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[Graded]Ever heard of this place?
Topic Started: May 27 2016, 11:35 PM (486 Views)
The streets were a bit on the cold side tonight. With every breath the young man took a cloud escaped from between his lips as the warm air from his body collided with the frigid air around him. Ansen hated the cold with a bleeding passion. What kind of insane person spent their whole lives living in places like this? This place was a fairly well off town near the base of Mt.Hakobe famous for, well, being really cold year round. That wasn’t entirely true but Ansen didn’t care; this place was worse than hell could possibly have been, at least it was warm in hell.

He shuffled along over the well scrapped streets. Due to the amount of snowfall every day there were street sweeping crews that moved over the main streets all day and night, the sidewalks however had hot geyser water pumped just an inch underneath the pavement, making them always warm enough that any snow hitting them melted immediately. One was left to wonder why they hadn’t simply run the pipes through the streets as well; poor city planning maybe? He could have been walking on the sidewalks right now if he’d wanted, but the snow crunching under his leather boots was just so cool, crunch, crunch, crunch with every step. The sound made him think of a large monster chewing on cookies; now he was walking and had a dumb look on his somewhat flushed face.

It was too bad that snow had to be so damn cold, otherwise he quite liked it, a nice change from the grimy, dirty, dust covered roads in Oshibana. Not that Ansen had been back there in a while either. He left over a pile of snow and gently found his feet planted onto the slightly warm concrete surface of the sidewalk. He was wearing that black jacket with the orange liner again, he didn’t even like it to be honest but it kept his card arm hidden. He kicked at a nearby pile of snow and watched it glide through the air, the way the sunlight hit the small chunks and made them shine like metal was very interesting. Was there perhaps metal in the snow? Could he harvest enough snow metal to make something cool out of? Could the snow metal get him paid?

He found himself not moving and looking at the snow inquisitively, one dilated pupil cocked somewhat to the left with the other kind of lazily following down to the snow. Why would there be metal in the snow? And how long had he been standing there staring at a dirty pile of snow(A long time)? He turned and began moving again towards his original goal.

This town wasn’t much for mining, trade, or even technology, so why did it even exist? Well the whole place was built off the tourism infrastructure, so the place looked fancy in parts but the reality was that the people barely had two Jewels to rub together let alone enough to swindle them out of. That wasn’t so good for Ansen’s own wallet, but he wasn’t here to make money. There was something else this place was famous for only you wouldn’t know it unless you managed to find your way into a very specific circle. People who heard the tale of their secret export flocked in by the dozen, after all how could anyone let something so valuable pass through their fingers?! Just the thought of getting his hands on it made Ansen shake with excitement. So what was it? Diamond Juice.

Diamond juice was supposedly the most potent drop based drug on this side of Fiore, one drop was said to send you to heaven, hell, and then smash you back to earth with wings. With a reputation like that how could Ansen have possibly ignored it? He kept his feet moving down the warmed sidewalk, the look on his face was almost giddy with glee.
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The wind rushed past Dash’s face, whipping his hair back. The wind had pulled his hair out of its ponytail and now it flew wildly behind his head as he soared down the mountain. He wasn’t even sure why he was here. Part of him had wanted to try to make it to the top. The other parts had reminded him that he did not have warm enough clothes. They had pestered him with this information continuously as he had ventured to the mountain and then started to trek upwards. Not even halfway up he realized that occasionally the voices did give good advice and it was indeed too cold.

He had to face the fact that he was gonna have to walk down. That was until a brilliant idea struck him. He’d use Lisa to sled down. She hadn’t agreed to much with that and it took awhile before he got the shield out. Of course, by then he was freezing. Without hesitation, he had set Lisa down on the ground and situated his butt where his arm would normally go. Ignoring her protests about him sitting on her he pushed off and now was rushing down the hill.

“Am I going too fast?” This question passed his lips as he quickly approached a large drop. Of course, this thought came a little late. Without breaking speed Dash was launched off the drop and into the air. “Neat,” Dash stated as he soared through the air and just as suddenly as he had launched into the air, he began to plummet towards the ground. “Well that’s not co-” his sentence cut short as his face met the snow and Lisa skipped off the ground and further down the mountain.

