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So Fresh, So Clean; Sachio
Topic Started: Jan 25 2018, 05:57 AM (120 Views)
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Crème de la Kremlin

What's a kid to do when he's skinny, poor, and has no real talents?

Move to the armpit of Fiore, naturally. Not like he had a choice, after all he was poor and this was where poor people lived. He'd always been poor, but now he was like really poor, like poorer then someone who is REALLY poor. You get the idea.

He was too broke to even afford the train, not that one would get him clear to Dandelion, but he had to walk all the way from Magnolia. Fucking sucks man. He had to walk a thousand fucking miles across country all because he couldn't even go near his old place without getting flashbacks and ghost pain. Sometimes he even caught himself blinking an eyelid when the actual eye behind it wasn't even present.

Last he'd checked his door was still broken, and he'd effectively quit his job at the gas station as it had brought him nothing but pain and suffering. But while in his manic state he had forgotten that people needed money to survive, and upon checking his bank account he found nothing but literal dirt.


A hardknock life indeed, to quote the famous orphan Annie. Or was it Jay Z? Whatever the case Erik was now in the hood, which was oddly fitting considering the Jay Z quote above.

He wandered around, napped on a bench, and woke up even poorer then he had been when he went to sleep. Man that sucks. Fucking vagrants, taking all his pocket lint. No matter! He'd soon find a job at the dry cleaning store, where he pressed shirts and made like 10 jewels an hour. Whatever, it'd be enough to buy him like some bread or whatever poor people eat.

Then a man riddled with tattoo's walked in, the temperature dropped as his edgy influence literally cut Erik's finger. Fucking bitch, that really hurt. "How may I help you" He asked monotone as he stuck his finger in his mouth, hoping to stop the bleeding. Man that fucking stung.
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Just Hanging Around

Since he hadn't learned his lesson from his days with the Hanabe clan, Sachio found himself walking to the dry cleaner to get the blood out of his clothing. It was an unavoidable part of Sachio's work. He had heard of hydrophobic coating for clothing, but he never remembered to look into it before heading out to do work. So he walked to a shop near Ashworth Manor, with bloodied clothing in hand. In any other city, Sachio would have stood out, and drew concern by carrying such a thing, but not in Dandelion. This place was full of criminals and scum, who were no stranger to a bit of blood. In fact, they were no stranger to Sachio in general. Ever since joining the guild, Sachio had spent most of his time in this place. He had made a name for himself here. Being part of Artorius's guild also played a big part in that.

Sachio entered the small shop and was greeted by a young man who had the misfortunate of wearing an eyepatch. Had he lost the eye? Was it damage? He seemed far too young and innocent to have to suffer like that. This was how the world worked though. Bad things happen to good people. "Just hear to get some stains out of my clothing. I've got a pair of pants and a shirt. That is it. Do be gentle with them." Sachio placed his clothing in a bin next to the counter. It was then he finally remembered to ask about something. "You guys wouldn't happen to do some sort of hydrophobic coating, would you? Might be bad for business to give stain resistance, but I had to at least ask."
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