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[Graded]The Golden Door; Good title, yeah.
Topic Started: Apr 27 2017, 09:14 PM (561 Views)
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Complete Trash

Gluten Free Crust.
Cheddar Jack.
Pizza Sauce.

What is this, a shopping list?!” Hayden hissed, crumbling the paper and carelessly tossing it on the ground, “I’m no gopher, and sure as hell ain’t no errand boy. You get your own gluten-free crust, whatever that even is, I’m not doin’ it.” The man next to him, let’s call him Ol’ Pete, was nodding his head in a concurring motion, shifting his arms to fold them over one another as if he were some kind of gangster – menacing expression on his face and even a scar across his nose. Another man, um, Thomas, yeah, that’ll work, was the one to offer the list of ingredients and technically was the twosome’s superior as he’d graduated some time before this situation. He looked at the two, blinking his eyes slowly before shaking his head, “Sorry, boys. Orders are orders. You two need to head out to Snap-Dragon Creek for those items.” Ol’ Pete, who was a few years older than Hayden, softly placed his hand on his shoulder, patting him to assure him that everything would be fine and they’d be doing this meaningless mission together.

Fine, but I’ll be complain’ to the fat cats when I get back,” he mumbled to himself aloud, reaching down to grab the list and shoving it absent-mindedly into his left pocket. And thus began the adventures of Hayden and Ol’ Pete in Snap-Dragon Creek.

It took the two only a few hours to arrive in Snap-Dragon Creek but they would have arrived a bit earlier if Ol’ Pete wouldn’t have insisted on taking a right instead of a left. Oh well, they were finally where they were supposed to be and the two were in awe of the quaint little fishing village that spread open over a vast area of lush green with a bit of blue. The townfolk were ridiculously lazy, even by Hayden’s standards, and some little girl directed them to the nearest shop where they could find Gluten-free crust. The shop itself was nothing out of the ordinary; clean, sufficient, and just a shop, nothing else, but there was a golden door at the back that glittered with an effervescent glow which made the Irons boy nervously eye it from afar.

So, yeah, errr, I need these things, please,” he said in a bored voice to the older shop keep, handing him the wrinkled list, “Nice little place ya got here. What’s with the door back there?” He pointed in the general direction of said golden door, but the old man chuckled as he read over the list, having put on some wicked reading glasses in effort to see properly, and simply replied.

“We’re out. Come back tomorrow.”

Ol’ Pete nudged Hayden with his elbow as the old man ripped the list into pieces and laughed even harder, forcing both the squires to step back with reservations of this entire situation. “So, yeah, I’mma need that crust, man, and tomorrow isn’t today so, can’t you find some or tell us where to get some?” The old man suddenly stopped laughing, staring at the two from over his glasses with a serious glare, “We’re out. Come back tomorrow.” Grabbing Hayden by the collar of his shirt, Ol’ Pete pulled him back to keep him from doing something stupid or something he’d regret because unknown to everyone else, Ol’ Pete helped keep Hayden’s temper in check.

And what’re we s’posed to do until then, huh?

“We’re out. Come back tomorrow.”

Tightening his grasp of Hayden, Ol’ Pete waved his free hand to the old man and in a manly, very deep and bass-filled voice said, “We’ll come back tomorrow. Thank you for your time.”

Like hell we will!” he spat, abruptly feeling himself being dragged by the collar of his shirt out of the shop where he was tossed into the quiet street, “Rude, man, I’ve got shit to do. Neko’s gotta be fed and who’s gonna do that? Huh? You gonna run to my place and feed him?!” Ol’ Pete shook his head, taking in the softness of this peaceful place, then frowned, “Orders are orders. You should have a wife to take care of Neko if he worries you so much.” Hayden’s left eye twitched as he straightened his jacket and wiped down his clothing, “You shouldn’t be worryin’ about my love life.

“I don’t. There isn’t one to worry over.”

You want to fight me, son? Like, right now. I’ll have you know I’m a ladies’ man, all the ladies love me and what I have to offer,” he said with a smug attitude, flexing his muscles and grinning cheekily.

