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It's almost October! (otherwise known as September.)
As the month begins, we have a brand new installment to the site canon war which is ongoing with the Boscans (those bastards.) This installment comes in the form of a group of modded threads. If you want to participate in this part of the event, you must sign up in this thread.

As for the last installment, which has been graded and can be found here, we as a collective managed to garner every single achievement! GO US! See how awesome we can be when we work together? ^.^ Since we managed to do that, you'll find that we all gained an extra few SP, depending on the effort you personally put in. Congratulations on a well spent effort!

The event threads have been placed up for writing in. I am happy to report that both active Administrators will be your torturers moderators, thread depending. You will find the threads, as well as which ones you're assigned to in this thread. You can still sign up and be sorted, of course. But for now, we're ready for it all to begin again. It's going to be exciting! So get ready!

Now, let us march forward together again to defend Fiore, and her people.

Stay safe and happy FTG.
~The FTG Staff~

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Calling all RPers!
Topic Started: Jun 17 2016, 04:43 AM (110 Views)
Member Avatar
Closet Perv.

...But no, srsly. Summer breaks going on, my main mission bro Jayce is gone, and since I've been amused by the event, I'm looking for RP partners, for all kinds of things. Preferably...

My arc. (Before the war timeline wise, so Jaxus will be nerfed and it gives a chance to shine for lower SP characters.)


Missions. (C-rank level is preferred.)

And general tom foolery/social topics. A topic based on a game like No game, No life or a card game topic I think could be really fun. Hit me up or reply here if you're interested, looking forward to hearing from you. :P

Edit: If anyone is interested, a thread based on the "Materalization Shinitori" episode of No Game, No life is something I'd be super motivated to try. :P
Edited by SilverRush, Jun 17 2016, 05:02 AM.
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Sachio Hanabe
Member Avatar
No Waifu, No Laifu

I'll join the arc with Sachio
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Member Avatar

Cisnei is free if you want to use her.
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Member Avatar
Closet Perv.
Sweeet, will send both of you a PM then. :P
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