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[Graded]No Rest For The Wicked; D-Rank Mission
Topic Started: Nov 6 2017, 08:47 PM (517 Views)
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Poinsettia. Rather beautiful, but in Beryl's opinion, to the point of cloying. Much like a lovely cake with too much sugar. The first taste would be lovely, but subsequent morsels would leave the eater getting more jaded by the second. Poinsettia was great to behold, perfect for a tourist, but the Seveni mage was certain she could not absolutely live in this city. Not for all the tea in Minstrel!

For Beryl, the problem was not the architecture; it was the atmosphere. The fusion of trees and buildings was actually lovely to behold, the building styles ranged from ornate and ancient-looking to hip and revolutionary, yet still managing to somehow seem to have a similar theme, and the whole place was apparently well thought- and laid out. However, the people were the problem. She hated the expressions many of them had on their faces when they looked at her, much like the look one would give an ill-fed, scrawny, obviously flea-infested cat. Some even visibly shifted if she managed to walk too close. Lovely.

The consolation was that Beryl was not going to be there for a very long time. As a matter of fact, she was, if fate smiled on her, going to be at most in Poinsettia for just a day. The next day, at about the same time as this, she would be on the road, as long as things worked out fine on this mission. The details seemed somewhat freaky: exorcise a possibly spurious ghost from a building, and if possible, find out who was responsible for the 'ghost' infestation. Exorcisms and the likes didn't seem like a simple task, but from what Beryl had gathered, this matter appeared to be actually more ridiculous than scary and higher-ranked mages would probably see taking such a mission as this as an insult. Enter the D-Rank mages.

Beryl stopped walking as she arrived before a set of gates whose address matched that on the mission debriefing. No one else seemed to be round, so she stood still and waited. It was best to wait for the other members of this mission squad to arrive before beginning. She would be working with two other mages, but for the moment, she had no idea of who they were. Time would tell, in any case.
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Draping curtains flushed wide open as the morning light practically suffocated the young Ashur, forcing her to whine aloud while pulling luxurious sheets and blankets over her head to obliterate the sunlight. Her maiden, Mary, appeared to be in no mood for any of her lady's antics which was obvious by the scowl cracking her otherwise eccentric visage. While she waited for Kanna to get herself out of bed, she laid out the proper clothing for today - a dark royal blue tea dress made of chiffon and silk, navy knee-high stockings, white shoes, and appropriate sapphire jewelry. Once she finished, Mary looked to her lady as she stirred, stretched, and yawned with a groggy smack of her dry lips. She made haste to serve Kanna with her morning tea which she took while still in bed, sipping on it like she had nothing better to do, making Mary slightly annoyed. Kanna was to be at Poinsettia at a certain time but at this rate, she was going to be late and the fault would fall solely on Mary, regardless of the fact that it wouldn't be because of her.

"Could you hurry with that, milady?" she asked, twirling a brush in her hand.

Narrowing her hues of dark ultramarine, Kanna stretched out her neck, "You intend to put me in a foul mood, Mary."

"You caught me," she retorted with a knack of sarcasm, rolling her eyes as well.

Neither said much more as the Blood Mage was readied; her makeup applied, hair curled with a singular braid pinned on the left side, and dressed by delicate hands. The whole process didn't take much time and before anyone knew, the two were gone and headed towards the address neatly written on a piece of expensive parchment. Once they arrived, both Kanna and Mary decided to do the tourist-y thing by window shopping and the occasional awkward stare at passers-by before they made their way to the location of some mission. Mary had inquired as to why Kanna wanted to work with other Mages and her answer had been explicitly simple, "Extensive boredom." However, the maiden was unsure if the others were aware of how mentally unstable and utterly psycho their companion would soon prove to be. All was well until Mary perceived from her peripheral a horrid sight -

"What are you doing?!" she yelled before slapping a bag of macaroons from her petite hands, "Where'd you get those?!"

Too late.

With pink bits stuck to her teeth, Kanna giggled like a school-girl as she swatted playfully at her charge, "I bought them, silly. If you wanted some, you could have just asked but now, they are... deceased." Frowning as if she had lost something precious, the Ashur stopped mid-stride to pick up what little she could, wiping the bits into the bag from the ground. Horrified, Mary rushed to pick Kanna off the ground, scolding her in the process, but didn't care as she laughed from the sugar high, "Aren't you dropping me off at school, Mary?" It wasn't too long, maybe a few minutes or so, that they were a few feet away from the gates that matched the address when Mary wiped hair from Kanna's face, "Play nice with the others, milady. Remember, this is a mission, not a personal playground for you to bully others on."

