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[Harvested][Accepted]Simon Sigismund; [Harvested]
Topic Started: Dec 14 2016, 02:18 AM (443 Views)
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Account Name: Zen

Name: Simon Sigismund
Nickname: Formerly The Crow of Tartaros, Sion, Si, Fancy Boy
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 68kg
Guild: Quatro Cerberus
Class: C
Affiliation: Good

Physical Description:
Standing a little taller than most young men his age, Simon carries himself with youthful confidence. His hair, grey like a late autumn cloud cover, hangs in messy locks down to around his ears. Pale blue eyes, sharp and analytic, stare out of a pale face framed with ashen bangs. His fine features speak of a blue-blooded ancestry. Between his affectionate smile and good looks, Simon can definitely be considered attractive. His body is finely-built, treading a line between slender and powerful. While his musculature is clearly defined, it's not exaggerated either. All in all, his appearance speaks of someone who comes from lavish circles, but who earned his place through hard physical labor.

Simon has a large number of clothes, like any normal human being. He rarely wears the same outfit more than two days in a row, more out of hygiene than out of any sense of vanity. His preference goes out to clothing that allows him a certain freedom of movement, but he will wear whatever is most comfortable at the time if he feels the situation warrants it. This usually means he has to feel safe, and certain there is no need to bolt at any moment. He also possesses a number of more fancy outfits, a callback to his noble background.

None carried so regularly they deserve special mention, other than holsters and sheaths for any relevant weaponry.

A black Quatro Cerberus mark on his left pectoral.


Simon is a young man with a complicated history. Where his life was previously affected by the vicious criminal undercurrents of society and ancient magical curses, he is now free of such things. As such, Simon greatly values his own freedom, be it of movement or choice. He greatly dislikes being confined to a single location against his will, and will thus struggle against captivity until he exhausts himself. Additionally, he is fiercely protective of his own ability to choose, and is thus loath to take orders from others unless absolutely necessary.

This stubbornness does not mean he's some kind of hardass. Simon is definitely a far more kind-hearted person than he was before his run-in with the Nameless One. While he is still not opposed to solving certain problems through violence, he will avoid taking a life if he can. He will not, however, endanger his own life to spare that of another. Simon is also far more social and outgoing, preferring to talk and make friends over sitting at his home and working through the night and the day.

If there is something he cherishes, he will protect it with all his might. Those who seek to bring harm to people he cares about will bring his full wrath down on them. Since he got at least two new shots at life, however, Simon is willing to give most people a second chance, within reason. Even if he gives people this second chance, he will keep a close eye on them until he feels he can trust them. If this second chance is betrayed, it is very, very rare for there to be a third. Possible, yes, but rare. In the end, it's all situational.

Simon still retains his old passion for knowledge and literature, though he plans to make it more of a hobby than a profession like in the past. New knowledge of magical subjects is especially interesting to him, along with anything that might teach him more about his new benefactor, the Nameless One. Sadly, other than a few religious texts, most studies of him were burned in years past by all three of Fiore's larger religions as heresy, back in less enlightened times.


Name: Gaia Blade
Class: S
Description: The Gaia Blade looks very similar to a cavalry sword, consisting of almost 90cm of metal with a sharpened edge on one side and a blunt other side. The grip consists of a decorated piece of metal some 20cm long. At the base sits the hilt; a small crossguard with a simple knucklebow attached to it. Altogether the entire thing is about 130cm long and weighs a little over a single kilogram.
It serves as a sword, and performs all of its functions such as slashing and striking. It also has the following magical effects:

Name: Battle Suit
Class: S
Description: An interesting part of Simon's arsenal despite its almost complete lack of magic. Crafted from the finest enchanted thread, the Battle Suit provides similar protection to a full suit of S-Class armor. It consists of a double-breasted coat with a hood, with a similarly-styled vest underneath, and a pair of simple-looking blue pants. The face is protected by a stylized skull-like mask. The boots and gloves are crafted from the hide of a basilisk, and thus have a stone-like texture despite their leathery flexibility.
Effect/Function: When worn by Simon, the magical fabric hardens in response to physical trauma, forming solid armor upon impact before returning to a flexible set of clothing.

