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Onibas Great Day
Topic Started: Dec 18 2016, 03:41 PM (295 Views)
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The busy street of the infamous Ghost Lotus Street is bustling as ever as the merchants there are shouting about their wares and the great discount they supposed to have along with the voice of hagglers trying to bring the price down. These are all a natural occurrence in Onibas Town as everyone comes here looking for something. A fine young lady wearing a French maid uniform along with a medic hat and a medical bag found herself here in Ghost Lotus Street in search of something. Cisnei herself is checking out some groceries in this fine market, even though what she is looking for is very simple in such a place.

Cisnei has been staying in this fine town for a few days by now as a temporary medical staff assigned in the hospital of the town. She enjoys her duty here though right now she was given the task to handle the groceries for dorm she is staying since she is staying here. It is part of her accommodation for working there though the people in the place she is staying took advantage of the female maid nurse's innocent and gullible nature. Thus, the reason she was on grocery duty very much the entire time. Still she doesn't resent any of them since she is used to this.

Right now there seemed to be a great discount sale in the meat area where the female maid nurse is currently making her way there. With such meat she should be able to make some stew after purchasing the other ingredients and some vegetable along the way. What could possibly go wrong?
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The Slumbering One
The bustling thoroughfare of Ghost Lotus Street was intriguing, this time of day. So many odd people moving about, and Learme could barely keep track of all of them. Moving around, Learme peered back and forth. There was supposed to be a book store around here, from what he understood, but... all he was seeing was groceries. Not that those weren't interesting, but he didn't care.

Sighing, he stuck his hands in his pockets and frowned. This was getting insane. He considered just continuing his search, but then shook his head. There had to be an easier way to do this. His smile returning, he nodded. The first person who stood out from the crowd coming the other direction, he would just ask them for directions. Looking up, he saw what appeared to be a maid walking down the street in his direction. Well, that had been easy. "Pardon me! Where can I find the Bookstore?"
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The street is slowly getting more and more crowded as she slowly come closer to the meat area where the great discount sale is happening. Surely all these people here are aiming to get good meat for their Sukiyaki or steaks though not all of them. You see, aside from the old stores and shops that resides in the area there are also those that newly opened a few days ago. Due to this they also have their own opening sale and discount. Well Cisnei still persists on heading towards her goal there as she proceed to move through people in a courteous way.

"Excuse me, passing through. Pardon me." Cisnei spoke up as she tried to move pass through people. After passing through a bunch of people, she managed to reach a small clearing where she could reorient herself to get to her destination. It was then she heard someone talking to her, asking her for some direction. Turning towards this person, she noticed a tall man with shaggy white hair asking if she knows where to find the bookstore. "Yes sir, there should be some bookstore near the Literature district but I do heard there is a newly opened bookstore nearby. It should around that area." Cisnei said as she points at the directions.

The literature district would be a much farther area from where they are currently and as Cisnei points at the newly opened bookstore, it was in the direction she was headed. So it is possible the reason why a crowd had gathered in the area could be a combination of the discount meat shop and a newly opened bookstore. A very unlikely combination.
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The Slumbering One

There was a new bookstore nearby? That must be why. He had thought this place seemed a little less scholarly than usual for a place with a bookstore. Maybe there hadn't been enough room or something. Ah well, he wasn't going to question it. Instead, he fully intended to get inside the shop. The shop that was currently flooded with people. Dammit. That could be problematic.

"Well, that's going to be difficult to get into. Where are you headed for?" As he spoke, he looked the oddly dressed girl up and down. What WAS she doing here? Weren't maids supposed to work inside a house, not go wandering around? Maybe she was just a fan of the outfit. Who was he to judge what other people wore, unless it was likely to be funny. Based on this girl's rather placid expression, she would either be a LOT of fun to tease, or very little fun to tease. "I should offer some sort of help in exchange, it's only right as a gentleman." Probably? He had no idea. It sounded good though. Besides, he was curious to see if there was more to this girl than met the eye.

He wasn't seeing anything particularly notable, but something was itching in the back of his head. Something about her seemed familiar, but he couldn't place exactly what. He certainly hadn't met this girl before, he would remember that. Resigning himself to having to puzzle over this a while longer, he turned to look back at the Bookstore.
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Cisnei respond to the shaggy white haired tall man as she points out the direction of two possible places where a bookstore should be. One on the literature district which if far, the other is a newly opened one possibly near the meat shop where all the people are rushing through right now. Still the shaggy white haired tall man looked a bit distress about it seeing that there are a flood of people in the way but soon enough he responded to her and asked where she is headed.

"I am currently heading towards the discount meat sale in that direction, Sir." the female maid nurse spoke pointing at the same direction where she said where the newly opened bookstore is along with the crowd of people . "It shouldn't be that far, the same goes with the newly opened bookstore." Cisnei added as she return her gaze back to the shaggy white haired tall man.

The man soon offered some sort of help to her after giving him direction to where he needed to go, although their destination are slightly the same, it is an honorable act. Cisnei, however, didn't mind about it as she isn't really the kind of person to complain or comment about it. She simply smile back to the man with his offer and gave out her thanks. "If you wish sir, I would gladly accept it. Also allow me to assist you to where you are going." the female maid nurse added to the offer.

The two should walk towards the direction of the bookstore and meat shop. Though there are people there, they are going with the flow so they won't have much problem heading that direction. Still, one might wonder what would they find when they reach the place.
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