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[Graded][Mission] Weekend at Bernie's; VI | Avera; D-Class
Topic Started: Feb 19 2017, 12:14 AM (487 Views)
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What's The Point

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VI didn't exactly consider herself a "mage", strictly speaking. There was very little about her abilities that could be considered magical besides her psionic control over her Swarm; everything else could be attributed to biological augmentation and clever genetic replication of typically "magical" abilities. There was just as much science at play as there was thaumaturgy. It was something the woman was prideful of, and rightly so - it made her unique.

Not that the general population could give any less of a damn, so she found soon after arriving in Fiore. To the vast majority of people here, her kind was indistinguishable from any other being with abnormal abilities, all grouped under the same umbrella of "mage". VI already found herself disliking this country; this "mission" she had been given by her guild only served to irritate her further. Typically, the term "mission" conjured up images in her mind of small-scale military operations undertaken by teams of elite operatives, or at least something of a modicum of importance.

Well, whatever her idea of a mission, performing parlor tricks for a bunch of stupid teenagers was never something that ranked very high on VI's "would do for money" list. And yet, here she was, tapping her foot absent-mindedly in front of some pathetic apartment building with a cigarette in her mouth and a thoroughly bruised ego as she read and re-read the "mission" request that was hardly more than 2 or 3 sentences. There were so many other things the broodmother could have been doing this evening that were infinitely more important and fulfilling than this crap, or so she'd like to think.

Whatever. At least she'd have an excuse to get drunk with some idiot teenagers. And another person, it seemed; to add insult to injury, it seemed they didn't think she could sufficiently capture someone's attention by herself, as a mage from Fairy Tail - even the name was thoroughly loathsome, she found - was apparently joining her on this. Hmph. What a bore. At least back in her homeland, people had some respect for her kind. Here, the common folk had been all but spoiled on magic. C'est la vie. At least she could hope the mage from Fairy Tail was a cute girl or something.
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Taking this mission was honestly anything but thrilling for Avera. In fact, she thought it was downright insulting. Magic was a wonder, a force of nature that could b wielded with astounding, awe-inspiring and devastating effects. It was a small wonder that wherever possible, mages constituted part of the fighting force of an army. And yet, because some snot nosed punks had money, they wanted to use that power to... wait for it: entertain themselves! You'd think that those who lived in Era would take magic more sacredly, but no.

When Avera had seen the mission description, she had been like, "Seriously?! Who even does that?!!" But the fact was that the mission was legit, and she was going to end up doing it. Talk about using a nuclear lachryma core to heat up a chicken coop. What a waste... unless it detonated, which would be a very bad thing, needless to say. And that was the real reason she was here. Or, that was what she told herself.

Actually, she had laughed when she saw the details of the mission. "Entertain a bunch of teenagers", and guess the guild that took it up? Grimoire Heart. A dark guild. Yeah, she had laughed until she remembered the capability of dark guilds, and she had quickly taken the mission. At best, they were loose cannons, but one could not expect them to behave themselves at all times. So, she was on this mission, mostly to keep an eye on whoever was from this dark guild, that would be taking it along with her.

Following the address on the mission debriefing, she found herself approaching her destination. Already, someone, obviously female, stood waiting... or at least that's what it looked like. She was pale skinned and pale haired, from what Avera could see, and the little, hardly discernible curl of smoke indicated that she was having a smoke. Her lower arms looked kind of weird, most likely a passive side effect of her magic, and her clothes looked like the survivors of the kid brother of a nuclear holocaust... why was she thinking about nuclear stuff today? Bottom line: this woman did not look like the kind of person you messed with and lived to tell the tale... with a complete body, anyway. And she was here to do the mission-party-thing?

Avera was quite the opposite in contrast. Grey hooded jacket, tank top beneath, denim shorts, sneakers. Very unassuming. Oh yes, and a lollipop in her mouth. She just stood behind the strange lady and watched her without a word. Probability that this woman, judging from her looks, would be thrilled about this mission was very slim. And, that was who she was being paired up with. Oh yeah, today looked like it was going to be fun. Real fun.
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What's The Point

The longer VI was left to her own devices, the more she wished she had never come to this country. The people here had been spoiled; they saw magic as nothing more than a mere tool to be squandered on such trivialities as entertaining teenagers with parlor tricks. They had grown impotent and superficial. They did not fear magic as it was supposed to be feared, but instead took it for granted, integrating it into their tools and homes, turning it into an industry. It disgusted the woman that anyone would do such a force of nature such injustice.