“Have one of them feed Neko.”

Sighing, Hayden gave up and scratched his head, “Neko don’t need no damn woman. But what’re we gonna do until tomorrow? Should we head back?

“Unacceptable. Orders are orders, ‘Den. Besides, I think I’d like to fish for a while.”

Swear to God, you and that old man and repeating shit, like, it’s gotta stop,” he mumbled, following behind Ol’ Pete towards a small creek on the outskirts of town. They walked silently and found the perfect spot to set up what they could which was a tent, an empty basket, a few bottles of water, and two fishing poles. It was like Ol’ Pete came prepared for this and Hayden was suspiciously wondering why and how and where exactly all this came from. But he didn’t care, only sitting down and throwing his rod into the water, waiting for fish to come nibbling on the bait-less hook.

Everything was nice, for now.
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Letter from a business partner

The letter sat on Vivian's nightstand as she looked over her pack with annoyance. She had just come back home after two weeks away and now they wanted her to leave again. If the pay wasn't as good as it was she would have been back in the fields again and saying screw it to this fancy lifestyle. All of this travelling around didn't leave her with much time to look into other more important things, like her lost memories or the latest botanical discoveries. One last job, she told herself. And then we take a break.


Sitting at her window in an inn that offered a view of the road leading into town Vivian sipped her rum in silence as she wrote neatly in a book. Placed on a display in front of her was a sunflower that she was sketching, pausing every few minutes or so to gaze into the distance to see if anyone was coming. Covering the drawing were annotations denoting features she found particularly interesting painstakingly crammed all onto one page. It wasn't until she was almost done that her gaze finally fell on a pair of wanderers in the distance drawing near.

"Way to keep a lady waiting gentleman."

Straightening her dress out and dusting it off in deft movements she stood up and hurried down the stairs. The door jingled as it opened, perhaps even more so as it closed. Shooting it an irritable look Vivian held a finger up to her lips before moving after the knights. Keeping a healthy distance she was planning on entering the shop while they were inside but didn't have a chance to. Ducking out of sight as they came back out, one clearly more irritable than the other, they moved further down the road from her.

All she had been able to make out through the window was that they had indeed talked to the shopkeeper and seemed to get upset over something.Aww sweethearts, is your shipment not ready yet? Here I was hoping to get home sometime soon. Her dress fluttering slightly in the breeze Vivian swept into the store, looking around like she was merely browsing. Her eyes fell upon the piece of paper on the floor and she frowned. "Tsk tsk, come on now litterbugs." Picking it up she put it away before spending a couple more minutes looking at the random foods available (what on earth were those knights here for?) and leaving the building.

Looking at her prize Vivian was stricken with disbelief. "This... this is..." Her hand clenched the piece of paper until her knuckles turned white. "I've never seen code like this. It's impossible to crack damnit." She glared daggers in the direction the knights had gone, her resolve strengthening. I'll get to the bottom of this Mr. H, don't worry.

Unwilling to risk an attempt at breaking into the shop itself (just yet anyway) Vivian decided to trail the knights instead. Finding a vantage point some distance off she climbed into a tree like some kinda squirrel and wedged herself between the branches in a comfortable position. As far as she could tell they were setting up for... fishing? FISHING? She almost lost her shit right then and there. Here they were, up to whatever nefarious plan they were up to, shirking their duties to the nation and to the common people AND NOW THEY WERE FISHING???

Breathe girl, breathe.

This was going to be a long wait.
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Complete Trash

The twosome were minding their own business, not catching a damn thing, but relaxing enough that Hayden was beginning to get sleepy and cranky. He didn’t want to be here and his thoughts were on Neko, the black cat that had been orphaned next to his apartment that he took in, gave a home, and cared for as if he were a child. Spoiled rotten thing, really. While he daydreamed of Neko, his line gave a tug, forcing him to sit upright and flail wildly, “Yeah, boy! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” The line suddenly stopped moving just as he pulled it from the water, only noticing that he’d hooked a petrified boot from the creek’s current, not from a fish. Angry, frustrated, tired, and just downright pissed, Hayden threw the rod towards Ol’ Pete and scrambled to his knees at the embankment, removing good old faithful, Wesson – a semi-automatic pistol – from his pants and pointed the weapon at the water.

