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[Special Mission] The Bloodstone Tear; Nine Lives Special Mission
Topic Started: Jan 28 2018, 01:41 AM (157 Views)
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Mission Link!

Mission Information

It had been awhile since Sachio took part in a special assignment for the guild. It had been awhile since Sachio did anything for the guild in general. These days, Sachio didn't get out much. The ex-assassin had been spending most of his time training in the Ashworth Manor's gym. Even before obtaining the power of a Dragon Slayer, he had been obsessed with gaining strength. The Hanabe clan was still operating and spreading their influence further and further. Sachio still planned on stopping them for good. Until he believed he was ready, he would continue to hone his skill, determined to become a nightmare for his family.

Quite a bit of time had passed since his original involvement with the Boscan war. Every time he tried to take part, some circumstance would pull him out of it. He wasn't enthused to help in the war to begin with. He had agreed to join because the rest of Nine Lives were part of it. Not only were they a part of it, they were quite a big part. Sachio witness Artorius's battle at Castle Reinhardt. He could hardly believe what he saw the man do. Seeing the pure destructive power of Dragon Slayer magic only served to add fuel to Sachio's flames of passion. He would attain the same power, and use it to destroy the Hanabe clan.

Sachio believed he had come quite a way in his training and was eager to get out and test his results. Artorius had given him a way to do so. In keeping with Nine Lives' involvement in the war, Sachio was tasked with retrieving a bloodstone tear. It was apparently some special fragment of a meteorite. He remembered some important part of the war revolving around something similar. Sachio figured a trek behind enemy lines to rob a tomb and get rich in the process, was a great enough mission to take. The only downside was, he was forced to go with two guild members. He didn't interact with his fellow guildmates much. It wasn't that he didn't like them, he just didn't have a reason to most of the time. Now he supposed he had a reason.

"Caelie and Beryl eh?" Sachio mused to himself as he waited in the foyer of Ashworth Manor. "Newer recruits. From what I have heard, rather promising ones at that." Part of Sachio told himself to trust Artorius's judgment, and accept that he would have partners. The other part hoped they were just good enough to not slow him down. A really small part of him also hoped they were cute. With Blair not being around him much these days, Sachio was lacking in the female friend department. He might have grown in strength, resolve, and grew a heart, but Sachio was still the same old Sachio.
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The Western Region of Bosco. Where the fighting between the variegated nation of Fiore and the militaristic Boscan Empire had been, and in most regards, was still thickest. One could only imagine the countless liters of blood that had drenched this land, and there'd be possibly a good deal of bloodshed before the whole debacle called a war was over. And the most annoying part of war was that, for the most part, people wasted their lives over ideals that weren't theirs. It was thus necessary to see an end to the war as quickly as possible.

At least, that had been the excuse the Seveni mage had given herself when she had taken this mission. As a matter of fact, she had kept repeating this to herself as though she could, by reason of constant repetition, change the true reason for jumping with eager paws at this mission. While truthfully, Beryl hated wars, and sought to see this particular one ended as quickly as could be afforded, she knew that her major reason for taking this mission was the last paragraph in the letter she had received, mailed from the Nine Lives guild leader, Artorius Sidonis himself:

"Retrieve the Tear is the main priority. After that, you're free to take whatever can fill in your pockets. War isn't cheap, after all."

And technically, thanks to some interesting bits of equipment, Beryl had very large pockets. She sighed and shook her head, half irritated and half amused at her mental struggle. It was best to just accept the fact that she had come here to rob a grave. Oh, and help to prevent a potential weapon from getting into enemy hands. Oh, and rob a grave. That was the most important part.

Her spirits were high, for three major reasons: firstly, she had the chance to show her guild just how useful she was, and though her habitual tendencies to worry kept informing her of likely ways the whole matter could go south, the Seveni mage was still positive. Secondly, there were the prospects of 'filling her pockets', how musical was the sound. And finally, she would be working with guild mates, one of which was a close friend.

Upon entering the expansive foyer of the even more expansive mansion that served as the Nine Lives guild hall, she spotted the other guild member with whom she would work, and began making her way over to meet him, attempting in no way to mask her presence, as she was aware that he was a Dragon Slayer, and had thus most likely been aware of her presence before she was of his. "I believe I have the pleasure of meeting Sachio Hanabe, yes?" the Seveni called out when she was close enough to instigate discussion whose decibel level would be unlikely to be classified as shouting. As she approached the Dragon Slayer, she smiled warmly, a genuine expression, since the Earth mage had always found pleasure in meeting fellow members of the guild, whom she tended to regard as family. Hopefully, he would not be as noxious as his magic.
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For the fifth time, the curved dagger sailed gracefully through the air, making an arc to slash through a hanging dummy and eventually making a wide circle to return to her hand. The young huntress smiled to herself. Without activating one of the special abilities of one of her "twins", she had managed to throw it in such a manner that she could catch it, much like a boomerang. Her skill in aiming and throwing projectile weapons was improving by the day, though almost the opposite could be said about her magic.

