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Hell on Earthland
Topic Started: Dec 31 2017, 01:23 AM (128 Views)
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Just Hanging Around

While not entirely eager to visit Galuna Island, Damien did have a bit of curiosity towards the mysterious place. He had been sent to investigate strange occurrences on the island, alongside someone he had recently met. Camilla Jäger. Their work in the Mazahar Basin had proven their usefulness to the Knights of Fiore. Of course, the two foreigners were being paired together again. It at least came as a relief to Damien, to know his partner for this assignment was someone he was familiar with already. He had heard a few stories about Galuna Island, most of them detailing how beautiful it was, but how sinister it felt. It was as if people were being watched, and disappearances happened often. It was now Damien and Camilla's job to figure out exactly what was going on.

The midday sun shone brightly above the small port city of Redwater. The name amused Damien. Damien and Camilla weren't scheduled to leave until later in the day, but Damien wanted to explore Redwater a little bit while he waited for the sun to set. It was a place he hadn't been to, and as a traveler, he wanted to make his trip count. He planned to spend his day trying the local food and drink, while he waited for Camilla to meet him near the docks. Redwater was a rather unremarkable town, with dark wooden buildings and dirt roads that all led to the docks. As one would expect, Redwater focused on fishing, and the smell of the place reflected that. The air carried the salt of the sea, and stink of fish. It wasn't all that unpleasant to Damien. He was quite fond of the ocean.

Damien sat down at a table of one of the few restaurants the small town had. He didn't even catch the name of it, as it was carved into a thick slab of wood above the door. He glanced at the menu and saw pretty much what he figured he would see. Seafood. Fortunately, he was a fan of seafood, and he ordered shrimp alfredo with a glass of white wine, when the waiter arrived at his table. It was a dish he could eat over and over without getting tired of it. The dish arrived quickly, and turned out to be one of the better alfredo he had eaten. It was the little things like that, that made Damien happy that he was so adventurous. Finding a gem of a restaurant in a town he had never heard of, was a great way to pass the time. He paid for his meal, and left a sizable tip, out of his thankfulness for a great meal. The atmosphere wasn't too bad either, since the town was rather small and the place wasn't very busy.

After a little bit more exploration of Redwater, Damien headed for the docks, as the sun finally began to set. It was almost time to meet up with Camilla and find the captain that was to ferry them to Galuna Island. The town hardly got visitors that weren't traders, so word of the visitation of two knights, had gotten around. Fortunately, the Redwater citizens were pleased to have them. Many sailors and fishermen greeted Damien as he walked past the various docks, to arrive at the one he was to meet Camilla at. Each dock was numbered, and the one Damien and Camilla were to arrive at, was Dock 19. The large red number '19' on the ground, let Damien know he had arrived at his destination. He was still rather early, so he leaned against a wooden support column for the dock, and waited for Camilla as he smoked a cigarette.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

Boarding the train to Redwater, Camilla scanned the paper files she had brought along with her, intent on studying them on the trip there. The assignment at hand was something she was far more accustomed to compared to casino heists and defending swamp outposts, the two most prominent duties she had been assigned to during her time with the Knights Of Fiore. An investigation pertaining Galuna Island, with only one other knight, Corporal Damien Belmont nonetheless, was far closer to the solo or duo missions she had partaken in on the other side of the border.

She chose a seat close to the door, then began to slowly read the files. Marcus Romero, Lucas Ballard, Sonya Reyes, Blair Evans... each missing person seemed to be a random occurrence, as if there was no pattern to the disappearances. Even more disturbingly were that others had reported making to the moon isle and back without incident. Were the natives responsible, or was there a more sinister force at work? The Boscan ruminated over the possibilities for most of the train ride, ordering a coffee at some point in time before cleaning out her unloaded handguns. By the time the locomotive arrived at the station, she was thoroughly bored. At least, checking the watch on her right wrist, she wouldn't be late to the rendezvous point.

The small town wasn't busy, and based on the fact that she was the only one exiting at the stop Camilla assumed it didn't have any sort of tourist attraction or really anything of note. It wasn't a bad thing, in her opinion, although the villagers clearly knew that she was a newcomer, her uniform, pinned hair, and pistols not really helping dispel such. Several of them even approached her, a woman in particular thanking her for coming to assist in the case, apparently her daughter had gone missing. Outwardly, the sniper simply smiled and attempted to act cordial, but inwardly she wondered which of the names the woman's child was. It was how she had gotten to know the world, through names and faces. Nothing else was needed to find a target.