Enough of this shit! I’m gonna get dinner, Ol’ Pete, watch and learn,” he grinned, intensely watching the water for any signs of movement.

Unfortunately, Ol’ Pete wasn’t having any of that and slapped the firearm out of Hayden’s hands, knocking it to the ground with one swift movement.

“No, ‘Den. No need in causing a ruckus over fish.”

Pouting like a child who’d lost their way, the young Squire quickly picked up his gun and holstered it, narrowing his eyes in the process towards Ol’ Pete, “I’m starvin’ though. This is takin’ way too long, just let me shoot one, c’mon.” He shook his head, “You’re acting like we haven’t got any money to buy food. Stop all that nonsense. Besides, this is supposed to be relaxing and soothing for the soul.” Hayden sighed. Ol’ Pete was right, there wasn’t a need for him to be so impulsive and impatient but his stomach began growling loudly from the lack of nutrients. He needed to eat soon before he really lost his temper and tore the town apart in search for something to nibble on. Both Squires heard something rustle in a nearby tree, making them look to one another as in “You heard that too?” but neither said anything, only pretending that nobody caught it.

“What’re your thoughts on squirrel?”

Hayden grinned his infamous smirk, “I’m pretty partial to it myself. What ‘bout ya?

Ol’ Pete turned his attention back to creek, pointing his pole at the nearest tree that had a few disturbed leaves. Ol’ Pete was a very observant man; his eagle eyes caught everything out of place, and he was subtle when it came to disclosing information. Hayden, well, he wasn’t about subtly mentioning things because that just defeated the element of surprise to him but right now, he was going to just let things play out as they would. Carefully removing Wesson from its holster with silence, Hayden didn’t move his eyes or his head, keeping his attention on the water’s edge and pointed it at the tree.

Alright, little squirrel, what’s your problem? Got somethin’ to say?” he said with a calm and collected voice, “C’mon out, I won’t shoot first and ask questions later. So, move it, move it, move it.

And he waited, impatiently.

Hayden lied straight through his teeth. He was the type to shoot first and ask questions later but with Ol’ Pete around, he wasn’t going to do anything stupid unless he wanted his ass beat black and blue. He had a pretty face, didn’t want it all messed up because he was trigger-happy, and waited.
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Shuffling around in the tree trying to make herself as comfortable as possible Vivian froze when she heard the voices talking loudly. One of them mentioned something about.... squirrels? She has a SMALL stash of nuts and suddenly everyone and their dog thinks she's a tiny furry rodent. Peering out from between the branches she glared at the offending noise-makers.

"OI! Can you loudmouths keep it down over there? Some of us are trying to nap." Eyeing the drawn weapon distastefully she rolled her eyes. "Really? You're going to shoot a lady because she likes to nap in trees? You two are just the worst. Hold the fuck on."

Struggling to find her footing back down Vivian finally gave up and just jumped the distance, landing with a roll. Unfortunately for her the process flashed the knights with her panties during the roll. Unfortunately for them she wasn't going to be reasonable about it. Glaring at Hayden in particular for no reason other than he was the one with a gun out she growled "Pervert" at him as she adjusted her dress and shook out the little chips of bark that were stuck to it.

Sighing as she stood there nonchalantly tying her hair back in a ponytail right in front of the knights she said nothing until the whole thing was neat and tidy. With a small, almost nonexistent curtsy she looked between the two of the knights as if deciding who to address and settled on Pete. "You two can call me Vivian. As to your names, I'll go for... Tweedledee and Tweedledum." Her eyes settled on Hayden again as if naming him the "dumb" one. "Unless you want me to go to the authorities and tell them that you're waving that peashooter around at people you'd best be putting that away son."

Vivian wanted to see what their reaction was to her threat. Would they flaunt their position at her? Would they back down? Whatever was presented to her she would stand fearlessly in their path, or at least that's what she thought.
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Complete Trash

"OI! Can you loudmouths keep it down over there? Some of us are trying to nap."

