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[Graded]Shades Of Vermillion
Topic Started: May 18 2017, 03:11 AM (170 Views)
Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.


Exclusive libraries were such a bother. The people operating them were always that of the stingy variety, and oftentimes extremely biased towards and against those who wished to use such facilities. The Vermillion Centre, a private library placed in the wealthiest town in Fiore, applied such characteristics to a degree of obsession. For weeks, Leonidas had been trying his rotten luck to gain entrance to the building. He hadn't expected for his ticket to arrive on a mission request, that much was certain.

There wouldn't be much time for the blonde-haired man to indulge in the pieces of knowledge he so desperately needed to obtain, one of a kind copies of texts on several different types of ancient magic, unfortunately. The requester had hinted that he was supposed to write reports on subjects at least loosely connected to such things, but nothing was a guarantee. One other mage had been required for the job, that much Leonidas knew as fact, although he knew not who the individual would be. He was more then confident that his knowledge of magic would be more than sufficient for the client, but requests were requests. Distractions were a pleasant thing to have on hand, that much was also true.

A stroll was the crimson-eyed man's preferred gait as he approached the library that upheld its name to the letter. Red bricks cut with clearly masterful masonry were layered from ground up, in an almost castle-like fashion. A mahogany door pinned the entrance, guarded by a singular man in a black uniform. The center was easily three stories high, if not more, but surprisingly it fit into it's surroundings rather well. With a second glance, it really wasn't all that shocking. The Vermillion Centre was located in the illustrious town of Shirotsume, after all.

Leonidas didn't bat an eye at the structure, however, having seen many grander, not to mention more bizarre, constructs in his lifetime. He observed the guard eying him cautiously, even going as far as to adjust the stance of his rifle slightly to appear more imposing. A false, casual smile was all that lit the blonde-haired man's face as a result, though. Extracting the mission request from his pocket, he showed it to the guard, making careful note to point out the stamp on the sheet of paper. The guard nodded, giving a brief set of instructions to head towards a room named the Ein Study before opening one of the library's doors.

Walking inside, the crimson-eyed man was greeted by an empty premise. He scanned the area, taking a quick note of the layout. In one section were common references, in another printed books, and in a final texts of the rarer variety. The Ein Study, it would seem, happened to be conveniently located near the latter of the three. Leonidas headed towards the room, stopping every few moments to look over a scare amount of titles. Nothing seemed to pop out of interest by the time he made it to the doorway of the study. He supposed there would be ample time to search further, but the blonde was still slightly frustrated as he entered the study. Nothing but a slim smile showed on his face, however, as the client, a brown-haired, brown-eyed boy, or he supposed teenager, turned from the chair he was occupying. "A child?" he uttered, a mix of confusion and anger clouding his visage.

Approaching the boy and sitting down next to him, Leonidas picked up the book at the top of one of three stacks in front of him. "Appearances can be deceiving, Mr. Tommy Berison. A Comprehensive Guide To The Darker Elements, Volume I, hmm? I can certainly help you with this," he stated with the hint of an arrogant undertone billowing into his words. In an instant Leonidas put the book down in front of the boy and flipped to the first chapter, entitled 'Darkness Does Not Equate To Evil'.

"My name is Leonidas. Someone else will also be coming to help you study, in case you weren't aware."

An invisible, menacing smile crossed his lips.
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Razgriz Laenwyn
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Friendly Neighborhood Ice Mage
It took Raz a few hours by train, but he was able to reach Shirotsume Town without much problem. Afterward, he stepped through the doors of the familiar library, The Vermillion Centre. In the many early years of Raz's life, he had walked through these doors to see if they had any books that related to his many studies, including foreign elemental magics and historical stratagem. He walked up to the reception desk and politely introduced himself to the lady working, and she recognized him almost immediately even though he had not been there in some time. After that, he walked around the library, searching for the man who had hired him and one other person to help him read books and create reviews. It was a monotonous task at best for a man like Raz, but in essence, he reads as a hobby, so it was a simple chance to make some money doing something he would normally do on his own time, for free.

