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Steamy Encounters
Topic Started: Nov 25 2016, 03:58 AM (624 Views)
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Water Dragon Slayer

Hosenka Spa has been a place of great rest and relaxation. ALways has been. Always will be-- but sometimes excitement was just as important as a good time to kick back and rest.

And after the chaos of the high seas from Fiore to Bosco, it was a good time for a certain Dragon Slayer to recover after the attack on the ship and the poison he endured.

SUijin had recovered while on the ship, and grumpy he missed out on most of the fun. And of course, a certain crocodile was gloating.

"So there I was, dodging the bullets from the black coated bastard in the swamp! So I was like "HEY YOU!!" And I transformed and tackled the bastard before he could turn into smoke!" Vector rambled, talking himself up as they walked. Vector and Suijin were now walking along the streets, in the nighttime air of Hosenka. As Vector walked along, talking grandly about himself with a big smile on his face, Suijin followed him with a grumpy look. He hated that he got injured and worse, missed out on a majority of the mission due to his injury. He got in one good hit and that was it. Now he had to listen to Vector's gloating as if 'HE' Was the hero of the mission. "Yep! If it weren't for me, you'd be fish-chow! Aren't I a great boss? DOn't be shy. You can say it!"

SUijin just walked along, rubbing the sore spot of his arm. The wound had healed and only left a small mark. NOt a scar would be left in due time, but his pride was more hurt than anything else. Even worse that Vector kept bringing it up. "You're talking yourself into a suitcase, crocodile..." SUijin replied.

"Aw, come on! Lighten up, buddy!" Vector said, twirling around to face him and now walking backwards as they crossed a wooden bridge through the town. "I mean I did save you. Can't I get a thank you? Come on?"

"I thanked you three times already. Now your just gloating," he replied curtly.

The two were heading to one of the hot spring resorts known for Hosenka , known as the "Scarlet Blossom". One known for beautiful gardens, wonderful mountain views, good food, and of course the hot springs. It was also known for 'mix bathing' but that was not the highlight for Suijin... perhaps... if you chose to agree :P

However, Suijin would not of known he was about to also have company from friends from the very same mission he was recovering from.
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The events within the open sea have finally ended. They managed to reach their destination after some obstacles and detours along their way and would soon returned back to Fiore. Obstacles such as invading sea creatures along with some mishaps during that fight. Detours that they need to go to an island which they encountered some Boscan forces. Toshiro and the rest of the hired crew did their best during both events and in such they succeed in completing the mission. The return trip home was uneventful as they managed to even return back to Fiore in a fast paced time, well according to the captain.

The hired mages and knights were congratulated for their efforts and were allowed to be dismissed until called or requested once more. The long trip is tiresome for one thing and they did get some bruises due to the events they encountered though they are all fine. So for now, the smoke mage did suggest to the blonde mage that 'why not go to a place to relax and recover from the assignment they were just on?'. They didn't get much rest during the entire trip on the open seas due to the possible sea attack that could happened. So one suggested heading to Hosenka Spa once more to go there and simply rest and recover.

The smoke mage proceed to travel to Hosenka Spa along with the blonde mage. They didn't bother going there on foot but rather took a caravan to get there. No point in getting tired travelling on foot after a tiring assignment. Besides they have done this before heading to Hosenka Spa, though this time they plan on heading straight to the place to book a place. Toshiro is wearing his usual attire once again, smoking with a small wooden pipe he carved before while he puff smoke outside the caravan. It is a long trip that he couldn't help but recall the events that unfold during the assignment on the ship.

The fight against that weird cloaked skull masked individual was sort of fresh within his mind. Though it isn't unusual for him to fight alone with an opponent, he did this to save and protect his allies. Still the event after that which bothered him a bit as the entire island would blow up minutes after his fight ended. It gave them few little time to get off the island and it is a good thing they managed to leave the island without leaving a crew member behind. Plus they found the thing they came there to save one of their allies on the ship.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie managed to scavenge a dress in one of Hargeon's shops. It was a floral dress with puffy short sleeves and a short-length skirt. It went well with the pair of shoes she bought along with it. A beige colored heels. Underneath the dress was a two piece swimsuit in a beautiful white color. The only thing she carried with her was her requip purse. If she had known they would be going to Hosenka after the mission, she could've brought a bigger bag that could contain some dresses she would like to wear within the town. But it seemed that she will have to shop herself with whatever she could find within the town.

