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(Mission)The Ice Queen; Reggie and Toshiro
Topic Started: Apr 9 2017, 03:30 AM (477 Views)
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
The birds chirped cheerfully as the flew from trees to trees while the small pink butterflies were dancing through the wild flowers that were abundant under the old oak tree. The sun was up but it was neither sunny nor cloudy. But somewhere in between. It was already in the midst of spring. A group of three butterflies flew towards the blonde wizard who was fixing her hair as she put the painter's bonnet on top of it. "What a beautiful day?" She said as she looked at Toshiro and smiled.

This will be the last mission for Reggie before she can take the S-class promotiom exam. She's lucky to have Toshiro with her. He had helped her a lot and now, he's here again to help her with this last one. Despite what happened in the Triwizard Tournament and her dethronement from the Miss Fiore Title, he's still with her. There's no other guy like him whom she can count on.

They're heading towards the Judalion Village where the mission will take place. This is as far as the carriage could take them. And so they continue their journey on foot towards the village.

"According to the mission, we have to protect their sacred flame from an ice witch who wants to extinguish it." She said as she suddenly felt the air turning a bit cold. Could this be the doing of the witch? "I wonder why would the witch want to extinguish the flame? Why would she exert effort in doing something that would not benefit her?" Reggie wondered as she had no idea why would the witch do it.

She dusted off her pink skirt as she noticed a few dirt on it. Soon enough, the two could finally see the village from afar. "There. That's Judalion. Though, I never heard of such village ever." She said as she tried to recall about hearing the village name ever.

"After this mission, I want to go on a vacation somewhere far and relaxing. And I'm going with you of course. What do you say?" Reggie said as she imagined having this mission done already when they haven't even started yet.
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The smoke mage would watch the scenery as they move pass through them, puffing smoke with his pipe. It is the good day to travel, although this time Toshiro is with Reggie on a mission. They are currently riding a carriage towards a village in east of Fiore, a village who needed their help from a witch who aimed to take something from the village. It does sounds serious and dangerous so the smoke mage agreed to help the blonde mage with it. They met up along the way and proceed to head to the village while discussing the mission details. They need to protect the village flame from the witch, who intend to stole it. They both wonder about it, especially what the flame is and why the witch wanted it.

"That is a rather odd request, I do wonder what is this flame the village possessed. It must be pretty important if they wish to hire mages to protect it." the smoke mage said giving out his thoughts on the matter. The blonde mage also wondered about this, why the witch would want to extinguish it and for what purpose. Regardless, they were called there to protect it. Which means it is pretty much an important matter for the village.

"Well whatever he flame does, we might need to get kore details about this ice witch and flame once we get there. Its better to know what we are facing in order to do our job better. We had enough facing ice witches that makes me wonder if we are unlucky with them." Toshiro added as he mentioned what he thought. They do encounter a lot of witches and even possibly ice related that he wondered if its just coincidence or not.

The two soon arrived at the end point where the carriage would take them and ahead of them they could see the village. The blonde mage mentioned about the village's name being unfamiliar as she also mentioned she wanted to take a long vacation after this. "Well there are a lot of small villages like this scattered in Fiore and not all of them are popular." Toshiro answered.
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Moderator Post:

Posted Image

It was not difficult to notice the contrast between the land Regie and Toshiro were treading to that specific village their eyes could have caught. While what surrounded them was teeming with vigor and life, of vivid colors of green and pastels, and of warmth and happiness, the sight of Judalion from afar could be considered... a blemish to the pretty face of this part of Fiore. The skies above it was dark and looming. None of the greens and pinks and yellows could be seen --- all was white and grey. Everywhere else was spring, but only this part of the land was covered with snow, one that did not seem to melt.

It was hard to believe that life could have existed in such a gloomy place.

In case anyone would draw himself closer, he or she would notice the shift in temperature. In fact, if one would be able to reach the gates, he or she would notice a sudden plunge to below freezing point. As if it was not harsh enough, the wind was strong, as if it carried... a particular kind of anger and sadness.

