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[Graded]Twisted Art; Second Attempt.
Topic Started: Sep 6 2016, 08:03 PM (608 Views)
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Water Dragon Slayer

Crocus was a lively city, even in this time of war elsewhere in Fiore. For the moment Zachary was back in his homeland and was taking the time to relax with some R&R. He had been in Chrocus for some time, studying up magic at the main library and taking the time he needed to recover. His mental and physical health had taken a tole from so many battles.

For now, he was taking this time to enjoy the sights of Crocus and get a chance to see something he long since didn't take notice too-- the Crocus Museum of Art. It was a massive marble building which took up a whole city block, and contained several beautiful examples of cultural art. From ancient artwork and rare artifacts, to modern marvels.

As the sunlight beamed upon the happy street full of people, Zachary walked along quietly in his blue jacket. On his back in the hood of it, his loyal companion Jirachi sat in there like a little stroller, watching the world go by as his friend carried him around.

Little did Zachary know, his close friend BLitz was somewhere nearby-- heading in the same direction. When they would meet near the entrance of the Museum, it would be a funny reunion since Zachary wanted peace and quiet for a bit. Blitz was anything but subtle-- or an art fan , from what he knew about him.
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Blitz covered his mouth with one hand as he suppressed a yawn, walking down one of the streets in Crocus, his other, metal hand tucked into his left jeans pocket. Blitz wasn't tired, though - just a bit on the bored side. Crocus might be the official capital of the country and the center for a great deal of both goods and knowledge, but sometimes amusement wasn't something that could be found as easily. Though in fairness to Crocus, for someone who had combat both as a job and as a hobby, the sections of the city weren't exactly geared correctly to deal with a wandering weapon.

"Seems like there are still alot of people living here," Shoop said. "But somehow, it seems less...lively than last time we were here."

"That's because the last time we were here, the decision of who was going to be the next King - or Queen - of Fiore was still up in the air," Blitz pointed out. "And the day we visited here was the same day that Stefan's brother, Herad, was giving a speech from the Royal Palace, so people had more than enough reason to flock here in droves. And given how things have turned out, it's a pity that he didn't end up as King instead of Stefan," Blitz added. "Maybe things still would have ended with War after what happened at the Memorial, but I feel like it would have taken longer for Herad to cave to the political pressure, if that makes any sense."

"Ah yeah, you voted for the guy, right?" Shoop asked.

"Yes, I did. Why there was an 'election' for a 'King', I don't know, but it certainly let the people have their voices heard, at least. Seems they preferred Stefan over Herad. Pity. He seemed capable enough." Blitz said.

"You just say that because he like you - a Takeover mage with a fondness for combat and collecting objects he found interesting." Shoop replied.

Blitz looked thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged. "Fair enough assessment, I guess," Blitz said. "Speaking of collections of interesting objects," Blitz noted, stopping before a very large building - the Crocus Museum of Art. "Want to see if they have anything about the War in here?"

"It'd have to be a recent submission, to be from the War, but sure, why not." Shoop said.

They weren't the only ones with an interest in the place, it seemed - near the entrance (which was a bit of a ways off, due to how large the building itself was) he saw Zachary, with Jirachi perched in his hood as usual. "Hey there, Zachary. You here to see the Museum, too?" Blitz asked the star mage.
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Water Dragon Slayer

Indeed, Herald was the one Zachary was in support to the election as well-- but it was not meant to be. As Disappointed though Zachary was-- he was still glad to learn about Herald still playing a role in Fiore's affair, especally in the care of magical artifacts and diplomacy. Sadly none of that worked out to prevent the war raging now.

But for now, Zachary wanted to put that out of his mind. At that moment, however, Jirachi in his hood peeked his head out, as if to see something. The little guy sensed something with his telepathic power, recognizing someone. And no sooner than he did, both Zachary and Jirachi found Blitz with his talking hat.

"Huh? Blitz-- what are you doing here?" Zachary asked, his reaction a bit tame but still surprised.

BLITZ! YAY! Jirachi chirped and flew out of Zachary's hood-- and straight for Blitz. The little star critter attempted to give the Fairy Tail mage a face-hug, what he did often when excited to see a friend.