Stats - 643
Power: 60
Endurance: 60
Toughness: 60
Speed: 60
Accuracy: 90
Magic: 120 (300)

Stat Points Earned: 16/591
Arc Points Earned: 19/33 [+16 GP]
Jewels Earned: 74,365,000/213,965,000 (148,330,000)

Magic Name: Pillar of Creation
Magic Type: Elemental Manipulation - Earth
Tier of Magic: Starter
Rank: 10 [3]
Magic Description: The ancient, decaying magic of a dying world implanted into Simon. Despite formerly being a world-shattering power, its age and disuse as a power have left it weak and brittle. It was simply given to Simon as a stepping stone towards greater power. One must be humbled before true strength can be acquired, after all. This magic allows the user to utilize very basic manipulations of the element of Earth. The user is capable of manipulating the element in a weak way, such as moving it or altering it into various forms for attack or defense.
However the manipulations afforded by this magic are not very powerful. To make up for its lack of raw power or variety, Simon has molded the magic into familiar shapes: techniques that can be integrated into his swordplay and martial arts, or anything resembling the simple blasting and shielding that he considered little more than crude tools in the past.

Techniques: 60/62 (+60/62 bought)
Jetstream - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 100m
Effect: Magic is at its most powerful at the first moment of ignition. Jetstream does not require Simon to carry a weapon, but it does make the weapon's execution more comfortable. By taking an iaido stance and executing the motions of the moment where his weapon leaves its sheath to strike, Simon can perform this rapid technique. A thin line of rapidly-moving sand, no more than a few grains thick but unbroken from Simon's hand to the end of this range, follows the sweeping motion. This motion can be 270 degrees around Simon, and deals catastrophic cutting damage to anyone caught in the swing. The sand moves at such speeds it saws through armor, allowing it to break through A-Class armor and dent S-Class armor. Simon can pick any number of individuals to be spared this fate. This technique has a one-post cooldown.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Target Choice, Armor Piercing]

The End - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 200m
Effect: By striking the earth with foot, hand, or weapon, Simon can channel his magic into a destructive eruption. In a line 250 meters long and 10 meters wide, a blade-like stone crest bursts out of the ground, up to 20 meters in height. The crest is razor sharp, dealing catastrophic cutting damage from below. The crest crumbles to dust moments after its eruption, leaving nothing in its wake. This technique can be used once per post.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Increased Effect Range, Reduce Cooldown]

Rex - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 250m
Effect: A simple projectile attack, Rex has nonetheless grown to be quite the threat due to Simon's mastery over his magic. When using Rex, Simon creates up to twenty sharp rocks, roughly one feet in length, that hover around him for a moment. These are then launched forward up to the maximum range, where they burst into numerous fragments upon impact. This explosion has a 10 meter range and deals devastating damage to anyone caught within. Should three or more Rex projectiles overlap, those in the area in question suffer catastrophic damage instead. This technique can be used once per post for two posts, after which it requires a one-post cooldown.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Increase Projectile Number, Reduce Cooldown]

Arsenal Gear - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 150m
Effect: Another simple offensive technique. Simon creates three large stone pillars, hovering above him similar to Rex. These pillars are each six feet long and one foot wide, and sharp on both ends. These pillars can each be launched at a different target. Upon impact, they explode into 20m radius explosions, dealing catastrophic damage to anyone caught inside. These sharp pillars also all possess strong homing capabilities, allowing them to chase a target through any space that has enough room for them, albeit losing a lot of speed during turns sharper than 90 degrees. This technique has a one-post cooldown.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Projectile Split, Homing]

Ray - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 150m
Effect: Simon creates up to five different projectiles. As opposed to most of his other techniques, these projectiles are more like clouds of pieces of stone as opposed to single rocks. Simon can then shoot these different projectiles, at different targets if he so desires. They will shred the target, dealing devastating damage, unless the target is hit by 2 or more of the projectiles, at which point they will take catastrophic damage. These projectiles have powerful homing capabilities, allowing them to move around obstacles and maneuver the insides of buildings. Once a target is hit, the stone pieces fuse around the struck area. If they manage to wound the target, these impaling pieces of rock may also interfere with healing. The fused rocks weigh 200 kilograms a piece and are S-Class in physical hardness. An opponent with a Power score higher than Simon's + 50 can pry them off or shatter them, though this takes a full post of picking. Of course, if the target is strong enough, they can just continue fighting and take the hinder of the extra weight as they go. The rocks last for about two posts, after which they crumble into nothingness. The cooldown for this technique is one post.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Increase Weight, Homing]

