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Just A Place For Ideas; Workshop for Stuff
Topic Started: Feb 21 2017, 07:43 PM (3,688 Views)
Reya Starlyght
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Verba volant, scripta manent.

Account Name: Reya Starlyght

Posted ImagePosted Image
Theme ITheme IITheme IIITheme IV
Name: Leonidas AglaecaNickname/Alias: Leo; Abbadon
Age: 434; appears to be 14Gender: Male
Height: 5' or 153 centimetersWeight: 110 pounds or 50 kilograms
Race: Half-DemonBirthday: November 1st
Guild: Grimoire HeartClass: D
Affiliation: DarkDialogue: #9D0000 bolded

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Physical Description]Barring the odd days of unusual sentiment or occasion, Leonidas's standard appearance is that of an informal nature. A casual gait, a relaxed posture, and a haphazordous hint of a smile; all tell tale signs of amusement and not much else. His rather lengthy flaxen mop of hair further compliments this, a somewhat unruly mess of strands crisscrossing across his face, shadowing his ears, and sticking out in all sorts of manners, along with his sore lack of height. All these subjects considered, it would not be hard for one to assume Leonidas looks like a fairly normal young teenager, even with his somewhat broad shoulders and a slightly longer face and defined jawline than what would be considered average.

On a second glance however, particularly at his visage, one would see a few peculiar, and to some disturbing, traits. Perhaps most prominent in the category of inhuman would be the blonde's deep crimson eyes, a reflection of anguish, malevolence, and cusory absence present in them. Plaguing the right side of his face is another oddity, a dark hued marking that while appearing to be a tattoo upon further investigation one would notice that it is perfectly smooth to the rest of his complexation. One might assume that it is a birthmark of sort, albeit more than a bit too dark considering his medium pale skin tone, and although this would be closer to the truth the somewhat ominous shape of said mark is anything but a coincidence. A jagged crescent with an oddly curved sphere in the arc along with two smaller shapes to the left placed on his forehead and a line tracing down below his right eye for a trait is a bit too elaborate to be humanly natural, after all.

In terms of other physical marrings, there is nothing to speak of. As a matter of fact, despite the countless battles Leonidas has fought in his long winded past, not a single one has left a permanent scar, although he has been injured and in some cases tortured time and time again. What did result is still evident today, a toned frame contrasting his laid back posture and actions. Indeed, in the occurance of combat, such a demeanor disappears, replaced by an attentive poise of readiness, and in many cases infatuation. Similarly, when forced to dwell on subjects, or memories, that cause extreme discomfort, Leonidas's body language switches in its entirety, typically to a shaking of some degree, or the rare sight of complete stillness. The glimpse of tears, however, is without a doubt the scarcest form of any of his usually mild expressions.[/tab][tab=Clothing]Similar to his typical poise, Leonidas's everyday style of clothing could be described as unceremonious, or perhaps even leaning towards the spectrum of laziness. Indeed, the blonde is usually outfitted in a white lace-up dress shirt along with plain black pants and work boots of a matching hue, and while this might seem like a decent enough choice of attire at first, it's the state of such clothing that often leads to many assumptions. Even though as of late he has taken more heed to other's thoughts, simply because appearing to be a boy with not enough money to afford not worn, torn, or stained garments is not the best way to present oneself, Leonidas is quite forgetful when it comes to the matter in its entirety. As a matter of fact, to even see him in different clothing is rare, for excluding formal situations or in the case that he's wearing armor there is usually no need. Even in an ornate situation his style of dress remains consistent, a more standard white dress shirt paired with a black waistcoat and red tie, along with black dress pants and shoes. Anything else Leonidas will probably have to be persuaded, or forced, into.[/tab][tab=Accessories]Around his waist Leonidas sports a somewhat thick medium gray cloth belt with a simple golden buckle. On the left side of said belt is a loop designed for the placement of a sword and sheath securely, although the mechanism is loose enough that if a scabbard is placed within it can be removed quickly in a combat situation. It should be noted that Calamitas and it's respective sheath always occupy this loop unless Leonidas is in an area where a weapon would appear to be extremely out of place or perhaps not even allowed.[/tab][tab=Extra]Aside from the previously mentioned marking on his face, it is important to consider that Leonidas's blood is a fair degree darker then that of a human's. Of lesser importance is that while Leonidas's guild mark is technically located in the middle of his upper left arm, it is impossible to perceive due to the fact that the black ink faded soon after it was applied because of the way the blonde's body heals.[/tab][tab=Gallery]
Picture I
Picture II
Picture III
Picture IV

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Personality]"If you master the game of deception you become the deceived."

If there is a lie in the world, chances are Leonidas has told it. The man is a natural when it comes to the subject, not just in his words but also in his actions. A smile as a greeting, a frown in disapproval of a socially perceived contrary statement, he has learned to play the cards of human decency. Of course, Leonidas does not feign such without reason, knowing that people tend to be a lot more lenient in their words when they feel comfortable as opposed to threatened, not to mention relative anonymity is not a luxury he can afford to pass up on. A keen individual might be able to pick up on the cues he purposefully lies below the surface of his speech, however, suggesting there is something more to his persona than a pleasant, and depending on his mood either childish, intrigued, or pensive facade.

The most obvious of his undertones is the hint of arrogance the blonde carries in his words. While it does not come to light much in normal conversation, he tends to be overly criticizing of others' mistakes in an almost snarky matter, that although is sometimes necessary can seem overbearing. However, whilst he can and does get annoyed over mishaps, the truth is that he is only does so in a futile attempt to deny his own flaws, that of which there are many. Even if he does not voice his observations publicly, they are still present, and play a fair bit into his judgement of others' general character. In the end, however, only an extremely select few things go farther than to simply aggravate him, he merely has a relatively cold demeanor to begin with.

Beneath what appears to be a shell of apathy is a more raw emotion that Leonidas possesses, one that, although in comparison to earlier in his life has dulled, is very nearly the cornerstone of his being. Indeed he has a predisposition to violence, a strong one at that, but his actions regarding the matter are rarely without a degree of tact. Alas, such was once not the case, and there are still times when his sanity slips into nothingness, usually triggered by either fear or rage. Both sentiments are seldom present in his demeanor in the first place, and tend to be instigated not by traditional means but by past memories and what could be considered selective selflessness.

Discriminatory for the matter is that Leonidas only truly cares about a single individual, or at least to the point in which he would do anything, and everything, for her. Without Eris, his capability for empathy has been severely diminished, but despite that he does find himself agreeable with a small portion of the world's citizens. Many times those he associates himself with don't even have a similar viewpoint on matters, in fact he's one that tends to actually get along better with unalike people. In the department of trust his is slow to come, however, if ever. As for those he is familiar with, Leonidas appears to be far more stable, not changing thoughts and facades at a whim. Kind, even, if one happens to be particularly close.

However for all the distractions he engages in, most commonly in the form of socialization or observation, there are simply times when he cannot shake off his past and pretend to be an innocent man. The worst memories haunt, warn, elude to a path he never wants to follow again, and the best, they are sweet, blissful torture. Obscured beneath everything is nothing but a soul twisted, broken, and ultimately torn apart by fate.[/tab][tab=Likes]

  • Violence
  • Alcohol
  • Black coffee
  • Weapons
  • Cold weather
  • Sunsets
  • Night time
  • Eris

  • Government
  • Tessera
  • Holy magic
  • People who think he's underaged
  • Nosy people
  • People who try to hurt Eris

  • Claustrophobic
  • Insomniac

Posted Image[tabs=History][tab=Chapter I]"The truth is nothing but a sign of utter desperation, of an invisible wall torn to shreds whether it be in moments, years, or centuries."

400 years ago Fiore was a much different nation, its bias and prejudice so plainly displayed as a result of war, conflict, and strife. The far northern stretch of the kingdom was relatively untouched by such dogma, however, a different fear ruling the Glacial Flats. It was neither political nor racial, simply a quest for survival and content. For two, it stood as a place to escape the cruel reality of life, to pursue the limited time they had together in love. They were Leonidas's parents, his mother human, his father of the 33 lines, or more often presumed to be a demon. The truth was not such, if anything the race's history dwelled in a much bloodier conflict than any demon's, but nonetheless they accepted the title. That being said, the boy was brought up on vague tales and knowledge alike, being very close to his direct family as they were the only ones he truly knew at such a time.

