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Discussion Thread - EoD; Phase 5, Group 3 - Engine of Destruction
Topic Started: Jan 11 2018, 05:37 AM (2,403 Views)
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What's The Point

Welcome back to another war phase, boys and girls! This thread will serve as a place to discuss tactics, plans, etc. related to Group 3: Engine of Destruction (EoD)

Relevant info posted below:
Event Info Thread Link
EoD Thread Link
Character List
Camilla Jäger
Aiden Dalinar Vakarian
Ruslan Semyonovič Gudleifr
Ecclair Farron Bellum
Actaeon Kalkanis
Cisnei Andreas
Biologische Waffe Auftragsprojekt, Subjekt-VI
Meiyou Lu
Wave Hagane
Blitz Ranfen
Edited by Fumus, Jan 18 2018, 06:30 AM.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Aiden and Ecclair are at the center of the frontlines; Ruslan and Camilla will be with the I believe. I will be doing my best to be coordinating things within the knights of the thread so feel free to be pm me to discuss anything if you want. =)
Edited by Lightning, Jan 11 2018, 12:05 PM.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

^ That is confirmed. Also, in case we need a translator/speaker for some bizarre reason Camilla can (obviously) speak fluent Boscan. Good luck to everyone!
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

[result]1&1,1d3,0,1&1d3[/result] for which airship to start on, in order of posted: Marigold, Orchid, Heliotrope
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

[result]2&2,1d2,0,2&1d2[/result] for something else.

also, i havent been here for phase 4, and i havent read them yet. i'm going to assume all of the knights being grounded?
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Crème de la Kremlin

if the plan doesn't involve brutality against horses idk if I want to hear it
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I'm having Wave start out on Heliotrope
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What's The Point

henlo frens it is i

Right, so seeing as we've got a coordinator for the knights, I'm gonna go ahead and settle into handling logistics and coordinating between us mages and the knights.

So I'm gonna be grouping our major resources into four groups for the sake of convenience:

  • The Knights, consisting of Ecclair, Aiden, Ruslan, Actaeon, and Camilla, coordinated by Señora Lightning. This is arguably our strongest and most flexible asset, seeing as their combined SP count far surpasses any other of our resource groups.

  • The Swarm, consisting of VI and her brood, coordinated by yours truly. I'm in my own group 'cause Swarm logistics are a goddamn nightmare. Will serve as an autonomous, mechanically-impactful NPC army, really.

  • The Hat Crew, consisting of Blitz and his pets, coordinated by Señor Balmung. Deserves his own group since he's pretty much our sole source of consistent long-range magical damage.

  • The Wild Cards, consisting of Wave, Meiyou, and Cisnei, coordinated by their respective writers.

Assuming our knights will generally act as a cohesive unit, they will likely make up the brunt of our damage-dealing front line. They're collectively beefy enough to take on bosses, and should easily be able to handle themselves without too much outside support. I will also leave it to the knights to command our NPC soldiers where and when needed.

The Hat Crew I'm guessing will act as a sort of long range artillery unit that can alternate between supporting our front line and taking out strategic targets that can't be reached by the knights or the Swarm. I also leave the protection of my hive clusters and Uberwurms largely to the Hat Crew, if that's ok with you.

As for the Swarm, I will dedicate that fully to supporting our front line. Most of my forces will be dedicated to siegebreaking, seeing as they're expendable and easily-replaced, but I will also leave a large chunk to support the knights, act as detachments to support any of our wild cards if needed, and provide Blitz with a retinue of aerial troops in the form of Skywurms. VI herself will be sticking with the knights on the front line for the most part.

Which leaves the wild cards to their own devices, really. Those of you in this group, please do let me know what your role will be, whether you're sticking with the knights, staying at the backline, or just doing your own thing.

All that said, I won't really make anyone do anything so feel free to just sorta ignore this whole thing lmao
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Noted, as Potato said - you can do whatever. Aiden will likely act as a coordinator IC as well =)
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

My actions will be directly affected by whatever happens with the airships, to the airships, and by the airships. At least for now, because I honestly don't remember or even know how much of an impact they provide.

That being said, probably something like protection for the NPC-asset backline. It seems like we're leaning heavy on frontlining PCs, so I'll bear flexibility in mind.

, I'll even consider tossing an equine corpse to keep the meme alive.
Edited by Fumus, Jan 13 2018, 02:28 AM.
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