After their caravan arrived in the town, they went straight into the Scarlet Blossom Hotel. The place was the talk of the town. She had heard the name oftentimes from her guildmates who had spent the night in their. They said they had a nice experience in that hotel. Most of the men seemed to be excited about the mix bathing. Reggie was worried about it at first. But after learning that everyone was required to wear a swimwear in the bath, she stop worrying.

"This could be the place." She said as they reached the gate with the name of the hotel at the top of it. They entered a place as they walked through a cobbled stone path towards the hotel. After taking off their footwear and put it on the shelves, they proceed to the reception area. Reggie felt the smooth wood on her feet as they walked towards the lady wearing a kimono. She smiled at them as they approached. "Hello ma'am and sir! Welcome to Scarlet Blossom. Would you like to check in?" She asked.

"Oh yes! A room for two please." Reggie said as the lady would look for vacant rooms. Unknowingly, she found the room that was reserved for Suijin. Thinking that it was not taken yet, she would check them in into that room. She gave them the keys as the two was lead away by a butler in a kimono. The lady was about to write the reservation on it when she was disturbed by someone. As Suijin would claim the key for his reservation, another lady would entertain him and gave him the spare key to the room where Toshiro and Reggie. This would be an exciting encounter.
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Water Dragon Slayer

Suijin and Vector arrived a few minutes after Reggie and Toshiro. As Vector rushed in to register and get their keys, Suijin stopped short at the entrance. He smelled someone familiar. Female, flowery... but his memory was a bit hazy after all the grief from the last mission. After all, he had been with more than a good share of women. He struggled to remember who did this smell belong to but as he did...

"Hey! Suijin!" Vector shouted, raising his hand to get Suijin to hurry up"Come on! I got our key already!"

Shaking his head, Suijin waved back at Vector in a calming gesture. He soon followed his crocodile friend down the hallway, leading to where they would be staying. As SUijin got closer and closer to their location, that smell got closer. Who could it be?

It was then they reached the door, Room 7A as Vector put the key in. "Thinks its time we celebrate and kick back. Maybe order us a--" Vector said as he turned the key and opened the door...

... to find Reggie there along with Toshiro.

SUijin blinked as he saw them, and his sense of smell finally caught up to recognize them both.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise," Suijin said, his own way of greeting them.

(NO coding this time. too lazy for coding. Also sorry if not best post. Deleted part before)
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The smoke mage couldn't help but reminisced about the event that unfold a few days ago, after all it was a life or death situation to some of them. Their caravan soon arrived at Hosenka Spa and the two would leave the caravan and head towards the entrance to their hotel, the Scarlet Blossom Hotel. The hotel does have some kind of reputation about its outdoor baths but Toshiro doesn't know much about it as he doesn't really gather information to such rumor. All he know and he cared about is that they are there to recover and relax from the assignment they were on previously which may involved the Bosco country.

The place does look clean and great, expected from a high star hotel, as they went in and proceed towards the reception area. The blonde mage have book their stay there, as she is more knowledgeable about this place than him, as they proceed to check in. Toshiro would observe the place as he could see that there are no 'no smoking' signs there, which made him satisfied about the place. He would smoke his pipe there on the lobby, which is still odorless, transparent and non-toxic, so there shouldn't any complaints there. Soon enough, they should get their keys as they were directed to where their room should be.

"This look like a good place to relax, how did you find out about this place?" the smoke mage said to the blonde mage as they proceed to their room. Soon enough they reached their room and upon inspecting it, it is pretty spacious and big. It has its own kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. One could fit an entire family there to be honest, which somewhat made Toshiro remember something that happened before. "This room is pretty big, kind of reminds me that one time we went to Akane Resort. Where we have to share a room with another family, I guess that don't normally happened..." the smoke mage said and ironically, the door opened like its deja vu once again.

Turning around the smoke mage couldn't help but noticed two familiar individual which he have seen recently. It was Suijin and Vector, two individuals who were present during their assignment at the open seas. Toshiro couldn't help but wonder why there are there but upon hearing the spiky deep blue haired man's greeting he couldn't help but respond back. "You two? What are you doing here? Also you look pretty alright now, how's the arm?" the smoke mage said to the spiky deep blue haired man.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie and Toshiro reached their room which was quite big. He asked her how did she find out about the place. "Well, I've been here during one of the Miss Fiore Tours. And we had an activity in here during my first Miss Fiore pageant." She said as she finally put her bag on the bed. She walked towards Toshiro as she put her arms on his shoulder and let him put his hands on her waist. The smoke wizard told her that the room reminded him of their stay at Akane, where they had to share with a family. "Yeah, I guess we had a knack of booking the wrong room." She said as she looked at him when the door suddenly opened.