Us? You up there with a family of squirrels… and nuts?” Hayden spat with a little giggle, only taking note that it was a female’s voice coming from the hiding napping area of the tree.

"Really? You're going to shoot a lady because she likes to nap in trees? You two are just the worst. Hold the fuck on."

Narrowing his eyes at Ol’ Pete, Hayden whispered, “Do either of us look like a Gary? Nahhh, we’re the best, not the worst.” Ol’ Pete grinned just as the girl tumbled out of the tree, shining her ass, which made both of them look just because, well, they were, in fact, perverts and couldn’t help but to admire something so round, so green, so shiny, and so damn cute. The little pink flowers were totally adorable, adding a nice touch to her white attire, and Hayden couldn’t help but to nudge Ol’ Pete in the arm with his elbow just as she mentioned them being perverts. “I don’t mind bein’ a pervy Sage with those panties,” he chuckled, staring back at the woman as she rambled on. Something women were really good at. Especially this one.

"You two can call me Vivian. As to your names, I'll go for... Tweedledee and Tweedledum."

Furry Twat is better than Vivian, honestly,” he retorted, gritting his teeth at her mention of him being dumb.

"Unless you want me to go to the authorities and tell them that you're waving that peashooter around at people you'd best be putting that away son."

Hayden and Ol’ Pete both looked at one another, staring crazily before busting out in laughter, slapping one another on the shoulder like good pals would do. Hayden was laughing hard enough that tears formed in his eyes and his face was turning red, just having a good time with Ol’ Pete as his expression reformed into something quite humorous as well. They laughed for a solid minute, unbelieving of this woman and her lack of tact, until they both stopped as if on cue and Hayden slipped Wesson back into its holster. His face was deadly serious while his lips curled into a maniacal, twisted grin, and he said rather sternly to Vivian, “WE ARE THE LAW, YOU FURRY TWAT. Got a problem, wanna fight about it? Yeah, get outta here with that shit, woman.

Ol’ Pete patted Hayden’s shoulder to get his attention and when he looked at his partner, Ol’ Pete was shaking his head, “Don’t go sinking to her level. She’s stalking us, ask her why.” Hayden blinked, returning his attention to Vivian, “So, why’re you stalkin’ us? We’re just fishin’… Furry Twats don’t like seafood, only nuts. More specifically...

And Hayden giggled as he pointed between his legs with his index finger, “DEEZ NUTS.

Ol’ Pete slammed his hand into the back of Hayden’s head, forcing him forward as he growled, “Manners, lil’ boy. You lack them. She’s still a lady, treat her properly.”

Fuck ‘er! She called us idiots, man, I say we shoot her.

“No. Our orders were not to go squirrel hunting.”

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Furry Twat.

Vivian's eyebrow twitched slightly at the unflattering name the hick knight had chosen for her. Raising her eyes to the heavens she asked the divines if she could shoot him. Just a little bit. No? Fine. Not even with their deranged laughter? Please? Resigning herself to dealing with less than fully functional human beings Vivian crossed her arms and waited impassively for their little giggle-fit to come to an end. When Hayden finally got his shit together enough to form cohesive sentences again he used that hated term again. Furry Twat. So that's how he wanted to play it... really now.

She wasn't in the mood for these childish games. Not today, not with these two. So she let him keep talking, keep digging that grave of his. Furry Twat. Her grip on her own arm tightened ever so slightly as her self-control wavered, but otherwise still she didn't say a word or display any outward emotion. Just let them get it out of their system the stupid little boys. At least one of them was the way he kept going on like he was some kind of hot shit.


It was a very fortunate turn of events that in coming down here to track these two she hadn't brought her full kit. Had she done so then the pushed beyond all reason mercenary would have undoubtedly unloaded the entirety of her ammunition upon Hayden's grinning face and only felt mildly sorry about it in the aftermath. Instead all she had was her handgun, her own little 'peashooter'. Aptly named for the task.

