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Complete Global Saturation; Phase 5 Group 2
Topic Started: Jan 11 2018, 01:09 AM (3,242 Views)
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Stay the course.

Everyone who had fought at the Battle of Castle Reinhardt and lived to tell the tale knew of the danger of this mysterious, dark threat. Officially referred to as "The Blight" or simply "Blight" by Fioran intelligence, this substance was responsible for the deaths of thousands in that single battle alone. Deadly, dangerous, and practically unknowable, the Blight was a horrendous threat. It was obvious to anybody that it needed to be contained. However, the Boscans had developed their own ideology regarding its existence. They seeked to weaponize it. And now, they've nearly succeeded.

Days ago, Fiore intelligence had learned of the existence of a facility where Blight was being researched in the hopes of being harnessed as a weapon. This information had come from a Boscan agent, one with enough presence of mind to realize that the Blight being used as a weapon was a threat to the entire world. There was no taming such a monstrous threat. Even worse, the Boscan facility and the man in charge, Colonel Erwin Wesker, had gone rogue, defecting from the Boscans once their mastery of the Blight was sufficient. In essence, an absolute madman now held the reigns to what could almost surely result in the apocalypse.

Prince Renault, even though he was injured and hospitalized from his last battle, couldn't have sent out the mission fast enough. A team was assembled of powerful fighters, heroes, mages, and knights, placed upon the sister ship of the Edelweiss, known as the Hyacinth. The Prince's words and his stark tone of barely controlled fear were burned in everyone's minds.

"As Castle Reinhardt and its ancient guardians fell, we learned of the existence of terrifying, nigh-unknowable beasts. We understand little of these monstrous entities, only it seeks to mindlessly destroy anything it can get close to.

Though we've contained much of the threat during the Battle of Castle Reinhardt, some of the destructive biomass has managed to roam free. Even worse, some of this deadly material has been collected by Boscan scientists. Our scouts have located a secret facility located in the heart of the Boscan wilderness where their research teams are aiming to unlock its secrets. This eldritch threat is deadly enough on its own, but should the Boscans succeed in weaponizing it, the potential threat is unimaginable.

Unfortunately, one of Bosco's most insane scientists was the one who managed to secure the deadly eldritch biomass. This man has recently gone rogue and has threatened to devastate both Boscans and Fiorans and all others alike once he has perfected his weapon, threatening global destruction.

Though we do not know how close he is to succeeding, it is important that we intervene before such a thing can be allowed to occur. To make matters worse, the Boscans have deployed their own unit of elite soldiers to re-capture the now-rogue facility. A weapon like that can not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. It is of the utmost importance that we succeed here." - Prince Renault ro Unmariquia, Duke of Cinnabar

The Hyacinth's trio of engines hummed as it moved through the night sky, cruising carefully towards the depths of the Boscan wilderness. It wouldn't be long now before the ship touched down. But, before that, everyone aboard was preparing for this monumental task. Some wouldn't survive this ordeal, others would never return the same, but at the very least everyone did what they could to combat that reality.

  • It's presently night time.
  • You are aboard the Hyacinth, which is currently at a high cruising altitude.
  • The Hyacinth is making its way towards a dense forest in the heart of Bosco.
  • Perform your last minute battle preparations.
  • A mod post will be done about once a week.
  • You can post as many times as you want between each mod post.
  • Please include a summary of your character actions at the bottom of your post.
  • Good luck.
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Stay the course.

The Blight. The mere mention of the name sent a shudder down Artorius' spine. He remembered watching those eldritch beasts slaughter people by the hundreds in what felt like the blink of an eye, how they utterly devoured everything it touched. He remembered his arm, too, skin and flesh flayed completely off the bone, turned into an ugly, mangled and gruesome mess. That battle had taken a massive toll on Artorius' body, not just his arm. Using as much power as he used was dangerous on its own, but then Artorius had pulled out even more power from seemingly nowhere, tapping into reserves he never knew he had. Dragon Force. That was the name he'd given it, for he felt altogether more dragon than human, and more of a force of nature than a mere mortal.

