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Darkest Hour; Kanna
Topic Started: Jul 24 2017, 02:17 AM (87 Views)
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What's The Point

Henry was suspicious.

He'd gotten a letter, inviting him to the Ashur estate. Who they were? No idea, but apparently they knew who he was. His full name, what he did for a living, where he lived. Whoever they were they'd obviously been paying attention.

He walked down the road long drive way, wearing a rolled up white oxford, a red tie, a black vest, black slacks, and black shoes. Yet he still felt under dressed. Sure he hadn't ironed anything, and sure his tie was lose and the top button was unbuttoned but that's only because he couldn't stand feeling like his shirt was choking him out.

As he approached the massive mansion he couldn't help but get deja vu, but the place was ghost town. Whoever lived here was either very quiet or very stupid. There was nobody out, no guards, no horses, nothing.

So he let himself in.

He escape the bad feeling he was getting, and it nagged him as he opened the massive doors and stepped into the foyer. His twin pistols rested against his ribs, held there by a holster he wore over his clothing. His six shot was on his hip, holstered on his belt. He also had several magazines on his hip, for the twin pistols strapped to his body.


He shouted into the empty expanse, his voice echoing through it's halls. The place was too put together, it was like a museum or something. The building was definitely old, but it was massive, whoever owned it was obviously loaded.

He waited and watched, his hand resting on the hilt of his gun he tried his best to escape the feeling of deja vu that nagged him. Had he been here before? Maybe not here exactly but somewhere like it.... Who knew. Maybe he was just nervous, after all getting a letter out the blue from rich folk didn't happen everyday. There was a decent chance he was being set up for something, but he'd fight his way out of it if he had to.
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Complete Trash

The person tasked to always be present at the door, a man named Diaz, had taken a break during the quiet hours of the afternoon. He’d made himself a glass of warm milk, his favorite, and a piece of chocolate torte while he listened to the silence of the large estate. Everyone else was doing their own thing; the house maidens were changing linens, some servants were tending to everyday chores, and the master of servitude was busy with paperwork, ordering orchids that the gardener had specifically requested. To most, the place was entirely too pristine, too immaculate, but to the owner of said estate, it was exactly the way she preferred it. Anything out of place was unacceptable, any spots or miscalculations of time were penalized by death as life was considered replaceable, but at this very moment, she was being dressed by her maiden, Mary.

“Too tight, milady?” she asked, wrapping the petite woman’s frame with an exceptional quality of silk.

Shaking her head rather curtly, Mary continued until she was finished and helped with more dressings, sliding a pair of thigh-highs of brilliant red upon her alabaster flesh. Her dress was meticulous and ornate, yet simple in design with colors of deep orange and yellow, almost as if she were a sunset in person. Ivory hair was swept into a side part, overlaying her left shoulder in a cascade of lovely curls, and her lips were painted with darkened matte lipstick of crimson which she aptly applied with no help from Mary.


Both the Lady and Mary looked to one another, the voice being extremely too close for comfort, but a soft smile peaked the corners of her freshly painted mouth. Mary shook her head, waving her hands in front of herself as she backed up to guard the doorway, “Milady, I’ll take care of the guest. You’ve had your playtime this week.” Frowning like a petulant child, Kanna gently crossed her arms as she flicked her fingers for Mary to attend to whomever was invading her home, but once the maiden left, the Lady’s curiosity got the best of her. Baring shoulders of milky white, she snuck from the dressing room and silently followed, attempting to see who had dared interrupt the solidarity of her manor’s atmosphere. From the distance she was, Kanna watched from behind a wall’s corner as Mary approached the stranger dressed somewhat inappropriately.

“Sir, breaking and entering a private residence is a punishable offense. May I help you?” she said to the intruder.

Mary was a petite-framed woman with brilliant crimson eyes and short white hair and was dressed in common maid attire of black and white. She was the no bullshit kind of woman, had little time for games or interruptions, but kept a polite tone, wondering if this was the guest Max had invited to visit with Kanna. He never was good with giving information to her and sometimes, she thought he did it purely out of spite because her Lady always took it out on her, not him. Kanna, on the other hand, was more interested in why there was a person here to begin with – her schedule had no mention of anyone visiting today as it was Wednesday, the only day of the week where she kept to herself and shopped in Mizhou. She couldn’t help but to become more curious the longer she stood there, genuinely desiring to know if this was someone she could play with in more ways than one. Certainly, he was attractive from afar but something about him said that he was a forbidden fruit, and that feeling only further excited her.
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What's The Point

Henry waited for someone to answer, and about a minute passed before anyone did.