At the question regarding why Zachary was there, Zachary casually scratched his cheek. "Yeah... I wanted to come here for a time. Got some free time and needed a break from the stress of the war. I always used to go to these cultural areas to destress." he said, looking at the building. He then returned to Blitz, seeing him here as a rare thing. "But what is a gear-head like you coming to an art museum of all places? .... Wait, don't tell me your gonna add to our guild's rep by destroying it too..." Zachary sighed, knowing that when it came to the rumors about Fairy Tail being 'destructive by nature' , Blitz could often be blamed for half of them :P
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Blitz was wandering towards the front door of the museum - which took a minute or so, due to the sheer side of each side of the building - and saw Zachary on the way to the door, greeting him when he spotted the fellow mage from his guild. Zachary asked Blitz what he was doing at a museum, of all things, though Jirachi interrupted before Blitz could reply, Blitz merely giving the little star critter a one-handed hug with a smile. "Nice to see you too, little guy," Blitz said to Jirachi before turning to look at Zachary. "Well, I figured that given how long ago the Boscan War was - the initial one, mind you - there might be something about the war inside the museum, considering its significance to the country as a whole. I'm also rather curious to see if it mentions either of us in any capacity, since we did play a role in that. But I ask you the same thing - what brings you here?"

Zachary explained he was there to relax a bit, more or less. "Doing some tourist to unwind, huh? Makes sense, though if the museum has anything on the war, you might not have chosen the right place to get your mind off the recent war," Blitz said with a slight smile.

"You say 'recent' like it's already over." Shoop noted, part of his hat-self rumpled just over one eye - Shoop's equivalent of raising one eyebrow.

"Well, not over, but we've certainly reached quite the ceasefire, temporary as it might be," Blitz said. "We didn't so much agree to not attack one another as we did pause to patch up our forces and recover our strength before trying anything else."

Blitz's own brow furrowed in mild annoyance, however, when Zachary jested about damaging the museum. "Come on, I'm not going to deface public property for the sake of sheer vandalism," Blitz argued, as if property damage was the furthest thing from his mind. "I won't deny that I've caused some....let's say 'impact' on the local geography, but those were usually during fights that got a bit out of control."

"Like the time you managed to bring down the walls on two different buildings and crumble the street we were standing on with one punch? As I recall, that was all you." Shoop quipped. "I even recall you yelling 'perfect!' after the damn rubble collapsed on us."

"To take down a bothersome foe, and because the maneuver succeeded," Blitz reminded him. "Besides, most of the time, any damage I deal to the surroundings is far outweighed by the gain of defeating said foe. Like those gemini twins at the power plant in Hydrangea - the entire town was coming to life, you saw the chaos that was ensuing."

"The key word there is 'most'," Shoop noted.

"Anyway," Blitz said, changing the subject, "Want to tour the place, since we're here? I've been to museums before, but aside from possible recent additions from the war, I don't think I've ever been to this one," Blitz noted, glancing up at the building. "Usually anything that brings me to Crocus is important enough to skip any thoughts of sight-seeing, but for once, I'm just here without a real goal in mind."
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Blitz Smash! Teehee! Jirachi cheered, giggling as he floated in the air and laughed. Zachary cracked a smile at that too-- reminding Zachary of a certain comic book creature. Needless to say, it didn't help Blitz's defense much.

A sweat drop fell from Zachary's head as he saw Blitz and Shoop argue, the two making a big scene as they debated with one another. It was rather embarrassing. Sometimes Zachary had to wonder HOW they ended up being on the same team in Fairy Tail. Finally though the conversation on the destruction ended. Still Shoop seemed to be on Zachary's side when it came to the need to lighten up on destruction. That was one thing Zachary was proud of about his magic. When needed he could trade in destructive force for finesse.

After listening, Zachary agreed as Jirachi floated to him and sat upon Zachary's head. "Finally a good suggestion-- but look there is more in this museum aside Bosco-stuff. I wanna go to the art section so lets just go there, please," Zachary said as he made his way inside with Blitz. "I just really need to de-stress on things...." he said.