That power was gone, along with quite a bit more with it. However, Artorius' mind was focused, razor sharp, and his will was resolute. Though the threat of the Blight was enormous, large enough that if left uncontained it was a threat to the entire world, Artorius was confident and self-assured. After all, Artorius was here to do what he had felt he was born to do. Destroying evil, saving the world, it was all part of his life's work. This was all part of destiny's course for him, his purpose, just as it was for him to put an end to his familial curse and its bloody legacy. He believed everything in his life had lead to this moment. Thievery, robbery, all the struggle and moral self-questioning, all of it was a part of the process to transform himself into a tool to fight against such evils. Though part of his power was now gone, Artorius couldn't be more ready. Besides himself and his sacred blade, Artorius had something else that made him confident. His guild.

Artorius gazed briefly at the members of his guild who were aboard the Hyacinth. It was just Alice and Artesia here. The rest of his guild were off fighting important battles elsewhere. These two, however, Artorius trusted implicitly. Their loyalty was unquestionable, and that kind of trait was on short supply in this world. Artorius owed Artesia his life dozens of times over, and there was nobody Artorius trusted to watch his back more than her. Though, naturally he preferred watching her back instead. It is, after all, an unbeatable view. As for Alice, the two shared a kinship as Dragon Slayers (and being edgy and paranoid), but she was just as reliable as Artesia was. Besides this, as often as Artorius seemed to coddle her, there was no denying Alice's strength, especially her recent strides and development.

"I'll spare you all the fancy speeches this time," Artorius said with a wry smirk on his face as he glanced at his guildmates and the other heroes aboard the Hyacinth. "Let's just save the world. This is basically just a Tuesday for us."

  • Artorius thinks and shit.
  • Artorius says stuff.
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Just Hanging Around

A puff of smoke obscured Damien's face as he smoked his cigarette, standing on the deck of the Hyacinth. The smoke didn't linger for more than a split second, as the wind quickly carried it off into the night. As Damien leaned against the railing of the airship, his right hand cradled a dark glob of magic. His feelings towards the power given to him by the demon named the Lord of Shadow had been a bumpy one. He spent so much time resenting the demonic influence, instead of realizing what it meant for him. He was given the strength to follow through with his words and seek redemption as he fought against the darkness. He glanced down at the sword on his hip he had named Oathkeeper. Aside from his demonic right arm, Oathkeeper was a physical manifestation of the Lord of Shadow's gift. This war was a perfect time to do some good in the world, and this power was going to help him.

Joining the war was a no-brainer for Damien. He was familiar with the previous battles Fiore fought against Bosco, and was prepared to assist in the struggle. Defending Earthland from Bosco's misdeeds wasn't something Damien was going to let pass him by. Damien's right hand closed tight about the magic it held, extinguishing it completely. He might have been separated from the few knights he knew, such as Camilla, but he wasn't going to let that impair him in this war. He was sure Camilla would be fine with the other unit, as he heard the war hero Aiden would be with her. That comforted him. She was one of Damien's few friends in Fiore, and war threatened to take them away. The thought of the casualties this war would have only served to strengthen his resolve. He wasn't going to hold back anymore. He wasn't going to turn away from the power he was given. He was going to fight with everything he had, and make sure he made an impact here.

With a flick of the wrist, the butt of the cigarette Damien had finished, was tossed overboard. He turned around, eyes narrowed and face grim. He had looked at those joining him in this group, and saw a varying degree of experience in their faces alone. Those who had been a part of this war in its earlier battles, looked as if their light had been ripped from them. On the other hand, those new to the war, had either eager eyes or solemn frowns. Having a joy of battle despite where they were headed, showed a great deal of inexperience. Damien only shook his head. He knew they would learn after their first time on the battlefield. There is no glory in war.

Between being separated from those he knew, and seeing the overeager or mopey, Damien realized he needed to start making new friends. He knew that many extremely talented mages and knights had joined the fight, many of them being veterans at this point. While Damien was no stranger to battle, and certainly no stranger to tragedy and loss, he figured it would be smart to talk to those who had been a part of this war, and try to glean information and prepare himself for what was to come. Damien took his arms off the railing, and walked towards the others that were aboard the ship.

