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The Swordman's Cure; Iza's introduction
Topic Started: Jul 10 2017, 04:17 AM (780 Views)
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Deep in the forest of magnolia, a firm but calming magical presence was quickly filling a small clearing in the forest as one sat cross legged, a golden glow rising from his body covered in a white mantle. The man's blond hair swaying with the soft breeze as he held his eyes close with his hand joined together, resting over his lap. This man was in deep meditation, seeking to attain moksha...to be one with the universe around him so his voice may reach the realm of the gods.

this man was one the three warriors who he inherited the traditions of demon slaying and smithy from the sword god in the era of mythology. This warriors, fought in the name of their god to vanquish evil and protect the world of man from the machinations of all those who would use demonic powers to bring ruin to the world. These warriors where known as the Osafune Clan, those who inherited the will of steel. After many a battle, this man sought to bring his soul into balance after his long battle as Xia Village had left him drained and full of doubts.

The man opened his eyes and as his magic power grew around him, he rose his eyes to skies and asked the question that troubled his soul. As an osafune he was forbidden to join in the wars of men but also he was pushed to fight the onslaught of demons created by said wars as while he knew the attack on Xia Village was not the greatest daemonic incursion, it was greatly swolen by the number of demons created by the boscan war. It absolutely exhausted him to the point of near death to defeat namakura and his horde, his own augment body was failing ..even his eternal devotion wavered as the man's voice rose to heavens with a question

"If my voice can reach you, oh mikazuchi-sama, tell me...is this war of the fioran people an act of evil created by men drunken with revenge? Should we intervene and prevent this evil to continue? more and more demons are crossing...soon my clansmen and i will not be enough, please O-takemikazuchi-sama, lend this izayoi your guidance "

Izayoi felt it too, that tiny doubt growing in his heart of not just himself but his brother's, if something was not done soon, the osafune and the rest of the warriors who protect the world from demonic invasion would not be enough an another holy war would brew again but this time, there would be no wizards to support the holy order as before. More and more wizards fell into blood lust and carnage, justifying themselves as just against the boscans but taking a life while full of hatred only created kegare and more and more demons where brought into this plane because of that.

As the head of the osafune, he worried and loved his clansmen to a point... but to fight an unending war with only death as release was something Izayoi did not desire for his clansmen. Only the muramasa craved such an end same as the their fire god while the masamune clamored to their water god for 'insight' and 'purity'
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Here in the forest, Trevor could at last find peace and a chance to clear his mind. The weight of everything that had happened to him was crushing down on him and the only relief he could find was to be out here in the cool of the forest. The soft sigh of wind in the trees, the distant trickle of a clear stream and the small rustlings of animals were balm to him. They reminded him of his home in the north of Fiore and that gave him deep peace.

Another sound came to his ears. It was the sound of a voice calling out in a language that he didn’t recognize. It had the quality of a prayer. Trevor moved closer to the source of the sound and as he did so he felt the tingling of magical energy touching his skin. The shade of the forest was suffused in a golden light that seemed to bring him more peace with its mere presence.

At the heart of the glow was the figure of a young man. His frame seemed to be knotted in muscle, but he still gave off an air of gentleness and peace. It was as though light was focused on him at the same time as it radiated outwards. Trevor stood transfixed by the sight and the peaceful energy of the place. He seemed rooted on the spot and he couldn’t yank his eyes away from the sight. It reminded him of the shamans of his people, only with a great deal more power attached.

[OOC] Trevor
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-had a much longer post but i got blue screen of death and lost it-

Hearing something moving nearby, Izayoi lowered his magic and regained his sense, returning to the physical plane. It seemed today he would either receive his answers or a new foe of his god would appear before him. In his expirience, the gods rarely spoke to mortals, even one as close to his servants as takemikazuchi. His god usually spoke trough to battle and the calling for his abilities was well in demand these days it seemed so he speak plenty with god. Taking a small sigh before speaking, izayoi spoke with a tone of serenity while keeping his eyes closed without moving.