Over the course of his childhood, there were indistinct prophecies of the shadows to come, most obviously portrayed by Leonidas's halt in aging early in his teenage years and development of a magical aptitude soon thereafter. While his father took it upon himself to train his son, his mother held concern knowing full well the once violent tendencies of her husband. Alas such was not evident even as Leonidas was taught the way of the sword, inevitably forging his own, and yet Alastair's temperament started to turn to something much worse, that of unease and to a degree dread. The boy's mother had begun to grow old, something that the entire family had noticed, but Leonidas's father in particular was terrified. It would only be many years later that he would truly comprehend the emotion, but he didn't wish to see the man's demise. Three decades into his life, however, it all came crashing down.

Leonidas had found his mother in the midst of a snowstorm about a week prior, brutally frozen to death as a result of a fall that led to her end. He waited in the bitter wind for an indefinite stretch of time, at first not processing what fate had thrown, wanting to believe that it was all just a mistake. The reality slowly dawned on him, however, his silent yet tearful grief morphing into terror. What would his father do? Although he had never been callous or cold to either of them, Leonidas knew the unspeakable actions he was capable of. And yet, when he finally did come, it was as if he had already known of her passing. Alastair seemed unusually impassive, but one look into his eyes told all. He took his son home, and the next day they buried their loved one on top of the cliff where she would always watch the flats below.

After that, he assumed life would return to as normal as it could be. It seemed, for a while, that it would. A week after his mother's death, however, Leonidas's father and himself were forced to visit the nearby village for supplies. Looking back on it, he knew something was wrong, for Alastair said not a single word on the journey there. He shouldn't have come, but nonetheless he did. A festival was being held throughout the settlement, and although his father managed to block out the pain of seeing joyous faces in his time of despair for the majority of the day, as night fell so too did the situation shift. Leonidas knew what he was about to do, and yet all he could muster were a few meager sentences as darkness consumed him, strung together no better than the madness that had overtaken his father. "It's alright, Da. You're fine. You're perfectly normal. You're fine."

He was anything but. The man tore the innocent town to pieces, murdering its people along with it. All the while, Leonidas watched, paralyzed with horror more than any of the inhabitants. Everything was wrong, so desperately, insanely wrong. That man couldn't have been the one he had known, had looked up to, his entire life. And yet he was. "If I ever loose control of myself, you have to kill me, Leonidas. There is no exception. When that time comes, do not be afraid, for I tell you the instant I loose control is the instant I die. There is no going back from that," he had once said. Only then did Leonidas recognize what it truly meant.

He drew his sword, knowing that he would probably die by doing so. And yet, Alastair didn't retaliate in the way he had expected, countering feebly with his own steel. At that moment, the reluctance in Leonidas's mind dissolved, hardening into grim determination and the confirmation to the words he had heard when he had just a child. The man he had known wouldn't have left himself open so broadly, and for that his blade plunged true, straight into his father's heart.

Surrounded by the desolation of the civilization was he, more alone than he had ever been. He stayed until dawn broke, silent and vigilant as if there was anyone that could attack. Below the facade was a world turned on its head, confusion, sorrow, and anguish plaguing his decisions. His home, the only place he had ever known, had nothing for him now, so upon burying his father beside his mother Leonidas departed the Glacial Flats with nothing but memories and a tainted sword.[/tab][tab=Chapter II]He moved from city to city, not staying anywhere for long. There was no purpose behind Leonidas's life at that point, nothing to look forward to and nothing to look behind on. When people saw him, they naturally turned the other cheek, yet Leonidas couldn't blame them. After all, if he was normal he wouldn't want to associate with a 'teenager' that carried around a sword and was travelling alone. That wasn't the case with a certain person in Tessera, however. Leonidas had been minding his own business in one of the lower levels of the city, one which is now practically lost to all, when a pickpocket tried to steal something of Leonidas's. Unfortunately the thief had picked the wrong man to steal from, and was easily thwarted, yet the silver capsule that the pickpocket had tried to steal wasn't even Leonidas's to begin with. Curious about it, he opened the container and pulled out a recently written note. Whoever owned the capsule clearly wanted to meet Leonidas, because the note was without a doubt an attention grabber.

"6483 Frost Street. I know about your father."

Having nothing else to do, Leonidas decided to go to the address written, figuring that it really couldn't do any harm in meeting this person that apparently knew about his father. After all, Leonidas knew little to nothing about the man himself. After a bit of asking around, he found where the address was, on a level even lower than previously mentioned in an old brick building. Surprisingly, the place looked pretty well kept albeit rather gloomy. Leonidas knocked, and the door swung open to reveal something he was not expecting, a woman that looked very similar in appearance to his father. He asked who she was, yet the woman gave no response, simply inviting Leonidas into the old building, which on the inside didn't look nearly as old as it should have.

The woman sat down with him, never once giving away her identity, and yet she told Leonidas all the things his father never had time to tell them. Most notably, a warning, and a name. The warning, to hide his true identity as a half-demon to all, and the name, no the title, Abaddon, one that had once belonged to Leonidas's father, but was now his for the taking. The knights came not too long after the woman had disclosed this, taking both of them captive not because they had done anything wrong, but because of the fact that they were monsters in the kingdom's eyes. After being sent off to prison, Leonidas never saw that woman again, yet there was no doubt in his mind what her identity was.

Leonidas spent nearly 10 years in prison, put in solitary confinement that he did not really deserve. Each passing day he grew to resent the kingdom more and more, and eventually started to hate humans altogether, even though they were technically his own race. Eventually Leonidas couldn't take it any longer and broke out of the prison, killing who knows how many men in the process. This act made him a wanted man, but Leonidas didn't care. All he wanted more than anything was to be free of the chains that held him down and to go back to the days when all was good with life. He searched for years and years, trying to find a way to regain his happiness, yet finally he realized there was no way to change history. He was all alone in the world, without a meaning to his life. All there was in Leonidas was pure and adulterated hatred, one that made him do unspeakable actions just to sooth the pain that was his broken state of mind.[/tab][tab=Chapter III]That is until he got a wake-up call.

It was about 200 years ago that Leonidas realized what he had truly done. His hands were stained in blood, no, he was practically drowning in it. Everywhere he went, as soon as people identified who he really was, they steered clear. People were constantly after his head, so much so that Leonidas could barely sleep at night out of fear. Yet, it wasn't fear that he would be killed, no. It was that fateful day when he wound up in prison again that he realized he was terrified of himself. Only 5 years passed in that sentence before he was broken out by a girl that looked around the same age as Leonidas looked. She quickly introduced herself as Eris, a fellow half-demon.

It was her that drove Leonidas away from insanity. She took him to a place far away from the prison and most civilizations in general, and then explained him that she had met the woman that had told Leonidas about his father. Eris told him that the woman wanted her to find him. Leonidas couldn't understand why the woman would want Eris to find him out of all people, but he went along with what she was doing, deciding that having someone to talk to and travel with would be better than setting off on his own again.

Much like Leonidas, Eris had little to no purpose to her life now that she had done the woman's bidding and found him. They explored the depths of Fiore together, braving the toughest and in some cases the most haunted places in the country, but still it felt like they were wandering in a deep pit with no light and no company except each other. However, over time they realized that having each other was enough. Between Leonidas and Eris started to grow an emotion unlike any other, love. A beautiful thing to say the least, yet the two were blissfully unaware of what was coming on the very distant horizon.

They spent nearly two centuries together, time that seemed to go by all too fast in their eyes, and also time that Leonidas hadn't spent fighting others, leaving his former strength behind. The kingdom had changed much in that time, and had forgotten about Leonidas all together. In that time he and Eris had been able to finally realize what living without fear was about. Leonidas got his one wish, happiness, and Eris had a purpose in her life. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Tessera was yet again the place where everything changed. Leonidas and Eris were stopping in the city for a while in preparation to go on their biggest quest yet, finding Astrea the so called Queen of Dragons. It was just after when she had emerged from the Grand City Of Winds, and the couple had thought it fun to try and find her. However, they never got the chance. On one of the lowest levels of the city, they were confronted by a lone man, one who looked about 40. He walked up to them, and spoke to Leonidas.

"I will make you pay, Leonidas Aglaeca."

Leonidas drew his sword, knowing that the man intended to do harm. He attacked the man, yet it was to no avail. Upon contact, Leonidas dropped his sword as pain seared into his hands and up his arms. The man then attacked, yet it wasn't directed towards Leonidas.

"Eris.... no...."

