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[Graded][Private Assignment] - Who let the dogs out?; Who? Who? Who? Who?
Topic Started: Oct 22 2017, 10:09 PM (171 Views)
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- Who Let the Dogs Out -
- Private Assignment -

Wilde pulled out the slip of paper from his rucksack, looking across the details of his assignment for the day. Having spent the last month or so having to help behind a desk in some walk-in centre of sorts, being back out on the field was a nice change of pace. That said however, Wilde was in no way looking forward to his prospects for the day. “Dog walker.” The stoic young man sighed at, glancing back over the page twice more to ensure he had not misread the statement the first fifty times. He understood the knights undertook a plethora of tasks, he had spent some time in their employment already to understand that simple fact. “But dogs…” Wilde’s expression didn’t give away his annoyance, but it was there and starting to seethe.

Pulling out of the small single-story barracks he had spent the previous night in, the young knight started his short walk towards what he was sure to be the animal shelter. The details of his orders although not to his liking were clear regarding time of arrival and where the destination was.

The air of the city was cleaner than most, the clear smell of petrichor staining the morning air and the damp ground being a tell-tale sign the evening before had ‘bucketed down’. Looking overhead however Wilde was happy with the sight of clear skies, although in the brisk months of autumn, it looked like he had found some luck in avoiding the bad weather by a few hours.

“Kitty, get back down.” A voice cried out just beyond the corner. Not taking long with his large stride, Wilde stood looking at the comic situation of a young red headed girl who looked no older than seven pulling her arms up to the sky trying to reach her small tabby cat a good 20 foot in the air. “Kitty, come out of the tree. I don’t want you to fall.” Wilde had never really been the best with emotional queues, but her panic was evident. Once again, he had seemed to have been given the short end of the stick but there was little else he could do but to go along with the situation.

Pulling the sword from his holder, the knight placed the blade on the ground, thinking it best to not tempt fate with any extra weight whilst trying to scale the natural cat climbing post of a tree. Without a word, Wilde started his procession up the trunk, jumping the first few feet to grab the lowest branch and scaling upwards from there.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

She loved dogs.

Certainly, the knight had been assigned to the task of walking the wonderful little creatures rather than having chosen it, but it was almost as if her commanding officer had known of her fondness to them. Considering that she hadn't transferred units since Akane, although that was a rather misshapen ordeal, Camilla supposed it was a feasible suggestion, but still she blamed the assignment on coincidence. To assume anything else would only result in misled information, and did it really matter so much in the first place? Even if she had wanted to, the Boscan couldn't exactly protest a superior's orders.

She was dress in her typical uniform, although all weapons aside from her knife, which was was concealed in her boot, were absent. Nevertheless, Camilla could easily be tagged as a knight, although the fact didn't really bother her. Belladonna was a clean city, as she had so far observed, and from what she had heard it was relatively crime-free as well. She would not mind her first true encounter with it being a stroll on a brisk Herbst day, but that also depended on what Percival Wilde, the private that on the details of the assignment had also been tasked with exercising canines, was like. Nary a picture nor previous duties had been offered on him, so she was only left with a fantasy to base his appearance off of.

Which, like many other things, ended up being a picture of a vaguely nondescript target she had once picked out among a rare scene of nightlife back in her home country. Halfway to her trip to the shelter that was seeking assistance Camilla was distracted from her modeling of a name by a girl calling upwards at a small tabby cat stuck a fair deal of the way up a tree. A man with dark ashen colored hair appeared to be attempting to assist the ginger, although curiously a sword was set near the base of the tree. The soldier took another look at the man, who appeared to start scaling the obstacle. It was an interesting endeavor, and for the moment she refrained from commenting, although in her head she wondered what exactly his occupation was.
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The first branch was easy enough to hoist himself up to, from there the tree became a labyrinth of odd angles and branches that made it feel like a basic training obstacle course more than a creation of mother nature. “Here kitty kitty kitty…” Wilde said with his base line of very little enthusiasm. If it had any effect on the creature still a good twelve feet above him, id didn’t show.

The next part of the journey was simple enough despite being annoying. Unlike basic training the obstacles in his way were either ideal climbing points or were twigs so thin that a good brush of his armoured arm let them give way sending a dusting of small leaves falling below. A few more steps upwards using the inner most branches like a staircase and the knight was a stone’s throw from the too calm looking tabby cat.

Deciding his feline Smalltalk was lacking and this not the best time start improving, Wilde took the slow but definitive decision to start edging away from the trunk. Wanting to make sure not the startle the creature, he kept slow and low until he was half an arm’s length from the animal. The patient mews of the cat grew slightly louder, in its high perch the creature had no escape and fear grasped it harder than panic.

“Here we go.” Wilde finished, pulling the curled creature closer to his torso until the animal was pushed inwards with enough force to keep it still but not enough to hurt. From there came the descent. It didn’t take too long to place his feet back down against the floor with the tabby in tow. Without too much in the way of celebrating, Percival handed the small animal back to it’s awaiting owner who embraced the cat with about four times the force the knight had used to keep her still.

“Kitty you’re back. I was so worried. Don’t do that again. I was so worried. That was too big a tree for you.” The small sentences continued for a few more moments before the small girl looked up to Wilde and smiled brightly. “Thank you mister.” She announced before pulling the cat away with her, the desperate eyes of the animal now telling a story of one that wanted to go back into the tree for escape.