"T-there you are!" out of the blue, a petite teenager of around four feet in height sprung out of a boulder just a meter away from where Regie and Toshiro were dropped off by their carriage. The teen had an androgynous vibe --- visage was bereft of indication of gender, but the emerald green eyes that lit up the pale skin were teeming with innocence and... dwindling hope. The teen had a blonde, pixie-cut hair, and was donning a thick mud-colored fur coat and boots, something misplaced in this Spring season. The blonde looked at Regie, carefully examining her physique as the teen circled her once. Then, thereafter, gazed at Toshiro. Evident it was the change of expression upon seeing the smoke mage. The teen's eyes dilated, gulped, and smiled from ear to ear. Tints of red could be seen on the apples of the cheek.

"Hello there~ I am Anya! You must be the mages requested by uncle Biau~!" the blonde greeted both, but her eyes were fixated at Toshiro. Without a word, she went in between Regie and Toshiro, then wrapped her arms around his before dragging the smoke mage. "Come! I will guide you to the village~! W-what is your name, my good sir?"

- description of Judalion from afar is noted.
- Anya greeted Regie and Toshiro. Goes in between them.
- wraps arms around Toshiro and drags him to the direction of the village.
Edited by Mariko, Apr 16 2017, 05:12 AM.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie listened to Toshiro as he wondered about the flame that the village possessed, and why is it so important to the village. "I guess that's a mystery we have to solved once we get there." She replied. He told him that they should get details about the flame and this ice witch who intends to extinguished it. "Aye! Aye! Captain!" She said as she gestured a military salute to him when she suddenly felt a cold wind blowing on her face. She turned to where the wind came from and knew why it was so cold. It came from the village where they're heading to. Reggie asked Toshiro if she ever heard of the village. The smoke wizard answered her that there are lots of small villages in the county and not all of them are popular.

They were heading close to it as Reggie adjusted the sleeves of her black and white striped top. The temperature was going down. It felt like it was about to snow again, although it was snowing already in the village. "This must be the doing of that witch!" Reggie said as she felt sad for the people living in Judallion. They must be longing to see the green scenery within their town this spring.

Reggie was lost in her thoughts about the cold village of Judallion in front of them when they were suddenly greeted by someone somewhere near them. She looked around and saw a girl, oddly dressed in spring, heading towards them. Like her, she had a blonde hair that matches with her green eyes. She's pretty. But she was eyeing the blonde wizard oddly as if Reggie was the one who was oddly dressed. The girl turned to Toshiro who suddenly acted funny in front of him. The blonde wizard could tell she has a crush on him. That's my boyfriend!" She screamed mentally but tried to stay cool in front of the girl.

She then told them that her uncle Biau was waiting for them. "Uncle? No wonder she's clinging to Toshiro that much!" She murmured as she follow behind Toshiro and the girl who was clinging so much unto the smoke wizard. Reggie's brow crossed as she marched behind them. "So Anya? Right? Can you tell us about the ice witch?" Reggie asked in an unusual voice. A voice that says get off from my boyfriend!"

Anya turned to her while clinging unto Toshiro. "Well, she wanted to extinguish the sacred flame of this village." She answered coldly. "I knew that already. Can you tell us a bit more? Like her powers and magic and everything she had done so far?" Reggie said in the most patient voice she could muster. "Well duh. Look what she did to our village. It's still winter over here. And it's not Christmas anymore. Who would want winter without Christmas?" She answered rudely.

"O Tetrabiblos from the heavens above. In the name of my keys, help me not to murder this girl." She whispered to herself as she followed behind Toshiro and Anya towards the entrance of Judallion.
Edited by Enchantress, Apr 15 2017, 02:33 AM.
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Emergency Moderator Post:

Anya was in no position to state anything regarding the flame that the Ice Queen wanted to take away from their village. No, that was not the part of her job description. All she was told was to fetch the mages and lead them to town where her uncle would be waiting them. Despite the fact that Anya disliked the idea of going back to the village to once more witness the suffering of her own people, thanks to the evil with hands as cold as her heart, it would be a big sin to disobey orders, especially if the last of their salvation could be on the hands of these two mages. This was the reason why the short-haired teenager preferred to state the obvious when asked by the blonde mage, even to the point of sounding rude. That, and she actually disliked her presence. Why would they send an equally-beautiful girl in this mission? More importantly, the mage, in her opinion, should'nt be hanging around with the man whose arms Anya seized. "Hopefully they do not have any romantic relations. If they do, well, even married couples divorce, right?" she thought, hugging Toshiro's arm tighter.