-Is at peace with the power he was given
-thinks about how much he wants to make a difference in the war
-worries about one of his only friends
-finishes his cig, walks towards other people on the ship
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I don't even know.
Optional Post Mood Music

"Haaaaa..." Exhaling a thick cloud of Boscan Grass, Jaxus laid back first on one of the ships tables, looking to the stick of burning plant matter in their hand from behind their bangs with a dull, bored expression. "Ya' know Persies, I thought I woulda' been more excited fer' this. I mean, savin' the world is like, every hero's dream, ain't it...?~" "Caaw-Caaw-Caw-Caaw..." //Guess it would be...// Of course it was, heck, taking part in something this big was something Jaxus had dreamed of ever since hearing of grand heroes, mages, and legends. Yet, to the tune of the Hyacinth's engines, and the memories of the Blight still fresh in his mind, it felt so much less like a dream, and far, far more like a nightmare.

Yet, there was also this strange feeling with the fear, a sense of utter detachment. Jaxus had fought along side others to stand against armies and titans, he saw the terror of the blight first hand, and the war had taken both Ari, and he presumed Jayce as well. He had watched the life fade from someone's eyes after their throat was slit, and murdered Boscan troops with his bare hands, seeing their last breaths in extensive detail. Perhaps he underestimated the conflict to come, or possibly, these gory operations were just becoming the new "normal" for Jaxus.

Using his free hand to press back his bangs, Jaxus took another drag of his smokable before noting someone speak up, tilting his head towards them in an awkward fashion to notice a vaguely familiar face. The Guild Master of Nine Lives, Artorious, who he had witnessed with his own eyes tear apart one of the guardians in the battle for Castle Reinhardt. "Aye, aye, Smokey-Sama...~" Lazily bringing two fingers to his forehead, Jaxus extended them outwards in a slow, lazy manner, saluting them before laying back down flat on the table, pulling out a flask from their coat and popping the top open.

//Tuesday fer'em, yeah...// //It'll be fine Jaxus...// Not bothering to lift himself off the table, Jaxus only slightly raised his head, imbibing afew, deep swigs of scotch. In honesty, if there was any fear in Jaxus, it was the fear that they would fail. That "he" would fail. Surrounded by so many talented mages, knights, and fighters, Jaxus had to be saved multiple times in the war. //Hope so, Persies...// Yet and still, neither Jaxus nor his avian friend spent their vacation time idly. During his vacation at the spa, Jaxus trained nearly every day, bringing himself to the limit, and upon his return trip, he made sure to ask for afew things from the guild's blacksmith. He came prepared, and the fact of the matter was, he wasn't the bright eyed, yet powerless youth that ran off from their academy now. He was a Blue Pegasus mage, a fighter, and most importantly today, a soldier. Fear had no place in his mind.

Taking another drag of his joint of boscan grass, Jaxus idled on his thoughts, wondering what horrific creatures they would face, how many would die, what fate awaited him and his allies. After a brief moment, Jaxus exhaled yet another thick cloud of smoke, tilting his head directly upwards to stare across the table and take in his surroundings once more, hoping to see a familiar face. "Eh...?" Luckily, it didn't take too long, quickly noting a short built, blonde haired, skinny figure in the room. An unexpected face, but one that Jaxus was not ungrateful to see. "Eeey, Leeooo, that you?~ Fancy seein' ya' here.~" "Caaw-Caaw.~" //Oi Leo.~// Offering a lazy, laid back wave, Jaxus gave a cheeky smile towards the familiar figure, though not bothering to lift themselves off the table. Persies, on the other hand, who had been resting on Jaxus chest, raised a wing, offering an awkward wave to them as well.

Stuffs Jaxus did.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Artesia had set herself to growing stronger following the events which had transpired at the fortress of Reinhardt and she’d managed to actually make progress in achieving it. The Sinian had learned to further hone the magic which coursed through her body, and had also grown fitter and stronger in a physical sense as well. But those same feats were largely immeasurable, and even now she could recall the sense of weakness she’d felt upon the battlefield in defence of the fortress.

The war between Fiore and Bosco had not yet reached its conclusion, and as such Artesia knew that she would have to take part in it yet again. I mean, after all, there was no way Artorius and Nine Lives were going to hang back and do nothing about it. But would her improvements prove to be of any use at all? She had been powerless to aid Artorius and her scuffle with the Boscan cat-woman had left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. Sure, one could argue that the woman wasn’t suited to open scale warfare, but would she fare any better in the current situation? There was doubt within her as she sat in the airship, but where there was doubt there was determination in equal measure.

