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Totsurenzu; S-Rank Glasses
Topic Started: Feb 11 2018, 02:41 AM (93 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

Name: Experiment #789-AG: Totsurenzu (凸レンズ - Convex Lens)
Class: S
The Totsurenzu are a pair of eyeglasses, black in colour as a base with square-shaped lenses that are primarily opaque but can shimmer and shine like any normal glass can in certain light. However these glasses are not made from standard materials, the metal frames are a hyper-strong non-ferrous alloy and the 'glass' is a similar substance, also a metal but made through a completely opaque form and curved enough to be made into an actual lens. Other than these things these glasses are completely unadorned.

Experiment #78A-AH: Jintsuuriki (じんつうりき - Extrasensory) - 9
Type: Supportive - Sensory
Range: Sight, Up to 200m Distance
Technique Description:
Jintsuuriki is a fairly useful ability that can be activated at nearly any time by the wearer of the Totsurenzu and allows the user to, essentially, see the numerical statistics of anything in the world around them whilst this is active. The distance away of other objects, their dimensions and weight, the curvature of movement arcs, the number of items in a jar, the speed of movement - all of these things can be seen by the user within two hundred metres of themselves and in their line of sight and are extremely useful for scientific inquiry. This ability lasts seven posts and has a cooldown of three posts.
Price: ?
Edited by Tenken, Feb 11 2018, 02:41 AM.
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Stay the course.


Your item is now priced and accepted. This topic has now been resolved, so therefore its closed.

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