As the dummy fell, Caelie threw the second dagger in her hand after it. The dagger followed an almost straight path this time, slicing through the dummy neatly once again, before the dummy could even get to the ground. True, the dummy had been originally hanging a full 20 meters above the ground, but it was still a feat, getting to strike it one more time before it hit the stone tiles below. Some creatures were a lot faster than that, though, an inspiration to her to attempt to further hone her skills.

A chime from a clock nearby alerted her to the time, and to the fact that she had a special mission to carry out on behalf of the guild. It looked like it would be fun, because it involved hidden tombs and other such ancient and archaeological intrigues. And unlike most of her guild mates who would be interested in how much the mission could enrich them, Caelie was into this for a more... academic purpose. Well, best to wrap up this training session. She didn't want to keep her comrades waiting.

Within a heartbeat, she was on the cold stone floor, not having dropped from her height above, but having appeared in an instant, crouched and bending to pick the ornate dagger that laid on the floor. She sheathed the dagger, bringing it to rest by its 'sister', then dragged what remained of the dummy out of the way. Once she was done cleaning up, she headed for the entrance hall of the Nine Lives guild.

In a short time, she walked through the doors, where her two guild mates awaited her presence. She was very familiar with one; the other she had never laid eyes on, but she knew a little about him, and was quite interested in his magic. He was Sachio Hanabe, the Poison Dragon of Nine Lives. She had heard that there was another Dragon Slayer besides Sidonis, but she was also yet to meet the mage. Anyway, it was time for pleasantries.

"Hello, everyone. Nice to see you, Beryl. Pleased to meet you... Sachio, right? I'm Caelie," she said, in way of greeting, once she laid eyes on them.
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Just Hanging Around

Upon smelling the approach of two people, Sachio opened his eyes. He had been leaning against the wall near the entrance, awaiting the arrival of his partners for the mission. Seconds later, two women came into view, assumedly being Caelie and Beryl. "Yo." Along with a lazy wave, the singular word was his response to the ladies. He was pleased to see that they were attractive. He only hoped their usefulness lived up to what he heard about them. Teamwork wasn't something he was good with, but he got over his internal conflict by placing his trust in his best friend. Artorius had his reasons for sending all three of them, and Sachio figured he was just going to have to go along with it.

The transportation over into Boscan territory had been arranged by their guild master, ahead of time. They were to meet with a smuggler, who would get them to their destination. All that was left for the three, was to meet up with the man. Sachio opened the doors of the manor and stepped out into the night air. They had to leave in the middle of the night to make it over the border in the cover of darkness by the time they arrived. It wasn't going to be a short trip however. "Shall we get started?" Sachio said, as they all took off towards a waiting van, not far from the manor.

Their connection's name was Charles, a man known in the crime ring for being a quite successful smuggler. From weapons, drugs, and people, Charles moved it all. There wasn't a place this man hadn't smuggled to. Now, in the back of a truck loaded with coffins, the three members of Nine Lives hid. Ironically, Charles was already having to move these coffins legally anyway, so things just happened to line up. Lots of death due to the war, and specialty coffins for high ranking officials and their families had to be brought in.

Hiding within a coffin amused Sachio. It was something he found nice to begin with, but it brought back amusing memories of Lydia. Many a night had been spent inside of Lydia's massive coffin. Despite being fun to play with, Sachio was glad the two of them had split. Blair was close to murdering the vampire anyway. With fond memories replaying, Sachio enjoyed the long ride into Bosco. The mages weren't forced to be inside the coffins just yet, but Sachio took this time to get some rest.

Before drifting off, Sachio had made sure to tell Caelie and Beryl to wake him when they reached their destination. All Sachio knew, was that when they got to their drop off point, they had a short trek to make to find the tomb. Artorius had done a good job in planning, ensuring that the mission could be carried out smoothly.
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The night air was cool on the flesh of the Seveni as she followed the Dragon Slayer out of the doors of the Ashworth Manor. Waiting not so far away was a van, their intended transport to help them get past enemy lines. One of the perks of being a member of the guild was that one got almost exclusive access to places and things, access that few others could boast of, because of the underground connections the guildmaster had acquired. Quite a nifty asset, it had to be.