He couldn't close his eyes. In a flash of light, she was gone. No, not gone. Leonidas watched as the person he loved the most, along with the majority of his magic, was sealed inside the very sword that he had carried around for so long. Out of rage, Leonidas attacked the man, killing him on the spot. But on that dead corpse was a smile, one that would torment Leonidas every day and night until he managed to find a way to break the seal that separated him from Eris. So this was the payment for his sins. What a horrible price it was.[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Weapons]Name: Calamitas
Class: S
Description: "Malifatius lithanos cynnraden...."
A considerably old blade, its history spanning four centuries, many may think Calamitas as only fit for a museum, due to both its bloody past and old design, but the truth is far from that. A capable instrument of death, the sword was forged in the frigid Glacial Flats, magic imbued in it since creation. However, in recent years, this magic has become partially inaccessible, although Calamitas remains an incredibly durable blade. The meaning of its name alone hints toward a darker intent, calamity.

The weapon is a 39"-99 centimeter-bastard sword with a 32"-81 centimeter-blade and a 7"-18 centimeter-hilt. Overall, it weighs 1 kilogram. The hilt is matte black with a rather simple pommel that is shaped to be an extension of the handle, and the crossguard consists of a straight black piece along with two hoops on either side of the blade. The blade itself is a sleek tempered steel containing a carving on one side of the blade near the hilt. It is shaped in the resemblance of a jagged, three fourths arc with a rugged circle in the middle, a crude line extending for a small distance from the arc. A fuller extends outward from the symbol, aiding in both lightening the weight of the sword and balancing it.

Leonidas has kept the engraving on the blade under white wraps for many years, as it has a tendency to glow an eerie crimson. Much to his dismay, however, the light has taken on a violet hue in recent time as a result of Eris being sealed inside Calamitas.

Effect/Function: Acts as a S-class sword, capable of harming and potentially killing opponents with lower class or no armor. Calamitas is most effective in slashing and cutting, although it can stab opponents.
Leohtis - Rank 8
Reference Image

Name: Throwing Knives
Class: B
Description: A set of 10 small knives, each about 4"-10 centimeters-long. Colored a dull, practical silver, the only traits not ordinary about the daggers are the small, geometric patterns carved on them and their leather wrapped handles just long enough to be positioned for throwing. Each blade weighs slightly less than 100 grams, for a total weight of 1 kilogram including the small, black pouch they are kept in.
Effect/Function: Acts as a set of B-class knives, capable of harming and potentially killing targets with lower class or no armor. When thrown, the knives will travel a maximum of [Power*2 meters] before loosing momentum. They can be used in close combat, although are designed to be propelled.

Name: Sword Sheath
Class: D
Description: A 33"-84 centimeter-long black sword sheath made out of durable wood that weighs a half kilogram.
Effect/Function: Acts as a D-class blunt weapon, capable of bruising an unarmored target and defending against other D-class weapons.

Name: Pocket Knife
Class: D
Description: A 3"-8 centimeter-long black pocket knife that weighs about a quarter kilogram.
Effect/Function: Can be used to cut objects D-class or below. It has little use in true combat, although it is very useful to do things such as cutting ropes or carving a message into wood.[/tab][tab=Armor]Name: Enmity
Class: A
Description: A set of magically reinforced black leather armor consisting of many pieces, weighing a total of about 6 kilograms. It offers almost full protection to major target areas, consisting of sets of gauntlets, vambraces, pauldrons, boots, and upper leg coverage. These pieces are styled in a layered fashion, akin to large scales, with extra armor present on the elbows, knees, and wrists, along with an upward jutting accent on both pauldrons. The central front and back plates of the set are styled similar to the rest of the armor, the pieces connected at the shoulder and featuring a portion of leather to protect the back and sides of the neck. Both the front and back plate end in a somewhat gradual taper, the back plate melding into a more decorative appendage with a thin black blade attached to the end of it. Likewise, the armor protecting the hips also has this feature.
Effect/Function: Acts as A-class armor, capable of mitigating moderate and below blows and weakening strong and very strong ones. Any attack more powerful than this will not be affected. It can withstand up to rank 8 magical attacks.
Distortion - Rank 7
Restoration - Rank 5
Reference Image

Name: Clothing
Class: B
Description: Leonidas's clothing is made out of a sturdy material that helps deflect blows. It weighs about a half a kilogram. The set consists of a shirt, pants, and a pair of shoes.
Effect/Function: Aside from being clothing with the durability of B-class armor, able to fend against techniques of rank 6 and below and partially absorbing moderate and strong strikes, it also has the ability to requip the items Leonidas has once per post.[/tab][tab=Other]Name: Sunglasses
Class: B
Description: A pair of dark gray wayfarer sunglasses that are well-made, fit well, and rarely fall off of your face when worn. As any pair of sunglasses would, this pair protects your eyes from sunlight. However, the protective effect is practically inconsequential when it comes to light that is magical in origin.
Effect/Function: These sunglasses are capable of firing a beam of dark gray hued light-elemental magic that is capable of dealing serious damage, causing serious blunt force and heat-based damage. This effect has a 2 post cooldown.

Name: Demonic Blood
Class: C
Description: Due to his heritage, Leonidas's blood is considerably different than a normal person's. Not only is it darker in color, but it's properties are also slightly different.
Effect/Function: While it does nothing in combat, Leonidas's blood causes all his wounds to heal without scarring. This does not affect the rate at which he heals, simply an aesthetic difference. Things like alcohol and caffeine also take longer and need higher than average doses to have an effect on Leonidas, although any actual poison would simply act as it normally would.

Name: Pen
Class: D
Description: A 4"-10 centimeter-long black pen that writes in dark red ink. It weighs about 125 grams.
Effect/Function: Literally just a pen. It writes stuff.[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image
Power: 25Endurance: 30Toughness: 50
Speed: 25Accuracy: 15Magic: 20

Total Stat Points: 165
Stat Points Earned: 0/110
Arc Points Earned: 0/7
Jewels Earned: 1,240,000/41,750,000 [33,700,000]