Unfortunately, for Dash the momentum of his sledding caused him to slide across the ground, his face collecting a large amount of snow. Hitting another bank, he felt himself rise off the ground. “How in the phys-” cut off by the snow again, Dash felt the hard impact on his chest as he bounced off the ground back into the air. “Ow. Pain. Logic, please. Dear god.” Dash said as he bounced multiple times off the ground. “Oh, I think the trees will stop me.”

Slamming hard into the trunk of a tree he finally found himself stopped from his fall. He also conveniently found himself next to Lisa. “Mrmph. Frmfmr.” His mouth full of snow and blood Dash’s words came out as muffled and indistinguishable. Removing his head from the pile of snow it had found it’s rest on, Dash glanced around. Finally, he spotted a town. “Oh, maybe they have a hospital.” Spitting out a small glob of blood Dash sighed. “Or a morgue. Yes, I realize I’m probably bleeding internally. Thank you for the reminder, Tim. Yes, yes probably gonna die you big ball of sunshine you….NO, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC. YOU’RE THE FURTHEST THING FROM SUNSHINE POSSIBLE YOU MOPEY ASSHOLE.”

Slowly making his way to his feet Dash made his way into the town, hoping somebody could ease the pain he had brought upon himself.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
It was cold outside. But with a bit of wine and some heat coming off from the fireplace, Marilyn was doing fine. Holding the wineglass tipsily while leaning closer to a stranger who wanted to talk to her, she was now feeling high. The blonde diva even giggle at the most boring joke the guy next to her had said. It was about a girl who tried to pee in a meadow, with only an umbrella hiding her from plain sight. "Oh! You're so funny! Mister Wylde." She said as she leaned even closer to him. He seemed to like it as her body is unusually warm.

Even with the low temperature outside, Marilyn will still be able to survive the streets. Thanks to her Warm Perfume. Mister Wylde seemed to like her company as he slide a hand to her side, pulling her close. High and tipsy, Marilyn didn't mind as she sipped a bit from her wine.

It all started when Marilyn was about to leave. But this guy offered her a drink. She accepted it and now ended up being maliciously close at his side. Mister Wylde is a rich bloke who seemed to find his own place too big for him. Which was why he went to this place for some drinks. But it seemed that he found something far more interesting than a drink. Well, a girl wearing a strapless gown with a white fur boa wearing diamonds on a cold, cold night was really interesting.

As Marilyn put her glass on the counter, Mister Wylde's mouth were on her ear. "I really want to show you my place. It's not that far from here. But you'll love what I will give you far better than my place." He whispered encouragingly. "If that's far more expensive than diamonds, I'm in." Marilyn simply replied as she smiled naughtily at him. "Trust me. It is."

And with one last gulped of his wine, Mister Wylde drew some cash from his coat and put it on the counter. He stood up with Marilyn at her side. The two marched out from the luxurious tavern and into the cold night.
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At least the people in this place knew better than to spend their time outside. The streets of this little known town were, for the most part, empty. Ansen felt a slight shiver creep into his body and ride up his spine, he hated that feeling. It was almost like someone had snuck up behind him and dropped snow down his shirt, the look on his face went from unabashedly giddy to sourly displeased in the course of a moment. His mood was starting to swing a bit more rapidly than he liked, was time for another dose. He pulled the small paper from his jacket pocket and quickly popped the contents into his mouth before continuing on his way. The rush wasn’t immediate but his body was already responding to the knowledge that it was coming, the high before the high was probably the best part.

Ansen walked down the cold street without giving a second thought to the people who were around him, well that is until the effects of whatever was in that small packet kicked in. All the sudden all sound seemed like it came to him filtered through a jar of water, colors seemed to pop right off the object the normally highlighted, people even changed. This was the feeling he’d been waiting for. He stopped moving and took a deep breath while he let his eyes close, he focused hard trying to force the effects of that small pill to do as he wanted. It didn’t work like that and somewhere he probably knew that, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop trying. He opened his eyes. Anyone passing him while he stood there and adjusted to his newfound reality let their necks crane in observation of his odd behavior. The world looked different now, in a good way. The buildings all seemed to wave to him as he passed, the snow was so much shinier, why was it so hot?

Ansen moved through the streets surprisingly well given his current state. Before long he saw something truly amazing, a woman carrying a little white fox around her neck. It looked so fuzzy. Ansen may have mixed too many different things at once, and to think he hadn’t even found his Diamond Juice yet. He walked right over to the woman in what he thought was a sneaky way, the truth was he just looked awkward, good news was that he was behind the woman and her walking buddy so no matter how awkward he may have been approaching he should have had the advantage of stealth.