Not thinking too much about the exchange, Wilde went back about his work, picking his sword up from the ground and placing it back into the sheath. With a hand delving back into his rucksack, the young knight went back to looking for his assignment details but quickly realised that like the cat, they were now nowhere to be seen. Any slight joy on his face soon faded into annoyance. “I’ve lost it.” He sighed, wondering how to finish his journey. “Does anyone know where the animal shelter is?” he said, addressing the few people gathered around the small square, hoping that lady luck was favouring him today.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

For one reason or another Camilla decided to linger in the sparsely populated area, observing the frankly amusing situation play out. The man seemed a bit large to be scaling the branches of the life-form, not of the unfit nature but more so lacking the thin, agile build that would imply true expertise. Still, in some time he managed to reach a considerable distance, at the point in which the Boscan's attention drifted elsewhere, or more specifically downwards at the girl, who despite her savior was still in a mode of panic.

Although it was a domestic affair, something she had never really been thoroughly trained to overcome, she could not help but feel compelled to comfort the small child. Hesitantly, Camilla took a few steps forward, forcing herself to believe that there was nothing wrong in approaching her. The ginger was distressed, about her cat nonetheless but the fact still held. Still, as the knight bent down to the girl's level looking her in the eye and placed a hand, she did not dare it be her left one, on her shoulder, she could not help but think of the other youth she had seen in recent years. More often than not they had been family, or in the cross-hairs of her rifle. "Your kitty vill be alright," Camilla spoke, reassuring herself more than anything. "Zee? Zat man has him already."

She pointed upwards at the kind soul who had retrieved the cat. Already, the girl seemed calmer, happier even. "You say words funny," the girl managed in return, and Camilla took that as a cue to leave. She didn't want the child telling her parents she had met someone from Fiore's enemy country that day, if the girl could even gather that. Rising, the soldier offered a final smile before heading off back in the direction of the animal shelter. She wouldn't have stopped except for the man that had helped in the tree climbing venture called out.

Camilla swiftly retraced her steps as soon as she comprehended his query, profiling him another time. The blade along with his clearly in shape body, she had to be getting dull as she hadn't noticed earlier. "By chance are you Perciffal Vilde?" she asked, not even giving a thought to her bluntness until after the fact.
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“Anyone?” Wilde asked bluntly, looking around the now dispersing group. Most of them had appeared only for the slight spectacle and couldn’t seem to be bothered waiting around to help the person in need. But that was life. His last option was to look around the tree to see if he could find the orders.

There were a few small brush plants not too far away from where he had jumped up. Luckily, he was wearing armoured gloves to push away the spikey fronds to see if anything had caught in the foliage. The first two shrubs offered little in the way of hope and the third seemed to be filled with more rubbish that the nearby bins were, if it were another day and his task was to clean up the streets of anything but crime, he would have been sure he could have been on his hands and knees pulling each bottle out individually, but for now the bush offered nothing.

The next thing on his list was to stare up at the tree aimlessly to see if the sheet of folded paper had caught on one of the branches; looking around he was only able to see the destruction of where he had charged up the inside edge of the trunk, nothing looked like orders to him from this angle.

His last though was that he had dropped them whilst on the journey to the square, back tracking would have been a pain but currently it seemed like the only hope. Before he could start recounting his steps though, a woman appeared and asked him a very direct question. The accent through him for a second but after a brief span of absent staring, her words his home.

“People call me Wilde.” He said with a slightly confused look across his face, he wasn’t the best at showing outward emotion, so this tell was huge for him. He didn’t understand why anyone would be coming up to him in the street asking if he was himself. The woman wasn’t someone who he knew by any means. The only idea that sprung to mind to solve this conundrum was the simplest one.

“Do I know you?” He asked, hoping for a valid answer to quell his mind.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

The knight nodded in response to the man's confused answer, a reaction that told her that he indeed was who he claimed to be. Not that a person assigned to exercise canines would have a doppelgänger, but it was always best to be wary. "Prifate Camilla Jäger," she offered, nothing more than a simple statement.

A few more moments passed before he spoke again, and there really was only one way she could reply, as lying in such a situation would be pointless. "No," the Boscan stated. "It vas ein educated guess. I sink I happen to hafe zee same aszignment az you, to valk zee dogs at zee local animal shelter? If not, I can still direct you zere."

Her last statement had been added as a sort of afterthought, and although Camilla highly doubted it was necessary she knew that politeness was better exaggerated in Fiore. So much time could be saved if that wasn't the case, but nevertheless she knew she would get nowhere if she tried to go against the tide. Where she was going in the first place the soldier did not really know, however. She couldn't return to Bosco, or at least officially so, for she would be tried and sentenced for treason, in which more than likely the punishment would be execution.

One person really couldn't change anything, not in a world where traditions were long engraved into the minds of all. As far as she knew, the Fioreans that fought in the war didn't even know of the conditions of their enemies' emperor and his harsh reign. Most Knights believed they were fighting to save their country, but did she really fall into that category? Camilla had seen the horrors firsthand, she had been raised to obey, but in the end she was stuck on the opposite side of the conflict, hiding behind presumption and lies. She supposed, in a way, she was trying to help, but at the same time so many others would have to perish before the light shone once again. It was an ironic paradox.
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