In a few minutes, he happened upon the pair sitting at a group of tables in the back of the library, in what seemed to be the study. One of them seemed to be the client, and other was a man that Raz had met before, Leonidas. He seemed a man, but he looked much more like a child with blonde hair and a large face tattoo that made the poor chap stick out like a sore thumb. He walked up to the two and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Razgriz Laenwyn, and I'm here on account of the job posted for book review." He walked up to the lad and outstretched his hand. The client accepted his handshake, and responded in kind, "Hello Mr. Laenwyn, I am Mr. Tommy Berison, and this is Leonidas. It seems the young man will be helping us as well" He said while motioning to the younger man beside him.

Raz chuckled lightly and only said one thing on the subject, "Mr Berison, I wouldn't take the man so lightly, I've seen him put down enough alcohol to man a Seveni man whimper to his mother from under the kitchen table." He nodded to the man, and picked up a book from the stack on the table. It was a standard reference book on the history of water elemental magic of Fiore. It was a larger text that looked rather imposing beside its brethren, which gave the mage all the more reason to tackle it first. When reading a large amount of books, it was always beneficial to get the larger texts out of the way first, and save the lighter reads for later when your mental endurance begins to wane.

He took the large book and sat down at one of the chairs in the study, allowing himself some room to get comfortable while he binged read one of the most dry texts he would ever come to know in his life. He had at one point spent three days in his office cross referencing all of the loans made to a certain gang operating in eastern Tessera just to track down a photograph of one of the gang's lieutenants. The worst part was, even after he found the address and the name of the person to whom the loan was given, it only turned out to be the man's grandmother who was riddled with dementia. He ended up finding the man's picture a week later, thanks to the local bum. Somehow, wandering through that mountain of papers to find that poor old sod was better than having to process the entire subject of water elemental magic, but money was money after all.
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Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

A singular chord of laughter echoed from his throat as Tommy introduced him to Raz. Unbeknownst to the boy, Leonidas and him had indeed met before, in a bar in Chrysanthemum as a matter of fact. That wasn't the notion that he was truly amused about, though, it was that the client had, perhaps involuntarily, called him young. Of course, the blonde was beyond accustomed to the word, but spoken by a boy that didn't appear much older then he did made the statement more ironic then usual. While Raz probably had an illusion to it, Tommy certainly did not know the truth, and the blonde was in mood to correct, nor divulge, the subject.

Unfortunately, it seemed he would have no choice, for the white-haired man's reply, although entertaining enough to make him chortle further and spread a minor grin across his face, was met by a confused stare portrayed on the client. Moving the book he had placed in front of Tommy, Leonidas looked down into the text, as if starting to read, but then responded to his invisible question, appearing somewhat preoccupied although factually he wasn't.

"It's a long story, but I'm not actually a minor. Anyways, what types of review are you supposed to make on all these texts? Twenty is an awful lot for each one to be complex."

Before even turning a page, he grabbed the second book from the stack he had previously taken from, which happened to be the sequel to the one that was opened. Below that was a faded, scarlet bound tome, with a title too faded for legibility. Without a second thought, Leonidas also reached for it, hearing Tommy reply in the process. "The books I've been assigned to read are a mix of contemporary theorem, history, and old manuscripts on magic. Each stack here is about a different type of magic. I'm supposed to write three reports comparing and contrasting the generational differences of each category."

Completing three papers was much more favorable then twenty, but looking at the size of each stack and how small the lettering, or at least on the particular book in front of him, was, it would still be a time consuming task. Still, the crimson-eyed man nodded in understanding, then finally started reading, or more so skimming, at a fast pace. The prologue he scoffed at, for he had never met a mage that did not, in even the slightest way, reflect their magic. It was no different with the element of darkness, a subject that Leonidas knew to an intracity unlike any other. Yes, he did not have to read every sentence to understand what the author was trying to prove. He certainly didn't agree with it.

Chapter I: The Origin
All magic comes from emotion. Without that, it is doomed for failure.

Already, the book had gone back on its word.
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Inara Serra
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Honesty without tact is cruelty.

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