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[Graded][A-Rank Mission] The Eldest Fairy; Blitz and Zachary
Topic Started: Jul 27 2016, 01:45 AM (741 Views)
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Blitz glanced up at the ruins of the tower as he walked towards it, noting the state of disrepair it seemed to have fallen into since his previous visits. On the outside, at least, he reminded himself. The inside could very well still be just as intact and potentially dangerous as it was the last time. The problem with exploring the tower wasn't the height of the thing itself or anything to do with structural integrity - it was that the rooms inside had a habit of changing locations and turning into new rooms entirely on the whim of some ancient spell that had yet to be puzzled out, so mapping the place out was simply impossible at this point in time, and yet exploring it was the exact thing they'd come here to do.

"Isn't this like the 4th or 5th time you've been here?" Shoop asked.

"Yeah, though the first time since the place has been moved entirely." Blitz replied. "Why do you ask?"

"If we're supposed to be looking for a treasure that's lost in there, don't we have a headstart if you've explored it before? Though it does explain why you took the job." Shoop said.

"Not entirely. I actually took the job because I've been meaning to explore the place, I just never had the time before, and the few times I paid the place a visit, something always came up that interrupted my voyage into the ruins before I could make decent headway into the place." Blitz said.

"So we don't have much intel on the inside of it, then?" Shoop asked.

"Nope," Blitz said with a slight shake of his head. "We've got to find the item and the person before us who went looking for it and never came back, and that was almost a decade ago."

"Welp, hopefully there's food and water in there, otherwise we're going to be delivering some unpleasant news back to the guild," Shoop quipped as Blitz scowled.

"It's possible the flow of time is altered in some way on the inside of the Tower." Blitz said.

"Wouldn't you have figured that out when you left from last time, though?" Shoop asked.

"I wasn't in there long, so even if time sped by outside the tower, I still wouldn't have been gone long, and I didn't have any appointments I had to be at right after those outings, so there wasn't a specific benchmark to denote the time by when I got back. Besides, who knows what state the inside is in, after the entire tower was moved here - it could have easily altered the functions of some of the interior spellwork, casting a spell that powerful on that large a structure. Not to mention that mixing two unknown magics is rarely known to end well for either spell. I'm honestly surprised the whole tower didn't just rip itself apart getting transported here."

"Doesn't that mean that for the people back at the guild, it could possibly be quite a long wait before we get back, even if our actual perception of that time is short?" Shoop noted.

"After someone disappeared while taking 10 years to try and do this mission, I'm sure they've accepted the fact that finishing it will take some time, and finding the original mage longer still."
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Zachary couldn't believe Blitz did this again-- dragging him on one of his other missions. He wasn't even doing any of the B class missions he needed to rank up in the guild properly. It was something he disliked from his overly eager friend... however, the fact he would wish to bring HIM along on such a strong mission-- showed a sense of trust Zachary knew he shouldn't ignore. Even if it inconvenienced him a little, a job was a job and they would get paid for it.

Zachary was flying in from the east when he got the mail from Blitz asking him to come for the mission. Using Meteor, Zachary flew through the night sky as he saw the both beautiful and ominous structure-- the Tower of Heaven.

Peeking out from his hiding place, the little star critter Jirachi-- looked out from the hood of Zachary's jacket. From there he was safe inside something as Zachary flew, and got a good look at the surroundings. While night time, the sight was rather breathtaking-- but even as they flew, Zachary was no where near the tower's height.

"Oooooh... Pwetty! Jirachi chirped in telepathy to Zachary.

Sadly, Zachary knew enough about the tower to know it was anything but pretty. The crystaline tower had enough bad history, so he hated having to go there unless he had to.

As they flew by, they saw him-- unmistakably it was Blitz with his automail arm and of course the talking hat on his head.

Hey! Its Blitz and Shoopy! Hiiiii! Jirachi called out-- though with telepathy close enough, it was louder than necessary, but the little star critter waved.

Zachary soon pulled up from his flying, and began to descend. The golden glow of his magic soon began to lessen and disappeared as he softly straightened himself and touched the ground elegantly, his jacket flapping as he did so.

