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Topic Started: Jan 8 2017, 05:39 AM (359 Views)
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Caveat: Poorly written. No narratives. Just letting ideas out of my head before I forget them. Also,
this is just for fun. Seriously, with how I wrote all of these, do you really think I am serious?

  • KMD and the Golden Thong - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [7] [8]
  • Two
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Why is it... too dark in here?

What's happening?"

Fingers moved, but none could see. Not even the one who owned them.

Is anyone here?

"Why does it feel like there's a pit in my chest?

Why... is it...

It's... too... sad..."

The vastness of the pitch black seemed to know no bounds, lord or salvation. Thick it was like the growing despondency alien to her which loomed at her bosom, creeping to every inch of her flesh before wrapping around her neck. Came to her realization was the emptiness of her surroundings when the treacherous foreign one began to steal her breath.

Perhaps even air could not exist in this realm.

"Le--- Le--- Leeeey --- eeeeeem ---- o- oooow!"

"I can't take this! I don't want this!"

Then, it came as a surprise.

Orbs of red light... no, knife-like slits of crimson... suddenly appeared from a distance. Who made them emerge out of the blue was beyond her, but as she struggled to bring in air to her lungs, the pair of oddity crawled slowly towards her direction. They became clearer. They were ---


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"What did you with her, you dirty furball?!"

"I didn't do anything. I just saw her collapse there."

"Oh yeah right, you saw her collapse there. If I didn't know better, your perverted sausage fingers touched her!"

"WHAT? You should be grateful I watched over her while she ... does that! And I do not have interests in women. And I didn't really touch her!"

"Liar. I'll call the Knights and have you arrested!"

"They... actually moved out a few hours ago... uhm... is she okay?"


*clap clap*

"Oh, great, you're finally awake. Welcome back to waking world, sleeping beauty."

"A talking bird?!"

"Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking as it's always been like this. 'Eeepp, a talking bird~'. Yes, I am and have always been a talking bird, even before we met!"

"A talking bird who can read human minds?!"

"And now you're thinking 'Eeep~, a talking bird who can read minds!' Well, no. I cannot read your mind, but your reaction has always been like that since day one, and you've explained it to me a couple of times before, so I get to memorize even the faintest expression on your ugly face."

"Hey, that's offensive. I'm not ugly!"

"You're not ugly. But when you wear that stupid look on your face, you're ugly."

"That is not the proper way to talk to a lady. And she doesn't know you. Leave her alone."

"Like she knows you? Of course she doesn't know me. She doesn't even know anything, or remember anything!"

"What... what is she doing? Why is she making those weird... hand gestures?"

"That's sign language, dumbellina. Marianne cannot speak."

"Yes, I know you. You're Marianne. You don't remember anything every time you wake up from slumber. I am Donald. We've been together since time immemorial."

*points to the panda bear*

"He? Don't mind him. He's your molester. He's not important."

"I did not molest her!"

"Yeah yeah, and Santa Claus is my father. I get i--- HEY I SAID DON'T TOUCH HER!"

"Don't you remember? You were holding Tsuna earlier before she turned into dust and that... that.... one kid turned her into a doll. Don't you remember? You were there."

*eyes were wide. shakes her head*

"You got to reme--- OUCH! WHY DID YOU PECK ME?!"

"Stop it. Even if you force her, she won't remember it. You're just making her feel upset."

*clap clap. Donald turns to Marianne.*


"What did she say?"

"She said she's sorry she could not remember what you're saying."

"Is...is that so..."
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*Marianne blinks. Looks at Donald.*

*Donald shrugs.*

*Marianne shrugs*


*Both see the panda behind them.*

*Marianne blinks.*

"Oi, Pubeball, quit following us."

"How many times do I have to tell you I am not Pubeball. My name is Knox."

*Marianne signs*

*Knox looks at Donald.*

"Can... can you kindly translate what she said?"

"Why would I? You do it yourself."

*Knox turns to Marianne*

"I'm sorry, Ms. Marianne. I do not understand what you're trying to say."

"Psh, stop speaking so politely. It doesn't fit you."

*Marianne pouts.*

"Oh, I did not mean to upset you with what I said, I'm so---"

"Ah. Ed. Oh. Yu. A---"

*Marianne quickly places her hands on her neck while wincing*

"A-are you alright?"

"See what you've done?!"

*Marianne forces herself to straighten up. Hands are still on her neck. Smiles.*

"Geez, what a bother. Marianne, let's just go. Don't mind him."

*Marianne shakes her head. Looks around. Sees a dusty display window five meters away from her. Runs to that direction.*


*Donald follows her.*

*Knox follows them.*

*Marianne scribbles something on the dusty display window.*

Don't you have a home?