Artorius did his thing as the guild leader of Nine Lives as the airship neared its destination and Artesia returned his gaze with a smirk. “It is Tuesday.” The Sinian sat across from the man with her legs folded; the boot of her elevated foot swayed with the motion of the airship. “But I’ll drink to that.” She said raising the bottle of Tortugan Rum to her lips for a hefty swig. It was a valuable bottle of liquor and the drink inside was even more satisfying than the appearance of the bottle itself.

With her drink taken and her thirst quenched (for now), Artesia screwed the lid back on before tossing it across to Artorius. There were few times better to have a stiff drink than right before launching yourself into war. Although she really just wanted to get back her adventures in ruins and tombs though - this war stuff wasn’t her.

  • First post fluff, and not even the good kind
  • Artesia is seated across from Artorius and comments on his words
  • Artesia drinks to Artorius’ declaration - a swig of her high quality Tortugan Rum before tossing the bottle across to Artorius
  • Here is a picture of her attire for reference.

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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

It was ironic, for the day that Fiore had sent out the call to war once more he had fallen asleep just fine. If he were in a better mood, he probably would have laughed at the announcement, for loe and behold Bosco did have more menacing weapons up its sleeves, not to mention it was trying to turn to abomination from Castle Reinhardt into a controllable tool. Leonidas had predicted such, to some degree. All wars were essentially the same conflict rehashed over again, with different opponents, technologies, and alliances.

He leaned against a wall of the airship, gazing into a nearby window for a few moments before scanning the others aboard. Most, somewhat surprisingly, seemed to have the air of a mage rather than the knights he had expected, basing his predictions on the high amount of casual speaking and alcohol. The blonde was no stranger to the latter, holding a glass of high proof whiskey in his hand. For the most part, it seemed as though those on board were readying themselves for the task to come, whether their demeanors possessed excitement, mourning, or something in between. For the most part, Leonidas was apathetic, not seeing the point in stressing over the thought of death or injury. His only reason for getting involved in the mess was to see the extent of the power held in the foe Fiore had nicknamed the Blight, and more importantly how exactly it had been sealed away in the first place. He cared not for national problems aside from that Bosco's reign would probably have a lot less leniency when it came to magic.

He took a sip of his drink, sighing inwardly. It had been a while since he had been a part of a group as large as the gathering present, and the crimson eyed man knew he would have to be more careful with his actions because of government involvement. Swords were generally somewhat hard to point at an ally and not be conscious of the blade's path, however, so he figured he would be fine. Were there laws against certain forms of violence directed at the enemy? He couldn't remember, but Leonidas highly doubted such considering the nature of war. Yes, he would be perfectly fine. Acting any other way would only draw suspicion toward him.

Absentmindedly Leonidas tugged on the hilt of Calamitas, checking on the weapon as if he hadn't done so just an hour earlier. Setting his glass on a nearby table, he took a long strip of white cloth from his pocket and ran it down each side of the blade. Muttering under his breath, he unwound the old wraps located at the base of the sword, tracing his fingers over the symbol for a moment before shaking his head, dropping the old fabric onto the floor and covering the mark once more. He twisted his wrist ever slightly, for the briefest moment the weapon glinting in the light before he sheathed it. The blonde then fiddled with the straps of the armor he was wearing, for no other purpose than to appear somewhat busy. Perhaps to stem off boredom, also, for such only led his mind wandering down a dark abyss.

From a distance, Leonidas heard a familiar voice call his name, and upon looking up he identified the source. Granted, he had expected for Jaxus to be involved in the new stage of the war, to some extent, but he hadn't assumed that they would be working together, so to speak. Grabbing his drink once more, the blonde headed over toward where the light mage and his falcon were situated, certainly not in a position that one would consider battle ready. Nonetheless, he knew better than to underestimate the teenager. With a mild grin did he respond once he had closed their distance. "I have to admit I didn't expect to see you on this assignment," he started. "How have Persies and you been?"