A women, red eyed, and white haired walked down the steps. More deja vu, but he shrugged it off, locking eyes with her from his spot he shifted his vision. Her readings were above average, her magic stronger then his, she was faster, stronger, and could last longer, but she was fragile.


He took comfort knowing he could end her with a bullet.

He took in the rest of the house, the girl around the corner, weak, more like a normal person. But she was hiding, why? Watching? It didn't matter, she was also killable. The floor was more then what it seemed, but they were rich so he had no idea what they made their houses out of.

He reached into his pocket and flung the envelope at her, the paper spinning through the air similar to how a playing card would. It arced up words then came back towards her, with her reading she should be able to catch it with no problem.

"I was invited"

He responded plainly, eyeballing the rest of the house. He couldn't help but feel out of plaice. Like a black dot in a sea of white. His hair was messy, and so was his outfit, where everything here was impossibly organized. He felt the sudden urge to remove his shoes, something about tracking in the filth from the streets seemed like a bad idea.

"Want to tell me for what? Doesn't look like much of a party.... or maybe you needed a booty call?"

He joked dryly, relaxing.

"And don't call me sir"

He didn't like the way she had said it, as if it was forced. He didn't like the idea of maids in general, seemed like slavery to hm, but the poor could only judge the rich from the other side of the fence right? Something like that. He supposed if he had been born into it maids wouldn't be that bad.
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Complete Trash

Mary delicately caught the envelope, snatching it out of the air as if it were nothing, and opened it, reading over the invitation with a frown appearing over her tightly lined lips. Fucking Max and his bullshit. All he had to do was say something, a memo would have been nice. I’m not dealin’ with this shit today, fuck that. Crumpling the letter with a tightened fist, Mary slipped it into a pocket on her apron and stared blankly at the man named Henry Irons. The man had in fact been invited for a get-together with Kanna, but he’d only been told that he would be meeting with the master of the house, not that it was a tiny woman with serious mental issues. Looking him up and down, Mary blinked her eyes lazily and quirked a brow at his rude retort.

"Want to tell me for what? Doesn't look like much of a party.... or maybe you needed a booty call?"

Chuckling, almost creepily, Mary slapped her left knee and abruptly went stoic, “Henry Irons, I wouldn’t let you touch my pu—“

Enough of that, Mary,” Kanna interrupted before things got out of hand, especially with the maiden speaking in such a vulgar manner, “I will take care of this. You are dismissed.

Mary looked at Kanna as she came down the stairs with a graceful and elegant step, always enamored by the way she carried herself even though she was extremely childish at times. Her mentality was sharp and keen but at the same time, she was completely wired all kinds of backwards and didn’t comprehend the meaning of life or those that were considered beneath her. However, of all the Ashurs she had served previously, Kanna had always been her favorite and treated her with more respect than any of the others. She was also the prettiest she’d ever seen – quite a creation in her own right. But with her dismissal, Mary bowed politely once her Lady was in her presence and made a ferocious face of hatred and snarling towards Henry before exiting rather swiftly. Kanna knew that Mary would be watching, as she always did to ensure her safety, and as she approached Henry, she smiled lovingly towards him.

An invitation to my home without my knowledge, Mister Irons,” she began, placing her hands delicately over her lap as she looked up at him with lifeless hues of aquamarine, “That would be considered highly inappropriate as I am a lady and you are a gentleman. Some would assume that you wish to court me.

A light giggle passed from her lips as she politely covered her mouth before offering her hand towards him to allow him the genuine gesture of introduction, “But apparently, you have been invited here for several reasons. One of which is to become acquainted with me as I am the owner of this estate. My name is Kanna Ashur and I assure you, I know exactly who you are.

The twins created at the same time she was. Henry and Hayden. The specifics of their genetic engineering wasn’t known to Kanna but she did know that Henry had been sold upon realizing that he had magic and Hayden was confined to a life of torture, much like herself. A piece of her was envious of what kind of life Henry was granted, of a life free of pain and subjection, but also, he wouldn’t ever be capable of what the rest of the family was. It might have been considered a blessing. She looked at him as if he were the only thing in the world that mattered to her, as if he was exactly what she had desired and yearned for, yet there was something sinister behind her enamoring façade. Something that would feel dangerous to Henry or anyone that came into such contact with her.

Care to join me for tea?
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What's The Point

Henry's faced twisted into an evil grin as the maid responded with vulgarity. He liked her already.

"Oh? But what'about ya' tits?" Henry made a groping motion with his hands as he leaned forward and ignored the arrival of the girl that was hiding earlier.

He did it mostly for kicks, but hey maybe he'd get lucky. Pissing her off was also a nice bonus, more so now that she had been ordered away.

Henry enjoyed the small things. If you couldn't be a dick to maids then who could you be a dick too?

Well pretty rich girls for starters.