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Threads]A Fine Evening 3 SP, 640,000 Jewels
Midnight Snacking 2 SP, 550,000 Jewels
After The Hargeon Storm 2 SP, 200,000 Jewels
Dangerously Delicious! 3 SP, 640,000 Jewels
Fragmented Memories 2 SP, 400,000 Jewels
Bitter Nostalgia 30,000 Jewels
Fishing Trip 3 SP, 750,000 Jewels
Shades Of Vermillion 40,000 Jewels
Into The Woods 120,000 Jewels
Lowered Expectations // Higher Groundings 190,000 Jewels
Look! Rides! 160,000 Jewels
Summer Fun Time?! 130,000 Jewels
Afternoon Bliss 1 SP, 220,000 Jewels
Die Straßen hätten Aufgegeben werden Können 1 SP, 220,000 Jewels
Scarlet Drenched Fantasies 4 SP, 840,000 Jewels
When We Question Ourselves... 80,000 Jewels
Shadowed Sand 2 SP, 350,000 Jewels
Falling Up From Hell 1 SP, 190,000 Jewels
A Grand Display 80,000 Jewels
Restless Relaxation 80,000 Jewels[/tab][tab=Arcs][Arc] Memories And An Old Friend[/tab][tab=Missions]X[/tab][tab=Events]March Event 2017 5 SP, 1,000,000 Jewels
April Side Event! 2017 8 SP
Mother's Day Letters 2017 6 SP, 1,200,000 Jewels
Writing Prompt 2017 3 SP, 600,000 Jewels
Fun In The Sun Achievements 2017 18 SP, 2,700,000 Jewels
Fun In The Sun Group Bonus 2017 Sunglasses, 3 AP, 8 SP, 1,320,000 Jewels
FTG 8th Birthday Appreciation 10 SP, 5,500,000 Jewels
Pick A Prize~ 2017 1,100,000 Jewels
FTG Questionnaire 2017 11 SP, 2,420,000 Jewels
Holiday Event 2017 11,000,000 Jewels
New Year's Resolutions 2018 5 SP, 1,100,000 Jewels
Guild Enchanter Update Event 2018 6 SP, 1,440,000 Jewels
Valentine's Event 2018 4 AP, 3 SP[/tab][tab=Purchases]Demonic Blood 500,000 Jewels subtracted
April 2017 Single TP Purchase 600,000 Jewels subtracted
Calamitas Upgrade 2,000,000 Jewels subtracted
June 2017 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted
Calamitas Upgrade 5,600,000 Jewels subtracted
November 2017 Single TP Purchase 600,000 Jewels subtracted
Clothing 1 AP subtracted
Calamitas Upgrade 8,800,000 Jewels subtracted
December 2017 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted
Calamitas Upgrade 13,200,000 Jewels subtracted
January 2018 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted
Throwing Knives 800,000 Jewels subtracted
Enmity 2 AP subtracted
Calamitas Upgrade 3,600,000 Jewels subtracted
February 2018 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted
Enmity Upgrade 4 AP subtracted[/tab]
[tab=Other]Character Creation 100,000 Jewels
Jewel Transfer: Jaxus to Leonidas 3,000,000 Jewels
Jewel Transfer: Jaxus to Leonidas II 2,500,000 Jewels[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Knowledge]It should come to no surprise that Leonidas is very knowledgeable about the world, having lived for so long. He knows a lot on a whole lot of subjects, although a large part of his memory is dedicated to combat methods. He also knows quite a bit about geography and places in general, and is an expert at hiding from authorities. In general, if you were to ask him a question he would probably know the answer. Leonidas is very good at putting this knowledge to use, however in terms of philosophy and wisdom he usually doesn't have too much to say.[/tab][tab=Armed Combat]Leonidas is pretty much a master, although out of practice, at armed combat, particularly with the one-and-a-half handed sword. He's honed his skill in this weapon over the years, being able to use it well in both one and two hands. Leonidas prefers to use his right hand when he only uses one, but if needed to he can use his sword with his left. In general he practices one handed techniques over two, but he does know when it's best to make use of both hands, such as when he's on defense or is fighting an enemy with a lot of brute force. Occasionally when pressured with multiple weapons attacking him, he will use his sword's sheath to defend. Leonidas also knows how to wield a multitude of other weapons, including firearms, sufficiently, but he never really focused with other weapons all too much.[/tab][tab=Hand-to-Hand Combat]Because Leonidas has his sword on him at almost all times, he's not nearly as good at hand-to-hand combat, but he still does have 400 years of experience under his belt, and is nothing to scoff at when it comes to the matter. Leonidas is a lot smaller than most of his opponents, and he uses this to his utmost advantage, usually striking fast and then getting out of the way. He found out that he wins a lot more when he uses this method as people will often underestimate him, but that isn't to say that Leonidas doesn't like drawn out fights, in fact they're actually his favorite.[/tab][tab=Weather Resistant]Having grown up on the Glacial Flats, Leonidas really doesn't mind the cold at all. If it's anywhere above freezing, he'll usually just wear his normal clothes, and if it is below freezing, Leonidas will wear a light jacket and not much else, unless of course it's an extreme temperature. In addition to this Leonidas also isn't all too bothered by heat, probably because of his heritage. He typical won't break much of a sweat until it's at least 100°F out, and can survive much higher temperatures.[/tab][/tabs]
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Magic Name: Sweorcan Kaos [Darkened Chaos]Magic Type: Demonic Elemental Manipulation - Darkness
Tier of Magic: Tier 1Magic Rank: 3
A darker twist on elemental manipulation is one way someone could describe the magic known as Sweorcan Kaos. An incredibly destruction demonic power is a way someone else might describe it. Sweorcan Kaos can take many forms, and although it's most powerful form is it's offensive techniques, it can also defend, buff, and heal. However, the latter two only affect the wielder of this dark magic. This magic can also imbue darkness into nonliving things, such as a weapon, to make it more powerful, and the caster can transform into their element. Sweorcan Kaos's caster can either manipulate the darkness around them or create it using their own two hands, however the latter isn't all too powerful unless the person creating darkness has that same element somewhere in their heart. After the majority of Leonidas's magic was sealed away, Sweorcan Kaos became a much less powerful force, especially in terms of offense, but there is no doubt this magic as old as it's user will someday return to it's former glory.

Technique Points: 24/24 [14 earned + 10 bought]
[tabs][tab=Offensive Techniques]Staelitho - Rank 3
Type: Offensive
Range: Touch
Effect: Over contact, which can include indirect through weapons and armor, the caster can siphon the inner darkness out of a single chosen target. While this technique does no direct damage or has other effects currently, the siphoned energy will empower the caster's next offensive spell, allowing it to deal additional light damage on top of the affected technique's normal value. This technique has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Nachtrauren Syngian: Asundru - Rank 3
Type: Offensive
Range: Melee
Effect: Imbues an object the caster is holding with coruscating darkness, giving the item the ability to deal additional light damage correlative to the weapon type to targets upon contact. At this rank, the technique cannot decipher friend from foe, dealing damage to all that touch the imbued item except the caster. The maximum size of an object that darkness can be injected into at this rank is 5 meters, two objects can be affected if they do not exceed this, and the cooldown of this technique will automatically ensue after a post if the caster looses contact with the item. Duration is 3 posts, cooldown is 3.

Eretheos - Rank 3
Type: Offensive
Range: 10 meters
Effect: Shatters the ground with darkness, dealing light slicing damage to all caught within a 75° angle, with a length and height of 15 meters, of where the spell was cast. To perform this technique, the caster must either have a hand touching the ground, be holding a weapon that is touching the ground, or be less then 10 meters away from an item under the effects of a Nachtrauren Syngian technique that is touching the ground. In any three of these cases, the technique is cast at the position of the conduit. Cooldown is 3 posts.
[/tab][tab=Defensive Techniques]X[/tab][tab=Supportive Techniques]Mykas - Rank 3
Type: Passive
Range: Personal
Effect: This technique always effects the caster, allowing them to see up to 15 meters away in pitch-black darkness and increasing their overall night vision. It also allows them to be able to vaguely sense the presences of living things within 15 meters of them, although this is not precise enough for the caster to count things such as the amount of people in a crowded room. Any magical stealth or concealment technique ranked higher than this one will have its effects unhindered.

Adorior - Rank 3
Type: Supportive
Range: Personal
Effect: Forms demonic wings of darkness, allowing the caster to fly 5 meters off the ground at a speed of -5 to their base, at a minimum speed of 10. The caster can also carry up to 15 kilograms of weight if their power allows it. Duration is 3 posts, cooldown is 3.

Melirar - Rank 3
Type: Supportive
Range: Personal
Effect: Forms demonic horns of darkness on the caster's head, buffing their power by 8 points, endurance by 7 points, toughness by 4 points, and speed by 3 points. This buff lasts for 2 posts, and has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Leigheas - Rank 3
Type: Supportive
Range: Personal
Effect: Heals the caster with darkness, taking two turns to fully recover a light injury. The caster can still move around while the injury is being healed, unless it's serious enough where the person wouldn't have been able to move in the first place. Duration is 2 posts, cooldown is 4.

Tirah - Rank 3
Type: Supportive
Range: 1 meter
Effect: Teleports the caster up to 5 meters away from their current location at a reaction speed of 15. Momentum can either be stopped or continued, the caster can orient themselves during the technique, and upon arrival to their destination they do not need to reorient themselves to their surroundings. However, in order for this spell to be cast line of sight is required, and the caster has to use a form of darkness, whether natural shadows, something of a magical effect, or anything else similar, to teleport. Cooldown is 4 posts.
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Name: Eris SigalNickname/Alias: Eri
Age: 399; appears to be 15Gender: Female
Height: 5' or 153 centimetersWeight: 100 pounds or 45 kilograms
Race: Half-DemonBirthday: January 11th
Class: BOwner SO: Leonidas Aglaeca
Affiliation: Neutral [Dark]Dialogue: #D102FF bolded

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Physical Description]

Not in depth: In her true form, Eris has pale skin, along with violet eyes, black hair, and a set of grayish black curved horns in place of where ears would normally be located. Her face has a somewhat faded jagged scar over her left eye. In general, Eris has a very athletic build, with longer than average legs and a rather thin torso. Eris also has the ability to take on a more human form, in which her horns are replaced with human ears, all of her skin is a pale color, and her hair becomes a medium brown color. However, even in this form her eyes stay a brilliant purple color.[/tab][tab=Clothing]Usually, Eris will wear a sleeveless black crop top, along with rather tight black pants and gray work boots. Unlike Leonidas, she likes to change her clothes quite often, and will wear a myriad of different styles, some of her favorite being either sundresses or sweatshirts, depending on her mood and the occasion.[/tab][tab=Accessories]In her demonic form she has a metal loop on her left horn, and it translates to a small hoop earring in her human form.[/tab][tab=Extra]X.[/tab][tab=Gallery]
Picture I
Picture II
Picture III

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Personality]They say opposites attract, and in some cases this is entirely true for the relationship between Eris and Leonidas. In others, the two really aren't so different.