The van contained coffins. That was apt. Beryl couldn't help feeling uneasy looking at the boxes which were meant to carry the remains of humans. The feeling that, before the war's ending, she could possibly rest in a similar container was the main source of her discomfort. After trading a few pleasantries with Charles, the man who could move anything, she, along with her guildmates, got into the back of the van, amidst the coffins, and sat crosslegged in a rather roomy box.

"Well, let's hope this ride will be fun...."

The journey was mostly uneventful, with Beryl finding herself dozing from time to time, though she could not bring herself to sleep fully, as did Sachio. Whatever roads this impressive Charles fellow was taking into Bosco were seldom plied by travelers; most of them, in fact, seemed to be little more than dust tracks, although the van had no problems navigating, despite the occasional little bump.

Beryl was dozing off again, when she heard Charles say, "Uh, you guys better get into the coffins and close the lids. May be stuffy, but it won't take long. We're going to soon hit a checkpoint at the border, but no worries, All's been planned for." The Seveni had been wondering how Charles would get an entire truck across the Fiorean-Boscan border without raising suspicions, but it seemed preparations had been made for this event, so all that was left to do was follow Charles' directives, and wait for the outcome.

Sachio was fast asleep in a coffin, so Beryl simply drew the lid over it, sat in another coffin and made a face at Caelie before placing the lid over that one as well. Within the box, she could still hear things, though of course, the sound was muffled.Soon the van stopped, and Beryl heard someone say something in Boscan. Using her Diplomat Stones, the Seveni quickly aligned the earrings' ability to understanding the Boscan language. It was strange how what seemed impossible to understandable had suddenly begun to make sense. It seemed the van was expected; Charles, speaking in fluent Boscan, mentioned that the coffins were for Boscan royalty, made from special trees in the Lancarri Jungle, whose unstable sap disallowed putrefaction. The soldier at the checkpoint expressed desire to see them. Charles replied that he could, if he looked through the windows, but opening the van to see was unwise, as the influx of air into the back of the van could affect the naturally volatile nature of the sap in the coffins' wood and render the sap useless. A few indeterminable noises, Charles saying a farewell, and the van was off.

Frankly Beryl wished she knew how the arrangements for this smuggling run had been made. Maybe one day, she would get to know. For now, there was a mission to attend to. After being told it was safe to come out, Beryl pushed the lid off her coffin and grimaced. The inside was somewhat comfortable, which, in her opinion, was redundant, for a dead person. Ah well, humans and the oddities of their reasoning. After about half an hour the van stopped. They had arrived.

Jumping out of her coffin, Beryl pushed aside the lid of the box in which Sachio slumbered and said, "rise and shine, Vampire-Guy." Merely because vampires loved sleeping in coffins, or at least that was what the books mentioned about them.
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Sachio seemed like the laid-back type; not that she had any problems with such people. He struck her as the silent type, so Beryl would probably get to do most of the discussion initiation, unless she was up for it. She was unaware of how he reacted to more talkative folk, but as long as he was neither rude or unreasonable, she expected to flow along swimmingly with him.

They were expected to meet up with a contact who would smuggle them into Bosco, quite literally. She knew a little about him: Charles, he called himself. He had quite the impressive resume, and Caelie had little doubts that getting into Bosco would be much of an issue, with him involved. He was dealing in coffins tonight; a somewhat macabre thing, but honestly one of the best ways to smuggle things across. The living often feared to do dealings with the dead, or in this case, with that which pertained to them.

With a wry smile to her team mates, Caelie got into the van and settled into a cushioned coffin. May as well make the wait comfortable, if it was going to take some time. Sachio seemed to have no scruples with hiding in one, while Beryl did not seem to want to lie down in hers. Caelie laid down and closed her eyes, though she was sure there would be no sleeping for her. She had gotten all the rest she needed earlier during the day, and was as awake on this night as an owl would be. Still, it always helped to enjoy the silence and meditate a little.

Charles suggested that they pulled the lids of their coffins shut, so that they would not be discovered by the border patrol. Silently, she obeyed, and closed her eyes once again. Since she could hardly hear what was being said outside the van, she paid it little heed, though she knew that they were past any trouble from the Boscan guard when she felt the van rumble into motion. Time passed, not like forever, though long enough, and then the van slowed to a halt and Charles announced they had arrived.

Casting the lid aside, Caelie rose to her feet and looked over at Sachio as Beryl joked about him being a vampire. "Hmmm, he does look like a textbook vampire, in the coffin like that. Depending on your vampire type, though, you'd be surprised to hear that most of them don't dwell much in coffins, unless they're trying to pass across a point to us humans."
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