However, as Zachary and his friends began to enter the building, someone was watching them from nearby. From one of the adjacent buildings, a figure clad in black and red watched over the museum. He was looking from a strange zoom-in eye piece from his left eye, a head full of long blonde hair. As he moved his hair aside from the wind, he observed the two fairy tail mages enter the muesum, and observed the art musuem himself.

"Hmm, how very interesting, " the strange said, spotting also the Fairy Tail logo on Zachary's jacket back. As they vanished into the museum, the man looked over and placed his arm over his knee, kneeling over on the edge of the building. "Looks like I will be having some fun with my art-appreciation time, doesn't it," he commented to himself. As he hung there-- from the palms of his hands-- a strange pertrusion could be seen.

A mouth with teeth and tongue extended from each one. The man let out a creepy chuckle, as if he was plotting something diabolical.
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Blitz sighed at Jirachi's little chirp. "Not you too, little guy," Blitz said somewhat sarcastically. "I admit that smashing things for a living isn't an entirely inaccurate descriptor of what I do, but there's more to it than that. I make stuff, too."

"Oh really now?" Shoop said. "When was the last time you made something for a mission or for a reason beyond just entertaining your own creative imaginations?"

Blitz paused, quiet for a moment. "There was that time I helped patch up the bikes for that Magnolian garage awhile back." he said, waiving a hand somewhat hesitantly.

"And how long ago was that?" Shoop asked, intent on an answer. "Because I certainly wasn't around for that, and I've been around for quite awhile."

"....Maybe 5 years or so." Blitz said reluctantly, knowing it wasn't the answer that would bail him out of the argument.

"Ha! Point proven!" Shoop said.

"That's not my fault," Blitz argued, trying to salvage the argument somehow. "The only time I make stuff during the missions is when that's part of the request. If there's no call for it in the request, there's little point to it."

Meanwhile, Zachary just wanted to go inside the museum and start the destressing process with something that wasn't Bosco-related, like normal art. "Sure, we can start there," Blitz said with an odd look at Zachary, "Though are you feeling okay? Normally you're not this stressed out by stuff. Even during the original Boscan war, I don't recall you getting to the point where you had to go destress later."

Neither of the two mages noticed the figure on the nearby building - Blitz might have noticed, but was too busy wondering what was bothering Zachary and defending his job description to notice.
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Zachary and Blitz entered the museum, the staff greeting them and giving them the proper mapping material where each exhibit was. The place was funded by one of the heirs of Fiore-- Zachary forgot which one, but he admired the man for upkeeping the magical and historic artifacts for public view.

As they moved through a hall of paintings, Jirachi was now very curious as he had never been to a museum before. The little star critter happily fluttered around near Zachary and Blitz, observing the different colored paintings. Ooooh... pwetty.... Jirachi chirped.

Answering Blitz' question, Zachary sighed as they continued on. "well for starters, I seem to lose track of my goals of wanting to be a wizard. I mean sure I grown better as one, but this whole Bosco thing just caused me more grief than antyhing else," Zachary said as they walked. "Remember the first attack. I was asked to help with a group-- but i made a mistake when I went to try and save someone in our party, and because of it---" Zachary stopped, not wanting to remember it. His choice to save one of his allies, cost the lives of soldiers who were fighting along side him cause he lowered his guard too soon. Even though Zachary was a kid then, and not totally at fault-- it still made him dread the thought of serving in the Bosco war again.

Whether if Blitz remembered it or not and how Zachary took it the first time, it was a scar on his life he regretted. "I Just need time away from it all, that's all." He said, observing as Jirachi carelessly floated around and they would follow him, leading to a larger room where sculptures where placed.
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Blitz gave a slight wave as the staff near the door greeted the two of them, taking a map from one of them with a slight nod. It was unlikely that he'd get lost, but given that his usual way of getting out of someplace was in a hurry was punching through the walls, the museum would probably much prefer he just have a map instead. Plus, Shoop would likely give him grief about it, after the conversation they'd had outside the main doors.

Jirachi, at least, seemed to really like some of the exhibits, seeming to take a keen interest in the nearby paintings in the lobby. Blitz was more focused on listening to what Zachary had to say than the artwork around him. Seemed like the events of the last war - and the current one - were weighing heavily on the star mage. Apparently he'd saved the life of one of his friends, but it had cost the lives of those soldiers near him at the time when he'd gone to do so. Easy to see how that could get to someone, Blitz thought. Heck, I had my own issues, but nothing that cost someone their lives directly as a result of my actions. I can see now why he seems so distracted.