Zachary crossed his arms before his teammate while Jirachi all but jumped out of his hood and flew towards them, happy to see them. "Hey, Blitz. What was so urgent you pulled me into this job. Exactly what are we doing here of all places?" Zachary asked, concerned by the nature of this job.

All the while, Jirachi began to fly circles around Shoop, trying to play with the talking hat.
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Blitz and Shoop both glanced upward at the telepathic call from above - Zachary was flying down out of the sky, Jirachi right there beside him, though that much was a given at this point - Zachary traveling around without Jirachi would be like Blitz traveling around without Shoop.

"Hey there!" Blitz said, waving back at the little star critter and the star mage. "I was wondering when you guys would show."

Shoop's eyes followed Jirachi as he flew in little circles around the hat. "Yes, hello there, Jirachi," Shoop said, patting the star critter on the head as he passed.

Zachary then asked an odd question - what the mission was. "....Wait, did I seriously not tell you?" Blitz asked, looking at Zachary. Then he glanced up at Shoop. "Did I seriously not tell him? I could have sworn I did."

"You might have just assumed he knew, since it's a guild thing," Shoop pointed out. "Or maybe you just asked if he wanted to tag along on a mission and assumed he'd be up for it."

"...Okay, fair on both points," Blitz admitted after a moment with a slight shrug. "The mission is for the guild, moreso than usual - there's an old treasure the belongs to the guild somewhere inside the Tower of Heaven," Blitz said, pointing to the Tower a short distance away. "And we're to retrieve both it and the last person sent to look for it. The problem, however, is three-fold: First, the person looking for the tower accepted the mission a decade ago and no one's seen him since. Second, the treasure itself has been missing for over a hundred. Thirdly, the inside of the tower isn't the same each time you explore it, so the rooms can constantly change, so even if we do encounter the missing mage, and they HAVE seen it, that information might not actually help us find it if the rooms have scrambled themselves, and given that it's been ten years, I'm assuming they've been altered to the point where any existing maps of the place don't mean a darn thing right now." Blitz let his hand drop, tucking his hands into his pockets. "I accepted the mission because of the importance to the guild, and because I've been meaning to explore the Tower of Heaven for some time, but never seem to manage to get around to it. Though it seems the Tower would have been working against me if I actually had managed to explore the place." he added with a shrug.
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For Jirachi, of course-- the conversation was somewhat above the little guy's head as he just attempted to play, poke and tickle Shoop like how a little child would be. For Zachary, however, he was listening in attent. He didn't know as he was away. "Sorry, Blitz. I was away in Crocus for the past couple of months. I was studying up and trying to learn a few new things. Anyway your message came to me but not the actual job request. You can imagine my distaste to learn it was here of all places," he explained.

It was then that Zachary's mind was opened to the news from his guild-- this was a guild specific mission that caused his eyes to widen. A guild treasure, a member missing for ten years and hidden somewhere in the Tower of Heaven. it was a bit far fetched to Zachary, at least part of the story. Still a mission at the request of the guild itself... how could Zachary refuse?

After taking a moment for Blitz to give him the rundown, Zachary hung his head a little low, feeling a bit ashamed he had not been there more for the guild-- but he was there now and he wanted to do this job. "I see... well count me in. How can I say no to a job request by our own guild. Thanks for thinking of me and giving me this chance... but, " Zachary asked, a bit more of a realist. "This guy has been missing for 10 years. Do you think he is still alive in there? After all this time?" Zachary asked.

The chance to explore the Tower of Heaven was a tempting offer as well, one Zachary was curious about as well. Still, he was well versed in the tower's dark history and how it was originally constructed to resurrected the dead wizard Zeref -- even caused a rift below it, known as the Descent into Hell. "Are you sure we can handle this? I mean Blitz, even every teenage at a scary campfire story knows the Tower of Heaven and the horrors it brought. Are you sure we should just brave it? Do you have a plan to go in?"

Zachary's questions had merit to it but either way, the end result was very clear.

"I'm more than willing to go man. Just being cautious is all. Either way, this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime," Zachary said, confidence in his voice now.
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Zachary explained that he'd been busy, and Blitz certainly couldn't fault him for that. "I know the feeling - I wouldn't have heard the news myself if I hadn't been swinging by the guild to pick up a new mission from the request board. Normally my free time is spent wandering Fiore or working on stuff back at the Bastion."