And while VI was most certainly not about to claim that Bosco was a superior country in any respects, people there at the very least feared and respected her for her abilities - and rightly so. She was master tactician, a ruthless commander, a bio-engineered mutant - well, suffice to say VI was many different things, but she sure as hell wasn't some chickenshit street magician who performed parlor tricks for pocket change. But in this sordid country, she had been turned into some kind of traveling exhibit for passerby to gawk at. She almost considered getting some kind of jacket or something to cover up her more conspicuous mutations, but decided against it for now - she refused to let trivial annoyances disturb her so.

Even as the silver-haired woman read her mission description for the seventeenth time, she couldn't figure out whom she was more disappointed with - her clients for assigning such a trivial "mission", her guild for accepting it, or herself for taking it. VI had been extremely clear when she decided to join the Dark Guild that she was not to be sent on superficial tasks like this, and yet here she was, leaning against the wall in the middle of the sidewalk whilst teenagers and families stared at her on their walks by as if she were some sort of alien. What a fucking bore this was. And how late was this Fairy Tail idiot going to show up, anyways?

The broodmother's ear perked up just a bit. It seemed she had gotten her answer. VI quietly turned her head to glare directly into the eyes of the short girl who had been standing behind her for the past several seconds with a pair of glowing violet eyes, coldly staring her down as if she were a predator, and the younger female her prey. A pretty lass she was, with ginger hair and a pair of sparkling heterochromatic eyes; shapely, too. The albino was almost envious of her good looks.

The leer she gave the girl did not indicate any of this, however - there was no kindness in VI's luminescent violet eyes, only contempt. Lesser creature, her look told the other. Was this dainty little girl supposed to be a mage? She hardly looked an adult to begin with. The Boscan's opinion of this "Fairy Tail" was already low to begin with, and yet it was already dwindling with each passing second. Oh well, at least the lass was hot.

"Took you long enough, girly." Smoke poured from the albino's nose as she spoke, her tone neither hostile nor friendly.
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A few seconds passed with Avera making no move to make her presence known, and then, somehow, the other woman sensed her and turned to look at her. The look was nothing short of hostile. In fact, Avera got the clear picture of a partridge staring into the hollow, hungering eyes of a starving bobcat. Okay, perhaps the hungering aspect was being a little exaggerated, but what mattered was that she felt like the partridge, and needless to say, it made her uneasy.

Avera returned the stare, although her gaze was far less hostile and hardly intimidating in any way. However, she was not ready to show that she was cowed by the presence of this woman, whose glowing violet eyes only added more to the 'unsettling' factor. So, all she did was tilt her head ever-so-slightly to the side and watch the woman. It was very unlikely that the woman would try to jump on her and attempt to eat her up. This was Era, and in a place where the higher class of the society dwelt, there would be enough security measures to prevent various vices. The woman ought to be smart enough to know that. Just in case, however, for as long as she was around her, Avera decided to stay on her toes.

At length, the woman spoke. It was surprising how she did not sound as hostile as she had stared down Avera. Nonetheless, there was also nothing inviting about her tone. One could say it was completely deadpan, devoid of emotion. Avera felt tempted to focus her Personal Space ability on this woman, to find out just how much she hated her, or something. Eventually, she decided against it; there was no need to show that she was trying to use her powers on her in any way. Besides, the woman already thought of her as below her, so what else was there to look out for?

"Yeaaaaah... sorry about that," Avera replied simply. it was in her nature to be polite, so she would have to apologize for keeping the woman waiting, even though that was bound to make the woman look down on her more. Sometimes, being courteous was annoying, wasn't it?

"Assuming you're here for the magic trick mission... uh, you kind of seem too... hardcore for this sort of thing."