Ansen reached out and grabbed a handful of the white fur, to his surprise it was definitely not a little fox. Ansen’s eyes were well dilated and his his face flush as if he were overheating. At this point his body had already identified the substances in his system and were well on their way to battling them, unfortunately that meant his body temperature was about to skyrocket.

He was now holding the long furry snake completely ignoring the woman he had just snatched it from and the likely angry man who had been escorting her to god knows where. Ansen was rubbing it against his face now, it was so soft and gentle, he wanted to keep it. He stopped, who was the bleeding wierdo that kept staring? Did he have something to say to him?
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The walk into town had been painful. His legs hurt, he was pretty sure he had broken some ribs, and he kept spitting up blood but he hoped that it was just his mouth bleeding and not anything internal. It also didn't help that the silver, mirrored shield he carried with him kept finding ways to dig itself into his sides, almost as if it was spiteful at him and kept finding ways to readjust itself. “Totally worth it.” He trekked his way forwards, slightly dragging his feet as it hurt a bit too much to lift his legs fully.

“I do not regret the sledding. I realize you were a bit scuffed Lisa. Well, who the hell cares? You’re a shield. You’re gonna get scuffed.”
Every inch of his body protested as Dash made his way further and further into town. Finally, he was welcomed to the sight of something peculiar. A man had begun to stroke a ladies umbrella. Was the umbrella really that nice? It looked like a simple umbrella to Dash but he didn’t really know the value of such things. Maybe it was an antique umbrella and had a unique feel to it?

“Well that’s odd, and that’s a lot coming from me….shut up,” Dash stated, suddenly shaking his fist at the sky. “Oh, you’re right Travis we should investigate. He could be trying to steal that umbrealla. Though why I would care about that at all is beyond me. Well I mean it is just an umbrealla…..What the hell do you mean that’s not how you say that word? Well, how do you say it? Umbrella? That don’t sound right.”

Approaching the trio of people slowly Dash cleared his throat. “Excuse me is that umbrealla, I refuse to say it the other way Gene, really that nice? Because you seem to be unleashing an intense stroking session upon it.” Pausing for a moment Dash tilted his head to the side. “I know there was a better way to phrase that. I didn’t want to use it.”
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Marilyn and Mr. Wylde walked tipsily along the snow covered street. Their cheeks were red as they leaned closer to each other. Mr. Wylde's hand was on her waist. The cold wind blew and she pressed herself towards him. He chuckled. "I hope my precious time is not wasted by checking out this thing you say that is more expensive than diamonds." She reminded him and giggled. "Don't fret love. It is also a sort of diamond." He reassured her. "Though you can't wear it on." He added as he out his face closer towards her. "Why not?" She asked. "You'll see. Grrrr...." He replied and growled at her seductively. "Ooohhh....Feisty!" Marilyn said as they went on.

Parts of the sidewalk were dark as some street lamps were broken. Tipsy as they were, Marilyn didn't notice the man behind her. He snatched the fur around her arms. The cold air was immediately felt by her exposed skin. "Hey! My fur!" She yelled helplessly as she turned behind her. She thought the robber had already ran for it. Instead, she found him sitting on the sidewalk, holding the fur and rubbing it gently against the side of his face. "What do you think you are doing?" She asked in confusion. Mr. Wylde cam to her side. "Give that back! Return it to the lady!" He ordered.

It seemed that he was ignoring them when another man came to the scene. He was scolding the fur snatcher. Marilyn started to shiver as Mr. Wylde started to lose his temper. "I'm going to kick the hell out of you!" He said as he walked, in a very unstable manner, and aimed a punch at the fur snatcher. "Sir Wylde!" Marilyn shouted as she saw him missed and fell into the snow. She immediately went towards him as he didn't move. She rolled him to his front and heard a bit of snore. "He...he passed out." She told the two men with him. Searching him, she found his wallet and looked for his address. "Come one. Help me. His place is not that far." She said as she tried to raise him a bit from the cold ground. As soon as they would help her carry him to his place, she would pull her white fur from the guy who snatched it. "I'm sorry but it is really cold." She told him.