As they were to traverse the path nearer Judalion, where trees were dead and nothing else could be seen but mountains covered with white blanket that was snow, the arctic wind blew violently. With it were sharp shards of ice capable of cutting deeply through flesh. The wind blew harder and the sharp elongated shards of ice increased in number in every step they get nearer the entrance. Anya was forced to pull the hood of her coat up, but it helped only a little. A number were coming her way, about to skewer the trios' eyes and throat.

I suggest you don't "roleplay" named NPCs until I tell you you're allowed to.
- Strong wind + sharp elongated shards of ice, hundreds of them or more, on your way.
- Feel free to determine the efficacy of your actions.
Edited by Mariko, Apr 16 2017, 11:35 AM.
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The couple soon arrived near the village, from their mission detail it seemed to be called Judalion. Upon arriving there, a sudden drop in temperature could be noticed immedoately. The smoke coming from the smoke mage's mouth would soon be visible as the heat from his pipe would help Toshiro adjust to this sudden drop. Luckily, the smoke mage's outfit allowed him to gain some resistance to this. Aside from it being a good protection from attacks, it could also chage fashion allowing for a winter friendly attire. Due to this, Hanyuu would keep itself inside the smoke mage's cloak, trying to keep warm. Before they could take another step, the two was suddenly greeted by an odd teen with blonde hair, greeting them.

"Greetings Anya. Yeah we are the mages that you called for. I am Toshiro and this here is Reggie." the smoke mage said upon hearing the blonde haired teen introduced herself and informed them that she is there to escort them to his unclue, who may be their client. Well due to the smoke mage's gentleman nature, he didn't really read the mood there regarding the blonde teen. From the look of it, there seemed to some kind of spark between the two blonde ladies as Anya did seemed to be too close to Toshiro upon meeting him for the first time.

Reggie did try asking some questions to the blonde teen only for her to respond in none detailed specific that anyone might know already. The blonde teen would then positioned herself between the smoke mage and blonde mage which spark more tension between the two, though the smoke mage didn't notice this. On their way to the village, the smoke mage couldn't help but notice the temperature kept dropping. Not just that but the wind is also picking up. Surely the smoke mage wouldn't noticed this since his attire is enough protection but he could hear Hanyuu crying for a bit due to the icy cold winds. "What's wrong Hanyuu? Is everything alright?" the smoke mage would ask as he soon took noticed ice taking shape within the winds and are now heading their way.

Puffing smoke from the pipe in his mouth, the smoke mage immediately moved his free hand towards the smoke and immediately manipulated it. The smoke would move through with the smoke mage's hands as it immediatley took shape base on the smoke mage's imagination, turning into some kind of smoke shield large enough to cover himself that should block the incoming ice shards while moving forward. Toshiro made sure to position himself in a way that he would protect both Reggie and Anya. "Are you both alright? What kind of weather does this village of yours possessed?" Toshiro asked the two while wondering about the weather.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie wanted to pull Anya away from her boyfriend as she saw her hugging tighter on Toshiro's arm. That girl. She thought to herself as she imagined summoning all of her spirits to threaten the girl. Never in her time with Toshiro did someone wanted to snatch him away from her. Well. Toshiro is handsome. And a gentleman. She thought to herself which somehow calmed her down a bit. And Anya might think he will hit on her. He's just being kind to her. She thought to herself again as she realized that she could trust Toshiro. They've been through a lot. And what this girl was doing was nothing compared to the ones they did together.

Yes. She still felt jealous the way Anya clung unto Toshiro. But it just made her realized how much he means to her. How important he is in her life. In a way, Toshiro had been the sun in her life. The one who brought color to her life again. After Tsubasa left her. After her mother left her. Now, she realized how empty she was before until he came to her life again.

He had been around her since she became an official wizard. He had been her sun all this time without her knowing it. Now that she's very sure about him, Reggie trust him enough that even someone like Anya won't be a threat to their relationship. And besides, this gave her a reason to be eager to finish the mission ahead of time.

They were heading towards the entrance of the village as Reggie felt the cold wind against her hands. She put it inside the pockets of her mini skirt. The temperature had significantly dropped as soon as they approached the entrance. Toshiro's smoke became visible through the snow falling gently upon them. It was winter once again.

As they walked towards the entrance, Reggie suddenly noticed the harsh cold wind blowing towards them. Some ice shards formed in mid-air and was caught by the harsh wind. It was now heading towards them. Luckily, Toshiro stood before her and Anya as his smoke turned into a shield and protected them from the shards. Reggie stayed behind Toshiro as she pulled Anya towards her.