"if you are a bandit seeking easy prey, leave. i have nothing of value...i am merely a priest at this moment. But if you are willing to at least learn of my god, sit and tell me your name friend. "

Izayoi usually did not...evangelize so to speak, he rarely even spoke of his faith but recent days shook him and make him realize just how distant he had been from the god he swore his immortal soul to. So in both and effort to avoid an unnecesary death (he really was not in the mood to deal with a corpse today) and also to get closer and gain more good will of his god, he offered knowledge of takemikazuchi to the man or woman near him.
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Although Trevor wasn’t too keen on having a preaching session inflicted on him, he also felt a certain level of peaceful energy radiating from this white-clad man, so he decided that he would at least introduce himself and try to establish some sort of rapport with this man. Part of the reason for him being sent out into the world by his clan was so he could learn more of the people in it and how to interact with them as well as learning about their philosophies and religious beliefs. He moved in front of the man and sat down, carefully arranging his traveling cloak around him.

“I’m no bandit, sir. My name is Trevor Purfoil. I’m just a traveler. I’d be most interested in listening what you have to say about your god. Please go ahead!”

Putting on his most attentive expression, the lanky young man waited patiently for this priest to begin speaking. Perhaps he would gain some important insights by being given knowledge from this man who seemed already to be deeply spiritual.
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" Very well, do take a seat if it pleases. you..i will attempt to give you an unbiased introduction"

The man's voice resounding softly within the forest as his magical presence fully disappeared into himself once more. there was no need to attempt moksha now. The blond was relieved he didnt have to rely on violence or at least rely on violence upon the weak. it went against the faith of takemikazuchi to use power against those weaker than you. An considering how close this forest was too magnolia, any thieve willing to attack him kind of deserved to die. That level of stupidity...Done waiting for Trevor to take his advice, Izayoi took to explaining.

"O-Takemikazuchi-sama, or just the sword god to those not initiated, is a warrior god who embodies the concept of sword, the protector and guide of all those who walk the path of the sword be it for good or evil and since the era of myth represents just war against demons who invaded this world. O Mikazuchi-sama has protected us since then, thanks to his unyielding believed in human potential, safeguarding it from the powerful daemons who are born from humanity's weakness. No great rituals are required to express the faith of the sword god aside a willingness to walk the path of the sword as warrior. To have your sword honor O-mikazuchi-sama you must be a swordsman who honors your humanity, as even in you most evil, you must maintain the dignity of man! for the spirit of progress trough conflict be it with weapon or tongue that characterizes man is sacred! Valor, Effort and Wisdom. Those are the values of a warrior who pledges his sword to O-Mikazuchi-sama"

At the end of his speech, his eyes snapped open, looking full of determination as he continued, his own magic flaring slightly within, giving the illusion of flames appearing on them as he carried on with his words

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Trevor felt the weight of his sword on his back, raising his head to listen as Izayoi finished talking, feeling sometihng stirring in his mind as the man talked. He had, after all, spent most of his youth training to be a swordsman and he understood some of what Izayoi was talking about, although he would have put it into different terms. He nodded his understanding before he responded.

“I grew up with a sword master who taught me similar things, although not in service of O-Takemikazuchi-Sama. He taught me that to live as a swordsman is to indeed embody valor, effort and wisdom as well as honor. I can understand exactly what you are saying. I want to try and serve humanity with my blade, although I haven’t always done so quite as well as I should have. I’d be interested in knowing more about your life as a swordsman, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble?”

Once again, the lean young man had encountered a chance to learn more about how to live in the world, so he decided to throw himself at it wholeheartedly. After all, Izayoi seemed like someone in possession of a deeper wisdom and one that Trevor craved.
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(sorry about delay)

Izayoi chuckled a bit at Trevor's words as his eyes closed again. Of course he was trained in that way. The way of the sword basic concepts has drawn upon the rite of the sword god since the invention of the sword. The young man was a refreshing breath of fresh air to the blond man with his curiosity blended with genuine interest

"Ah, the path of the sword is terribly harsh...no mortal can walk it without deviation, not even the servants of the gods. There is no shame in admitting that my battle-brother, i have strayed from the path too and today i seek wisdom in this forests, the shame lies in giving up...only those who stand above all trials who even at their last moment remain defiant to the end, shall be seen kindly by O-mikazuchi-sama"

the Blond finally stood up revealing that he had his sword in front of him all the time, covered by the mantle of his sword and he grab it as he rose with his left hand as he walked towards a massive tree which he touched with his right hand before speaking. His eyes closed still as his golden magical aura returned as Izayoi communed with the kegare of the tree, experiencing its long history

"Otou-sama said once: Faith is like a tree. If you wish for it to grow from a sampling into a mighty oak, what you require is not the best seed or even right seasons, what you need is to never give up, just that. What you need is to accept that your faith will likely falter, that the tree won't grow straight, that you will suffer, but know that your faith is not your shield, but a road into improvement of yourself and the reward of faith is not salvation itself, but exaltation of your soul and the purification of yourself trough fire.