Saying nothing further to Mary, Kanna rushed off to meet with the other girl who had arrived prior to her and smiled brightly as she approached her without any caution, "Are you one of my partners, miss? Even if you're not, would you like a strawberry macaroon?" She held out the white bag that only had four macaroons left, offering one to the girl who wasn't much taller than her and bore significantly darker flesh than herself.

"I'm Beatrix, and you?"
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Caelestis drummed her fingers impatiently but quietly against the windowsill, as she stared through the glass at nothing in particular. The train moved at a steady pace, although it was not as fast as she wanted. She had a deadline to meet, and unfortunately, willpower alone was not sufficient to speed up the mechanical bulk that slowly (in her opinion) toiled its way towards the city of Poinsettia.

There was a timepiece situated in every cabin, which notified the passengers of the time (as expected), and with what she could see on the clock, she might just barely make it, or then again, might be late. It was not actually her fault, being behind time; the train had had some complications, which had set them back almost an hour. Even with that excuse, the one who gave the mission, or even the mages who would work with her, might be offended at her lateness. She didn't really like dealing with human beings; they were very difficult to predict, and often acted based on emotional and personal whims. Other creatures, even the sentient ones, were more... steadfast in behavior. Regardless, there was one thing that usually cut across most sentients: they did not like being delayed.

A flash of purple caught her attention, and she gave a sigh of relief. It was the foliage and flowers of the Lavendar Forest, and their proximity implied that she might, just might not be late, after all, but there was need to hurry. Time seemed to fly by quicker when one was busy doing something, so Caelie made studying these exotic forest plants and coming up with various theories about them her pastime. Eventually, and fortunately not too soon, the train pulled in at the station, and the girl would now be able to dictate the pace of her travel.

In a bit, she was out of the station, walking briskly down the road, her destination about ten minutes from her current location. She had espied a city map in the station, and took her time to study it, even going so far as to scribble down necessary details and street names, so that would not get lost. The time one took to prepare was always justified when one considered the amount of time that would be lost by poor planning.

With one last look at the paper in her hand, before shoving it into a pocket, she turned onto the street where the house sat, in which the mission was to take place. Pity she had moved too fast to enjoy the view, but there'd be enough time to do that when the mission was accomplished. That consolation in mind, Caelie noticed that the other two mages were already present, and one of them was known to Caelie. Beryl. Fancy bumping into her in Poinsettia, but it was always nice to meet someone you know, and were on good terms with. The other mage, Caelie had never seen before. She looked like an aristocrat, and her skin color seemed to indicate that she had not been outdoors for much of her life. Her hair color was also white, like Caelie's. Interesting. come to think of it, was the other woman also involved in the mission? Caelie was sure Beryl was, but she couldn't say the same for the other. Perhaps she was just a friendly passerby, or even from the mansion itself. Safest thing to do was to refrain from jumping to conclusions, and allow the others to fill in the gaps she was not sure of.

She waited for the two to complete whatever transaction was going on between them, evident from the paper bag the pale woman held out to Beryl, before speaking, so that she would not be considered rude for interrupting their conversation:

"Well, nice to see you here, Beryl. How have you been? Good morning, miss Beatrix," Caelie said, to the other woman, having overheard her name, "pleased to meet you. I'm Caelestis."
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Beryl heard a sound and turned to see a daintily dressed pretty young woman rushing towards her, and smiling very brightly. Automatically, Beryl's face brightened into a smile as well, although there was a hint of lack of recognition on her face. Who was this person coming towards her? Maybe one of the mages coming along with herself on this mission. Beryl saw there was another woman who had accompanied her, although this other woman looked less pleased and stood back. That wasn't likely the third member of this mission team.

"Supposing you are one of the mages on the 'Get Rid of the Ghost' mission, then my reply is in the affirmative. And a strawberry macaroon? That's so sweet of you. Thank you." The Seveni mage put her hand into the bag and drew the first biscuit her fingers touched. Well, she was always partial to sweet things, so the macaroon was accepted with some gratitude. A part of Beryl's less trusting mind was instantly paranoid, though. Why offer biscuits to a total stranger? What if they were poisoned? But there was little to fear; Beryl was naturally, or unnaturally, resistant to poisons, thanks to one of her Conflicts.

