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Cargo Adventures!
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 08:00 PM (132 Views)
Seagulls cried over the port of Hargeon as a female sailor with a slightly unbuttoned shirt. Not to much so her bra or too much of her breast was visible, but entirely buttoned tended to make her wanted to lose it up too much. Last thing she wanted was have an entire port in uproar again. After all, some of the returning sailors hadn't seen a woman in months. Her skirt wasn't to long though, as it barely reached down her knees. Which could be a problem if one of the sailors drank to much last night and hadn't recovered. Well she could handle most cases, and in most other cases a bullet to the foot or arm tended to shut someone up.

At least till she reached her destination that hadn't been necessary. Mary wasn't sure if she wanted that to be the case. A good old-fashioned brawl was something that never got old. Still she'd prefer it would wait till after her job was done. She was asked by the captain of the large ship to protect them while they'll send their cargo somewhere. This was after she beat them in a bar brawl. At first she wanted to decline, but then she realized how little money she had and of course she couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. A few years earlier she would had without a doubt had declined, and just stolen the cargo before it left. Well, she wasn't exactly a pirate now, and had nowhere she could safely store the cargo anyhow. So she'll had to settle for just the pay and thrill of this job. Though the idea that maybe nothing happened and they weren't actually looking for trouble sounded a little boring for Mary.

She showed up in front of the ship. On the deck there were a few sailors working. She went onboard and started her search for the captain of the ship.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

He was very close to going broke.

Granted, it wasn't as if Cain was pursuing wealth, but it wasn't pleasant to sleep in one of the sh-crappiest place in all of Hargeon. A blanket thin mattress was what he had woken up to, thankful that it at least wasn't full of bugs. Rolling up his sleeves, the boy splashed the barely running water in his face before immediately rolling his shirt back down, swallowing a panicked breath. He grasped the edges of the metal sink and looked in the cracked and dirty mirror for a moment, calming his thoughts, before getting the rest of his things together. Spear swung across his back and a canvas bag in the same fashion, he headed down a flight of rickety steps, paying for the night with some reluctance before heading out the door and toward the famed port of the city.

Despite his slightly sulky attitude, internally Cain was extremely grateful for the job offer he had been given by chance. It was one of the few things he was good at, sailing, so to be hired to guard a cargo vessel was a welcome change to the odd favors he had been performing. He couldn't wait to be on the sea again, even if it was only for a short period of time. It wasn't that Fiore had been rubbing him the wrong way, necessarily, but it was unfamiliar, and he had enough problems to deal with already. Who knew if he had even been to the country before, in fact as far as he knew he could own a piece of land and be completely oblivious.

He rounded the corner in awe, wanting to take more time to observe the majestic ships but heading toward the vessel he had been offered a place at instead. Nodding to the crewmen stationed outside the dock, Cain boarded, observing the quarters while subconsciously touching his covered arms.
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The ship was large so there was a lot of wood to cover. With near clear skies it didn't seem the weather was going to be bad for the first few hours. Of course, that also meant that whatever was hunting on cargo ships was also sailing. Or maybe that was just Mary's wishful thinking. In any case that captain had to hide himself somewhere on deck... or maybe in the captains quarters.

Just as she thought that she went towards the door on the deck and knocked on it. Last thing she wanted was the captain still not being up and getting funny thoughts. It never was a good idea to beat up a client before they had payed. And after they could still come cry again for more work so that wasn't good either. It was so though to decide who to piss off or not.

"Capt'n, You're inside?" She shouted after a few loud bonks on the door. A few sailors grinned. A few seconds later a well shaved, neat person appeared and barged out of the door. Almost the entire opposite as the crews she used to run with. It was another story when they first met in the local tavern. He looked like an entirely different person right now. His eyes widened when he saw her, apparently he didn't think Mary would actually show up for the job. It didn't help that he was quite drunk when he offered the job. That or he just completely forgot about it. His next word however, marked that he still remembered and wasn't about to turn away her offer, so he probably was just surprised earlier.

"Yes Ma'am, thank you for coming." He quickly recovered himself. He took a look around the ship then quickly nodded before continuing.

