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[Harvested][Accepted] Libbier Terrion Geer; [Harvested]
Topic Started: Jul 31 2016, 10:44 PM (464 Views)
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Account Name: LibertyGear
Posted ImageName: Libbier Terrion Geer
Nickname: Lib, Sita
Age: 27
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 50kg
Affiliation: Light Neutral
Guild: Sabertooth
Class: B
Physical Description:
"An healthy body and healthy mind are but two ingredients for an healthy life.
Adventure is the other one."

Everything about Lib's appearance is defined by her petite figure. Firstly and mostly, the problematic part of her appearance is her height. Yes, Lib is a small young woman, a figure that deceives the eyes of peoples who see her and think that she is far younger than her real age. This is quite problematic as such time in need of longer reach, her heights become a terrible disadvantage because of being short means she has smaller arms. Despite being small, Lib has a very proportional body. It is slender and fit, slightly toned giving a perfect athletic girl looks, and are probably the result of her daily workouts. She likes to keep her body in perfect form as she figures it will allow her to delay the advance of her aging. Her skin is smooth as a baby, despite doing so much outdoor activity, and it can clearly be proofed with her natural pale color combined with a very perfect tanning effect and become slightly browned skin. However, these rather small disadvantages from her height in unison with her cute childish face had its own kind of charm, a kind of charm that usually attracts, well, dangerous kind men, that either she didn't really care or probably doesn't realize it. Her eyes were big and round with indigo colored iris emitting the looks of fit energetic girl. Lib has a thin pale blue swaying hair was casually short but there was a tuft of hair tied up on both sides of her forehead and have eyes, very suitable with her active and sporty appearance.
Clothing is not really an important item in her daily life, seriously. Lib keeps her outfit to minimum coverage, and by minimum it means that she only wears an outfit that reveal most part of her skin, enough to cover her femininity and won’t stir up chaos among men when she socialize. That however clearly not working as intended. But well it’s not that she had any problem with her current behavior, because she doesn't seems to care with the common sense and why the reason of clothing was invented. But! For most of the time, Lib choose to wear a set of combat related outfit and not a sparkling up-to-date fashioned clothing. The set includes; A complicated tailored tight suit with few strings on the lower v part of the suit, as overall it appears similar to a one piece swimming suit -only a bit more revealing- with black, white and dark desert yellow colored with a simple padded plastic just below the breast. On top of the suit, lib wears a short dark desert yellow combat jacket, wore in an open style completed with a long white muffler that was wrapped loosely around her shoulder and neck. Her lower clothing had a various combination between a tight black short shorts, with a black or metal waistband that attached to a same desert yellow colored combat chaps, or the same black short shorts with few tight straps and a long black stocking up to her thighs. And to complete the whole set, Lib always wears a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of brown combat leather boots.

"Life is a mystery with multiple solutions.
And everyone should find theirs."
Lib is an explorer at heart. She is focused and persistent, don't expect her to stop once she starts exploring some cave or ruin, until she herself deems its pointless. Her old life however, where she traveled the world with her friends, has made her realize that no matter how much she may want to know something, some secrets are better left alone.
She has no difficulty trusting others, as despite feeling like she was displaced in society all her life, she believes every stranger is just a friend or an enemy she has yet to met, and friends are always welcome, while enemies... well there are ways to deal with those, and she usually applies force in those dealings. If you do manage to become friends, she will always help you out with any problem, even if she doesn't know how to help, and will never betray you. Well at least that is until you do, and may God have mercy on you then, cause she sure won't.
While among friends, Lib tends to be the talkative type, and even those she just met will find that she as little problems starting a conversation. Lib loves sweets and tends to be easily persuaded with some, specially chocolate. She does have self control so it's not like you can buy her out with tons of candy, but if you try, you can be sure her response will have a good amount of drool mixed in, and it can be funny to watch her drool for a few seconds, although that's all you will get.
On the other hand, you better avoid getting on her bad side unless you are confident that you can deal with her, cause if you aren't you can be sure she will chase you to the end of the world, and you can be sure that hiding from her explorer skills will be less than fruitful. So do yourself a favor and... Do. Not. Make fun of her size.
During actual combat, Lib tends to trust only on her skill and closest friends, being very difficult for her to actually coordinate with strangers, although her companion Nero does help her a little in that regard. The best way to describe her fighting style is that she's something akin to a lightning storm, unpredictable, fast and hard hitting.
Posted Image