Before Beryl could proceed with introductions on her part, a familiar voice caught her attention. The Seveni mage turned, the biscuit still in her right hand, as she smiled, this time, recognition evident on her features. "Greetings, Caelie," she said with a no to acknowledge her friend. "And on the nick of time too. Commendable enough. Glad to see we'll be working together, provided you're the third member of the Spectral Diplomacy Team." Turning to the other white-haired girl, Beryl said, "well, it seems my friend has introduced me. Pleasure to meet you, Beatrix."

A false name. Beryl was unaware, but it mattered little. A name was meant to present an identity, and as long as she could tag the face to a name, that was enough. "We're all here, so let's proceed." So saying, she turned and rapped on the large gates before them. A dull-looking guard in a liveried uniform appeared from nowhere and yawned. "State your business."
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Overlapping her hands before her, Mary gave a short nod towards her lady, who didn't seem to care or even bother to acknowledge the gesture, and within a split second, was completely gone without a trace. Kanna, on the other hand, was more interested by the person thanking her for the macaroon to which she sweetly smiled and scrunched her shoulders as if she were a schoolgirl, turning a few shades of dull crimson across the bridge of her nose. She playfully shook her head, responding in kind, "You're very welcome and the pleasure is all mine." Though she desired to speak more with the first, a second soon joined them, revealing that the two already knew one another from a previous encounter, and despite the sugar high, objectified the second; noticing the white hair much like her own, delicately tanned skin - though not as dark as the first nor as porcelain as hers but a perfect median of the two - and her height. They were possibly the shortest females in existence and were all together for a single mission in a supposedly haunted house; as if Kanna could believe in such things. Life accompanied with nightmares was haunting enough.

During the exchange of pleasantries, the Ashur only stood by with little to say and watched the others give their own introductions - Beryl was the primary and Caelestis being the secondary. Both names were unique, much like the people they identified, but what Kanna couldn't quite understand was why they kept referring to her as Beatrix. Who in the hell was that? Oh, right, she called herself that only a few moments prior to this inner monologue. Having been under the influence of sweets, Kanna couldn't be bothered to correct either one of them and nodded in agreement when Beryl knocked on the gates which was greeted by a guard, or maybe officer, she wasn't quite certain at this moment, and asked what their business was. Munching on one of the macaroons, Kanna offered the bag towards Caelestis without much consideration for whatever was going on, and smiled over her shoulder, "Strawberry macaroon, Caelestis? They're super delicious."

Though it would only leave Kanna with a measly two macaroons remaining, she still found herself in a situation to where kindness would attract more friends and this mission would be far more entertaining when there were no longer any macaroons left. If she would have be within a normal mental state, she would have attempted to take more control of the mission but as it were, she had no desire to do anything that forced her into any sort of ladylike behavior; especially when more fun would be had later on.
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"Spectral Diplomacy Team." Caelie's lips curved in a lopsided grin, as she chuckled at her friend's humor. That was a flashy name for a D-rank mission, and the name made the mission sound much more important than it actually was. Maybe the mission was 'important' to the one who had put it up, but to Caelie, it was probably someone pranking the house owner.

Beryl proceeded to knock on the gates, which were quite large, most likely as a testament to the owner's financial prowess. Rich people sometimes could be troublesome when they gave the missions, but hey, they were the ones who gave out most missions, and mainly just because they had the money to pay. Some were reputed to hire mages, just because they were rich, and couldn't use magic, and so wanted to pass across a point that they could use their money to do anything. Caelie's eyes drifted to Beatrix. Yes, the young woman looked like she belonged in this environment, but so far, she had shown a level of warmness which was already endearing Caelie to her. Most rich folk could be asses, but there were always exceptions to the rule.

Caelie smiled back at Beatrix, and accepted a macaroon. "Thank you, Beatrix," she said gratefully, as her fingers withdrew from the paper bag, with a biscuit between them. She nibbled at the biscuit as she silently noted the bored indifference of the guard that answered the gate. He was only showing such a behavior because he did not reckon them to be important. Ah, the natural hubris of the rich. How distasteful it was.

"This address called out for help with a ghost problem. We're your ghost busters," she replied the guard, her expression still warm, though she had made a very conscious effort to keep from mimicking his spiritless mien.
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Beryl gave a simple nod in response to Caelie's words directed at the jaded guard, who made a sound which sounded like a cross between a snort and a grunt, in any case, not very pleasant and particularly unmotivated. "Oh yeah, I think the boss did mention something about ghosts. Whatever," the man said, before yawning again, a louder, more dramatic yawn. Then with a velocity so disappointing, that any slower and it would probably be obvious he was moving slowly on purpose, he opened the gates and simply wandered off, not bothering to see whether the girls would enter, and if they would close the gates after them when they did.