Yep, probably another mistake made.
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What's The Point

VI could tell that her gaze thoroughly unsettled the other. Good. Whether the shorter female knew it or not, she had allowed the broodmother to establish dominance. The stare she received in return barely matched her own - she could see the apprehensiveness in the girl’s heterochromatic eyes; she feared VI, or at the very least was wary of her. It was a satisfying feeling, to recognize that you were the source of another’s disconcern.

So not only was this Fairy Tail mage a veritable shrimp of a woman, but she was appeasatory as well. No wonder she had been sent on such a trivial assignment. VI's was an unforgiving line of thinking; the ginger-haired teen had done nothing to recieve such a hostile attitude, and the albino knew this, but that did not stop VI from treating her like this from the get-go. It was in many ways a method of testing the young girl's character - one that had left VI disappointed upon hearing her weak response. What the ginger teen saw as politeness, VI saw as weakness of will.

But this was fine. There would be plenty of other opportunities to earn the silver-haired woman's respect. It seemed she may have come off too intense at first, judging by the sudden defensiveness about the girl, as if she wasn't sure if VI was about to lunge at her or something of the sort. For now, though, a change of tone was in order; the atmosphere was such that the violet-eyed female could probably have cut through the tension with a butter knife.

Now the broodmother had instilled the proper level of apprehensiveness in the shorter girl, she could relax a tad. Thankfully, the other's inquiry provided her a way to do that.

VI let out a chuckle in response to the question. "Aye, pal, I'm standin' around freezin' me tits off 'cos I feel like it." The heavy dose of sarcasm layered on top of her response indicated more of an annoyance towards her surroundings and the mission than towards the teen. "Fuckin' guild doesn't trust foreigners, so I'm their little errand girl until they get their collective heads out their arses. Fuckin' chavs."
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So, this woman could be amused? Or at least sound like it. What Avera expected to happen as a result of her question did not quite occur. In fact, it seemed to be the opposite. While she was thankful that the previous tensions were dissipating, she would still keep her wits about her, just in case the lady wanted her to drop her guard for some unknown reason. One could never trust these dark guilds.

Yes, the mission was definitely pissing off the pale woman. And from what it sounded like, it was because her guild did not trust foreigners. So, she was not from Fiore? Avera was interested in finding out where she came from, mostly because she wanted to know whether she could understand the woman's mother-tongue. She would raise that later. For now, there was something else she wanted to know; something she never did understand about most people.

"Well, pardon my boldness, and pardon me asking," she said, as she walked to stand beside the silver haired woman, her eyes still on the grand apartments before them. "But if they're treating you like you're at the bottom rung of their ladder, why stick around? Why try to prove yourself to them? Anyone who doesn't think highly of you doesn't need to be convinced about anything. You just show 'em what you're made of, and leave 'em stunned."

She shrugged, and lapsed into silence. Perhaps this was a response to the woman's initial treatment of Avera, but since she couldn't read minds, she wouldn't be able to know whether the ginger haired mage was subtly telling her that looks could be deceiving, and she ought not to think so lowly of her, or she was just speaking her opinion. Well, it was most likely the latter, but one could never know.

"There's so many other places where these... chavs, to borrow your parlance, ain't there to keep you on a waiting spree till they can decide on how best to... pull their heads out of their... um, tushes."
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What's The Point

Hmph. Perhaps the lass was competent after all - she certainly could read the atmosphere that VI had knowingly created, which put her a cut above most in regards to critical thinking, at least in the albino’s opinion. The teen did seem, however, to remain on guard, which put a dampener on things. VI chalked it up to good old-fashioned prejudice; it looked like even this country had no shortage of it within its own borders. Not surprising, considering the dichotomy between mages and non-mages here that didn’t exist elsewhere.

The ginger-haired girl’s little pep talk wasn’t expected, however. Commendable indeed, though as expected, she wasn’t thinking long-term. Then again, it wasn’t as if Grimoire Heart was unaware of her abilities - which frankly only added insult to injury, considering a biomenace such as the Swarm wasn’t exactly the first thing that popped into one’s mind when it came to entertaining small children. Still, though, this girl clearly had some wits about her, which was refreshing when it came to Fiore.