The Explorer

Skills & Disciplines

  • All-Rounder
    Adept, efficient and skillful. Lib is capable of quickly learning to use any kind of object she has never seen before with some effectiveness.
  • Incredible Pain Tolerance
    Lib has developed a good amount of pain tolerance thru her training. While it's only slightly above a warrior's mental constitution, it was just enough for her to not screaming in pain after taking a good amount of punishment.
  • Ambidextrous
    Lib is proficient in using both of her hands in any activity.
Edited by LibertyGear, Dec 28 2016, 04:05 PM.
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Combat Suit

Ultima Ratio Hecate II

Hecate Ammo Magazine X5

Stats - 440
Power: 15Endurance: 40Toughness: 25Speed: 50Accuracy: 50Magic: 90(30+60+90+80)[2]

Stat Points Earned: 19/404
Arc Points Earned: 7/30(22GP)
Jewels Earned: 75,000,600/137,000,600(104.016,000)


Magic Name: Shattering Distortion
Magic Type: Space Magic
Tier of Magic: 1
Rank: 10[2]
Magic Description: Lib's magic is focused around teleporting both herself and others across various distances. Hence the distortion part in the name, the shattering part is the fact that her magic manifests itself as blue energy cracks in the space itself, that aren't as much cracks as they are rifts is space connecting two places and as such are capable of teleporting anything they can engulf. Using her magic allows Lib to displace her allies, making it harder for them to be hit by attacks, or even allowing them to get into favorable positions to launch attacks. However, teleporting is not all she is able to do, as if she simply focuses on using her magical energy, she is capable of either infuse her allies and herself with it, or deal damage to her enemies by simply not trying to teleport them in one piece. Being used mainly for exploration, Lib has always been able to get into the most difficult to reach locations, using her magic to either teleport herself around, or simply teleporting away whatever is blocking her path.

Techniques - 60/63 (43+20)

Rift of Displacement - 10[2]
Type: Long Range Teleportation
Range: 1500 km
Effect: While standing still and out of combat, Lib sends a burst of energy into the ground, which slowly begins to form a ring of spacial cracks around her. This ring has a one meter radius, takes a full post to form completely, if Lib is not interrupted, and the cracks can reach up to three meters in height. As the ring is created, Lib needs but to know the location where she needs to be, and the ring will shatter, engulfing her and up to seven additional targets within the ring's radius. Each target must be in physical contact with Lib, and can bring up to 20 kg of non-living matter with them. This has a 1 post cooldown. Distorted targets are teleported as long as they are either in contact with Lib, inside the ring or, of course, both.
Overpower 1: Increases number of max people to 8, and the radius of the ring to 2m.
Overpower 2: Increases number of max people to 9, and the possible non-living matter weight to 40kg.

Distorting Displacement - 10[2]
Type: Teleport
Range: 200m
Effect: Lib sends a burst of energy into the ground, which begins to form a ring of spacial cracks around her. This ring has a one meter radius, takes a full post to form completely, if Lib is not interrupted, and the cracks can reach up to three meters in height. As the ring is created, Lib needs but to know the location where she needs to be, and the ring will shatter, engulfing her and up to seven additional targets within the ring's radius. Each target must be in physical contact with Lib, and can bring up to 20 kg of non-living matter with them. Lib teleports herself and allies a long distance, losing momentum, needing to orientate themselves, but not line of sight or line of effect. This has a 3 post cooldown.
Overpower 1: No longer requires channeling.
Overpower 2: Increase radius to 2 meters, and removes need for physical contact.