*Knox smiles bitterly.*

*Marianne scribbles something again.*

The sun's up and the day's beautiful. Perfect for ice cream. I want to eat ice cream. Want to come?

"Ice cream, huh?"

*Knox remembers something. Gets a little teary eyed.*

"If... if it won't be a bother..."

*Marianne smiles widely. Grabs Knox's paw and pulls him around.*

"Do you even know where is the ice cream parlor?"

*Marianne signs with one hand.*


*Marianne places free hand on her chest, moves it in circles.*

"Fine. What can I do with that 'please' of yours."
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*slow walk*
*slow walk*

*Marianne is holding an ice cream cone with two scoops of choco fudge brownie ice cream. Licks. Smiles.*

"It's really sweet~ I like it a lot. From now on this will be my favorite ice cream flavor~ I should eat this more often. Then again, maybe I am eating this every day and I just don't know it. Oh well."

*Knox walks beside Marianne holding his own cone with ice cream. Peppermint. Watches Marianne. Smiles bitterly.*

"There's also one girl I know who likes choco fudge brownie ice cream... and that's the reason why she chose brownie ala mode that day. They do not offer the flavor she likes, thus the choice."

*Knox feels an sharp pain on his chest. He immediately places his lips on the ice cream while trying his best not to wince.*

*Marianne notices Knox. Tilts head. Points at the panda bear, then makes a sign language for letter "O" and "K" with her free hand.*

"Uhm. Sorry I don't understand what you're saying. Hey Donald what did---- Donald?"

*Both notice that Donald is not with them. Looks around. Marianne does so as she keeps on licking on the sweets.*


*Insert flapping and heaving noises. Donald enters the scene. He is carrying a golden colored thong.*

"What on earth are you carrying?"

"Is this the first time you see a woman's thong?"

"Why do you even have that? Do you turn into a promiscuous woman during the evening?"

"What kind of a dumb mammal are you? This is a freebie from the ice cream parlor, dumbass!"

*Marriane makes Knox hold her ice cream then moves her hands and fingers*

Why on earth will an ice cream parlor even give panties as a freebie?

"What do you know, Marianne?"


That is impossible.

"You said that is impossible?"

"She has a point."

"Curse that. A talking panda and a talking bird are impossible too, but I am a talking bird and he is a talking panda. How much more an ice cream parlor giving away lingerie? Besides, can't you see the color? GOLD. We can be rich!"


Not all that glitters is real gold.

"What do you mean not all that glitters is real gold?"

"She has a point."

"Well when I become rich because of this panty I will not give you two even a cent!"

"And how will that thong make you rich?"

*Donald looks at Marianne.*

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"So you kids are the ones who snatched that underwear..."

*Everyone turns to the direction of the voice. Three brawny police officers are standing before them.*

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Setting: Police / Knight station in Akane Resort

*Donald has an ice cream cone on his head, with brown melted ice cream smothering his small head. Marianne is in front of him. She looks furious. She makes hand gestures quite fast, one can even think she's nagging at the parakeet. Knox tries to explain their side to a police officer but it seems he isn't taking him seriously.*

*Keeps on doing gestures* "Just tell them the truth! You did steal that underwear!"

"How many times I will tell you I didn't steal it! It is a fcking freebie from the ice cream parlor!"

*continues* "Do you really believe they're gonna buy that?! The heck, they won't even believe a bird like you stole it! They'd think I steal it! I don't even wear thongs! Or at least not today!"

"Calm down, babe. You might have a cataplexy attack if you keep getting angry."

*signs* "Calm down? I AM CA--- whoops!"

*Marianne wobbles and falls flat on the floor.*


*Knox turns to Marianne and Donald.*

"What's wrong with her?"

"Ah, she just has this floor fetish."

*Marianne raises a middle finger at Donald.*

Police officer 1: "You kids. Stay in that cell while the chief fetches Ms. Poppy White, the owner of that underwear you stole."

"What's so important with that... thing?"

Police officer 1: "Heard it is magical, like, it boosts up the lady's energy to go untz untz... if you know what I mean."

"Ah that Poppy chick owns the thong? Can't wait to see how dazzling this lady is!"

*Marianne raises her arms, makes gestures while her whole body is flat on the floor.*

I swear Donald, when I get out of this curse, I'll kill you.

"How endearing of you, Marianne. I hope you don't fall asleep before that happens."
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*After two minutes, KMD are(?) inside a cell. It becomes noticeable that Donald has missing feathers on top of his head and on his back. Feathers are scattered on the floor. Knox tries not to giggle. Marianne yawns.*

"Why does her temper remind me of Tsuna? Maybe because there was also a time Tsuna threatened to kill me if I get near her sacred pineapple, but just plucked out patches of my fur." *pays Donald and Marianne a pensive look. The bird keeps on apologizing at the young lady. Marianne pouts her lips and stomps her feet* "Good times."