Eris is someone who can see the beauty of life, even the painful parts, and that trait is easily evident in her everyday demeanor. She is a highly observant individual, capable of determining the aspects of different people in not much time at all. Few people are able to elude her gaze, Leonidas being one of the few, which is one of the reasons why she loves him so much. Eris, unlike most others, is also someone who is capable of seeing the light in even the most broken people, but she also understands that people's attitudes towards things are entirely dependent on their personal experiences. Because of these traits, Eris is especially good at comforting others, although it's quite rare for her to actually use this ability. This is because in general she's not very kind towards those she doesn't know, although there is love in her heart, not only for Leonidas but also for her estranged brother Aaron. The siblings have a bit of a love/hate relationship, however.

She's not too outspoken in public, learning how to blend in rather well after years of hiding. However, much like Leonidas she's a completely different person in private. Humorous and witty, Eris attracts a lot of people, but she's actually not too fond of being the center of attention. Most people tend to simply amuse her, as chances are if you meet her she's see someone else just like you, and it can be in more ways than one. This fact is often one that causes Eris to distance herself from many people she knows, although she also does that to hide the facts of her identity. In general, Eris really just isn't the type of person that would go around trusting just anyone.

Eris doesn't like unnecessary violence, preferring to settle things the peaceful way, but when there's no other option but to fight, she's reluctantly willing to do so, although she dislikes it and will usually require quite a bit of persuasion to do so. Naturally, her and Leonidas clash on the subject, but in a way they also counterbalance each other, her convincing him when it's time to back down, and him telling her when to stand firm. One of the things Eris does love is proving people wrong, which naturally she is rather good at, seeing that her knowledge in general is much more broad than the normal person's. Eris can also be rather brazen towards those she is close to, stating the blatant truth about situations and people, usually at their very face. However, in the case of the latter it's almost never to actually harm the person, just make them realize the truth about themselves.

Eris doesn't take any sort of pride in her heritage, preferring it even more than Leonidas if people don't know. Her only wish back before she met him was to be completely human, and while that's changed now that Eris has someone she's living for, she still doesn't like the idea of being something that is supposed to be inherently wicked. In fact, above all else that is what terrifies her, a fear that is a shared emotion between Eris and Leonidas.
[/tab][tab=Likes]Predicting people's actions
Spring time
Warm weather
Most animals
Also Aaron[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image[tabs=History][tab=Chapter I]X[/tab][tab=Chapter II]X[/tab][tab=Chapter III]X[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image[tabs][tab=Weapons]Name: Sword
Class: C

Name: Horns
Class: C
Effect/Function:[/tab][tab=Armor]Name: Clothing
Class: C
Effect/Function:[/tab][tab=Other]Name: Earring
Class: C

Posted Image
Power: 20Endurance: 20Toughness: 20
Speed: 20Accuracy: 20Magic: 20

Total SP: 120 [45 +75 atm]

Posted Image[tabs][tab=x]x[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image
Posted Image
Magic Name: Smykhein Ator [Smoldering Virus]Magic Type: Demonic Elemental Manipulation - Smog
Tier of Magic: Tier 1Magic Rank: X
Technique Notes: Poison Singed Blossoms: [insert specialization] is potential subset?
Technique Points: 0/18
[tabs][tab=Offensive Techniques]X[/tab][tab=Defensive Techniques]X[/tab][tab=Supportive Techniques]X[/tab][/tabs]
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Leonidas's Later Techniques

Cain's Later Techniques


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Item Template

Leonidas's Later Items

Camilla's Later Items

Cain's Later Items

Random/Scrapped/Just weird stuff
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Posted Image

"Let me spin you a tale. Harmless, I can assure you not."

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

"Another time, another world, another reality. A name now lost to the depths of history and simply referred to as XXXIII, or 33. It is there that this tale begins, of a race unnamed from their very existence, known only by their familial names, or collectively titled the 33 lines. Each line, although the same in physiology, held drastically different viewpoints about their world and each other. For thousands of years, the families held their differences but lived in relative peace, united by the horrifically common goal of purging all other sentient races, in which their were many, from their plane of reality. Eventually, they prevailed, resulting in a mostly bloodthirsty race with no enemies left to fight.

And thus, they turned on each other.

Beings so capable of mass destruction, so accustomed and practiced in it, waging war against each other was naught short of a disaster. There was no headway, no victor, nothing but annihilation and desolation every place a battle was fought. Slowly yet surely, the very fabric of their realm was being torn apart, disintegrating into unrecognizable and useless pieces. The 33 lines did not disappear with them, however.

There were one sole reason how they had manage to drive all their fellow inhibitors of XXXIII to extinction. The first, not necessarily overarching, was their lust for ruination. The second was their sheer willpower to survive. For while it required a dark sense of courage to start a war, to see it through one had to possess determination of unquantifiable amounts. It was because of this trait that the 33 lines managed to call a truce, even for a split second in the name of survival, and jump ship on their world.

World after world they traveled to, yet each was in a state much like their own. Upon the arrival in Earthland, 33 lines were diminished to 29. The four who sacrificed their hope would forever be immortalized in a crude poem entitled 'The Legend Of The Four Lost', the sole history of the 33 lines accessible to anyone, although obscure to anyone who did not know the full story.

It went a little like this:

There were once Four so noble in deed,
To sacrifice everything for their bleeding brothers' needs.
Chalice, Stone, Spear, and the Warrior's Pride,
Banished to the ever-gaping Skies.

The Oak couldn't stop his want for Bloodlust,
And the Sun, she could not Tame him,
Balance upset of a World torn Asunder,
War for All, and Peace for None.

To Stay was to Die
And to Flee was to Lose,
All that Held dear
To the Lines' crumbling Values.

And for that the Choice
Navigated Fate and Valor,
For they Vowed it not the End,
But a New Beginning.

Remember this Well,
Those Who have not Fought,
XXXIII was our Homeland,
With not a Single Afterthought.

With the loss, the war between the lines was abruptly cut short, along with the learning curb of a new world. They were strangers in Earthland, their tongue foreign to all and appearance an oddity. As for what befell them all, even I cannot be certain. There are a few, however, that I like to note."

Expanded Form: ᚪᚷᛚᚫᚳᚪ
Pronunciation: Acgyfulaguaesccenac
Humanized: Aglaeca
Current Family Head: ᛚᛇᚾᛁ
Alive Confirmed Members: ᛚᛇᚾᛁ
Family History: Without a doubt the most callously bloodthirsty line out of all 33, ᚪ would be perhaps the most prominent in terms of the extermination of other races on XXXIII and the war that proceeded were a history book ever to be written. Indeed, from the very start the infernal family was known for one thing, and one thing only, complete and utter decimation of anyone or anything that stiff in their way. Whether it be a helpless child, an elder, or even another member, it did not matter, for life is just that, another element in an endless list of obstacles towards the goal of the highest power. It was ᚪ that began the slaughter, and why would there ever be a need to end it?

When push came to shove and the lines' world started crumbling, ᚪ didn't care in the slightest. There were no sentimental feelings of attachment as they abandoned XXXIII, or if there was it was simply because they would miss, and never again see, the beauty of a ravaged world. In Earthland, everything was different. Humans, they changed everything.

No one descended from the lines could throw aside the fate their ancestors had passed down, and ᚪ was no exception. Before, there had been no one to convict them of their wrongdoings, for all the other lines knew of the past and nature of ᚪ. The people of Earthland, however, did not know. And something about that twisted the code of the bloodiest line. They began to reject their ways, that is until someone came to set them straight.

In a series of power grabs did the familial head shift to a relatively unknown figure, and that was the end of all things. In a murderous rampage, the dark red blood known only to the ᚪ line flooded to no bounds. It is said that only the bringer of the annihilation survived, though only to be caught off guard and killed by his son many years later."

Expanded Form: ᛋᛁᚷᚪᛁ
Pronunciation: Sigelisgyfuacis
Humanized: Sigal
Current Family Head: ᚫᚱᚩᚾ
Alive Confirmed Members: ᚫᚱᚩᚾ, ᛖᚱᛁ
Family History: Considered to be the antithesis to the overall destructive nature of the lines, the ᛋ line was always the most merciful. As one could imagine, ᛋ was the least respected line out of all 33, and eventual 29, because of this, but by no means were they peaceful. Such a concept was incomprehensible on XXXIII, after all. Nay, they were the line that sought to end the other races suffering as painlessly as possible, and scorned the others for their cruel natures. ᛋ failed to see that they were no different than the rest of the lines at heart, something that most had accepted the moment the divides in their race were born.

The only time ᛋ truly spoke out, however, was when civil war erupted between the lines. ᛋ saw no need to continue the endless strand of blood that plagued XXXIII, and called for a truce, yet no other line listened, or at least in the beginning. They were forced to fight, or be torn apart by the other lines. Even in reluctance they were not weak though, ᛋ was simply the first to notice the decaying of the lines' all too fragile world.