"I'm not going to assume I know how being rich works but sure I'll court you" He shrugged, looking down at her. "Only if we get to do it with the dress on tho..." very foul, but it was a defense mechanism. He was out of his element. Nobody was shooting at him, he wasn't shooting at anybody, and this place made him ridiculously uncomfortable. From the albino maid to the weird rich girl flirting, the place screamed danger to him. Even the nice well spoken woman in front of him seemed dangerous, despite what his magic was telling him. The place felt off the say the least, he could feel it in his gut.

"Well Kanna I appreciate the invitation but if you wanted to hire me you didn't need to do it in person" Henry decided that he was here to take a job, it made more sense then anything else he could think of. "But sure, tea" Henry followed her to wherever the tea was. He was interested in her, his gut told him to be wary but she seemed so sweet... so innocent. Maybe she was a freak in the sheets? Who knows, not Henry.

"So uh, this isn't a booty call? Because I'm cool if it is, but like I'd also be cool if you were here to hire me or something. Why am I here anyway? And if it's your house why didn't you know I was coming?"
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Complete Trash

"I'm not going to assume I know how being rich works but sure I'll court you. Only if we get to do it with the dress on tho..."

Slightly perplexed by his words, Kanna briefly wondered what he meant by ‘doing it’ with her dress on. Did he imply something other than courtship? Or was he talking about hunting together? Nay, she would never do such things without donning all white – ‘twas better to see the stains of blood when one wore all white while hunting. She softly smirked to herself before another slew of questions spilled from his mouth which lead to further confusion. Hire him? While she had no intentions of employing his services, whatever they may be, she was even more curious as to what he did for a living. He constantly made references to her wealth but what he didn’t know was that he had once been entitled to the same luxuries, though not as extravagant as her tastes judging by his less-than-opulent demeanor. However, tea was more important and he accepted the request without taking her hand, a sign of his lack of formal introductions, and beckoned him to follow with the unappreciated appendage.

Kanna led him through one of the lavishly decorated corridors – colors of white, teal, gold leafing, and several portraits of people even she had never met, having been long since deceased. Several doors lined the hallway, all closed with single markings on the knobs which were there to identify those that were granted access and finally, a door on the left was open that lead into a room of ivory and ebony. A singular table sat in the middle, a white tablecloth covering the mahogany wood, and two chairs of the same material with linen stretched over the backs and tied with silk ribbons of black. An ornate tea setting had already been prepared, complete with pastries, finger foods, and fine bone china for the two to utilize. After entering the room, Kanna was sure to close the door before taking a seat across from Henry which had a manila folder sitting on top of the black and white circular plate.

And once again, he started asking even more questions.

"So uh, this isn't a booty call? Because I'm cool if it is, but like I'd also be cool if you were here to hire me or something. Why am I here anyway? And if it's your house why didn't you know I was coming?"

A booty call, you ask?” she smiled, shaking her head at the idea, “Unfortunately, my significant other frowns upon that sort of rendezvous. I do appreciate your flattery, my darling.

Tapping her meticulously manicured fingernails against the plate, Kanna casually used her opposite hand to give the folder to Henry as she continued answering his questions.

You are here because I have excellent staff that tend to my wants and needs. Though I had previously forgotten my mention of you which is why I was unaware of your arrival. That being said, I do have a use for you like most people that I come into contact with.

Pouring herself a cup of piping hot tea, she did the same for Henry, and took a long drink of her glorious Jade Dew tea, Ruslan’s favorite.

Your brother, Hayden, as you read there, has done more damage to my family than necessary. Forgiveness may only be granted when asked yet he has chosen to abandon the very people that created both you and him. It is my duty to ensure the progress of the Ashur lineage and if you are to accept my proposal, I will pay three-million jewels upon completion.

She leaned forward as a sick and twisted grin overcame her pert lips, “I care not how you do it, my sweet, as long as proof is provided that his existence is extinguished. Do you accept?

Marked with yesterday’s date, the manila folder held the following contents:


Irons TrialCase File # H5-001-x2-A78
Synchronization via Identical MaleTwins
Maternal Lineage – x342 [Deceased]
Paternal Lineage – x318 [Deceased] * Shares lineage with House K
Secondary Lineage – House H

Hayden Ashur
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Magic: Failed
Adoptive Status: Relocated to House N
-- Updated Notes: [03/04/XXX]
█████ ████████
Current Status: Alive [Confirmed 03/04/XXX]

Henry Ashur
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Magic: Success [Ocular Mage]
Adoptive Status: Accepted at age seven. [11/09/XXX]
-- Updated Notes: [03/04/XXX]
█████████ ████████████
Current Status: Alive [Confirmed 03/04/XXX]

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