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[Taken]C-Class Assignment: The Turbulent Tides
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 07:20 AM (143 Views)
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^ Mood.

Mission Name: The Turbulent Tides pt. I

Mission Class: C-Class/Corporal

Mission Details: The naval convoys manned by both Fioran and Midi forces have been vital lifelines for supplying our troops as the Boscan Front rages on. But recent intelligence has informed us of a weapon that the enemy has employed to sink our ships. Already, we've lost countless coffers of equipment and rations to fuel our divisions currently stationed on the front. We cannot hope to advance so long as there remains a deficit of basic necessities that our troops require. Yet, current attempts to circumnavigate this threat have proved fruitless. To that end we require a means of decoding enemy transmissions to pinpoint when and where to expect its deployment next.

Reports from collaborators have spoken of a small Boscan reconnaissance outpost within an old fishing village. Investigate this location for intelligence, reconnoiter the area, and obtain a means of decrypting their communications.

Glory to Fiore.

Mission Requirements:
At least 1 C-Class/Corporal character.
Must take place in West Bosco.

Mission Objectives:
Investigate the town for valuable intelligence on the weapon.
Obtain the cipher machine.

Bonus Objectives:
Conduct the operation without being spotted.
Edited by ajimeister, Jan 9 2018, 12:02 AM.
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Inara Serra
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Honesty without tact is cruelty.

C rank, generally speaking, isn't super dangerous. This sounds pretty apt to get dangerous. Tone it backs little tolerance espionage and low level soldiers, and I'll look again.
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^ Mood.

Yeah my bad. Edited and toned down.
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

Sneaking sounds C-worthy enough now.

Your mission application is now accepted. This topic has now been resolved, so therefore its closed.

This is an automatic message.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

Mission Request Link: Here.

Mission Thread Link: Here.

Character(s) Joining: Ruslan Semyonovič Gudleifr, Damien Belmont

This Mission has been Taken.
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