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A Change Of Heart; Ecclair Sergeant Mission
Topic Started: Jan 9 2018, 03:46 AM (88 Views)
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Mission Briefing

Ecclair made her way from her apartment in the early hours of the morning. In fact it was so early that the air still held a crisp sense of the previous nights rain, not to mention that the sun had not yet fully risen above the horizon. The knight had received an urgent summons but half an hour prior to her first steps into the streets, and yet she had managed to shower, eat breakfast, don her armour, AND arrange for Juto to look after Kishu for her while she was away. Although, it was likely that not many would have considered her breakfast of chocolate cake and leftover dessert pizza particularly healthy.. or even as a breakfast at all. But hey, she was short on time - she would have made herself some pancakes with ice-cream otherwise.

Ecclair made her way towards the High Castle Arlan with a sense of urgency to her already incredibly swift steps. She didn’t know the details of the assignment she would face yet, but she did know that it was a matter of incredible priority.

Note Given To Ecclair
‘Sergeant Ecclair Farron Bellum,

A matter of utmost importance and urgency has arisen and you are the more suited officer the Knights Of Fiore currently have for the job. No further details can be given.

Report to my office in the High Castle Arlan at once.

~ Colonel Jason Love’

The guards of the castle were expecting the Bellumese knight as she approached them and as such none of them spared a moment to make small talk; she was to reach the Colonel as quickly as possible. A quick salute from each was all they had time to give anyway as the woman passed them by quicker than they could have said ‘good morning’.

Ecclair stopped before the opened door to the Colonel’s office with a bow more fitting of her home nation of Bellum than Fiore itself; it was a habit. “Sergeant Ecclair Farron Bellum reporting as requested.”
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^ Mood.

Two people stared blankly at the Bellumese knight as she arrived into the Colonel's office and delivered a bow in her customs.

The first was a distinctly middle-aged woman with a petite figure, with musculature more akin to sinew than muscle. The attire that she donned differed greatly from the others present within the office as well; a two-piece suit with a matching fedora. And yet, there was a certain jenesaisquoi about her that belied something more than her humble appearance.

The second was very much the baby of the group; a clean-shaven, bespectacled knight clad in his dress uniform, one that betrayed his service branch with the Royal Navy. But unlike most seamen, there was something off about this knight that too underscored his initial impression. His stooped build wasn't that of a soldier. Rather, it was that of an assassin.

And in the midst of it all, meticulously perusing a litany of documents laid out haphazardly upon a single heavily cluttered desk, was the Colonel. Jason Love, the man who had summoned the sergeant in the early time of the morning before the trumpets of reveille roused the knights garrisoned within the resplendent castle's many quarters for the day to begin. Yet as the circumstances stood, the assignment that the Bellumese princess was to execute was of utmost importance; time was of the essence after all.

"Ah, you've arrived. Good," the Colonel saluted back, beckoning to Ecclair to fill the empty seat next to the two other individuals. Almost immediately, the two stood up from the table to introduce themselves.

"Erica Sales, Deputy Director of Fioran Intelligence." The sharply-dressed woman extended her hand and smiled cordially. In other words, a representative of the FIA, yet another somewhat-bigwig on another aspect of Fioran government affairs. As she finished her statement, so too did the clean-shaven rating salute crisply, acknowledging the Co-commander of the Dauntless Vanguard with solemn respect.

"Petty Officer Clavis Pliskin, Knights of Aquarion. Operations I Detachment."

An assassin it would seem he would be, among other things. The Knights of Aquarion had a reputation as "snake eaters" and "wet boys", ostensibly asymmetric warfare specialists with an emphasis on counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, and other jobs–too unsavory to be unveiled to the public–petered out by High Command. Just how integral was this mission to the Fioran cause that necessitated their deployment?

The Colonel's next words would unveil the nature of the operation for which Ecclair would participate in.

"We've received information that a valuable Boscan scientist has sought to defect to our side, disillusioned by the current regime. Unfortunately, on his way to the RV point, he was detained at a town close to the Fioran frontline. Currently he's being interred at a local garrison before further action is decided. We cannot risk an assault by our conventional forces on the enemy. That's where you and Pliskin come in. Erica."

"Yes, of course." The deputy director cleared her throat and reviewed the information available on a manila dossier, before handing it over to Ecclair.

"The defector is currently being detained in Lubeck, a forward operating base located in the West Boscan forest. We estimate that the composition of enemies garrisoning the location consist of a combined arms unit of shock infantry and mechanized cavalry, thought the majority of these forces are currently at the front lines. You are to lead Pliskin's team, rescue the scientist and exfiltrate via air-based transport."

Erica continued off of the précis where the Colonel left, detailing elements of the plan for retrieving the Boscan scientist before finishing.

"Any questions?"
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Ecclair sat in the empty chair as she was instructed to and listened silently to the briefing she was given. News of a defector wasn’t all that strange nor was it surprising given the length of time that the Fioran war with Bosco had been waging. But to hear of a highly ranked Boscan scientist defecting was unusual indeed; they were known for being completely devoted to their countries cause and twice as crazy, they had to be if they were going along with the morally bankrupt and insane things that country was up to. Losing one may not have deal a huge blow to the Boscan regime but the knowledge that they could give Fiore most definitely would.

The importance of the rescue she was now being assigned was obvious to Ecclair and she had but one question to ask in response to the Deputy Directors query; “When do I leave?” The sooner the better as far as she was concerned and there was no doubt that everyone in charge of the operation felt the same way. There was also the question of ‘how’ she would be travelling to the location but she was confident that information would be given along with the answer to her question.

Ecclair would stand and salute her superiors once the information she needed was given and without wasting any more time the knight would make her way towards the location they told her to go to; she was ready for the assignment and had all of her necessary gear already on her person.
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