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After the Storm
Topic Started: Dec 26 2016, 11:29 AM (204 Views)
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Acalypha Town, a small fishing village near Magolia, sure is an interesting place as it is near bodies of water making it their trade and living. There was a storm that happened a few days ago and due to this the town are in need of more medical staff. Cisnei was assigned in this town as a medical personnel, part of her missionary program which sends her to various areas in Fiore to help out with her medical skills and knowledge. Ever since the Boscan War, Cisnei found herself work like she never had and this pleases her so much. Before she worked in various areas of profession, from being a maid and waitress and now she had become a fully known medical staff.

It has been some time now since she last visited Acalypha Town. She was still in her early days that time, she was heading to the town to do some chores when she encountered a man which she accompanies there. It was a short brief meeting with the guy before they eventually went their separate ways, with Cisnei finishing the chores she was sent there to begin with. This time around she is back with more knowledge and learning than before, so she could be more reliable than she was then.

Cisnei found the small clinic she was assigned to help out, they were lacking some medical staff so she was sent there to help. Seeing that there was a storm a few days ago that some fishermen got injured along with other people there. So upon arrival on her first day, she proceed to work immediately as there are some pending patients that require some medical attention.

"Hello my name is Cisnei, what is the medical emergency?" Cisnei would speak with a smile as she introduced herself to her patient, asking what is the problem. So far, her skills should be enough to handle this kind of medical treatment. She had enough medical experience and knowledge to do most problems that the town may offer.
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Carrying in a pair of buckets on a carrying pole, Hikaru gingerly deposited the load on the floor of the clinic. He had just come back from being sent to a nearby home to pick up some more supplies. Well, not really sent as much as sending himself. The storm had done a number on the village, and he had been passing through when it hit. His own arm hung in a makeshift sling as a reminder of the event, and his leg was making suspicious creaking noises but hey at least there weren't still pieces of splintered wood impaled in him.

The wanderer had originally allowed one of the village medics to take a quick look at him, but there were others in need and not enough resources to go around. So he had set about helping as best he could given the fact that he had zero medical knowledge whatsoever. That mostly meant carrying things and occasionally helping while being instructed, or more often than not getting yelled at for not being in bed resting. Hikaru rolled his eyes at the thought. If he could walk he could help, end of story.

"Hey Doc, I have the supplies you needed from the Takata home. Where shall I put them?" Calling out to a man in a white coat hanging around a nearby patient bed Hikaru waved him over. Shaking his head the doctor made his way over to Hikaru to look over the haul. "You know you're going to end up hurting yourself worse than you already are, right?" Hikaru gave a shrug. "I'll get someone to store this away. For now, get some rest. Seriously."

"I'll think about it Doc. Seriously." Giving him a mildly cheeky smile Hikaru wandered off to find something else to be useful with. He could barely hear the doctor muttering "idiot" behind him, which only caused him to smile more. A few more days of this and then he would move on, it seemed like more people were arriving to care for the injured here. In fact, he could make out one of those unfamiliar faces just now. Walking up behind Cisnei he lightly tapped her shoulder and offered her his hand once he got her attention.

"Hey there, name's Hikaru. Fetcher extraordinaire, master of miscellaneous tasks no one else seems to have time to do. Got anything you need doing?"
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There has been quite a few patients already there in the clinic some have already been treated by the other doctors while some are just there to accompany those patients. Cisnei proceed to treat the patients still in line to get treated as the current one that she is handling had some head injury due to the storm. The man simply just slipped on a slippery rock while heading home when he hit his head on a wall. Cisnei could tell that he may have a slight concussion from it as she proceed to do what she can to the man, after she put a bandage around the open wound after treating it.

By this time, there was another person that arrive there who seemed to be carrying some of the supplies needed for the clinic, a man with raven black ponytailed hair. He delivered something to the lead doctor of the clinic, although it looked like the doctor isn't too trilled of him still moving about when asked to rest. Still, the female maid nurse have caught this person's attention after he tapped her shoulder and offered his services to Cisnei. He introduced himself as Hikaru fetcher extraordinaire and master of miscellaneous task, something pretty long for a title, while asking if she needs anything done.

"Nice to meet you Hikaru-sama, I am Cisnei Andreas." the female maid nurse spoke as she gave a smile to the man as she stood up and doing a slight bow while introducing herself. As always, she usually add some title to the name of anyone she converses with. It is something an old habit of hers that she couldn't just forget. She soon look up towards the raven black ponytailed man and gave out a response to his inquiries. "I have run out of pain killer medicine on my counter, so I may need to get more." Cisnei said seeing that most patients there are looking for something to remove the pain from their injuries.
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It seemed that the little joke he had tried to make had no affect on his captive audience. No matter. This one clearly preferred to be to the point.