Without offering a warning of any sort her weapon was pulled and aimed right at the offending 'nuts'. It was a shitty little d-rank gun merely capable of bruising, but bruising what she sought to damage would no doubt etch her memory into his skull for years to come. Firing two shots in rapid succession, one slightly to the left and one slightly to the right, she spat out her words angrily.

"How about you go screw yourself, if you still can. Please and fuck you very much."
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Complete Trash

Ol’ Pete’s eyes were of a bright green, placid almost, and they could spot trouble a mile away – in this particular case, a few feet away wearing a white dress and an expression of unadulterated hatred smearing her features. While he couldn’t rightly predict her actions, he could see that she was about to do something stupid and regretful but who was he to stop her? Yeah, Hayden was his comrade and all, but sometimes he just needed a good old fashioned ass-whooping and who was better to deliver said whoopin’ than this Vivian lady. Sure, he could do it, or he could just step in, take whatever damage she was about to shell out, but nah, he wasn’t going here to stop her, only Hayden. So, he sat there without interrupting whatever was going to happen.

Bang – Bang

Hayden’s golden eyes widened as he grasped his manhood, falling over to the side where he curled into the fetal position and held his privates. Crying out in agonizing pain, he screamed all sorts of profanities that would make a sailor blush – as a matter of fact, even Ol’ Pete had to stifle a giggle from the slew of words as he blushed at the boy’s remarks.

"How about you go screw yourself, if you still can. Please and fuck you very much."

While it was perfectly justified for Vivian to act accordingly, Ol’ Pete couldn’t help but feel bad for the lad; knowing fully well how badly that must have a hurt and for a second, he felt the phantom pain of being flicked in the balls, wincing ever slightly as he did. Hayden laid in a pool of tears, unable to fully function for a good minute or two, but when he finally felt safe enough not to vomit from the churning sensation in his stomach, he rolled over to be on all fours. One hand clenched a tuft of grass and earth while the other checked to see if both nuts were still there. One… wait, where’s the fucking other?! Oh my god, she fucking shot my nut off!!! Wait, no, there it is. Whew, oh boy, the one-nut jokes would’ve been the end of me. Once that was finished, Hayden mule-kicked Ol’ Pete in the jaw, spitting hatefully, “Couldn’t have done ANYTHING to stop her, you bastard? I could’ve been disabled for the rest of my goddamn life!” The kick hurt, of course, but the laughter emitted from Ol’ Pete helped lessen the blow’s harshness as he rubbed his jaw, watching the boy attempt to get up from the ground which honestly, in comparison, looked like a newborn giraffe that just couldn’t get it right.

It seemed he finally found his footing and Hayden breathed heavily, staring daggers at Vivian while his lovely face turned twenty shades of red. His anger was boiling but before he could lunge forward to bitch-slap the woman who’d almost blown his nuts off, Ol’ Pete had him by the back of the collar, keeping him in place.

“She’s a lady, ‘Den. We don’t hurt ladies.”

Hayden flipped his shit and sucker punched Ol’ Pete in the stomach after having twirled around from the give of the material of his clothing, forcing the other squire to release him. Turning his attention back to Vivian, he dug his heels into the earth and sped forward, abruptly tackling her to the ground in a fit of rage. While the other was trying to catch his breath, Hayden wasn’t beating the hell out of Vivian but was tickling her in every place anyone normal would be ticklish in. He didn’t believe in hurting women or children, unless absolutely necessary and even then, the guilt weighed heavily on his shoulders. But for now, he was going to tickle her until she cried, until she felt the same pain he did, and made sure to gaze into her eyes that he realized were actually mesmerizing – so deep and green, full of something he couldn’t quite put his finger on, but beautiful, nevertheless. Finding it a bit distracting, he shook his head and kept her pinned to the ground by applying pressure to her shoulders with his bared hands, “In case you forgot, Tweedledum here, I’mma need you to tell me somethin’. Of everythin’ you could’ve shot, why the fuck my nuts?! Don’t gimme no bullshit, girl. I need answers.
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Standing there in confusion at the scene unfolding by her hand a single thought went through Vivian's mind. That actually worked? The anger and humiliation she felt at the cheeky bastard earlier had caused her to lose control, and arguably he had deserved what had come to him but it was like some part of her had been expecting him to dodge the whole time. Or deflect it. Or hell, even be a eunuch for all she knew. Well if he wasn't one before... Vivian cringed in sympathy at the pain Hayden probably felt right now. Her temper was difficult to reign in when poked and prodded as it had, but that didn't mean she didn't regret it on some level.

