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[Accepted] Valeria Windborn
Topic Started: Feb 26 2018, 08:07 AM (275 Views)
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Providing Fire Support

Account Name: LibertyGear
Posted Image
Name: Valeria Windborn
Nickname: Val, Jack(By The Pact members)
Age: 21
Height: 6 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 70kg
Affiliation: Lawful Neutral
Guild: None
Class: B
Physical Description:
"An healthy body and healthy mind are but two ingredients for an healthy life."
Val has a very fit body which she built over the years to allow her to move swiftly during battle. Val's 'slightly' above the average height for a woman, is mostly caused by her very long legs that are by themselves around half of Val's entire height. Her lower and upper body were developed in an away that allowed her to move around unhindered, as she trained in a way as to prevent excessive muscle to develop, and by doing so achieved a balance between agility and strength. Val has an extremely long braided greenish blonde hair, which as grown down to her ankle, fair skin and bright green eyes. Although, while a regular woman of her age would probably take a special care with her hygiene, Val is not as thoughtful about it, even tho taking a shower is usual for her after practicing her swordsmanship, which causes her to always be covered in a 'healthy layer' of dirt and/or mud, and she has no interests in perfumes or any other cosmetic items.

Clothing is not really an important item in her daily life, seriously. Val keeps her outfit line up to a minimum, and by minimum it means that she only wears an outfit that she is comfortable in, which is usually the same one she used the entire year. That attire usually consists of a small green one piece that she owns, tight high socks with and a cloak, all of which have green leaf like details. Her cloak has two colors, black on the outside, and sky blue on the inside, and is one that she as used for far too long, causing it to be tattered to shreds, giving it an look as if it is made of feathers. The cloak as shoulder pads that double up as armor, while the hood has several leaf like details that surround the head at ear level, and a green pattern at the top of the head. The green short one piece is open in front, showing off Val's abdominal area, but perfectly concealing the most private areas with leaf like patterns on the chest and on the bottom. The socks are black and have open areas on her toes and heels, while having green patterns on the thigh area. Additionally, Val does not use foot wear, always preferring to have her mostly naked feet in contact with the floor.

"Life is a mystery with multiple solutions.
And everyone should find theirs."
A serious but caring woman, Val is most of the time on high alert, using all of her senses to scout the surroundings. This is even more true when she encounters herself in crowded spaces. It is nearly impossible to see Val express any kind of emotion when on the presence of anyone besides known friends. Even during battle she remains calm and in control of her emotions. It is even rarer even for others to see her express anger or hate in anyway or form.

When around other people, Val acts exactly like a gentlewoman. She is very respectful, although serious, with strangers, and prefers to avoid crowded places and be around friends, even if she doesn't speak much. Val always prefers skill over strength in numbers.

When alone with small children, Val acts more like a mother or a sister than one would think a warrior like her would, even she cannot say no to children sometimes, either its because they give her the old puppy eye technique, or call her big sister, but even she can simply put her foot down like a older sister would. Either way, regardless of her reactions, children usually seem to enjoy her company, like Val also seems to only truly smile when around children, even if only for a few moments.

During combat, Val is very focused, and in control of her emotions, always trying to plan one step ahead of her foe, and finding a way to use her magic to overpower and condition her foes. Although even tho she does not show her emotions during battle, it does not mean she does not feel them, as it is very common to see her charge, head on, onto an enemy with a wicked smile on her face.

The Warrior

Skills & Disciplines

  • All-Rounder
    Adept, efficient and skillful. Val is capable of quickly learning to use any kind of object she has never seen before with some effectiveness.
  • Marksman
    Val is skill full in using a great number of ranged weapons.
  • Incredible Pain Tolerance
    Val has developed a good amount of pain tolerance thru her training. While it's only slightly above a warrior's mental constitution, it was just enough for her to not screaming in pain after taking a good amount of punishment.
  • Ambidextrous
    Val is proficient in using both of her hands in any activity.
Edited by LibertyGear, Mar 3 2018, 11:23 PM.
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Providing Fire Support


Stats - 455
Power: 20Endurance: 40Toughness: 20Speed: 40Accuracy: 40Magic: 90(30+60+90+40+40)[2]

Stat Points Earned: 39/404
Arc Points Earned: 30/30(22GP)
Jewels Earned: 125,000,600/137,000,600(104.016,000)
Technique Points: 0/90 (70+20)


Primary Magic
Magic Name: Wind Spirit's Blessing
Magic Type: Support Specialist
Tier of Magic: 3
Rank: 10[2]
Magic Description: Val's control over wind is slightly different from what one would expect. She is not capable of using wind to attack or defend directly, however she can however 'ask' the wind to help her out, and that does happen to have effect that can undoubtfully be called buffs. Val as learned to ask for specific things in order to gain the effects she desires, but even so she is not capable of directly asking the spirits to attack someone with a wind blade, or defend someone with a wind shield. Those effects however, are attainable but their effect is reduced.

Wind's Grace - 10(2)

Wind's Cloak - 10(2)

Healing Breeze - 8(0)

Whirling Wind - 10(0)

Raging Winds - 10(2)

Dread Winds - 10(2)

Blessing Winds - 10(2)

Restoring Breeze - 10(2)
Edited by LibertyGear, Mar 6 2018, 09:13 AM.
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Providing Fire Support

I assume that the holder mastery counts towards the max 1 offensive tech allowed to support specialists

Also do i need to OP Sonorous Hum, Buff Rebirth effects for them to affect my other OPed techs? Cause if not I would rather use those TP elsewhere.
Edited by LibertyGear, Feb 26 2018, 09:00 AM.
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Just Hanging Around

Quad Buff rank 10: 80 SP
Tech Option of 2 SP per spell rank, on a 10[2] spell: 48 SP
Adding stats from Overpower ranks has been limited to +5 per OP rank.
Adjust new value accordingly.

The shield technique options aren't 2 separate shields, but rather 1 shield that can be upgraded by using the 2 technique options. The first option gives you the shield at Rank -2 effectiveness, while the upgrade gives you equal Rank effectiveness. The rules may seem a little vague on that, but that is how it works. That goes for all of the effects tier like "Must Already Have _". Adjust accordingly.
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Providing Fire Support

was not aware that OP ranks did count for the spell rank, nice, changed :)

in regards to the shields, im aware that is a single shield and that it requires upgrade, i thought i had done a good job by splitting the stuff for easier reading, but i guess the amount of words from the shield option do kinda stack up.

might have been the wording on the final effects spoiler since i do use plural, but i do so since the tech gives one shield to every target. so up to four.

anyway, i do have both options as the 6th and 7th option for that tech, will try and make it clearer
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

Nota Bene:

Your total TP is 90 (from what you have in your app). Yet the sum of your TP for your techs counts as 94. Please correct this.
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Providing Fire Support

Indeed it was, fixed by removing 2 ranks from both healing breeze and whirling wind
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

Just noticed something in the rules, and I'm afraid it's very important:

Pets, Summons, and PCs with secondary magic cannot be support specialists.

So you will have to remove your secondary magic if you want your character to be a support specialist.
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Providing Fire Support

Well that... was seriously something that I missed completely, and almost made me want to drop support specialist or make it T1 instead.

But screw it, it doesnt chance the character that much.

Secondary Magic removed and Tp siphoned to whirling wind

EDIT: changed weapon from C to D since no holder magic
Edited by LibertyGear, Mar 3 2018, 11:01 PM.
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Just Hanging Around

You don't have the OP information listed for Blessing Winds, despite it being OP 2
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