"Well Miss Andreas, it's a pleasure to meet you too I'm sure. I may have just brought in what you need, although I'll have to get one of the staff here to tell me for sure." He shrugged apologetically. "I am many things, but sadly a doctor I am not. Wait just a minute."

With that he made his way back to the front desk where he found the same doctor as before. Giving him a friendly wave Hikaru called out again. "Hey Doc, Cisnei says she's low on painkillers. Did I happen to bring any in with me just now?" Adjusting his glasses the good doctor had to review his list. "Hmm... did she happen to say in what strengths she'd need them?" The blank look from Hikaru caused the doctor to sigh in exasperation. Making a note he handed it over to the swordsman and shoo'd him off. "Just get everything on this list back to her, whatever's not needed bring it back."

Saluting smartly he went off to the store room and came back with a bag of supplies, dropping it off on Cisnei's table. "Will this do or did you need something else?"
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Cisnei introduced herself to the raven black ponytailed haired man as she requested from him to get some medicine she may need to treat one of the patients there. He did asked her if she needed anything and the female maid medic is simply being blunt about it as she is doing her job. The raven black ponytailed haired man heard Cisnei's response to him as he mentioned that he did brought in what she may need. Though he emphasised that he isn't a doctor but he will do his best to help as he left her treating a patient.

Cisnei simply just smiled at the man as he left, unsure if he noticed her but the female maid medic didn't mind. She proceed to handle the bandages and medicine to treat the wounds of the patients, while using what little remains of the painkiller she still have with her. It didn't took that long until the raven black ponytailed man returned to her with a bag of medical supplies. He placed them on top of the female maid medic's table as Cisnei turned to look for the medicine she needed.

"Thank you Hikaru-sama, this will do." the female maid medic said as she grab one of the medicine bottle there and proceed with her treatment with the patient. "Here sir, take this if there is still pain in your head. I have done what I can to treat your wounds, all you need to do is rest." Cisnei said to the patient she is treating while handing him some tablets to take.

Looking around, there aren't much patients left there in the clinic as the last one may have been called into the other doctors there. Turning her attention towards the raven black ponytailed haired man, Cisnei noticed the makeshift sling around his hanging arm. She wondered about it as the man might need some painkillers himself if he is in pain. "How about you Hikaru-sama? Is your injuries alright? Do you need some painkillers for the pain?" the female maid medic said asking the man, willing to offer him some prescription for it.
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Hikaru looked expectantly at the maid-doctor-person as if waiting for something. Clearing his throat he spoke up hesitantly. "Is there anything else there that you need? I think the other doctor said to bring back the extra's I brought." He motioned towards the table. "Not knowing what you needed I brought... well everything."

In retrospect he really should have asked Cisnei for a proper list. Oh well, it gave him something else to do and kept him active. Hikaru peered over at her handiwork with her latest patient curiously. It would help him quite a bit if he picked up some of this stuff. Supposedly he was expected to be quite resilient due to his heritage, but if that was the case nothing had yet to manifest itself. Until then knowing how to put himself back together sounded... well invaluable really.

"No Cisnei, thank you. I don't hurt that badly, and I need to stay sharp so I can still help out. There is something you can do for me though. I wouldn't mind if you could teach me some of what you know, if that's not too much of a bother? When I'm alone on the road it would help me a great deal to not have to stress about how far I am from the nearest healer."

Hikaru looked hopefully at her as he waited for a response. Perhaps it would take up too much of her time that could be spent on the patients here, but if she felt that wasn't the case then he was a more than willing pupil.
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The last patient of the female maid medic would bow down as the person would take their leave off the clinic. Cisnei would then turn towards the raven black ponytailed man as he informed her if she would need anything else as he may have brought everything there with her. Looking at the counter, the raven black ponytailed man may have indeed brought most of it as Cisnei didn't really noticed it since she was treating one of the patients there earlier. "Yes, I got what I needed so most of those won't be needed for now. Do you need help in returning them back?" Cisnei would respond to Hikaru.

Soon enough, Cisnei did try to offer assistance to Hikaru about his injuries as she did took notice of the sling hanging around his neck. From what the raven black ponytailed man's response, he is alright and isn't hurt that badly. Cisnei would keep her eyes on the man as he say this, wondering if what he is saying is indeed true or not. Still the man continue to speak up as he tried to request something from her, something like teaching him how to perform some first aid. The raven black ponytailed man explained to Cisnei that he is usually alone on the road and it would help him greatly.

"Sure Hikaru-sama, I wouldn't mind. There aren't any patients left here so I can attend to you without interruptions. Just return to me when you are ready. Let me just clean up my station before we can begin." Cisnei respond to Hikaru as she doesn't really mind teaching him about doing first aid and other medical training he wanted to learn. Though Cisnei might need to clean up her area as she did entertain a good number of patients.
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