As she stood there watching his reaction with morbid curiosity Vivian wondered if she should offer to help. Technically she had magical healing bullets that could ease the pain, but something told her that offering to shoot him in the nuts AGAIN would only make things worse. Then again her main gun wasn't on her which meant magic was out of the question anyway. Putting the handgun away she remarked with a casual observation.

"Honestly I was probably doing you a favor, having children doesn't really seem up your alley."

She really had no idea of when to give it a rest. Vivian chipped in helpfully as the two knights tussled, one seemingly on her side and the other understandable very pissed off. For awhile it seemed like Pete was going to have the upper hand until without warning she found herself face to face with a very angry squire. Feeling the breath be knocked out of her she only had a moment to wonder what the hell was up with knights and jumping her, it was like a casual hello to these guys apparently. Yet before she could get into a tirade about the grabby hands and how tiresome this situation was getting the unexpected happened.

"What the hell are yo-" Not even able to finish her sentence Vivian burst out laughing and began squirming under Hayden, twisting and turning every which way in a futile attempt to get him off, to stop, or preferably both. "No wait wait, please-" A part of her mind registered the irony that she was in fact learning something new about herself, which was usually cause for celebration. As it stood she regretted every second of her discovery as the onslaught of tickles proceeded to leave her on the verge of tears from over-stimulation. Placing both hands on his chest she tried one last hard push before conceding defeat. Her face reddening from the laughter, embarrassment and general proximity that she had no idea what to do with Vivian tried to string together the words Hayden was looking for.

"Stop, please just- STOP." Laying on her back pinned to the ground she glared up at him fiercely, yet the anger from earlier was gone. "To think I actually felt a little bit sorry about hitting you. I shot you in the nuts because you practically asked me to asshole. That and this shit-tastic handgun couldn't seriously hurt you even if I held it up against your head and emptied the clip so I knew you could take it." Getting her composure back piece by piece Vivian stared into his beautiful golden eyes. No wait. Correcting herself she glared at his stupid-ass face.

"Now that gun you were waving around earlier. Wesson, from Irons right? Except this bad-boy here... hmm." Reaching down and sliding her hand under his jacket as she talked Vivian unholstered his weapon and removed the clip in one deft motion, letting said ammo slide out onto the ground. Feeling the weight of the gun in her hand and the texture of the material brought back, well, not quite memories. It was more like instinct, something she just knew, and what she knew was that this wasn't what quality felt like. Leaning up and whispering in his ear with a smirk Vivian let the gun fall as well.

"Were you really trying to threaten me with a dollar store handgun? Maaan, you must have some balls. Oh. Whoops."
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Complete Trash

"To think I actually felt a little bit sorry about hitting you. I shot you in the nuts because you practically asked me to asshole. That and this shit-tastic handgun couldn't seriously hurt you even if I held it up against your head and emptied the clip so I knew you could take it."

Keeping Vivian pinned to the ground, Hayden’s eyes flickered with a fiery disposition for a split second as they stared into each other’s hues. There was definitely something special about this girl, something he just couldn’t quite put his finger on, but his thoughts drifted to more carnal desires and possibly getting a quick fondle in before being slapped. She was definitely the type to fight back and he didn’t think his nuts could handle another sabotage so he dismissed the fondling part, deciding against it for the sake of his swelling manhood. (And not in the good way, either.) “It was a joke, you twat,” he spat back at her as her demeanor shifted, “I’mma need you to chill, babe.

"Now that gun you were waving around earlier. Wesson, from Irons right? Except this bad-boy here... hmm."