They both slowly turned to the door and saw Suijin entering with Vector behind him. All of them fell silent for a bit as they didn't expected this to happen. But the dragon slayer broke the ice as he said this was a pleasant surprise. Toshiro proceed to ask them what were they doing here as he also noticed some improvement on Suijin's condition. "I guess the hotel had a mixed up. Let me call someone to fix this." She said as she looked for a lacrima communicator. She held it as she directed it to the lobby.

The lady who booked their room appeared on the lacrima. "Is everything okay ma'am?" She asked. "Actually no, the room you booked us is already taken by someone. Is there any chance you can transfer them to another room?" She asked. "I'm sorry ma'am but the hotel is fully booked. We will give a refund instead and let them look for another place to stay." She said. "But that would be rude to your guests!" She said. "I'm sorry ma'am but we don't have any options." Reggie took a deep breath. "I'll try negotiating with them. Thank goodness I'm friends with them." She said.

She put down the lacrima as the lady disappeared on it. She turned to them. "The hotel is fully booked. One of us have to look for another place to stay, or...if it is okay with you, we will share the room since it is quite big. That is if it is okay with you, Toshiro? Suijin?" She asked them.
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Water Dragon Slayer

The situation in a word was awkward. In truth it was beyond awkward. Beside the fact they were all from the same team to fight against Bosco on the project Undine on the Overwatch... Suijin was technically someone familiar with Reggie after an event involving trying to find her Aquarius key. Since then, there has been an unspoken attraction between her and the muscular Dragon Slayer...and Vector being a comical 'wingman' had expressed his affection to her too, though with little effect.

I swear we just walked right into a crazy sitcom, haven't we?" Vector commented, a sweat drop falling from his brow.

As Reggie called the front desk, Suijin turned to Toshiro asking about his arm. Suijin checked it-- despite the stretches of the wraps, his arm had fully healed. He felt a bit shamed to the fact a sea-beast almost got the better of him via poison. Now there was just the feint sign of the bite-- but that too would fade in time. One of the benefits of being a Dragon Slayer at times. "Arm's doing much better. A good soak in the hot springs, and it will be as good as new," Suijin said, flexing the said arm, though his attention to Reggie.

With his dragon's hearing, he could hear everything-- including the part about being kicked out. That was inconvenient.

As Reggie soon addressed the situation, even suggesting that Suijin and Vector could stay in the room with them... it was met by an uncomfortable letter. Luckily, or unluckily in many cases, Vector was quick to enter a quirky comment to break the ice.

"Dear Penthouse letters," Vector voiced out in a badly tasted joke, scribbling on one of the hotel pads and pen. "Do I have a story for YOU--!"

WACK!! Suijin delivered a not so gentle slap to the back of the crocodile's head, shutting him up.

While Suijin was no stranger to those more ... adult situations, it was that kind of awkward shit that caused problems here. Suijin just rolled his eyes as Vector recoiled from the slap. "Pardon him. He's an idiot," Suijin said flatly, and shrugged his shoulders. "Look, clearly as much as I'd like to reminisce on things, I wouldn't want to violate your privacies. Though, I won't deny seeing you again, Reggie is unpleasant. Just didn't think you were with him. " Suijin said, his eyes settling on Toshiro.

A sense of tension was between Suijin and Toshiro-- at least from his point of view. One was the boyfriend, and one was the suitor who had hit on Reggie more than once. The two had history. And things would get messy from that point onward.
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One might think that this kind of thing doesn't happened too often, or possibly in some kind of scripted sitcom story, where two guests would book and get the same room. It is one of those plot inconvenient that happened to a group of people so high jinks will ensues. Well it happened once again with Toshiro and Reggie. This time however, it was someone they both know and wasn't a family. It was Suijin and Vector, the water dragon slayer and his crocodile companion whom they met during one of their Boscan assignment where they need to sail across the seas.

The blonde mage proceed to call the front desk about this misunderstanding as the smoke mage and the spiked deep blue haired man with the crocodile. So the smoke mage decided to spark up some conversation seeing that the last time they met, the spiked deep blue haired man was infected with a deadly poison in which they need to go onto a slight detour to cure it. Well the spiked deep blue haired man responded and he is alright. He even mentioned that he just need a good soak within the hot springs and he will be fine. Their conversation was startled a bit when the crocodile proceed to do something in the corner where Suijin immediately interrupted his friend.