Therefore, they could perhaps be considered the line that sent 4 to the abyss of existence, as ᛋ was responsible for formulating the plan to leave XXXIII behind. Even if they were not the actual cause, upon the arrival in Earthland, ᛋ took the burden on, and it was a member of the line that wrote the poem to commemorate the four lost, as a warning for the future.

Yet, the presence of ᛋ in their newfound home gradually faded into near nothingness, its members resorting to the peaceful life they once had the chance to grasp. Siding with humans, however, proved deadly, and slowly ᛋ was hunted to near extinction, and near for the two half human siblings that still live."

"As for the rest? I cannot say whether they still live, blending in with the various species of Earthland, or if they died long ago. Perhaps in the light of recent events more will be revealed. I do have a list, however, of those members I have seen.

ᛚᛇᚾᛁ ᚪᚷᛚᚫᚳᚪ Pronounced Lagueohnydis Acgyfulaguaesccenac
ᛖᚱᛁ ᛋᛁᚷᚪᛁ Pronounced Ehradis Sigelisgyfuacis
ᚫᚱᚩᚾ ᛋᛁᚷᚪᛁ Pronounced Aescradosnyd Sigelisgyfuacis
ᚪᛚᚪᛥᚫᚱ ᚪᚷᛚᚫᚳᚪ Pronounced Aclaguacstanaescrad Acgyfulaguaesccenac

Oh yes, those names mean nothing to you.

Leonidas Aglaeca
Eris Sigal
Aaron Sigal
Alastair Aglaeca

Ah, I forgot to mention. Alastair is dead, unfortunately. In any case, it would be best for you to get going. I may have said too much."
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Atlas Lykaios
Posted Image
Name: Atlas LykaiosNickname/Alias: Shadow Wolf
Age: 18Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2" or 188 centimetersWeight: 150 pounds or 68 kilograms
Race: HumanBirthday: May 29th
Guild: Quatro CerberusClass: D
Affiliation: NeutralDialogue: #4169E1

[tabs][tab=Physical Description]An odd combination of black hair, blue eyes, and medium pale skin is something that will often stick out in a crowd. Add that to being tall and skinny, it can be hard not to stare at Atlas. He has his hair cut to a little bit past shoulder length, and often does is it up in a pony tail or styles it in spikes, depending on his mood. Atlas typically holds himself in a casual position, not too assertive but also not in a depressed way. His legs are longer than usual compared to the rest of his frame, and his arms are just a smidge longer than normal. When in extreme anger, Atlas's eyes turn a crimson color not unlike that of his blood.[/tab][tab=Clothing]On a normal day, Atlas will usually wear jeans, a loose fitting t-shirt, and a flannel along with a pair of black high-top sneakers. He changes the color of the t-shirt and flannel often, with colors ranging from the usual dark red or blue to the occasional teal if he's feeling eccentric. In the winter months Atlas will sometimes wear a thick sweater if it is especially cold out. If he has to dress formally, Atlas will usually wear a black suit, as he's not a big fan of gray or brown ones.[/tab][tab=Accessories] Atlas always wears a silver chain necklace that has a white crystal attached to it. An engraving of a wolf is carved onto the crystal.[/tab][tab=Extra]Atlas has a very large scar running from his left collar bone all the way to the bottom of his right ribcage. His canine teeth are also longer and pointier then an average persons. Atlas's guild mark is located on the right side of his lower abdomen, and reflects the color of his light blue eyes. [/tab][tab=Gallery]
Picture I
Picture II

[tabs][tab=Personality]Playful and carefree is certainly an act Atlas puts on well. If you were to observe him for a few minutes, or maybe even a day of him just hanging out with his friends, you would probably just see a typical teenager, immature at best and certainly not one that has learned the value of human life. Truth to be told, if you were to draw that conclusion then Atlas would take you for a complete idiot, and if you're lucky he might just happen to show you a part of the scar that might have well been the object of his demise in what was little under a year ago. Atlas almost considers his life his 'second chance' and he has no intention to get it wrong this time. He's one to take things by the seat of his pants, so it's not surprising that almost nothing phases him. Even if it does, he's usually one to act cool and collected, however there are a few notable exceptions.

Atlas cannot stand seeing his friends get hurt, whether it be physically or emotionally. If he does, or even hears about it, he will go into a fit of rage with often either ends up in him attacking the offender or, well that's pretty much it. Often times people will have to restrain him, not necessarily because they don't want him to cause a ruckus, but because they don't want him to hurt himself. That's another thing, Atlas has a natural charm that tends to stick with people, and for that he tends to befriend a lot of people, which is a good thing because without his friends he would have sunken his ship a long time ago. Despite the fact that he can be reckless, Atlas is quite clever in the sense that he can think on his feet, however due to that he tends to avoid making well thought-out plans. That being said, Atlas's character does point to a hint of insanity as he is one that prefers chaos over order, so much that it can sometimes taint his views of right and wrong. Sometimes he'll delay his actions just to observe the outcome of something, and he can be extremely cruel to people if they stand in the way of his goals, so much so that it could be called inhumane.

Despite the fact that Atlas seems like a pretty satisfied person overall, the truth is far from that. Even though he has a lot of good friends, in the depths of his heart Atlas has always felt lonely, as if a piece of himself was missing. He tries his very hardest to hide this, yet it persists in his mind, and in his actions. Atlas is determined to find the missing piece in his puzzle, no matter what form it might take. He doesn't even know what he's looking for, but until he finds it Atlas promised himself that he would not just lie down and surrender, no matter the circumstance.[/tab][tab=Likes]X[/tab][tab=Dislikes]X[/tab][/tabs]

[tabs=History][tab=Chapter I]Atlas was born to the large and wealthy Lykaios family in the city of Acacia. He lived a pretty normal childhood, that of schooling and the occasional adventure. Magic was something unknown to his family, or at least to those who do not know them well. The truth is that magic had always been quite abundant in Atlas's family, but generation after generation it was sealed away by crystals designed to do just that. A safeguard against madness, many said.

Atlas had always been a troublemaker, being a middle child meant he had little to no responsibility, and he took that to his utmost advantage. He often would hang out with his cousins, preferring their company over any of his siblings. Sometimes they would go out in the woods and spend the night there, their parents scolding them the next day but were far too busy to actually punish them. Perhaps if they would have, things wouldn't have gone as horribly wrong as they did.

Acacia was a near crimeless city, not because there was nothing to be stolen, but because there was so much that it was heavily fortified. Attempted raids happened often, and Atlas had seen quite a few of them, even in his rather short live. However, none were as serious as the raid that happened when Atlas was nearing the age 16. A coalition of dark wizard guilds got the idea to attack the city that fateful night, laying siege to it. Unfortunately, Atlas and some of his friends had been outside Acacia when it happened.[/tab][tab=Chapter II]They attempted to come home that night, and were caught by some of the wizards that were blocking the city's entrances. Atlas and his friends attempted to resist but failed and they were taken hostage. Before that happened, however, Atlas was critically injured by a strike that he probably should have died of, had it not been for the fact that some of the force was diverted by an apparent magical entity. Later that night, the position held by the coalition was averted, and Atlas was taken into emergency medical treatment.

The wound was too large to be stitched up by conventional medics, but luckily a magical healer had been in town when the attacks happened. She was able to heal the gash, however the only way she could do it was by taking tissue from other places in his body, specifically his muscles. Doing so, Atlas's physical state was made stable, although he would wake up extremely weak. His mental state was a whole other story.

Perhaps it was from the near-death experience, or maybe just a result of the magic that had been exposed to his body, but whatever the case Atlas was stuck in a natural coma, one that the regular doctors had tried to wake him from many times. No matter what they did, nothing seemed to work. Yet again the Lycaios family had to contact the magic doctor, who took one look at the black crystal necklace that hung around his neck and told them to unseal his magic. At first, his parents thought the doctor was insane, since they knew that unsealing that magic could result in Atlas loosing his mind, but after careful consideration they agreed to go through with it, seeing that the only other option was to let their son stay in a coma for the rest of his life. So the doctor called someone who was an expert in the field to unseal Atlas's magic, and as they did so the crystal around his neck turned from a shadowy black to a murky white.