Thundergod - 10 [3]
Type: Offensive
Range: 600m
Effect: Ah, beautiful artillery. Thundergod is Simon's most powerful technique, and one that is definitely not to be taken lightly. Normally, this technique takes three posts to charge, but due to Simon's mastery of his magic, Thundergod only takes a single post to charge. Thundergod is the ultimate in artillery magic, a way for Simon to prove that even a Starter mage can wreak grand destruction. Simon does not require Line of Sight for Thundergod to work, meaning that with telepathy and a spotter, this technique can be used as actual artillery. When Thundergod's casting time is completed, a massive chunk of rock, some 10 meters in diameter, forms above the target and falls to the earth with rapid speed, creating a meteor-like impact. The blast radius of Thundergod is about 50 meters, and it deals damage beyond the catastrophic to any poor sod caught within. The damage is not quite beyond description, but far beyond what a regular rank 10 technique deals, capable of sweeping away scores of lesser mages and fighters, and blowing through fortified positions meant to withstand magical assault. The raw amount of power put into Thundergod means it has twice the Endurance cost of other techniques of its rank. The post after Thundergod fires, Simon cannot cast any magic due to the strain of using Thundergod. Thundergod has a three post cooldown.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, 2x Charge Post Skip]

Shagohod - 10 [3]
Type: Defensive/Supportive
Range: Self
Effect: By wrapping himself in a thin, segmented earthen armor, Simon can augment his own physical abilities and increase his defenses simultaneously. While this technique is active, Simon is covered in head to toe with S-Class stone armor that does not interfere with his movement. While using this technique, all of Simon's physical stats are increased by 20. This technique lasts for five posts and has a two-post cooldown.
[Buff Effects: +2 SP/Rank, Cooldown Reduction, Duration Increase]
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, A-Class Armor, S-Class Armor]

Snake Eater - 10 [3]
Type: Supportive
Range: 50m
Effect: Within 50 meters of himself, Simon is capable of controlling stone, dirt, and other forms of earth. This telekinetic control is quite fine-tuned, and allows him to perform the act of making earth move around like it was part of his body, allowing him to use it for battlefield control, offense, and repairing of structures. Simon can manipulate any earth within 50 meters at will, but he can only manually control up to one cubic meter of earth at any time. Any physical attacks performed with the stone in this way are performed with a Power score equal to Simon's + 30. Manipulated stone structures do not automatically return to their previous shape after this technique ends, unless he makes the effort of doing so. The duration of this technique is three posts, with a one-post cooldown.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Power Increase, Reduce Cooldown]

Outer Haven - 10 [3]
Type: Defensive
Range: 3m
Effect: Simon takes a defensive stance and lets his magic flow out of him, which creates a large number of stone plates and shards which all float around him in a dome-like shape, 3m in radius and centered around the caster. The large gaps between these stone plates allow people to look between them with very little issue. Should Simon or anyone else underneath the dome come under attack, the stone plates will immediately fuse together in the spot where the attack would pass through the dome to stop it. There is no limit to how many techniques or attacks this dome can block at once, as long as it all remains within the shield's limits. The shield can stop many very strong strikes or a few overwhelming strikes before being exhausted. Similarly, it can it can block a single rank 10 technique, three rank 9 techniques, five rank 8 techniques, et cetera. Should the shield be struck with a melee attack, the melee attacker will immediately get struck back by a concussive blast with a Power score equal to two-thirds of the attack's Power score. Similarly, a magical attack will immediately be reciprocated by a stone projectile dealing damage equal to a regular offensive technique, with a rank equal to 2/3rds of the offending technique's rank. The shield lasts five posts and has a cooldown of one post. Should the shield be damaged but not exhausted after the third post, it is immediately refreshed to its maximum potential.
[Overpower Effects: Raise Potential to Non-Starter Rank 10, Shield Refresh, Partial Reflect]

Guild Spells
Edited by Mango, Feb 24 2018, 05:13 PM.
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

・ Earned TP
You would have 74 Earned TP. 3 Starting + 71 from SP.

・ Bought TP
If you harvest 59 bought TP, then you are unable to start with 62 bought TP. (Even if you bought for the month, you'd only have 61 bought TP).