Floor fetish, huh.

"Heeey, you know that's a joke! I already apologized about that. But the truth is, you just don't remember it, but you got a Donald fetish~"

*Marianne thwacks Donald's whole body. The bird slams itself on the wall*

"I bet that hurts."

"Sh-shut up...du..dumbellina..."

*Marianne yawns. Squints. Taps her face repeatedly*


"What 'uh-oh'?"

*flies and lands on the panda's shoulder*

"Sleeping beauty is getting sleepy."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"If she falls asleep, she will forget us, and everything that happened today."


"Your face is a joke, yes, but I am certainly not joking."

*Donald hurriedly flies to Marianne's side. Lands on her shoulder. Pecks her cheek repeatedly*

"Hey keep yourself awake, will 'ya?"

*Marianne gives a lazy smile.*

*Donald slaps Marianne with his wing.*

"Keep yourself awake, Sleeping Beauty!"

*Marianne rubs her eyes*

"H-hey, maybe moving around will keep you awake. Do you want to play something?"

"What do you think she is, a kindergarten pupil?"

*Marianne keeps rubbing her eyes as Knox and Donald bicker at each other*

"I feel like my time will be up. I really don't want to fall asleep, not after hearing what Donald said... that I'll forget everything once I do. No. I don't want to forget this... I don't want to forget that odd panda, and that troublesome parakeet... No matter how much of a headache this day ended up... I... I don't want to forget it... Please..."

*Marianne weakly claps twice to get their attention. Makes a series of signs.*


"What did she say?"

"She said 'Let us play 'Seaweed Oh Seaweed'.' Do you know that game?"
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"Seems to me your medications are working just fine. You're lucid."

"I'm getting bored. Can't I go out?"

"I'm sorry, but despite your lucidity, the fact remains that you haven't fully recovered. We need to wait for Dr. Patel to check on you. If he gives you an approval to walk around Trillium, we can go out."

"Tchn. When will Dr. Patel arrive?"

"Maybe in a few minutes. Just wait, Tsuna."

"But I'm bored..."

"Well, we can play a game if you like."

"'Shoot The Panda'?"

(=_=) "No."

"Hide and Seek around Trillium?"


"Trip to Clover Town?"


"Fine. Do you know 'Seaweed Oh Seaweed'?"

"What's that?"

"My cousins and I used to play that. First, we play rock paper scissors to see who's the first player. Then we play by mimicking actions of the seaweed. There are three actions to use. First, with both wiggling arms raised over your head. Second, arms at outstretched before you, still wiggling. And lastly, with both arms out at your sides. The two players now act a seaweed position. The one who lost in the rock paper scissors should not have the same arm position as the one who won. Then they change roles. The winner in the rock paper scissors should call out a seaweed position different from the loser in the rock paper scissors. Wow this is hard to explain in words. Let's just play, ok?"

"I only understood half of what you said, but okay."
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"How did you know 'bout that game?"

*Marianne taps temple then points the same hand upward. Shrugs.*

"What did she say?"

"She said she doesn't know."

"That's strange."

"Not as strange as a human lady, a panda and a parakeet playing Seaweed Oh Seaweed."

*Group plays in turns rock paper scissors. Marianne wins.*

*Marianne raises her arms above her head while swaying them. In the same time, Knox has his arms on the sides, wiggling them.*

"Haha you should see how your fat flaps!"

"How would you even play this game if you don't have arms?"

"Are you belittling my wings?"

*Marianne has her arms in front of her as she makes 'seaweed' motions. Donald's wings are stretched to his sides*

"It's funny how you can only do one position."

"Shut up, Fat-ucinni."

*Game continues. Knox has his arms in front of him, Marianne has hers outstretched on her sides*

Police Officer 2: Sir, the kids are... doing something strange. Like summoning the devil ritual.

Police Officer 1: Summoning what?

*Police Officers approach the cell*

Police Officer 1: Hey, what are you doing?

*Marianne gestures.*

Police Officer 1: Ugh, I can't understand what you're saying.

"She said we're playing Seaweed Oh Seaweed."

Police Officer 1: What's that?

*Marianne makes first two hand signals to explain the mechanics of the game, but is abruptly interrupted by the police officer. He hands her a whiteboard and a marker.*

Police Officer 1: Write it. Don't fool us, you might be summoning some devil there.

"Devil? Like the Damnable Lord of the Seaweeds, sure."

*Marianne shows the man what she wrote.*

[x x x you can join us, if you like (: ]

*Chief comes in. Sees his personnel facing the cell and waving their arms up in the air. The panda and bird in the cell have their arms outstretched in front of them. All of them are chanting "Hai Dai A, Hai Dai". Marianne is seen sitting in one corner, sleeping.*

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