Shard of Displacement - 10[2]
Type: Offensive
Range: Self
Radius: 10m
Effect: Lib forsakes the need to teleport her targets in one piece, to increase the radius and number of targets by a substantial amount, creating and activating a ring around the affected area that will deal catastrophic damage to up to ten enemy targets caught within it, by spreading the cracks in space outwards beyond her control. Lib can focus herself to increase the radius, range and targets by charging the tech for up to 3 posts, although she loses the ability to differentiate friend from foe if she tries too hard:
1 post charge - Radius increased to 50m, range to 55m, enemy targets to 15;
2 post charge - Radius increased to 150m, range to 220m, enemy targets to 50;
3 post charge - Radius increased to 300m, range to 550m, every friend or foe within the ring.
Has a 1 post cooldown, increased by 1 per charge.
Overpower 1: Gain barrier piercing
and Overpower 2: Can charge one additional post, increasing the radius to 600m and range to 660m, causing the damage to be dealt not to individual targets but to everything in the radius (anything without any kind of protection, like ground, rocks, tree and buildings, will be teleported piece by piece, leaving the affected area devastated).

Cracking Distortion - 10[2]
Type: Teleport
Range: 50m
Effect: Lib can teleport herself a small distance, maintaining momentum and without needing, to orientate herself, line of sight or line of effect. Has a 1 post cooldown.
Overpower 1: Can change orientation.
Overpower 2: Can teleport someone with her.

Flickering Distortion - 10[2]
Type: Teleport
Range: 220m
Effect: Lib can teleport herself a long distance, maintaining momentum, needing to orientate herself, line of sight but not line of effect. Has a 1 post cooldown.
Overpower 1: Can teleport someone with her.
Overpower 2: Can be used once per post with no cooldown when out of combat.
Edited by Grond, Oct 13 2017, 12:56 AM.
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Name: Nero
Age: -unknown-
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 90 Kg
Race: Exceed
Class: S
Owner: Libbier Terrion Geer
Posted Image

Physical Description:
Nero is an exceed by nature, however, unlike his brethren he became incapable of growing wings or shrink back to his regular size after a magical accident. As a result this left Nero forever stuck in what used to be a temporary combat form. Nero now is very tall, reaching 2 meters in height, his muscles are very well defined, well visible due to his thin layer of fur, to a point that when using his full strength, it's not unusual to see veins popping from them. The accident left a large scar on his left shoulder, amplified by the fact that his body is now forever big. He wears dirt white baggy pants that go down to his ankles, and a lasso on his tail matching the rest of his attire. The lasso doesn't match his new body, but since it was a gift, he isn't bothered by it.

Nero is an easy going kind of exceed. While most would think Nero to have a serious cold personality, which is mostly true, Nero has a sweet spot for... well, sweets. He is hard to anger, but even harder to calm down when he is. Nero prefers to take everything to the fun side, mocking about everything and anything he does not like, usually dodging subjects and ignoring people in ways that would make others think he was dumber than he actually is. Even so, should the situation arise, or he is convinced with enough sugary stuff, Nero is more than capable of taking things seriously, although he will soon revert back as soon as the deed is over, which usually ends with him stuffing himself. Although he can be seen smoking most of the time, Nero only really smokes his own mix of herbs, which are mostly medicinal, which he discovered while attempting to cure his current condition.

Name: Large Body
Class: B
Description: Having the ability of turning to his regular small size, Nero's huge body is in itself is his main defense against attacks.
Effect/Function: Main defense against attacks.

Name: Black Fur
Class: B
Description: Thin layer of black fur, that serves as both isolation and defense.
Effect/Function: Secondary defense against attacks.

Name: Tail
Class: B
Description: One meter long black tail.
Effect/Function: Mostly wave around, but can be used as a whip.

Name: Claws
Class: B
Description: 3 cm long curved claws.
Effect/Function: Cut, slash, etc.

Stats - 290/320
Power: 70
Endurance: 50
Toughness: 70
Speed: 50
Accuracy: 50
Edited by LibertyGear, Dec 12 2016, 01:05 AM.
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Ask away; I have all the answers.

Can your magic, in any way, heal, buff/debuff, or have defensive magic?
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You are asking that cause of the infuse part in the description i presume.

No, this magic will have teleportation and offensive techs only, the infuse part is for OP options that i deemed better not include yet so i can have the char approved faster :P

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Ask away; I have all the answers.

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What's The Point

Hope you get more endurance before you start flinging around spells :3

Your character application is now accepted and will be placed in the archived forum. This topic has now been resolved, so therefore its closed.

This is an automatic message.
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Hammer of a Thousand Chickens

This character has been harvested and is thus considered gone.

This is an automatic message.
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