now he would protect her again even if it was from her own reckless behavior

"Tesseiko, Kanmuru" and with those words, the world around Izayoi slowed down as he heard Zenigata open fire into his position as his aura hardened around his body. Three missile came flying towards his position in a close formation. Good, he could handle this the hard part would be that he would have to charge Zenigata's position without killing her and without being shot himself...and Zenigata knew as she immediately dropped her own launcher and took her juute and assumed a rather well formed karate stance.

Not waiting for the missile to reach him, the mam launched himself from his perch with a lightning charge jump towards the missile as he drew out his sword and slashing the first missile with the Yamanbagiri , using modoshigiri technique to harmless slash the missile without triggering the then preforming a double axel kick modoshigiri to repeat the fame feat to do the other too missiles. He was quickly approaching the ground now so rolling was in order but rather than push away as two more officers threw a net of all things, the lightning charged swordsman whisperer one word as he punched the ground as he landed


The effect was instant as the two women and long with the net where push away, knockedout by the shockwave generate by Izayoi as pushed of the ground with his left fist, his right hand with yamanbagiri at the ready and charged Zenigata who roared at him with her jutte coming down on his shoulder while izayoi took the hit with his aura bearing most of the hit causing him to stop his charge as he deactivated his aura

"I won't let you escape, smuggler!" Zenigata said as she tried to push Izayoi down with her strike on for the weapon to give away and izayoi to step aside letting the woman fall and swung his swords pommel into her solar plexus but Zenigata held on and tried to punch him only to be dodge and received a powerful roundhouse kick to the side of the head, knocking the woman into a wall with a bloody temple as izayoi had finally lost his patience and attacked with his full strength. Zenigata, perhaps this was out of sheer power of will kept consciousness as she glared at the man leaving her behind as Izayoi turned and looked at her

Posted Image

"my name is not smuggler...my name is Izayoi Osafune Steelman. You are welcome to attack me any time but right now, a man's life is on the line"

Izayoi turned around and jumped without saying anything else as Zenigata glared at his leaving form as her consciousness faded as the horns of her back up unit coming to her rescue. he last thoughts were simple minded determination to capture the blond warrior. Izayoi Osafune Steelman, I will definitely capture you she vowed in her heart.

Safely away from the trackers, Izayoi focused once more into tracking that terrifying woman once more, no longer for tracking as he sensed she was once the move once more as her kegare began to move back into train loading area, Izayoi dashed forward at full speed, taking full advantage of his sword's power to reach the area and wait for the woman to reach him while gathering his courage. Her power was immense, many magnitudes greater than his but he could no longer keep himself dancing around the issue of the man just because of fear. He was a warrior of mankind and as much as wulfenbach's weakness disgusted him, he would save humans not matter the cost to himself. So standing with his sword sheathed and using the sheathed weapon as a cane, Izayoi hardened his resolved with his eyes closed and waited for the woman to return.
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