"What a sprightly dear," the Seveni girl stated with a bemused smile as she let herself into the property. Since there was nobody to conduct the group to where they were to meet their client, and Beryl was not interested in just loitering and waiting for the next person to show up, she began walking down the road that led from the gates. The walls of this property, and the design of the gates artfully placed difficulty in seeing much of the nature of the property beyond, but once inside, any observer wouldn't need to be told that this area was rather immense. Carefully trimmed shrubbery stood in rows lining the road, which disappeared round a large green hedge wall. "Come on girls, we may as well just find our client ourselves," Beryl called over her shoulder as she walked along the road, intent on following it till she met someone who would give them pointers.

And not a moment too soon. For a short, rotund human (even shorter than any of the girls) with spindly limbs dashed out from around the bend in the road, and hurried with surprising speed towards the group. Like the guard (who was carelessly asleep on a chair some ways off, with his mouth wide open), this short, round fellow was gaily dressed, only his outfit was more painful to look at, what with the myriad of colors arrayed on it. His ginger hair was curled into a humorous, gravity-defying style, and his matching mustache was just as bizarre.

Huffing like a steam engine, he sped up and stopped, obvious disgust on his face. Yet, when he saw that he had gotten the attention of the girls, he attempted a very unconvincing, mendacious smile. "I want to assume you're the mages that my employer has ordered to take care of a particular business," he said, in a rather nasal, comical accent. "My name is Windle, and I shall escort you to see the boss. Now, if you please, come along, and try not to touch anything." So saying, he began tottering off in the direction whence he had come. Beryl turned to look at her two companions, rolled her eyes bemusedly, and followed the waddling Windle.
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Almost in a single filed line, the three mages of different backgrounds followed one another; mostly behind Beryl's lead since she appeared to be the one with the most control. Nobody seemed to mind, no one really cared that much, or at least in Kanna's case, she probably cared the least but obliged and followed like a puppy that craved affection. The twosome were pleasant enough - Beryl had an air about her, one of an intellectual nature, a superb confidence, and most importantly, charisma; Caelestis was more laid back with a poise that felt natural, not quite rehearsed but perfectly enamoring, and her feminine figure held an elegance no amount of practice could capture. For one reason or another, Kanna found both ladies quite on level with herself, perhaps not as equal, but as close as possible without being exactly the same. Needless to say, she found them interesting enough.

When the dapper man dressed in eccentric attire approached them - no doubt the hideous part of aristocracy, the Lady snarled her upper lip at him with disgust as how informal his introduction was and how unadulterated his lack of mannerisms were. She was, above all, a true lady of the courts, so to speak, and this man left a horrid taste in her mouth that reeked of vices untold. While Beryl had nothing to say other than her requited amusement translated by a roll of her eyes, Kanna was unimpressed and quickly interjected just as Windle started trotting off like some self-important horse's ass.

"Excuse me, Herr Windle, but you shouldn't treat your guests as if they lack proper behavior. We are not some sort of simpletons or harlots, nor are we here because we need your master's charity. The three of us have answered your master's call for help out of the goodness of our hearts and as such, do try to accompany us with a bit more dignity and honor expected of your position," she said with an authority that demanded respect.

With that said, Kanna continued to nibble on the partly-eaten macaroon as if what she had said was just a necessity rather than out of spite derived from the attitude Windle expressed. She wouldn't allow herself or the others to be treated so poorly simply because they were doing something out of kindness. Even if the two were in desperate need of money, she wasn't about to let them be put down just because of their financial position. That would just be unacceptable in her presence.
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To be sincerely honest, Caelie wanted to slap the guard... hard. If there was anything she detested, it was impudent people. What she despised more were people who were supposed to have the air of refined manners, but were still uncivil. They reminded her of the family she grew up in, a group of people she was not proud to be related to. This guard could at least show a bit of courtesy, but he acted like doing his job was an inconvenience to him. If she was more outspoken, Caelie would have, in polite but frank terms, given him a piece of her mind. Lucky for him.

Pushing him out of her mind, she focused more on the scenery around, which had been manicured to an impressive degree. That was certainly affluence speaking in this place. Regardless, she was not moved much; Caelie had never really had the luxury of living in so much wealth, and she had made it a point of duty to not be attached to many material possessions.