It matter not if you believe or not in whatever gods you like...Man's form is upright. Man's spirit is to stand Like the mighty oak before us now, we must never forget this just as this sampling grew over hundreds of years, because that tiny sampling did not falter in its endeavors to become a mighty oak. However...

Izayoi turned around and faced Trevor before walking to him based on his presence, stopping just in front of him as he declared to him. His face now forlorn and sad, his energy vanishing completely and pure fatigue setting in

"I am only flesh, i have grown too tired after my recent battles: my spirit is willing, but the flesh is not. I am too fatigued even to unsheathe my yamanbagiri. It is why i am here, seeking solace battle-brother. i know of geysers with rejuvenating properties in this parts...they might be the only thing capable of restoring me in time"
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It was certainly a fascinating series of insights into the mind of someone trained as a true spiritual swordsman for Trevor, but he was alarmed by the sudden change that had come over Izayoi. He’d gone from someone full of passion and life to a deflated shadow of it very quickly. It was clear that he was reaching the end of his tolerance for the life he’d led. In his usual fashion, the slender Northerner wanted to try and help if he could. He was genuinely interested in this rumor of a spring, so he decided to press the warrior on it a little to see what he had to say.

“Oh? Tell me more of this geyser? It’s around here, is it? I would accompany you to it if you wished. I have some need of rejuvenation.”

It wasn’t just his physical damage that needed to be repaired because Trevor was sure no spring or geyser could regrow his leg, but he hoped it might ease some of the phantom pains that he experienced. What really needed rejuvenation was his soul. He had seen a lot and experienced more in his short life. In between maiming the person who’d once been his best friend and seeing all of the violence and blood of the war, he was ready for something to soothe the aches of the world. Perhaps this geyser would be the answer.

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(a bit short but dont want to assume you would just follow)

Focusing on Trevor's Kegare for a moment to seek for any demonic leanings, Izayoi was surprised to sense a similar sense of fatigue, at least spiritually in the man before him. How surprisingly similar the fates seemed to be for the both swordsmen. Smiling gently towards the man with his eyes closed, Izayoi gave the man a salute by pressing his right close fist into his left palm

"Before anything else, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Izayoi O. Steelman. It is my honor to greet your battle-brother and even greater honor to lead you to Tong-Fu Geyser"

He bowed from the waist down after speaking those words then calmly settle his prized katana back into his belt as he turned around and proceed to turn his face in his general direction, his eyes still closed. It was good training to heighten his senses and he knew that relying on eyes alone was a weakness. The sense of sight was the easy to be tricked by, so he learned since childhood not to trust it completely.

"Please follow me trevor-dono, is best if we spoke while walking, while i cannot sense my pursuers nearby, our joined life-presence is too big not be noticed by them if stand still"

With that said, Izayoi began his walk forward as slow pace with his white mantle covering his body once more as the duo would go foward to thread deeper into the forest

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The sense of calm and peace that radiated outwards from Izayoi was quite something. Trevor had never experienced that kind of aura from anyone else before. He sensed that underneath the peace, there was a strong core. He was pretty sure that this man would be extremely dangerous if provoked in the wrong way, but he had no intention of doing anything to cause that to happen. He smiled and bowed back to his companion. “The honor is all mine, Izayoi. Please lead on!”

They made their way through the cool forest glades, inhaling the scent of moss and growth in the air. Trevor had just realized what Izayoi had said to him and he was curious. He debated if asking about his pursuers was the right thing to do. Was it any of his business? Would it be dangerous to ask? Human interactions could be such a challenge. Having said that, Trevor decided that if he was in the man’s company, it might be good to know who (or what) was pursuing him. The lean, slender youth decided that he’d try to ask tactfully. “Excuse me, Izayoi, and forgive me if this question is out of order but may I inquire as to the nature of your pursuers?”

He wanted to ask more about the geyser, but that could wait. The inquisitive part of his personality was far more intrigued by who would have any reason to pursue a man like Izayoi. He didn’t seem like a person who went out of his way to antagonize others, so it made the fact of his pursuit even more mysterious.
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