"We'll be counting on you and another man for protection. The sailors themselves are a fine men, but don't have much experience fighting. Otherwise, ask around if you can help. The ship should almost be ready to leave." Helping around at least should be better than just idling around the ship and it was something she could do. She quickly glanced around to see if there was anything she could do.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

"Alright, so what's the cargo and conflict?" Cain asked a sailor nearby as he lifted a package from the ship and back down the ramp. There were still a few deliveries that had yet to make it on land, apparently, from the crew's last destination. He would have thought it better to unload first, and would have certainly ordered such, but perhaps the vessel wasn't as organized as it appeared to be at a first glance.

"All you need to know is that it's valuable and that there are some pirates that want it," the captain of the ship answered after his conversation with the woman previously.

The boy shook his head, dropping off the package he was carrying before reboarding. "You're awfully vague, ya know? What if this whole ship sinks, huh? Why would I risk my life for a cut?" Cain countered, crossing his arms. He wasn't about to go dying because of some silly agriculture. Well, to be fair, he didn't really have any other choice, but the boy chose to ignore such for the moment. He could... always find another job. He probably wouldn't have a better opportunity than this ship for a while, however.

The captain looked frustrated for a moment, but then shrugged. "We're carrying weapons. The nasty kind, also. Hence why I hired you and Mary," he paused to point at a busty woman nearby. "We've got a small surplus, so if you need anything while doing your work, just ask."

He gave the captain a nod before walking over to the individual he had pointed out. "So you're Mary?" the boy started, holding out a scarred and calloused hand. "Cain Amstel, nice to meet ya."
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"Ah great, so if we don't look for trouble, then trouble comes for us. Works fine for me." The woman said with a wide grin. So they hired a boy to assist her? Mary was made a quick scan of her supposed partner. He didn't really look to eager or to prepared for this job. Then again, so did Mary on a glance. Also his arguments made way to much sense, how boring. In any case, it was the person she had to work with. And Mary knew from experience that doing so would often change ones view from a person. Whether that was a good thing remained to be seen.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of it." She said confidently. If not they'd all be at the bottom of the sea and she wasn't going to let that happen. Not this time. While she resisted to urge to change her face in a more troublesome one. No real reason to bother people with she just met, especially not on a fine day like this.

"Aye, that's me. Mary Bonny. Nice to meet ya too." She said as she gave a firm handshake to the boy. At least his hand looked like it had seen a lot of action. Mary's hand had too, and it showed, though her right hand didn't have any scars.

"You got all that? Go help get those crates on board, just follow the others. those are the last" The captain said as he disappeared again in his cabin. Mary glanced inside and could see a chart on the table, a small and simple bed, and a few cabins with various items on it and probably in it. Nothing special about that. Looking at the pier there ware about half a dozen boxes still being carried inside, each carried by two sailors.

"Right let's get to work, Cain Amsel." Mary said as she left the ship to help with those boxes.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

OOC: I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry this took so long. I've got no excuse either D:

He nodded to Mary, continuing with the grunt work of loading containers on. Many hands made light work, however, and soon the ship's knot was untied and its anchor stowed. Magical oars propelled the vessel out of the harbor before halting, probably being run on a generator of some sort before resorting to manpower. The sail was loosened and they were off, skimming the coast as if they were unwilling to take a risk and brave the open sea.

Cain didn't mind. The weather was pleasant, and the distinct taste of salt on his tongue as the ship cut through the waves was a pleasant one, quite familiar in fact. Unfortunately, from where he did not know except a few vague recollections. It always bothered him to think about it, and so the boy forced himself to simply enjoy the moment of peace, likely before a storm was to strike. Indeed, it didn't take long, but there were no pirates involved, not yet. In fact, for being such a nice day, there were relatively few watercraft around. A bit odd, he thought, but Cain soon dismissed it as mere coincidence.

A slight rattling from a nearby crate was the mystery in question. The captain and his crew seemed oblivious however, so the Caelan waited until it happened a few more times to approach. Of course, it could have just been the ship rattling it, but other objects nearby didn't seem to be affected, nor was it rough out at the current time. Shrugging, the boy gestured for Mary to come over in a mostly non-alarming way. Perhaps they just had a stowaway, or misplaced cargo.
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