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FTG 8th Birthday Appreciation
Topic Started: Nov 2 2017, 01:28 AM (1,106 Views)
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Stay the course.

Posted Image

Fairy Tail Guild is turning EIGHT this month!!!

Damn guys, we're old now.

Because we love you guys, so damn much, this month -like last year- we're giving you all the same opportunities that we did before, a little give away, an appreciation shall we say, for our eighth birthday! Can you believe how old we are? It blows my mind every day I come here. I've made so many memories and had so many great times here. I can not thank you all enough. Every single person here has made a contribution to this place. Big or small, everyone's come here together to make this place great. I, and all the current staff and former staff members would all like to thank you, our members, and everyone in general for sharing all these memories with us.

To show our appreciation, we've decided to give all characters an aesome reward.

You heard it here folks:

Every character.
On the board.
Will receive.
10SP and 5,000,000 Jewels
I know right.
Aren't we awesome.

However we have some things to say about these rewards, some minor additions and stipulations that you all have to abide by - if you don't then you don't get the rewards and may be penalised further:

  • Bonusable: The Jewels CAN be bonused.

  • Non-Transferable: When counting for Jewel Transfers, you can't count the Jewels given in this Appreciation. You can't get rid of these Jewels except through spending.

  • Scoopable: Yes, this year's rewards are scoopable!

  • Post to Claim!: All we require from you is to post in this topic in some way in order to claim your rewards!

Other than that, I just want to say to all of you; thank you. You have been what has made this site such a success, what has kept us going from day one and from the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of all the staff here, thank you.
We may have our disagreements at times and we may all not get along in some capacities, but members, we love you and thank you for making FTG as great as it is.

~ Mazohyst and all the staff of FTG~
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Just Hanging Around

*cri* 8 years a long time. Lets hope we can keep going. Here is to at least a few more years! :D :D
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

Yeeeeeeee! Happy birthday FTG! I haven't been here too long but <3
Edited by Reya Starlyght, Nov 2 2017, 01:36 AM.
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"How do I look?"
Happy Birthday, FTG. Many great years spent here.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
I feel fecking old.
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-raises hand- I am here
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What's The Point

yes henlo it is i old lady
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Stay the course.

We old now.
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Complete Trash

Reya Starlyght
Nov 2 2017, 01:36 AM
Yeeeeeeee! Happy birthday FTG! I haven't been here too long but <3

- Because I'm too lazy to do much else. (:
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Celebrating 8 years of RPing and more to come.
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