  • Thinks about how he predicted some of the actions that are playing out in the war.
  • Tries (and fails) to remember what's legal in a war.
  • Drinks and cleans sword. Normal stuff.
  • Approaches Jaxus, responds to him.
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I don't even know.
As Leo approached, Jaxus only remained in his casual, laid down position, keeping his head awkwardly twisted backwards and shifting the joint of Boscan Grass from one side of his mouth to another, though his warm smile remained as Persies nestled back onto his chest. "Heh.~ It's savin' the world Leo, I wouldn't miss this fer'...well, the world.~" Grinning back at Leo with a brief chuckle and closed, Jaxus took the joint from his mouth, tapping afew ashes off into a nearby ashtray. Opening his eyes once more, Persies perked her head up, and in an a moment, took to the air in a swift leap. Quickly using the muscles at his core, Jaxus placed his right foot on the table, twisting as he applied leverage, and in a fluid motion, seemingly spun on the table a full one eighty degrees, ending with Jaxus facing Leo directly, sitting in a cross-cross formation upon the table, Persies landing upon his shoulder and nestling down as he finished.

"Caaw-Caaw-Ca-Caaw.~" //We've been fine, Leo.~// "Yeah, what Persies said, we've been fine.~ Just wishin' this bloody war would end already, really." Tucking the joint of Boscan Grass once more into their mouth, Jaxus took a deep breath and exhaled, scratching the side of his head, seemingly distracted for a moment, possibly due to the lack of sleep, visible as usual in the condition of the bags under his eyes. Even though they said they were fine, in reality, the progression of the war had both simultaneously been making Jaxus stronger, and eating him alive.

"Havn't seen ya' since that last adventure, that was fun.~" Continuing to binge before the battle, Jaxus pulled out his flask, taking afew, deep swigs. "Uaaah...Anyway..." Exhaling with a wild head shake from the burn, Jaxus closed the cap, tucking it into his pockets before placing an elbow down on his shoulder, resting his cheek as he gave Leonidas a friendly smile and a calm eyes in a playful fashion. "What bout' you Leo?~ How's yer' adventures goin'?~" At the last part, Jaxus seemingly had to hold back his grin from growing bigger, putting a subtle emphasis to the word "adventures." Though, considering Leonidas had pulled him into quite the dangerous journey through deceitful methods, Jaxus was very little phased, if anything, seemingly more a mix of playful and concerned, rather than angry or distrustful.

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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

Leonidas thought about the actual mission again, and then realized, just after Jaxus explained his reasonings, why the light mage was on the Hyacinth. He made a mental note to remember that their task was to prevent the Blight from falling into Boscan or mad scientist hands, rather than investigating the biomass. It would be best to appear as though he actually cared about some looming global destruction, after all. In reality, he had witnessed the signs of 'Armageddon' countless times over his life span, each one usually turning out to be just a hoax or hapless conspiracy. There was nothing that made the Blight different. Nevertheless, the blonde laughed, waiting as Jaxus got up from his laying position before his tone turned more serious.

"The unfortunate thing about war is that it never truly ends," he mused. "I'm sure no one on this ship wants to hear about such though, despite the fact that this whole world's a mess. It's good to hear that you're alright, however." The crimson eyed man was, in no regard, an optimist, and his words reflected such. There was a sort of dullness to them, not laziness, per se, but more like submission to fate's twisted path. Leonidas glanced downward at the glass in his hand, with each passing moment the liquid inside it tempting him more. Another drink or two, hell three, would be fine. He probably wouldn't even have the time for such.

For the briefest moment he froze as the charcoal haired teenager mentioned their last meeting together. Ever since Tessera his focus had been frayed, even more so do to that. He tried not to ruminated over his failure, but his fr-acquaintance's question only served as further aggravation. "Not well," Leonidas stated, raising the whiskey to his lips soon after. His attitude was almost the polar opposite of the light mage, not necessarily fearful but still somber. It had nothing to do with the battle to come, either.

  • Muses about the idea of the world ending.
  • Responds to Jaxus about the war.
  • Internally complains about how he can't get drunk easily.
  • Responds to Jaxus again. Drinks despite bullet 3.
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Stay the course.

"I've had a lot of nicknames, Jaxus," Artorius said, glancing towards the green-eyed young man before taking a swig out of Artesia's bottle. Rum. It was always rum with the woman. He gulped it down another deep swig before sending his gaze back towards Jaxus. "But Smokey's the most unpleasant. You'll be drinking out of a straw for the rest of your life if you call me that again," Artorius said, his face a mask of cool, intimidating stoicism. And then, looking back at Artesia, Artorius was reminded of a certain talking reptile. Once the memory of punting the little shit halfway across a lake came up to his mind, Artorius began laughing humorously to himself. He almost missed the little crapstain. After the fit of awkward laughter, it seemed as though Artorius was joking to Jaxus, disarming the tension. But then, Artorius smiled and, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it burst of ungodly speed (though no one in the room could see it anyway), Artorius appeared next to Jaxus. "No, but seriously I wouldn't recommend it, kid."