Why did she think like that, even so far away from her home and all the transgressions borne from it? The question pervaded her thoughts as she made her way to the port of Redwater, getting directions to dock 19, out of 20. As the numbers went on the boats hoisted in each became less populated, until eventually her eyes made contact with her superior. With her posture rigid as always, Camilla finalized her approach, offering a brief salute. "Good evening, sir," she stated, noting the setting sun.
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Just Hanging Around

A smile spread across Damien's face as he saw Camilla come into vision. He waved in her direction as he waited for her to make it to the dock. It was nice to see her again, and nicer yet to work with a familiar face. Damien used the word 'friend' very rarely, but he considered Camilla to be one. People were generally annoying and had their quirks, but Damien only saw a dependable and skilled knight, in Camilla. Even though he felt like the Knights were sticking himself and Camilla together due to them being foreign, he didn't mind. The salute and formality that came from Camilla when she arrived, changed Damien's smile into laughter. He had to admire her dedication to protocol. "Oh my." Damien said between laughs. "Camilla, relax please. It is just us. No need for formality and such, right? We are friends! Please, just call me Damien." Damien was in a rather good mood thanks to the nice food and glass of wine, and Camilla's rigidity only served to amuse him. He wanted her to lighten up with him, so they could enjoy their work together, despite the severity of their assignment. With a soft smile, Damien held out his hand for Camilla to shake.

"We are scheduled to leave soon, via a ship from a Captain Reynolds, but that isn't for a little while. I am sure you know this already. From my experience with you, you are quite diligent. Not to mention dependable. Thank you for being a solid member of the team back in Mazahar. I really do appreciate that." He could only imagine Camilla's reaction to his personality currently. Camilla only saw him during a dangerous mission where he was leading a large group of knights. He couldn't afford to be soft or nice during such a perilous mission. Currently, they were only preparing for a departure, and he could let his guard down. Most people viewed him as a stern and intimidating. Part of him liked having that persona.

Damien figured they had enough time to make one final stop before they took off for their mission, which to Damien, meant one thing. "I found this really nice restaurant nearby. We have time to go grab a drink before we have to leave." Damien hoped Camilla wouldn't be apprehensive in this situation. Another glass of wine sounded lovely before the two of them had to ride over to a mysterious island to investigate disappearances. It was always something strange that Damien and Camilla had to look into. Why couldn't they have gotten an assignment for guard duty?

With our without convincing from Damien, the two knights would arrive at the same restaurant Damien had been at earlier. This time, Damien made sure to check the name on the front of the building. 'Crab Shack'. Damien stared at the sign incredulously, not sure if he was disappointed over the simplicity of the name. Despite the dull name, Damien already knew the place was fantastic. The knights were seated promptly and Damien asked for a glass of red wine, as soon as the waiter returned. Damien waited for Camilla to place her order, before he spoke. "It is good to see you again. Of course you and I are being sent to look into more strange occurences. I hope this doesn't become our specialty." As before, Damien wore a soft smile upon his face as he spoke to Camilla.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

She let out a shy smile, blushing lightly as the corporal told her to relax. Told, and not ordered, it was certainly something that she hadn't expected from him, especially considering his matter of fact attitude in the Mazahar Basin. Perhaps he was one of those people that strictly separated work and leisure, but they were on an assignment. Maybe he just took a while to warm up to others. In any case, she tentatively accepted the handshake, and replied to him. "Right, Damien." The name felt foreign to her tongue, and overall just inherently wrong, given that he was a superior, but she went through with such nonetheless. Despite his comments, however, her attentiveness was still evident, although Camilla wasn't consciously choosing such. It was more so that she had been taught not to slouch or have a so called casual atmosphere to her movements for the majority of her life.

Soon the conversation moved on from its unsteady beginning, the Boscan nodding as he addressed the departure status. His compliments didn't strike her the way he had probably expected, making her more uncomfortable than anything. First he had called her a friend, and now commenting on her performance in Mazahar? For the briefest moment she wondered how his thoughts would change if he discovered the truth about her. Undoubtedly, or at least she assumed such, he would redact everything he had previously said. There was no use in thinking about such, though, for it would never happen on her own accord. "Ah, zank ya. I was just doing my duty," she replied, but unlike before her tone wasn't as formal as per request.

Camilla didn't like Fiorean as a language, or at least compared to her native one, but she had no choice but to use it due to her, well, being in Fiore. That being said, in the last few months she had been trying to improve her skill in the tongue, and for some pronunciations, it paid off. For others, not so much. Unrelated, Belmont's next words were perhaps the most surprising so far, even farther into the territory of informality. "A drink? As in... oh, right. Zat sounds great," the Boscan responded, with an incredulous tone at first. She didn't even know how often typical Fioreans drank alcohol in the first place, or what they drank for that matter. There was a lot she didn't know about the culture, actually. Was it normal to drink before an assignment? Did they have books on these things?

