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Strange Reunion (Dmitry/Fina)
Topic Started: Dec 19 2017, 07:08 AM (65 Views)
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The railways of Eastern Fiore.

Surrounded by forests on either side, the train carrying passengers from Magnolia moved along at a measured, but of course brisk pace. Expecting nothing of the routine trip, the train's crew went about their business, the conductor monitoring the speed of the massive vehicle and the attendants checking on passengers occasionally. Likewise, the paying customers aboard the land-bound vessel were content to relax and watch trees pass by their window along with the rest of the world, a few passengers making some sort of mundane complaint. However, the locomotive did not make its journey unobserved, its speed and noise obvious to even the simplest of forest creatures. Among those watching the train was a certain gray-haired wizard that had been sleeping in a tree up until this point.

Dmitry Kazakov had only recently left the service of the Banfield company without bothering to let anyone know, as he had been prone to do, return to a life of nomadic travel. At the moment he had decided to take a moments respite in order to get some much desired sleep, but that rest was interrupted by the enormous, metal behemoth roaring by. The young medium never could understand why people felt the need for such devices, having never been in any hurry himself. At first, his plan was to simply wait for the beast to pass, then return to his slumber. However, as he was thinking this, something oddly familiar struck him. Before he could guess at the source of this presence, a loud popping sound tore through the air, followed by the distinct melody of shattered steel.

Though the train didn't seem to suffer any obvious blow, something had clearly dislodged it from the rails just enough to cause it's wheels to run along the ground parallel to each rail, causing it to grind to a shaky halt. Of course, in most cases, the wanderer would simply leave the fools to their contraption. However, this time there was something he had to investigate, prompting him to leap off his perch and onto the grass below. Upon approaching the vehicle, he noticed several of the wheels were fractured, likely the sound he heard before.
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