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The Collector; Prizes!
Topic Started: Jun 20 2017, 03:50 PM (54 Views)
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The hidden man, If you can find me Ill be here.
It was weird getting a letter to meet in this town. Ana didn't like it but Hikari really wanted to check things out. The letter was really cryptic and talked about things in their past that some parts they didn't know themselves. Maybe it was a fan of their mother's? Or maybe there was some other person who had lived long enough to be involved in the same situation? Ana only agreed because she had heard of a rumor that talked about a boy who was similar to them. Maybe it was him?

The town was nice and all but they were not sure what to do. There was plenty of time before they were supposed to meet. Yet going around town was boring for the two girls. They wanted to just get this done and over with for different reasons.

The day was cool for a summer day filled with clouds covering the sky. So the girls wore somethings that were a little more considerate for the weather. Hikari was wearing a pink shirt and some jean shorts with a blue jacket. The jacket was warm enough but the shorts made her legs cold when they were in cooler places so she liked staying outside. Ana on the other hand was wearing a white and red long sleeve dress with a big ribbon in the front that had a dark teal tinge to it. The cold didn't effect Ana so she more just wore it because it was something she liked.

The collector as he had people call him was wealthy. Not the richest person in Fiore but had enough money to throw around. He owned museums throughout Fiore but for the things he considered the most precious he had a private gallery. Nothing was off limits in his private collection. He had rare endangered species and some that were even considered extinct. Anything that was unique he wanted.

Information about some subjects came to his attention. Things about living objects. These were things he had to have. Getting them might be the trouble but he could hire goons for things like that. Two particularly he had hired Bruno and Marco. They were the biggest roughest looking dudes. Ones you might see at a bar or a biker gang. For money these two did any kind of job and the job was to acquire a few girls. It didn't sit well with them but money was money so they prepared themselves for the job.
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Cisnei has been in Hargeon Town as part of a medical operation that affects some citizens from a previous storm that struck the area. It is usually stationed in the slums area which no actual medical aid was given beforehand except for now. Nowadays the area is slowly getting back what it lost and most of the injured are slowly getting better. Due to this wonderful occasion, everyone decided to have a cook out in celebration of everyone’s well-being. It was a rather weird kind of celebration though Cisnei doesn’t really have any complaints about it as she also does help out.

She usually handles the cooking since she does know how to cook due to her previous work. Everyone who are joining the cookout are having fun due to the food being offered for free by the sponsors of the medical operation. Still, someone might have their sights on the female maid medic. Seeing that she isn’t really an actual person but rather a special kind, her presence there may attract some unwanted attention. Some people might have noticed her not really taking any break nor seen sleeping or consuming food on her own. It isn’t really that big of a deal for an overwork medical profession, still some people might get interested in that aspect of her.

Cisnei would soon end her shift that day as well. She could be seen wearing her unusual clothing of a gothic maid uniform, something she holds dear for some reason, she always have a medical bag around her shoulders just for any emergency case she may encounter on her way. She has finished her shift and was told to have a day off, which she happily comply. Still right now, she doesn’t know what to do once again seeing she usually work all the time or at least get some part time job. She should be seen walking around town, wondering what she can do.
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