Atlas woke up about a day later, seeming perfectly fine mentally although a bit confused about his physical state and why he wasn't dead. However, as his family soon learned he could barely walk a few meters before having to take a break, and the place where he was injured would often start hurting again. Atlas had to go through months of physical therapy to get his strength back up to a sustainable level. After that happened, he left Acacia, determined on mastering the magic that he now could utilize and no longer satisfied with a life of messing around doing nothing different then he had the previous day.[/tab][tab=Narrative]Atlas, age 15

I can't believe how idiotic my cousins can be at some times. Always complaining about how our little 'adventures' always go wrong, and then also complaining about how they get punished every time they do. Come on, adventures were practically BORN to go wrong. That's what makes them so much fun, the fact that the end result is almost nothing like we expected. As for punishment, who really cares? It's not like there's going to be a lasting result from our parents telling us what we did wrong. But anyways, some of my not-related friends invited me to go exploring the Cerulean Gorge today. Real dangerous place, filled with monsters and old crazy men, but like I said before, that's what makes it fun. Besides, it's not like we haven't been there before. I think the first time we went was when we were 8. Now that was a stupid idea. Heh, we didn't even last 5 minutes before running out screaming. That was a long time ago though. Today's a new day, and I'll bet you 1,000 jewel we'll make it across this time.

We all met up at this old apartment that had been abandoned quite some time ago. When we passed through the southern gate to the gorge, one of the guards just looked at us and shook his head. Acacia's a militarized city, and it happened to be that a lot of the men know us well. It made sense, after all we would often come back into the city well after dark, but still it was pretty funny that they knew us better than they knew some people who were much older. It was still pretty early in the morning when we descended down into Cerulean, taking the same path we took every time we went down there. It was pretty steep and hazardous, but in terms of monsters and the like there were little to be found. I'd take my chances on this path then the typical one any day.[/tab][/tabs]

Equipment and Items
[tabs][tab=Weapons]Name: Teeth
Class: D
Description: Atlas's canine teeth are longer and sharper than the average persons. They are 35 millimeters long including the roots.
Effect/Function: Although theoretically Atlas could be able to puncture someone's skin with his 'fangs', he probably would never do this unless it was in complete desperation. They're mostly just there for show, but occasionally he'll try to threaten people by baring his teeth like a wild animal.

Name: Acacian Light Pistol "Number Two"
Class: D
Description: A decimeter long sleek gray pistol with a 2.5 centimeter thick barrel. Weighs 1.5 kilograms.
Effect/Function: Shoots out ammunition that can severely bruise an unarmored target. Any armor above it's class will effectively nullify a blast. It has a range of 25 meters.

Name: Acacian Light Ammunition - x2
Class: D
Description: A 6-pack of ammunition that fits Acacian Light Pistols. It weighs a quarter kilogram.
Effect/Function: Ammunition that can severely bruise an unarmored target.[/tab][tab=Armor]Name: Clothing
Class: D
Description: Atlas's clothing is made out of very durable material, and can help compensate for his weak body. Weighs about half a kilogram.
Effect/Function: Acts as a D-class armor, capable of weakening a weak blow to become superficial, however the armor will have no affect on anything stronger.[/tab][tab=Other]X[/tab][/tabs]

Stats - 76
Power: 6Endurance: 16Toughness: 6
Speed: 7Accuracy: 11Magic: 30

Stat Points Earned: 0/21
Arc Points Earned: 0/0
Jewels Earned: 940,000/2,740,000

[tabs][tab=Threads]Crowded Streets 5 SP, 1,040,000 Jewels[/tab][tab=Arcs]X[/tab][tab=Missions]X[/tab][tab=Events]March 2017 Event 5 SP, 1,000,000 Jewels
April Side Event! 2017 8 SP
Mother's Day Letters 2017 3 SP, 600,000 Jewels[/tab][tab=Purchases]March 2017 Single TP Purchase 600,000 Jewels subtracted
June 2017 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted[/tab][tab=Other]Character Creation 100,000 Jewels[/tab][/tabs]

Skills and Disciplines
[tabs][tab=Memory Of Better Days]Despite being relatively weak, Atlas knows quite a bit about combat, as he was once very proficient in it. Although he can't perform as nearly as well in a non-magic fight as he used to, Atlas still puts his knowledge to use, being able to quickly analyze an opponent's strengths and weak points, and also how to target them. This knowledge applies to both hand-to-hand combat and most weapons.[/tab][tab=Awake At Night]Years of sneaking out after dark has tought Atlas quite a few things about stealth, how to tell if someone's sleeping or not based on their breathing, how to estimate how far someone is a way based on their voice and footsteps, and most importantly how to go about things silently. Atlas is extremely light-footed, so much so that he could probably sneak up a doe and not disturb it. He also knows how to fight in near silence, something that complements his magic well.[/tab][tab=Survival Skills]After spending so much time in his childhood exploring the area around Acacia, it should come to no surprise that Atlas is perfectly capable of being able to adapt to many different circumstances out in the wilderness. He can pretty much do everything from making a shelter to identifying different animals' foot tracks.[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image
Magic Name: Shadow Wolf's WrathMagic Type: Shadow Wolf Magic
Tier of Magic: Tier 1Magic Rank: 4
Shadow Wolf's Wrath, or SWW as Atlas often calls it, is a magic highly derived from the casters emotions. If the caster is in a calm and inactive mood, techniques won't have much of an effect on anyone, however if the caster is in extreme emotions like rage or sorrow this magic can be an extremely powerful tool. SWW is a type of takeover magic that transforms the caster into a large black wolf, one that is capable of manipulating shadows to it's will. At higher ranks, a caster can also manipulate shadows in their natural form. Different techniques include using the physical bruteness of a wolf, transforming into shadows to increase speed and to become extremely hard to hit and trace, and attacking with these shadows to cause both physical and 'emotional' damage. One of the few things SWW cannot do is heal the caster or other allies.

Technique Points: 8/8 [5 earned + 3 bought]
[tabs][tab=Takeover]Shadow Wolf - Rank 4
Type: Take Over
Range: Personal
Effect:Transforms the caster into a black wolf capable of manipulating shadows. The caster gains the senses and strengths of a wolf, however they retain the same level of intelligence that they normally would have. Duration is 4 posts and cooldown is 2.
Shadow Wolf
[/tab][tab=Out Of Form Techniques]Perception - Rank 4
Type: Passive
Range: Personal
Effect: This technique is always active, even if the the caster is in their takeover form. It allows them to gain sense akin to that of a wolf's, granting slightly elevated hearing and sense of smell, enough so to be able to dinstingish different people based on their footsteps or scent from 10 meters away. In addition, the caster also gains above average night vision, although this is not powerful enough to be able to see in complete darkness or under magical effects.[/tab][/tabs]

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Lilith Nox
Posted Image
Name: Lilith NoxNickname/Alias: Lily
Age: 18Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6" or 168 centimetersWeight: 145 pounds or 65.8 kilograms
Race: HumanBirthday: July 16th
Guild: NoneClass: D
Affiliation: LightDialogue: #000080

[tabs][tab=Physical Description]With her long and wavy dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, Lilith is often one to be overlooked in a crowd, but if you know her well enough it is easy to tell that she has a natural grace and beauty that many do not posses. Her head is almost always held up high in an assertive position, yet her face shows that she is a good person, or at least most of the time. When in anger, remorse, or other strong sentiments, Lilith has a much different look on her face, that of pure, unadulterated emotion. Lilith has a medium, athletic build. Her legs are slightly longer then normal compared to her height, and her waist is about average size. She is in shape but not underweight, and has great posture. Her breasts are slightly larger then average, and her arms are the normal length.[/tab][tab=Clothing]Lilith typical wears jeans and a black t-shirt, along with black combat boots, but she is certainly not one to shy away from changing her wardrobe. Often times she'll wear a long black cardigan if it is a bit chilly out, and she will also change the color of the shirt she's wearing and the design occasionally. In the summer months Lilith will sometimes wear shorts and a crop top paired with black high tops for the warm weather. If dressing formal she will almost never wear a skirt, instead preferring a dress or just formal pants.[/tab][tab=Accessories]She wears a set of sapphire post earrings at nearly all times.[/tab][tab=Extra]Her birthmark is behind her right ear.[/tab][tab=Gallery]
Picture I
Picture II
Picture III

[tabs][tab=Personality]Lilith's personality deeply reflects her wandering spirit, and in some ways it really doesn't. She loves adventure and hates being bored, but she's also the person that will remember nearly every person she's met. If she does happens to forget about a person, it will bother her for hours, or in some cases days. Lilith is a very reliable person, and when it comes to jobs she almost always gets it done. She's also the person you can count on to get you out of a sticky situation, although it's almost always not the way you expect it to happen. Lilith is very loving towards those she cares about and is very protective of her friends. She will do nearly anything to help them, even if this means at first an action might seem to hurt them. However, there is without a doubt a darker side to Lilith's personality.