"Anyway," Artorius said, sauntering back towards Artesia calmly as though he hadn't disappeared from everyone's sight and reappeared elsewhere in an instant. "Next one's on me," he said to the crimson-haired woman with a knowing look. There was a lot of meaning in that casual exchange and a simple look. It spoke of his determination and his confidence to come back home in one piece. In many respects, this was a suicide mission, but giving elaborate motivational speeches was not in his wheelhouse. It made people nervous sometimes. It definitely filled Artorius with consternation himself, and that was the last thing he needed before a mission.

The first thing he needed, evidently, was a drink. This was followed swiftly by, as expected of a man of his element, a smoke. "You know where to find me," Artorius said, drawing a blunt cigar from his silver cigar case. "By the way, kid," Artorius said as he walked past Jaxus towards the stairs leading towards the top deck. "The smoking section's upstairs. This room is... flammable." They were on a bloody airship, after all. All sorts of carefully calibrated and specialized and pressurized equipment could be found within its hull. No sense burning the thing down before things got exciting. The last thing they needed was for the Hyacinth to follow the path of the Dindenberg.

Top deck, Artorius soon found a familiar face in Damien Belmont. As Artorius' lighter flickered its flames over his blunt cigar, the man approached his one-time ally. "So, I'm guessing you got tired of killing werewolves," Artorius said, taking a deep breath of his finely grown herb. "It's been awhile since then. How've you been? More importantly," the man paused before offering Damien a blunt cigar. "Smoke?"

  • Artorius talks to Jaxus. He doesn't like the nickname.
  • Laughs a little with Artesia as he remembers a certain little reptile.
  • Threatens Jaxus, partially out of amusement but mostly cause he doesn't like the nickname.
  • Hands Artesia back the bottle and expresses his gratitude.
  • Tells Jaxus that it's probably not a good idea to smoke inside the airship.
  • Artorius goes top deck to smoke.
  • Finds Damien.
  • Gives him some shit and then offers a blunt.
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Just Hanging Around

Typically Damien liked to keep track of the time, but while riding on the airship and preparing for the battles to come, he had lost it. He had merely watched the ground beneath them as they sailed quietly through the night. It was peaceful on the deck. He was glad his suit came with temperature regulation because he would have been a little chilly standing out there with the breeze. As he walked around aimlessly, he lamented on how he had no contacts here. Many of those onboard had grouped up with friends and acquaintances, sharing stories and reassurances. A solemn smile crossed his face. He wasn't particularly an emotional person, but given the circumstances, it was understandable why the man felt alone. His earlier thoughts about being split from Camilla had now taken on a heavier meaning. He would even go as far as to say he missed the woman. Dependable people were hard to find.

A voice Damien knew had pulled him out of his ruminating. Artorius Sidonis. Damien remembered the man quite well. It was hard to forget someone who had obliterated an Alpha Werewolf in the manner this man had. Damien laughed when the man mentioned the same thing that had been on his mind when he heard Artorius's voice. "I could do with a little uplifting actually." Damien admitted, accepting the blunt. Holding in a long drag, Damien thought about how to answer the man's question. "Well." Damien said before exhaling the smoke he had kept in his lungs. "Not too bad I guess. Just doing assignments, traveling, and beatin' ass really. How about you?" As he spoke, he handed the man's blunt back. Artorius was someone Damien was pretty happy to see. He had already accepted that he was going to be operating with people he had no history with. That didn't normally bother him, but this wasn't just some random mission. This was the fate of Fiore they were fighting for. Going in with people you knew, made it that much easier to fight hard. "How is the guild doing? I have worked with Beryl since our last meeting. Pretty strong and a pleasure to have around. Do you have some other members here on the ship?" Damien figured Artorius had to have other Nine Lives members here. He was a guild master after all.

-felt a little lonely
-smoked with Artorius
-asked about Nine Lives people
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