He seemed somewhat down that he didn't know, though. "No need to feel bad about not knowing, if that's what's bothering you," Blitz said, making a guess, "But I do believe they might still be alive. The tower itself distorts space on a whim. I wouldn't be surprised if time is distorted as well, though there's no telling if the distortions in time would favor anyone inside the tower. Clearly the spatial ones don't, otherwise we wouldn't have a missing member from our guild right now."

Zachary then asked Blitz another odd question. "Not really," Blitz said with a slight shrug. "It's got its dangers, certainly, but that's not a reason to cringe away from it. As for how to go about it, I was thinking we kick the door in, stroll inside, and then go from there. Didn't really plan much farther than that."

"Which shouldn't really surprise you at this point," Shoop pointed out to Zachary. "You know how he is."

Blitz walked up to the front entrance of the Tower of Heaven, a sturdy set of stone double-doors. Blitz placed a hand on either door, then paused. "I was making light of it a moment ago, but there are dangers here. If you want to back out, this might be your last chance." Blitz said, glancing over his shoulder at Zachary.

Whether he stayed or not, Blitz would push the double-doors open slowly, little patches of dust raining down from the top of the frame as the heavy doors slid slowly open, revealing the entry chamber inside.
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Zachary felt as if someone slapped him with a fish as his face twisted at Blitz's oblivious reaction. "W-what?! How could you not know? " Zachary nearly scolded him. For someone older than him, Zachary was surprised how dense this metal-headed mage was. "Every kid knows the horror stories of the Tower of Heaven. It was made by zealots to try and resurrect the dead, exactly to resurrect the dark wizard Zeref. How could you not know this?"

Shoop's answer was pretty much as clear of an answer Zachary was going to get. He walked right into that one. His surprised expression turned to a plain one as he rubbed his head. "Jeez... That's typical Blitz for you, I guess..." Zachary said.

Aye... Jirachi added, making a similar expression to match Zachary's.

The offer from Blitz to back out made Zachary almost want to laugh. He smirked and stepped up to the doorstep of the Tower of Heaven. "As if I ever turn down a mission for the guild. Besides, without me-- you'd probably lose another arm with how foolhardy you are," Zachary jested at Blitz's response.

Despite the rumors, Zachary was not afraid of the Tower of Heaven. With Jirachi just ad devout to help, both of them followed Blitz into the tower as the doors closed behind them.

THe main entrance of the tower was rather grand. Despite it being unused and left untouched by years, the crystalline structure seemed beautiful-- hardly a place for a great evil to be. The inside was bright as the crystal structure illuminated the space around them.

Oooooh... Jirachi cooed as him and Zachary observed their surroundings. The first floor was a wide open area-- but with a large set of stairs that climbed further to the upper floors of the tower.

"I should of stayed out of t his place-- at least from outside I could of flown up," Zachary half joked, having no clue how many floors they had to climb to get up there.
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Zachary reaction was surprisingly aghast. "...I think you misunderstood what I meant." Blitz said after Zachary paused for breath. "I didn't mean that I didn't know about the stories surrounding the Tower of Heaven, I meant that I didn't know one of our guild's own members was missing inside it until recently. I've heard the stories plenty of times, I just....don't care, I suppose," Blitz said with a slight shrug. "Heck, we've faced down nightmares bigger than the levels stories can fluff bad guys up to. Remember that Yogg'Saron fellow? He was a hell of a beast, and we emerged just fine from that little adventure, though I admit things didn't proceed perhaps quite as smoothly as we had first hoped."

Shoop nodded at Zachary's response to his own statement, though. "Like I said, really shouldn't surprise you at this point."

When they strolled up to the front entrance of the Tower, and Blitz paused to ask Zachary if he was really okay with the mission, Zachary just waved it off. "Fair enough - I didn't honestly think you would back down from a mission, let alone at this stage, but given how concerned you were about all the stories with this place, I thought it would be kind to at least make the offer, even if I knew in advance that you were very unlikely to actually take it." Blitz said as he pushed the main doors open.