She's one to get angry easy. She isn't always the most honest person. She can seem coldhearted at times. These are just some aspects of the negative side of her personality. Lilith can be very temperamental if it's not a good day for her, and a provocation could possibly result in a fight or argument, the latter which she's very fond of. Lilith has a bad habit of understating a situation if it happens to involve her safety, which many consider 'lying'. She also can seem to underestimate her friends at times, but the truth is she just wants to protect them no matter what. Lilith can sometimes seem coldhearted at times, but that is because she usually makes decisions seeing the big picture of the world, not just the current moment, although when she's enraged her judgement is often clouded.

However, to someone simply observing Lilith for the first time, they would see completely different person then to those who know her well. On an everyday basis, Lilith could be described as the stone-faced yet hilarious type. Typically, she isn't one to be extremely outspoken in public, but her tidbits of humor and advice are not to be dismissed. She certainly has a lot to say, but Lilith also loves to ask questions. Some call her the friendly interrogator as she's quite good at indirectly getting answers out of people.

Probably the most notable point about her personality is that she's almost always reckless when defending either her friends or innocent people. This trait overshadows all the others, except for one, the fact that she is determined to make Fiore a more peaceful place, no matter what it costs.[/tab][tab=Likes]X[/tab][tab=Dislikes]X[/tab][/tabs]

[tabs=History][tab=Chapter I]Lilith grew up in a small village named Veronica near the city of Dandelion. The village was almost entirely inhabited by wizards, peaceful ones that were devoted to their craft. Veronica had been in isolation for a very long time, and therefore their magic was considered 'lost' to almost all. Lilith began learning this magic when she was 11, as tradition stated, a magic that she called Arc of Space. However, it was soon after that mercenaries invaded Veronica, believing that this 'lost' magic was something that was material and could simply be stolen. It was slaughter, as the people of Veronica were peaceful in natural and had no ways to defend themselves aside from their traditional weapons, magic, and fighting skills that were only used as rites of passage. Lilith managed to escape that night, fleeing towards Dandelion. To this day, she has no idea if anyone else managed to survive that horrible night.

The city of Dandelion was not a pretty place, to say the least. Lilith was homeless, with no place to go and no one to help her. Eventually a local orphanage found her, but she could only stay for a year or two, as they kicked the kids out at age 13 due to overcrowding. During that time, she tried desperately to make connections with other people in the city. She would take odd like jobs from them, like fetching something from a dark alley or working at a shop for a few days. The day Lilith turned 13 she put the orphanage behind her and started working even more then she had before. She had almost no time to practice her magic that was so underdeveloped, but she tried anyways, although she didn't progress that far. As soon as she looked the part of an adult, which happened to be when she was around 15, she left Dandelion, yet again putting a place behind her.

For the past 3 years, Lilith has been travelling Fiore, trying to find a new place to call home, although with little to no avail. She put aside magic for a long time, although recently, she's been trying to improve again. It's possible that magic might be the thing that finally gets her to settle down, although it's also possible it might drive her to wander even farther.[/tab][tab=Narrative]X[/tab][/tabs]

Equipment and Items
[tabs][tab=Weapons]Name: Boscan Engineering Light Pistol "Swiftie"
Class: D
Description: A matte black decimeter long pistol with about a 2½ centimeter wide barrel. It weighs about 2 kilograms.
Effect/Function: Shoots magic bullets that can seriously bruise the target if unarmored. Maximum range is 25 meters.

Name: Boscan Engineering Ammunition - x2
Class: D
Description: A 6-pack of ammunition for the Boscan light pistols. It weighs about half a kilogram.
Effect/Function: Magic bullets that can seriously bruise a target if unarmored

Name: Belladonnian Combat Knife
Class: D
Description: A 20 centimeter long combat knife with a 15 centimeter blade and 5 centimeter black grip. It weighs about 1 kilogram.
Effect/Function: Sturdy, albeit breakable, knife that can injure or potentially kill a target if they do not defend against it or are not wearing armor.[/tab][tab=Armor]X[/tab][tab=Other]Name: Smoke Screen Consumable
Class: D
Description: A 5 centimeter long vial filled with a smoke-like black liquid. It weighs about a tenth of a kilogram.
Effect/Function: When opened, this consumable creates a small smoke screen of about 3 meters around where it was opened. While it isn't much use in wide open combat, a smoke screen of this caliber could help someone loose a pursuer in a city or otherwise crowded area.[/tab][/tabs]

Stats - 77
Power: 11Endurance: 13Toughness: 11
Speed: 11Accuracy: 11Magic: 20

Stat Points Earned: 9/31
Arc Points Earned: 0/0
Jewels Earned: 2,910,000/4,710,000

[tabs][tab=Threads]Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet 6 SP, 1,150,000 Jewels
Simple Enough 7 SP, 1,420,000 Jewels
Meeting Someone New And Perhaps Something Else? 2 SP, 440,000 Jewels[/tab][tab=Arcs]X[/tab][tab=Missions]X[/tab][tab=Events]March 2017 Event 5 SP, 1,000,000 Jewels
April Side Event! 2017 8 SP
Mother's Day Letters 2017 3 SP, 600,000 Jewels[/tab][tab=Purchases]May 2017 Single TP Purchase 600,000 Jewels subtracted
June 2017 Dual TP Purchase 1,200,000 Jewels subtracted[/tab][tab=Other]Character Creation 100,000 Jewels[/tab][/tabs]

Skills and Disciplines
[tabs][tab=Hand-to-Hand Combat]Being taught from a young age, Lilith is quite good at hand-to-hand combat. Because she was taught with traditional methods, her style is considered different than most. While growing up, she had to use her skills a lot, which has allowed her to get even more practice. Typically she tends to use quicker strikes instead of more powerful ones, favors dodges, flips, and speed over blocking and powering through, and has a knack of being able to observe someone else's fighting skill and target their weaknesses with ease.[/tab][tab=Armed Combat]Lilith knows a bit about all sorts of weapons, from swords to daggers, and is quite adaptable. Chances are if you put a weapon in your hand, she'll know how to use it, although she specializes in one-handed swords, katanas, and knives.[/tab][/tabs]

Posted Image
Magic Name: Arc Of SpaceMagic Type: Lost Magic - Spacial
Tier of Magic: Tier 1Magic Rank: 3
An ancient and potentially extremely powerful magic, the Arc of Space is not something to be taken lightly. This magic can do anything from distorting space to attack and creating weapons out of this 'space' to being able to target and and retrieve very small objects and being able to make a moving object go wherever the caster see fit. On higher levels this magic could also be capable of redirecting enemies' magical attacks into different place via a space portal. Arc of Space is an extremely versatile magic, however it cannot buff the caster or their allies, nor can it heal them. The ability to wield the plains of space is in the caster's hand once they learn how to master this magic, which can be incredibly difficult. Only a few out of many can see the relationship of space within all things, and without this fundamental knowledge one cannot even hope to cast a single spell with the Arc of Space.

Technique Points: 8/9 [6 earned + 3 bought]
[tabs][tab=Offensive Techniques]Disorder - Rank 2
Type: Offensive
Range: Maximum of 25 meters away from caster
Effect: Distorts a circular pocket of space to attack the target, dealing minor damage. The pocket of space can has a maximum radius of ½ meters. Cooldown is 3 posts.

Nyx - Rank 3
Type: Offensive
Range: Melee
Effect: Creates a katana out of spacial matter that acts as a physical weapon. The katana's blade is dark blue-purple, is 72 centimeters long- 28.5"- and has a 25 centimeter- 10"- grip. This technique is available for 3 posts, although can be dissipated before, and has a 4 post cooldown. The katana is equal to a C-Class weapon.[/tab][tab=Defensive Techniques]X[/tab][tab=Supportive Techniques]Reversal - Rank 3
Type: Supportive
Range: Maximum of 10 meters away from caster
Effect: Switches two solid objects' positions. The objects do not maintain the momentum they had before being switched. This technique can be used on living things, including humans, however the caster must have the living things consent. The maximum weight that can be switched is 20 kilograms for each side, and the object can be no bigger than 1 meter in dimensions. The two objects can be switched anywhere within the technique's radius. If the object is an item, it must be C-class or below to be switched. This technique takes a post to pull off, and has a cool down of 3 posts.[/tab][/tabs]

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For Leo

For Camilla
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