Blitz patted Zachary on the back. "I was in the war too, you know - I might be a combat enthusiast, but I'm not un-feeling to plights like that. Just take some time off and let the issue work itself out," Blitz suggested with a slight smile. "Let's just look at some fancy art and try to forget our troubles for awhile, alright?"
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Blitz's words were comforting and actually sensitive-- something Zachary didn't expect from him at the moment. He couldn't help but smile a bit at it. The events of the past were in the past, and Zachary knew better than to poison himself with self-guilt after something that was beyond his control. Something he learned long ago-- they were wizards, not gods. There were no absolutes in anything.

As they entered a wider open exhibit, they entered a large 'sun room'. A large display was an old reconstructed temple with a reflecting pool around it. Around that, were desplays of statues and other priceless artifacts. Many of them were statues, of different figures and even just shapes. Jirachi freely fluttered thorugh the air as they walked on, enjoying the culture.

"I enjoy this, Balmung. It reminds me of what magic can really do... help one give form to their creativity and imagination," Zachary said, looking at some of the exhibits. "Do you remember how maker magic-- their philosophy was that a magic's strength isn't in its destructive power, but in the power to have creative freedom?" he said, quoting of one of the legendary wizards, "Ur Milkovitch."

As they talked, Jirachi fluttered near by-- but something soon caught his attention. Out of the corner of the gallery, Jirachi saw a small little creature.

It looked like a grey ball of clay, with two little holes for eyes and tiny legs as it waddled its way into the room. Jirachi blinked as he saw the little figure and floated towards it. As it approached, the little creature looked up at the floating star-critter. Ello... I'm Jiwachi! Wanna be fwiends? Jirachi asked, floating over it.

The creature blinked at Jirachi a few times, but then something changed.

A sudden surge of magic energy radiated from the creature. Something was going on with it-- causing its properties to change. Both Zachary and Blitz would soon sense it-- and the danger of this creature might present to them and Jirachi being so close!
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Despite being a guy who could produce machines at will, didn't mean he was some unfeeling robot himself. He might not have had to deal with the exact situation Zachary was facing, but there had been some near-misses that didn't make it hard to imagine how the star mage was feeling right about now.

The part of the museum they walked into next surprised Blitz slightly - the architecture was suitable for the inside of museum, but some of the displays looked more like something that would make more sense on the outside of the museum, like the reflecting pool. Technically, I guess it makes it easier to clean, being inside the building, Blitz thought. They don't have to fish leaves and whatever else might fall into it outside from the pool.

Zachary said he liked the idea because it sparked his imagination with his magic. "True, alot of the stuff in here required a good deal of creativity on the part of the artists," Blitz said, glancing at the various statues and paintings. "Well, all of it, really." Blitz added with a slight shrug. "It's good that you have a source for inspiration, though. Keeps the ideas flowing."

"That makes me wonder, actually," Shoop asked, glancing down at Blitz. "What do you draw inspiration from?"

Blitz grinned, glancing upward at his hat. "You really have to ask? Go on, guess - since you've been around as long as you have, you only get one try, though."

Shoop looked confused for a moment, then deadpan, then sighed, facepalming with one bronze hand that had appeared from under the hat. "Of course. Combat." Shoop said as Blitz chuckled.

Blitz glanced over at Jirachi as they walked through the room, who was staring at something on the edge of the reflecting pool. "What did you find, little guy?" Blitz asked, walking over to the little star critter. "Reading the engraving or something?" Soon, though, it turned out that what Jirachi had found a small spider-like thing, but the color was all wrong, as it didn't look like any spider that Blitz had seen or heard of. Almost looks like it's made of clay or something, Blitz thought, and was about to ask Jirachi if he knew what his new friend was, only for the spiderling to glow brightly suddenly.

Blitz cursed and flung a handful of shrapnel at the thing, dunking it into the middle of the reflecting pool with a small splash as the shranpel scooped the small form up and then wrapped around it before hitting the water.
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