The sudden appearance of a strange, awfully dressed (mostly because of the color of his clothes) short man cast every other thought from the snow-haired mage's mind. As she approached, she thought, with wicked, hypocritical glee, "Ho ho ho! Here's someone shorter than me..." though her face showed nothing, save mild curiosity. Unfortunately, the humpty-dumpty newcomer seemed to have been cut from the same cloth as the gate guard, who had eventually chosen to show a complete lack of industry by sleeping shamelessly with his mouth wide open, a truly ugly sight. A skill that Caelie had developed to deal with unpleasant humans was hiding behind an enigmatic expressionless mask, one which would serve her well today.

Alas! If only that were the singular reason she kept that blank face right now. Her hands were clasped at her back, and unseen by anyone, unless the person was directly behind her, her fingers gestured, and a small ball of compressed air began forming close to her palm. She shifted unassumingly, which put the ball in a direct line to the sleeping guard... then the ball launched forth.

It struck the chair on which the guard slumbered, knocking him off and onto the ground in an instant. He was lucky; her magic wasn't yet strong enough to pick people up, but at least it had served this purpose, even though petty. Of course, she ignored whatever antics the guard would demonstrate, as she watched Beatrix tell Humpty-Dumpty off. The way she spoke... Caelie was sure that she was indeed high-born. Yes, Beatrix could show these boors just how proper behavior from the elite ought to look like.
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Caught off guard by a reprimand from the Ashur heiress, Windle stopped, turned sharply, opened his mouth then shut it, opened it again, and remained frozen for about a second. Then he shut his mouth so vehemently there was quite a audible sound. For a moment, there was silence, while Caelie worked her mischief on the sleeping guard, then the small rotund man bowed so extravagantly and deeply that his hair actually touched the ground.

"I beseech your graceful pardon, milady" he said, his voice showing evidently that he had been cowed. "but I-- I may have misjudged you due to-- ah, the appearance of one or two of you...." His eyes were on Beryl while she spoke. She responded by appearing to notice her macaroon was still in her hand, and helping herself as she pretended not to notice. "Never imagined there might be a reason for that, I suppose," she answered. Windle voiced an apology and bowed again.

Meanwhile, the shocked guard jumped to his feet from where he had been knocked down, and began casting around for the culprit of his discomfort, while muttering loudly. "Fool!" Windle yelled, finding a suitable victim on whom to unleash his displeasure. "If you were paid to sleep, then you should complain. Keep at your post, or the next time I catch you sleeping, I'll force squid bile down your gaping aperture, while you're still dreaming of whatever vapid ideas make the mistake of straying through that vacuum inside your foot-thick skull." The guard whitened and jumped to attention, quickly facing the gate as was supposed of a guard on duty.

"Without further ado, let us be off, if you please," the diminutive man said, waddling off again, but this time more slowly, as though he expected that his original speed would be too much for the girls to keep up with. The group rounded a bend in the hedge wall, and broke in on a spacious clearing, at the end of which stood the palatial structure that served as the main building on this land. Strange floral sculptures stood, all of strange animals with long necks and perked up ears, with their legs shorter than their necks. Their structure appeared to be herbivorous, perhaps like a camel, but their backs were straight, rather than humped. In any case, it wasn't the weird animals that was the bizarre thing, but the unnatural twistings of these animals' necks portrayed by the sculptures that was disturbing. A portly, dark-haired, rather well-fed individual was attending to the sculptures with a pair of secateurs.

"That there is the master, ladies," Windle said, gesturing towards the man, as he noticed them and began drawing close, a glad, almost wild smile on his face. Middle-aged, with silver streaks of hair at his temples, he had a wild air around him, despite his well-groomed hair, mustache and clothes. His gaze flew over the three girls, then he began to speak, his accent foreign, but noble in bearing, as he put on a fetching smile, or almost fetching, thanks to the subtle wildness of his aspect.

"Ah, I see you've met my saldifluous butler," the man said. "I am Mardo, and this is my aglometrically humble estate. Windle! Fetch these fair young ladies something to wet their throats. What will you have, my beauties?" Meanwhile, waiting for the girls to order whatever they wanted, the rotund butler muttered loudly, "No such words as 'saldifluous' or 'aglometrically', sir." Mardo, for all intents and purposes, did not seem to hear a word he said.
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