Hayden’s face turned sixty-seven shades of bright crimson when Vivian’s hand reached across his, now flexing – because he was a cocky bastard – torso and removed Wesson from the holster under his jacket. Impressed that she knew her weapons, the Squire gave a Not Bad expression on his face even as she dissembled the piece with a familiarity that most women he knew were incapable of pulling off but her words were quite contrary while she just let the gun fall to the ground without care.

"Were you really trying to threaten me with a dollar store handgun? Maaan, you must have some balls. Oh. Whoops."

Irritated and frankly, just downright insulted, Hayden huffed loudly as he jerked himself back from her delicious form that he couldn’t help but admire and grabbed Wesson’s pieces while standing back up. In a second of silence, he reassembled the weapon, cocked the slide to insert a bullet in the chamber, then replaced his firearm back into the holster. His golden eyes darted to the side as he looked at Vivian and with a saddened serious disposition, he spoke softly as if he was ashamed, “Some people can’t afford nice things, Viv. You shouldn’t be makin’ fun of the poor, especially when they’re tryin’ to make themselves better.” Apparently, the special something he thought he saw in Vivian wasn’t real and he didn’t like that she judged him for only being able to afford what he had. She didn’t know his life; of how he once was part of the wealth of Fiore and had abandoned all that to become a good person, unlike what he used to be, but what he had now was what he worked hard for. It wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter like before.

“It’s getting late, ‘Den.”

Hayden’s thoughts were interrupted as Ol’ Pete mentioned the time, making him glance down at his cheap watch, “18:54.

“Alright. We’ve got a room at the inn nearby but apologize to the lady.”

Arching a brow, the Squire stared daggers at Ol’ Pete, “Not a chance.

“At least say goodnight.”

While Ol’ Pete gathered all their things, putting them wherever they actually came from which still puzzled the aspiring Knight, Hayden looked back to Vivian and sighed.

Sorry ‘bout bein’ rude, Viv. Take it easy or whatever, later.

The twosome abruptly left Vivian behind since she was a tough ol’ broad and could obviously take care of herself, but Hayden still couldn’t shake her from his thoughts as he ruffled his hair, attempting to scrub her from his mind. What is it about her? Maybe I’m losin’ my fuckin’ mind. She’s a bitch, I don’t like her, not one goddamn bit. Unknown to Hayden, Ol’ Pete could see the twisting formations of his facial muscles but didn’t bother saying anything, knowing that Hayden would clam up as soon as emotional stuff was brought up, and just watched in silence as they trailed lazily towards the inn.

“How about mushroom pizza tonight, ‘Den?”

Hell yeah, I’m starved! Somethin’ quick and easy like pizza works for me,” he replied, taking a quick glance over his shoulder to search for one last glimpse of Vivian.
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It seemed her grabbing his gun got quite the serious reaction, although Vivian hardly noticed such was her chagrin with the current situation. Being pinned down by a man she had only just met - a knight no less - really was setting Hayden up to see the worst of her at this moment. She wasn't the type to take shit laying down. To Vivian laying down and taking whatever the jerk of the day had to throw her way was synonymous with death. The concept was pure anathema to her.

Yet she couldn't help but feel almost like she had done something wrong seeing him so distraught over her comments. Give her a fight, any fight, and she would rise to the occasion every single time. The mercenary had no idea what to do with whatever the hell this was. She was still in the process of finding out who she was, she didn't need others injecting their own personal woes into the mix. Yet even as she thought that the as of yet unfamiliar pain of empathy washed over her and threatened to derail her usual single-minded nature.

"Y-yeah, you too." Wait, what was she getting flustered for? He was the one that openly mocked her, flaunted his authority and generally acted like a childish asshat. Looking down at where her gun had fallen she picked it up and put it back into its holster, muttering darkly at his receding back. "Mine's just as shitty. Idiot..."

Sighing to herself she gave up trying to understand what the deal was with these knights. She had her job to complete and getting to know her mark wasn't going to make it any easier to do what needed to be done. Unfortunately for her they were headed back to the village, meaning they were going exactly where she needed to be. In an hour or so she was going to head to her room and suit up. Then she was going to deal with whatever it was they were planning once and for all. Turning away from the knights in a huff she just missed seeing Hayden take one last look her way.
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