As the shards were stopped by his shield, he turned to them and asked if they were okay. "None of the shards touch me. How about you Anya, are you okay?" Reggie turned to the blonde teen who she let go of her grip from her. "It is nowhere safe in here. We should head inside the village now. Lead the way Anya." Reggie told her.

They entered the village of Judallion and made their way towards the chieftain who was waiting for them in the main hall of the town.
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Moderator Post:

At the sight of the elongated and sharp ice shards, the petite young teen was initially startled. Losing one's life over a 'simple' polar storm would be embarrassing. But, worries and fears faded the moment Toshiro blocked the incoming icicles with the use of his magecraft. Spikes of ice stuck on the barrier, while a few more solid ones fell on the ground carpeted with fine snow. Eyes glistening in awe, Anya held onto Toshiro closer, as if she was not close enough, and tighter. Weeping, but due to the weather the tears on the edge of her eyes crystalized, Anya kissed the male mage's forearm as she exclaimed ---- "oh I am safe! You saved my life! Thank you, prince charming~!" Then, she answered the man's question from earlier, "Judalion isn't like this before, honey. It used to be springtime and all, but when the Ice Queen started casting her magecraft upon the village, we haven't seen the sun since then."

Thereafter, the blonde Fairy Tail mage suggested for Anya to lead the way. The teen pouted to express her annoyance, "That is why I am here, right? But with this perilous storm, would I really move ahead of either of you?" Anya clutched Toshiro's arm, and tugged the man forward with her. "Then stay behind, Blondie," Anya continued. She tool advantage of of the shield the smoke mage created and tottered forward, braving the biting pain from the below zero degrees temperature.

Every step they took nearer the village, the paler the teenager become. Her steps became smaller. Knees trembled. Breaths deep... but she endured...

"With Toshiro by my side...." she whispered, as if the man became her anchor.

A few minutes later, the group entered the icy gates of Judalion. Nothing could be seen but powder white snow on top of everything else. Not a single soul could be seen on the streets, or even outside their houses. At the center of the village a two-meter by two-meter 'box' made of red bricks could be found. A few inches away from it were a series of tall, thin sticks which served as a wall, but the spaces between them could make it easy to notice the box inside and what it kept. The "stick-wall" supported a makeshift canopy of light, reinforced glass that protected what the box has.

What was inside the box?

It was the only bright color in this ocean of whites. A one and a half meter tall fire (🔥) ...

This sight made Anya gasp in disbelief, "why did they leave the fire?" she whispered, but disappointment could still be heard in her voice.

A couple of houses east of the structure, one could find a house similar to a log cabin. Nothing of its former painted caricatures on the walls could be seen due to the thick snow. Anya momentarily and regrettably let go of the smoke mage, and with her dwindling force tried to push open the door. It was difficult for her to do, but with a few more push she was able to have the door by a few inches.

As if she used of all her energy, Anya plopped on the snow-covered ground as she has not yet entered the house.

"U-uncle... we... the saviors... here...."

The old, gray-haired, thin and weak man was laying down on a bed, one of the very few furnitures inside the house, along with a couple of wooden stools, a cabinet and a table. Adjacent to the bed was the fireplace that emitted only a little heat.

Hearing noises, the man coughed first before calling out, "A-Anya? An...Anya!" He attempted to pull himself up to check on the girl, but he was too weak to do so.

In frustration, the chieftain gritted his teeth. "Curse your cold heart, Ice Queen!" He turned his head while he remained supine on his bed, diverting his attention to the two foreigners. "You two are lucky that you are not born in this village, and your life is not dependent on the fire. We are the descendants of Judea, from which this town is named from. We are the cursed ones; our lives, our vigor, are dependent on the fire that was burning from the heart of Judea. But the Ice Queen, she purportedly wants to put the fire out and take his heart..." He paused and sobbed. "It was burning brighter than that before... but the Ice Queen.... vicious Queen!" He paused once again, heaving as all the talking took most of the air from his lungs. "We cannot protect the fire anymore, all of us are getting weaker..."