VI chuckled again. ”D’aint need to prove myself worth shite. ‘Cos patience is a virtue, girly.” She tapped a charcoal finger to the side of her head as she spoke, a slight grin on her face. ”And I’ve got other things in mind.” No further elaboration was provided to this somewhat sinister response, but none was needed to get the point across.

It was amusing how unsure the other was of VI’s accent as well; most simply wrote it off, but this one seemed interested in it. Perhaps she was some sort of multilinguist? The broodmother never understood the need for more than 2 languages. Foreign languages had an odd effect on those who didn’t know what they meant - she had found that most Fiorans could be intimidated into submission simply by some angry shouting in Boscan, regardless of whether or not it meant a thing.

She simply gave a dismissive shrug in response. ”To each their own.” There was a short period of silence before she spoke again, smoke blowing out of her nose.

”Think those little shites are gonna remember we’re out ‘ere any time soon?”
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The pale woman obviously was a thinker; one capable of schemes and machinations. Avera had discovered, from self observation and experience, that such people could prove to be very dangerous, but also very witty and interesting. A similar smirk crossed Avera's face as the woman tapped her temple with a finger, stating that she "got other things in mind".

"Heh. I could almost like to see your plans, so far I'm not on the receiving end."

She watched the woman's blackened fingers contemplatively, wondering what had caused such a transformation. It would not be bad if this woman allowed her to run some tests on her; there was bound to be something she could learn from her odd vein coloration, and how that color had something to do with her eye color. Very nice prospect, but the woman would probably eat her alive, if she knew what she was thinking. Avera might have suggested the idea to her in a more subtle, comical way, if they had been friends. Who knew, maybe somewhere along the line, that situation would present itself.

Avera mimicked the silver haired woman's shrug, and said pensively, her eyes still on the apartment ahead:

"'To each their own', yet no one is ever really alone..."

At least, that's what I want to believe.

As the woman blew smoke through her nose and spoke again, Avera's expression gave way to mischievous amusement.

"They may not, but we could always 'knock', you know?"
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What's The Point

So, it seemed the girl was one of those types. She was incessantly curious, her heterochromatic eyes taking in each and every detail of VI's form, sparkling with the need to know more about her. The albino never was a huge fan of these types, considering such people were primarily responsible for the grotesque vessel she now inhabited. The rabid pursuit of knowledge was altruistic at best, dangerous at worst - and the further one pursued it, the more deadly it became to the pursuer.

But VI was no altruist, and nor would she try and dissuade the ginger lass with passive-aggressive warnings about the dangers of letting her lust for knowledge get the better of her. Surely, the shorter female was intelligent enough to understand the risks. Either that, or the broodmother had sorely overestimated her. Whichever it was, it didn't concern VI all that much. She likely wouldn't see this girl again after the mission regardless.

As such, no response was given to the comment about seeing her plans, only a glance that warned the other not to get too comfortable just yet with her words. Fellow sufferers in this boring-ass mission or not, she was still a stranger whom VI did not trust, particularly given the teen's inquisitive nature. But alas, there were other, more pertinent things to attend to. Namely, the aforementioned boring-ass mission.

"Didn't wanna head in there wi' a lit cig, much as I'd love to burn these idiots alive..." The albino mumbled the last bit under her breath, taking one final drag before flicking the cigarette onto the pavement and nodding her head towards the door.

"Ladies first."
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Yes, they would be the ones to do the knocking, because for all intents and purposes, whoever was behind that door did not seem to be aware that there were two mages standing on the other side. And according to the pale woman, she wanted to be done with her cigarette first. Avera's response was a humored chuckle, as she knew full well that the woman was not dumb enough to try anything criminal in Era. Then, she said "ladies first", and Avera turned to stare at her incredulously.

"Seriously? Okay, if I'm the lady, what does that make... you know what? Never you mind. Don't even bother answering that question." Avera ended up laughing as she said the last part. The woman did have a sense of humor, though it had some really dark overtone. "Ladies first". Nice one.

"Well, good luck to both of us, and here's to wishing it ends real fast, hopefully in a salvageable sort of way."

So saying, she walked up to the door and knocked three crisp times. Then she waited. And hoped that the two of them would not have their hands full with some teenage brats who would make self-control a really desired virtue.
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