At that moment the blonde mage soon returned mentioning about their dilemma. It was a similar situation before, where the management made a mistake booking both of them in the same room and the hotel is already full. The blonde mage gave out some suggestions, either one of them would leave to search for another hotel or they would share the room. The room is big enough for all of them to stay comfortably but maybe not mentally. The smoke mage could tell that there may be something there that he didn't know much about the spiked deep blue haired man but his conscience might not be able to kick the guy out.

"Well I guess we have no choice about it. From the look of it, this place is already filled with tourists and visitors and it would probably be hard to book a room around this time. That the one will leave may or may not find a place to stay. So I guess we can just share the room, we did fought together back then so we should be able to work things out." the smoke mage said as he couldn't help but puff an odorless smoke in front of him. "I guess this should work out. Besides... what could go wrong?" the smoke mage thought to himself as he stare at the spiked deep blue haired man.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie asked Toshiro and Suijin if they're okay sharing the room. Vector was about to say something funny when the slayer hit him, preventing him to continue what he was about to say. The blonde wizard looked at Suijin as he told her this is quite unpleasant seeing her as she's with Toshiro. This made Reggie speechless and above all, awkward. "Well...I..." She was searching for words when Toshiro interrupted her, saying that it should be fine. After all, they fought together against the sea creatures and the boscans during their voyage. "Yeah, Toshiro's right Suijin. Let's all share the room and enjoy the weekend together. Please." She said, begging for Suijin to agree in sharing the room with them.

As soon as they were done negotiating, the blonde wizard would normally unpacked her bag and hang in dresses in the closet. But since she only had her requip purse, she would have to do some shopping. But for now, the pool seemed to be tempting. She wanted to soak in a fresh water. So the blonde wizard went inside the comfort room where she took off the only dress she had. She folded it neatly and placed it on the divider next to the towels. She looked in the mirror and tried to arrange her swimsuit a bit. There was a cotton kimonos hanging below the divider. She took the smallest one and wrapped her body around it.

"Toshiro, let'sgo have a swim." She said as soon as she got out of the comfort room. Knowing that Toshiro would surely go with her, she turned to Suijin. "Wanna join us Suijin? The water looks great." She told him as the tie around her waist started to loosen up and revealed her two piece swimsuit in front of the two men inside the room, plus the crocodile.

Reggie hastily picked it up as she wrapped it around her body again. "Sorry about that." She said, blushing. "Well let's go now. Before the other guests went to the pool." She said as she chained her hand on Toshiro's arm.
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Water Dragon Slayer

(Pardon no coding but lazy tonight)

The awkward moment soon passed as the two were okay to let Suijin and Vector stay-- but out of at least some form of courtesy that Suijin had, he agreed to sleep on the couch. When Vector tried to suggest he should sleep in the bed with Reggie, Suijin just punched him in the head to knock him out for a few minutes. Though probably viewed as cruel... it took a lot to hurt the annoying crocodile.

As Suijin sat on the couch, with only the single bag he had with him-- and Vector now laying prone over the couch like a coat thrown over it-- he just kept his arms crossed and eyes shut as he tried to relax, despite the stench of smoke coming from the smoke mage. His sensitive nose picked it up easily. It was not the same kind of smoke Artorious had, but it was annoying all the same. After all-- smoking kills. He had to wonder though.. did Toshrio actually know Artorious?

"Hey, smoky?" SUijin asked as Reggie unpacked her things. "Do you know a smoke mage like yourself-- named Artorius?" he asked him.

A little later, he heard Reggie wanting to go for a swim. Turning to her lightly, his gaze to her and already imagining her in a swimsuit was enough to make him feel peckish. "Sure, sounds like fun..."

"Reggie in a swimsuit!" Vector exclaimed, snapping out of his unconscious state.

Suijin just sighed. "Careful, crocodile. Your nose is bleeding," he said as he got up. He would wait for Reggie to go with Toshiro, then join in after so he could change. Naturally the imagination was not disappointed by what she had on.

As Reggie and Toshiro would get to the hot spring first, Suijin slowly would get his bag open, finding the blue and gold swimsuit he had. This was not what he intended. When he went to the hot spring-- even one like this-- he never hardly wore the swimsuit, but still... with the mix bath and the fact Reggie was there with a boyfriend, he couldn't be as shameless as he usually was.

At least, for now anyway. The tension was still clear between the two men-- and both their interests on Reggie.

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