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Ansen watched as he continued to rub the furry object against his face, that weird looking guy was coming his way. He would soon be caught between the angry drunkard and a weirdo with sharp teeth, why couldn’t he stop rubbing his face against the furry snake? Ansen caught a glimpse of the man coming from his left while the other crossed the street and came more from his right, or maybe it was his left and his right was the other side? Ansen wasn’t sure what had been in that pill he’d taken but whatever it was… wow. The woman was screeching now as her companion stomped towards the Ace of Fate’s, only to shortly thereafter fall face down into the piled snow on the side of the road. Did he have new magic powers? He looked at his right hand with intrigue trying to decide if he’d knocked the man out without moving a muscle.

Before he could decide his attention was drawn away by the awkward looking man who had been approaching. He clearly did have something to say to him. Ansen turned to fully face the weirdo, still holding the furry snake to respond, “What umbrella!? And my name is not Gary!” He had called him Gary hadn’t he? Ansen was starting to feel a bit woozy after turning so quickly, like someone had just shaken his brain. He balled up his right fist and shook it at the newcomer, ”I’d kick your ass, but it looks like someone already did!” and he wasn’t lying. The well scarred man that stood before him looked as if he had just been tossed off a mountain and hit every tree on the way down. It was then that Ansen started to come out of the fog that was his high and started to realize how confrontational he was being, then the second wave began to rumble and once again the fog overtook him.

He looked down to his left to see the woman flipping the man who Ansen had just knocked out without touching him over. He had forgotten about that power. Why should he help that guy? He definitely wasn’t going to help him if the human punching bag wasn’t going to help him help the other guy. He shot a quick glare to the guy who had called him Gerald, it was Gerald wasn’t it? Maybe Ernie? Ansen couldn’t remember and he didn’t care anymore. The woman got to her feet after helping the downed man a bit and then yanked the fluffy snake out of Ansens hand. He had barely even seen it happening, to be fair he had been a little distracted. When the woman got to her feet he’d noticed that she was quite the looker, and even more importantly she was wearing some pretty expensive looking jewelry. Perhaps he would make some money on this trip after all.

”I’ll tell you what beautiful,” he slurred, what had he taken? Ansen almost never got so messed up that he slurred. “Leave this sack in th-the snow and you, me, and that furry snake, can go have a good time.” He stumbled through it, completely ignoring the presence of the other man at this point. He really needed to be careful mixing pills and grass in the future.
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Dash would have laughed at the man falling into the snow if it didn’t hurt too much to laugh right now. He was also confused when it turned out the man had not been stroking the umbrella but instead the fur. “I hit that tree harder than I thought,” he said mostly to himself. The face rubbing man’s words snapped Dash out of his thoughts and he turned to look at the man who had been rubbing fur against his face. “Who’s Gary?” His confusion rising at the mention of a name he hadn’t heard. “Gene do you know who Gary is? No. Oh well, that’s ok.”

Glancing down at the man who had just knocked himself out Dash nodded. “Yep definitely looks like someone kicked his ass,” Dash stated apparently not realizing that the guy with an oppression with fur second statement was also directed at him.

Finally, his attention was drawn to the woman as she flipped the unconscious man over. Blinking for a moment Dash seemed to be deep in thought. “Should I? Wel,l I guess you’re right. Would be rude not to. You’re smart Travis.” Making his way past the fur handler, Dash quickly patted him on the face in an almost motherly way although the pain that shot through his wrist and arm made him regret that decision. Soon he was next to the unconscious man, hoisting him up to his feet and slinging the man’s arm around his shoulder. “Oh, he’s heavier than he looks. Sleep little prince,” Dash stated as he patted the man on the back of his head. “What? I’m trying to comfort him of course….oh right he can’t hear me. Well still. Look at him. Like a little baby. No, you shut up Leonard. No you! I’m not a doody-face. You’re a doody-face….Tim I didn’t call you a doody-face, stop crying. No, you blubbering ass I will not get candy to make you feel better. You can’t even taste it.”