- Anya answered Toshiro's queries.
- Anya hears Regie, answers her. Pulls Toshiro and makes him walk with her ahead of Regie.
- Gets nearer the village. Anya weakens.
- Team gets inside the village.
- Anya leads the two to the house of her uncle.
- Anya opens door, collapses.
- Chieftain is worried of Anya.
- Chieftain, in frustration, tells the tale to the two mages.
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The smoke shield managed to do its work as the ice shard simply bounced or shattered at the mere impact on it. Still the weather hasn't ended yet as this hail of ice shards might continue until they reached their destination. The smoke mage worried about the two ladies with him but luckily, both of them are alright. Reggie was alright being behind the smoke mage, since Toshiro is there blocking the attack, while Anya is close to Toshiro that she doesn't need to fear of being cut. The blonde haired teen did try to show her appreciation as she hold on tight to Toshiro while mentioning how he is her prince charming.

Toshiro didn't really noticed the blonde mage's reaction during all of these, seeing that he is too preoccupied in protecting both of them. Still the three carried on to their journey, even Hanyuu hiding within the smoke mage's cloak for warmth and protection from the incoming ice. Anya would even mentioned about the weather of the place, how it used to springtime before the ice queen arrived. The smoke mage wondered about it, especially the flame. He may want to ask about it then but knowing their current situation, it might be best if all these questions be asked once they are safe from the environment.

Soon enough they would reach the village, Judalion. It was covered in snow everywhere. One of the thing that the smoke mage noticed there was at the center of the village. A structure made of red bricks that seemed to be the supposed flame the village is known for as the flames within it danced while the weather continue. They didn't head there though but instead towards one of the cabin there as the blonde haired teen proceed to open the door. It is obvious that she is having difficulties, so Toshiro assisted her and pushed the door open with her. Toshiro even barely managed to catch the blonde haired teen before she completely collapses.

"Hey Anya, are you alright?" the smoke mage said worrying about the blonde haired teen. Still within the cabin lies an old greyed haired man. He worried about Anya as she exclaimed the ice queen's name being everything her fault. Toshiro assisted Anya inside the house as he dismissed the smoke shield he used outside. The old greyed haired man soon informed the two about their village, about how the flame is their essence. They cursed by the fire and are getting weaker and couldn't even protect the flame.

"Do you have any idea who this Ice Queen is? When did she appear in this place and the reason she is doing this?" the smoke mage wondered about this and decided to ask the old man. This may be the best time to asked these things as they didn't got any much details about the mission. The more information they have, the high chance they could succeed in this mission.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
After surviving the shards that came towards them upon entering the village, they entered the village. Reggie told Anya to lead them but of course, she pulled Toshiro with her and made the blonde wizard walked behind them. She rolled her eyes and wished this mission will soon end so they can come back to their usual weekend getaway again. Soon, she'll have to imposed some sort of ownership on her boyfriend. But she had to do it without being utterly rude to Anya. Reggie inhaled deeply and exhaled. She reminded herself not to let Anya get into her nerves. And she had to trust Toshiro on this. She knew him well and he was just being kind to her.

They reached the house of the chieftain as Reggie listened to Toshiro's queries to Anya, which she replied to nicely. So she was really being rude after all. Wait till I got the chance to kick her ass, accidentally. Reggie thought to herself and giggled a bit at the sound of her plan.

She's not like this. Thinking about hurting someone. But it seemed that this girl did really get on her nerves. Maybe because she was really jealous right now. She had felt jealousy to some girls she met, especially when they're a bit close to Toshiro. But not with this one. She just met him and he barely even know her.

But her jealousy got replaced by worry as soon as she saw Anya collapsing while opening the door to the chieftain. "Oh my! what happened?" She asked as Toshiro helped Anya stood up and brought her inside the house. The chieftain met them and told them about the ice witch.

"So your lives are bound to the sacred flame." Reggie said as she wondered where the flame is. The old man mentioned it was in the heart of the village. And that they're growing weaker so they can't protect it.

"Why would she do that? What benefit could she get if she extinguished the fire?" Reggie asked as she was still clueless why the witch would do such terrible thing. "Whatever she is up to, we are here already. We will protect the village." She said sincerely and felt guilty for thinking about hurting Anya. The girl has been hurt already and yet Reggie became selfish for wanting to hurt her just because she was stealing Toshiro away from her.

"She's been terrorizing the village. There must be an attack pattern. And some of you might know her lair. It should not be that far from here." Reggie told the chieftain as she turned to him.
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