The main entrance was grand, and in surprisingly good shape, considering the combination of time and magic it had been through. "Weird to see things crystallized around the edges," Blitz mentioned, peering at a nearby pillar encased in lacrima. "It's like half the tower is internally frozen, but in lacrima crystal instead of ice."

Zachary raised an interesting point. "Maybe, but I have a feeling that wouldn't help us. Even if there was an entrance into this place someplace on the upper floors, the entire inside is said to be littered with that spatial magic that rearranges the rooms - entering closer to the top wouldn't necessarily mean you'd be closer to the goal, in this case. But standing here won't do that either, so let's get moving." Blitz said, heading for the staircase on the left side of the room.
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Between Blitz's responses and Shoop's rather annoying commentary, Zachary frowned as the choices were rather plain-- they go up, wing it and cause havoc in true Fairy Tail style. Zachary worked hard to not follow the same rumors and expectations of Fairy Tail-- in that he always tried to not be as reckless as his fellow members. His powers were more about finesse than raw power in the end. Still, considering the danger ahead, he couldn't afford to hesitate either.

"Sure, put down the guy thinking ahead," Zachary said with a sigh as he followed Blitz, just trying to do his best to use his head to solve problems before they occur.

The tower of heaven was dangerous, so being on guard was only natural. Oddly, Jirachi fluttered beside him unafraid, looking at the shiny tower without fear and with wonderment.

They proceeded to climb the staircase, but Zachary couldn't help but what waited them on the first floor. "Okay, I get this place will warp space-- but still where do we even begin looking for this missing Fairy Tail member? I mean do you think clues will be fresh after 10 years here? How would we even identify him?" Zachary asked as he climbed the stairs with Jirachi fluttering beside him.
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Zachary didn't say anything, but judging by his expression, he was less than pleased with the approach they were going with. Then again, Zachary had always been the cautious type, whereas Blitz was the 'ask questions later' type in alot of cases.

Blitz sighed when Zachary passed comment, though. "It's not that it wasn't a good idea, Zachary, but I'm just saying that given the forces working against us here, I'm not sure it would have actually helped us gain any ground, despite the logic behind that approach. The issue is that logic doesn't really have as firm a foundation here as one would think, what with the spatial magic in play inside the Tower."

"Yeah, wouldn't want to end up as the second Fairy Tail mage to need rescuing from inside this place," Shoop said with a short chuckle.

"And here's hoping we don't end up as the second and third." Blitz added.

They proceeded up the first staircase they saw, heading up the Tower, as one would assume that the treasure would have been found if it was in the first room, and the mage wouldn't have gotten lost if he was this close to the exit. "Well, we just have to search the old-fashioned way - one room at a time. We could map it out, but like I said before, no guarantee it would remain accurate. As for identifying him, he should have something on his person, even if the worst has happened and it's just his bones laying around in here - at the very least, he should have something on him about the mission he was there for. I'm fairly certain there will be clues that he was in there for a fair amount of time and not just some unfortunate trespasser. The only issue is how long it will take to find him if the rooms shuffle around while we're in here," Blitz said as he reached the top of the stairs.
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OOC: please shoot me a PM when you need me :), lifes a bit busy so i may forget to check. Sorry. Also remember to leave summaries at the end of your posts.

So the journey had begun. This mission would without a doubt change both characters forever, leaving them both imprinted by what would occour in this strange place. As they continued their way up from the first stair case it would appear that the stairs continued for an unnervingly long time. A spiral without end, it'd take a good while for them to even reach the first floor which would seem off for just about anyone. As they came to it, they were greeted with what appeared to be possibly the least expected thing to be greeted with.

It was a banquet hall, grand and illustriously it shon with a sense of nobility that rivaled even the king of Fioré. A grand long table was set, with several plates and forks far too many to count for everyone. Food was almost spilling off of the table and all of it looked to be the most delicious food anyone would have ever seen. However soon, the most unnerving thing about the place would set in. It was dead quiet. Nobody was here, nobody was even close enough to have set up this stuff. The food was still warm and any drink they'd touch was ice cold and still tasting divine. But nobody was there. Until, when someone would eventually touch the food a little too much. A single, faint, murmur. So faint nobody would really consider it to be much ever. "So hungry..."

Of all places, this would seem the most odd.. Something was not right about this place at all.
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