Grumbling Dash looked over at the other two people after his argument had ceased. “So are we going and is someone going to help me move this guy? Because this hurts. A lot,” he said suddenly feeling a surge of pain in his body, his argument with himself causing him to temporarily have forgotten all about it.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Mr. Wylde was now unconscious as Marilyn asked the two guys to help her get him to his place. The other guy seemed to be arguing with his...self. It was quite weird but the argument seemed to emd within himself as he proceeds to help her. The other one, the one who snatched her fur, suggested that they walked away and spend time together. "Well, let me help you carry him." Marilyn said as she put Mr. Wylde's arm around her shoulders. She turned to the snatcher. "You know, this guy is rich. We could have fun in his place while he is asleep. I think he drank so much for him to stay unconscious while we're enjoying ourselves." She lied. But the place on his wallet sounded rich. And besides, he promised her something. So he gotta be rich. "Come on now." She said as the three of them head towards the said place.

They came upon a magnificent mansion. It was the very place stated in the address. Marilyn was amazed at how rich Mr. Wylde is. They came to a gate who suddenly spoke to them. "Identity please..." It said in a female voice. "We have Mr. Wylde. He is drunk and unconscious." She replied to the gate, which was reallt weird. "Please put your hands in the sensorg lacrima for identity detection." The gate said. Marilyn out her hand. "Identity not detected. Intruder not allowed." It told her. The blonde diva then turned to Mr. Wylde's hand and she quickly put it on the sensory lacrima. "Welcome home Mr. Daniel Wylde." The gate greeted as it opened before them. The three of them entered.

Inside the mansion, they brought Mr. Wylde to the couch and left him there as they explored the house. It was beyond amazing. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling while antiques were proudly displayed on the tables and shelves. Marilyn went to a nearby bar that contains the most expensive wines she had ever seen. She took one red wine and put it on the counter. She opened the drawers and finally found three wine glass. "Can you open this for me?" She asked the guy with the amethyst and green eyes.
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There was something really wrong with this fellow who had called him Gilbert, was it Gilbert or something else? Ansen still couldn’t quite recall but he knew he was still upset about it. He had moved to the downed man and helped the woman move him, but he was so odd when he did it. Ansen couldn’t tell his this guy was on drugs or simply just insane, worse yet Ansen couldn’t even tell if what he thought was happening was actually happening. Those were great pills.

It was the woman mentioning that the man was rich that really caught his attention, rich and out cold. Ansen’s greed broke through the fog long enough for him to comprehend the opportunity that was falling right into his lap, and then a snowflake fell too close to his face and he lost his train of thought as he attempted to count its faces. At that moment counting the faces on a snowflake seemed to make perfect sense to the drugged young man. Why was the weirdo coming along though? Anister shrugged that detail off as he considered the fact that if he made a scene that it would be him carrying the drunk rich guy, he’d rather not. So he followed somewhat closely behind them as they walked towards the man’d house, which turned out to be a talking mansion.

As they approached the large building Ansen felt a number of things and struggled to keep him mind clear enough to continue following, by the time they had actually gotten to the man’s home he was already beginning to feel that euphoric high feeling settle into its unpleasant fall. That was the biggest problem with taking stuff like that, the afterwards was always such a downer. He shook that thought out of his head and stayed quiet while the woman tried to get them into the man’s talking house. First it looked like she would fail, but then she used the drunk man’s hand to unlock the gate and off they went, strolling into Ansens next payday.

Once inside the Ace of Fates rushing flood of endorphins was caused by something other than illegal substances; all the valuable stuff in the dudes giant house. After the two set the man down they started to explore, Ansen did so as well. Along each was ornate artwork that he could have lived weeks off had he sold it, the problem wouldn’t be finding something to take but rather managing to get it out of the house and onto the black market. He didn’t let it be known that he was going to steal everything he could, not with the other two around. He couldn’t figure out if the blonde bimbo was the drunk mans entertainment or wife, and the other guy was just too weird to classify.

”Give it here,” Ansen said and quickly grabbed the wine bottle. ”This is Chateau De Voir, aged nearly a century!” He could hardly believe what he was holding. While he had never considered himself a connoisseur even he had to pause at the idea of drinking such a bottle of wine, then he remembered, he was a thief. He squeezed the cork in between his knuckles and twisted, it popped out cleanly and revealed a wonderful aroma. He poured into three glasses, then he handed two of those to the other people with him in the man’s house. The first he gave to the woman with a sly smile, the second, well the second he dropped a small pill into and then handed to the weirdo who kept talking to himself. The fog in his own mind was almost completely gone at this point, he’d need to remedy that soon.

”Bottoms up.” Ansen offered as he tipped his wine glass and drained the contents, who said wine was meant to be nurtured.
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