I don't know if you want to do anything with the extra TP, but for now,

・ Eldritch Knowledge - 10 [3]
There are more than ten Disruption Opener upgrades to choose from, so you will need to list them instead of saying 'All'. You also have the choice to choose one of the remaining upgrades as your 'OP upgrade' instead of a different OP upgrade (you don't have to; "Focus - Vague Knowledge, Focus - Detailed Knowledge, Focus Cooldown Reduction" will be looked at later).
Edited by Fumus, Dec 15 2016, 06:52 AM.
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All edits were made.
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

・ Corvus Blade
Even though you mentioned that you want to upgrade it to S-Class immediately after acceptance, I am obligated to mention that this can start at C-Class for durability. You can keep it D-Class if you really want.

・ Brand of the Nameless One - 10 [3]
This is for your information in case it might change any of your plans. You will still need line of sight and line of egress (basically just an unhindered line) to the target when you initially. brand them.

・ Torrential Power - 10 [3]
Minimum cooldown is 2 posts. I would only allow the OP options to allow more 'reflection' of the S-class projectiles (so three S-Class projectiles is okay), but not more than one equal-rank projectile in total for the entire technique. On that note though, I'd be okay if this technique is able to 'reflect' back one R10[3],R10[2],R10[1],or R10 projectile. (as a note, you would not be able to 'scale down' from one R10[3] to three R10)

・ Eldritch Knowledge - 10 [3]
"He chooses up to five target he is aware of within range to determine that target's relative magic stat,"
You'll need to include that bolded word. You are only able to tell if the person has a higher or lower magic stat compared to you, but not its exact levels.
If you wanted to know exactly how far lower, or how far higher if it's within 2 ranks, then you'll need to spend an OP option on it.

・ Anti-Disruption in general
Techniques under Disruption work like pre-emptive cautions: you place it on them, and then they can choose themselves whether or not to try to cast (under the assumption that they do not godmod knowing that they are affected by anti-magic).
If you want to wait for them to 'cast first, but wait I knew you would so I'm going to disrupt you before you could cast it', then you can but it will depend on your character's Accuracy vs. their Accuracy. Other than this, you can not have a technique that outright disrupts someone's technique without any chance of it 'not working', and the Disruption technique needs a duration instead of being instantaneous (even if it is 1 post duration).
Alternatively, you'd want Nullification magic, which affects magic while they are in effect, as opposed to stopping them from going into effect.

・ Annihilate ____ Magic - 10 [3]
If you are going to limit each technique to one category of offense/defense/utility-support, then you are allowed to increase the TP count from 14 to 23.

・ Corvus Stinger - 10 [1]
Minimum cooldown 2 post. 1 post with your OP option.
Diameter or Radius?
Regardless, the size needs to be drastically reduced if you can choose who to not damage. Also, since you mention 'anything caught within this area', are you able choose what not to damage as well (for example certain buildings/structures)?

・ Apocalypse - 10 [1]
Minimum cooldown 1 post. You can not reduce this any further with OP.
If you want to be allowed to choose who is exempt from the damage, then you'll need to reduce the range.

・ Grasping Darkness - 10 [1]
For durability purposes, mention that these are S-Class.
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-Annihilate Magic techniques changed

-Technique's range and width were reduced and description was changed to clarify.

-Increased cooldown, instead used OP to increase range.

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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

・ Torrential Power
"One rank 10 projectile technique or"
If you want, you can upgrade this to, "One rank 10 [3] projectile technique or "

・ Annihilate ____ Magic (x3)
A technique is not allowed to start their cooldown before the technique itself ends (aside from very specific circumstances that are not applicable here), so this OP option is not acceptable either. You also mention a shield, "For instance, if the shield only ", but this is not considered a shield. Even if it is flavor text, for the sake of clarity please describe this differently.

・ Corvus Stinger
Since you can shoot this twice over two posts and you can choose between allies/enemies, I'd say the range needs to be lowered to 300m.

・ Apocalypse
You have two different ranges listed here. Both of those numbers need to be changed to 150m radius since you can differentiate ally from enemy. Minimum cooldown 1 post.
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All edits made.
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Inara Serra
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Honesty without tact is cruelty.

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Crème de la Kremlin

Your character application is now accepted and will be placed in the archived forum. This topic has now been resolved, so therefore its closed.

This is an automatic message.
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