Regardless of the answers to her internally panicked questions, Camilla followed Damien to the restaurant he spoke of. Seeing as he ordered wine, she decided to do the same, picking a sweet white one from off the list. That was a... fairly normal ordeal. Just as the corporal opened his mouth to speak, she mentally prepared herself for any bizarre conversation he might strike up. Unlike her expectations, it ended up being fairly normal sentences that he spoke. She laughed a little toward the rear side of his statement, then replied. "I hope zat also. I honestly didn't sink we'd see each other again anytime soon, maybe zere's somesing more zan luck at play."
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Just Hanging Around

It amused Damien to see Camilla trying to adjust to Damien's request of relaxing. They might have been sent to work together on an assignment, but the assignment hadn't started yet, and the boat ride ahead of them wasn't a short one. Damien wanted to make sure they were mentally prepared, and were comfortable, before setting off. This quick drink also allowed Damien to enjoy the simple town for just a little longer. A quiet restaurant with great food, drink, and view, was quite hard to come by. It was the gems like this, that Damien cherished.

Damien sipped his wine as he listened to Camilla's response to his words. He had ordered the same type of wine as he had earlier. Cabernet Sauvignon. The only difference this time was that he drank this wine without a piece of cheesecake. "Fate has a weird way of making things like this happen. Personally, I knew I would run into you again, Miss Jäger. I also believe, this likely will not be our last encounter. I can say this confidently, as your superior, you most certainly will be working with me again." Damien finished his words with a wink, showing more of his playful side. Ever since coming to Fiore, interactions like this were quite few and far between. He had hardly any friends and enjoyed the company of far less. It wasn't out of a dislike of people, but more due to how stressed and rigid he was most of the time. Between dealing with the possibility of Grand Cross finding him, and now the incident with the Lord of Shadow, Damien found it hard to let down his guard. He wished to have more moments like the one he was having now.

The two knights talked for a while longer as the sun continued to set, casting a lovely orange glow over the town of Redwater. It was this sight, that let the two know that it was time to set off. Damien received the bill from the restaurant and paid for both of their drinks. He wasn't going to allow Camilla to pay for her own, for as her superior, he felt it was his duty to look out for her. The restaurant was not very far away from the docks themselves, so returning to dock 19 took no time at all. Upon their arrival, the boat they were waiting for, had arrived. Standing on the dock, next to the ship, was a man with long dark straight hair, a large mustache and beard that had specks of gray throughout, and was dressed in a fisherman's coat and hat. He was quite clearly the captain. "Ah! Welcome welcome! You two must be the knights I was hired to ferry. Good to see you." The man didn't wait for Damien and Camilla to approach the boat, as he had rushed over to meet them before they could even reach it. Thanks to the two glasses of wine, Damien's face actually showed what he was feeling, for once. Surprise was written all over it. Damien stared at the man as the captain eagerly grabbed his gloved hand and shook it vigorously. The captain was quite energetic. After shaking Damien's hand like someone would shake a drink, the captain did the same to Camilla. It was certainly a strange start.

"My name is Robert, but please, call me Rob. Captain Rob. And you two are?" The captain's large smile was lost behind his large facial hair, but it was quite clear he was grinning from ear to ear. Damien decided to respond first. "I am Damien Belmont, Corporal of the Knights of Fiore. Just Damien is fine." Damien had regained his composure before speaking, so he was able to calmly answer the man with a straight face. He was beginning to find the captain to be a bit too excited. He didn't like that.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

"Ohhhh...." Camilla responded, realizing that coincidence was indeed not to blame for their encounter. With a nod she continued. "Well, I am honored to serve you." Perhaps it was too formal for his taste, but she said such nevertheless, not really stopping to think until the words had left her mouth. She found the conversation odd, but then again her previous experience with Damien had been far from casual. Or was he hinting toward something else?

The two went on with their conversation for some time, the knight admitting to herself that what Damien had said about the restaurant was proven to be true, or at least on account of the wine. Still, she had the inkling of a feeling that they were wasting time at Redwater, despite the fact that their method of transportation was not prepared yet. Camilla thought back to the people on the streets, eager to see their family and friends again. Was that her duty, to protect and save such citizens? It was a chilling thought, something beneath the simple word called duty. For the Boscan, it had far too many meanings and memories attached to it.

Regardless of her sentiments, however, they headed out soon after, the soldier making sure to thank Belmont for paying for her drink. As they arrived at the dock once more a man greeted them, far too enthusiastically for her, and, as she looked over, Damien. Either he was just very excited, an odd emotion for someone going to captain a ship, or there was something more sinister at play. For the second, and perhaps not last time, of the night, Camilla accepted Rob's handshake, with a great deal of hesitation. She was not expecting the jerking motion, but she was at least thankful that he hadn't tried anything more personal. After the corporal introduced himself, she answered the man's question. "Private Camilla Jäger. Pleased to meet you."

They soon boarded the ship, a relatively small but sturdy vessel, and the captain steered them out of the harbor. After a few moments, the Boscan turned to Damien. "So, what's the plan?" she asked. Everything seemed to be normal and in order for the moment, but based on the scant evidence the case files she had read offered they would be in for a long ride.
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