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[Accepted] Kiyah Bright; Doctor, Researcher, Terror
Topic Started: May 26 2016, 01:04 AM (730 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

"Excuse me sir, can you please give me a reason for your presence here?

You wish to access the information regarding an Employee?

Specifically one researcher Doctor █████ ██████?

May I inquire as to why?

...I see, very well then. I assume you posess the necessary clearance level?


Very good sir, my apologies, I shall leave you to your inquiries."

Foundation Database Accessed
Foundation Files Accessed, Loading User



Input Username: Tenken
Input Password: ████████

Log-On Status: Successful.
System Folder: Employees
"Employees" Sub-Forum Accessed

"Employees" Sub-Forum: Researchers
Accessing Sub-Forum
Sub-Forum Loaded

Input Clearance Password: ████████████████
Level 5 Clearance Accepted.
"Employees" -> "Researchers" Sub-Forum:
Class "S" Personnel
Accessing Files.

Select File

File Selected: File #R-151ZCA
File Retrieved.

File Opened
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Hoennese and proud!

Posted Image
"Oh, do be quiet.
I have no need for chatter from my test subjects.
This is an experiment - you are Test Subject #1.
The rights of refusal or acceptance are out of your hands."

Employee #R-151ZCA

Doctor (Dr.) Kiyah Emily Bright
Nickname/Known Aliases:
  • "Llia" (When on covert assignment)
  • "Doc" (Tends to dislike this nickname)

Age:2█ || 29th October, 7██
Gender:Female (♀)
Guild:Grimoire Heart [On Temporary Work Loan]
Affiliation:Curious [Lawful Evil]
Occupation:Researcher, Doctor
Blood Type:AB Negative




Kiyah has four arms.
Yes, you read that correctly - the small discoloured patches of skin on her body are the holding points for her "other arms" that are created passively whenever she engages her magic. Extending forth from those circles of skin these arms allow Kiyah the ability to perform tasks otherwise impossibly intricate for a humans dexterity, manipulating and moulding things as well as acting as additional focal points for her magic. For more information, see [Hontai] under Techniques.

Posted Image

"I detest "perfection" - to be "perfect" is to be unable to improve any further. There would be no scope for "creation", not a single gap in one's knowledge or one's ability.
Do you see now? To true scientists, "perfection" is tantamount to "despair". We aspire to reach greater levels of brilliance than ever before, but never, NEVER, to reach perfection.
That is the paradox through which we scientists must struggle."
-Dr. Kiyah Bright

Kiyah is a strange woman, there's no doubt about that, born and raised in relative pariahism the woman started life as a girl from a family of means but never let that influence her as a person. From the start her family tried hard to encourage her and integrate her into their lifestyle, one of wealth and privelidge but where Kiyah saw this she turned away and scorned it, even from the age of 3 onwards. Indeed her only interactions after that age were with her father and her elder sister, though of the two only her sister was ever kindly towards her. To be born rich and with power behind your family name is a heady thing that few people ever truly escape from once they have tasted it but to Kiyah it meant nothing, she was such a unique and strange child that she knew herself from early on that she was not meant for this life, though to say she is no longer rich is a vast understatement - though there is a key difference between being born into wealth and self made wealth. As well as what you do with it. To her money is nothing more than a means to an end, though a useful one even she must admit at times.

Almost from birth Kiyah was interested in science and medicine, nothing else was superlatively able to capture her interest for more than a few minutes, or even moments for the more frivolous things most children enjoy, and so her pursuits into chemistry and biology began from the age of three and soon became all encompassing. It was due to these things that her relationships with (most) of her family suffered, her mother was frequently in tears over her "difficult" child and her younger brother who was too young to even understand was simply coached never to approach her - though since she rarely left her bedroom-transformed-laboratory this was rarely a concern. She devoured text books at the age of four and by five was conducting her own experiments almost without pause. This formed the core of her as she is now, someone who recognises and considers themselves a "true" scientist in a magical world, though since her own magical abilities also developed at a young age she simply chose to combine their effectiveness and increase her abilities to pursue her goals.

She has no particular strong memories or care about her past now that she is older, looking back on it only as a series of experiments and successes or failures as they were. The only real positives she has in her memories about her childhood are her ability to soak up knowledge of all kinds as well as a strangely "loving" feeling towards her sister, probably the only person she has ever personally cared about. She still cares she just hasn't had contact with her sister in a very long time, years in fact, and the only thing she knows is that her sister is now living as a royal in Pergrande, nothing more. She is a firmly single lady though by choice for she has no care for the other sex or the function as it is. That is not to say she lacks biological urges but once satisfied she ignores them and moves on, though she is also quite capable of postponing them near-indefinitely. She has... "friends" though the term isn't really the most apt as she feels some positivity towards them but would also very possibly do horrible things at the drop of a hat. She does understand and feel loyalty to some however, so said hat drop would have to accompany some extraordinary circumstances, though it is also something she would still do.

As a person Kiyah has very clear goals about what she wants her life to be about and what she wants most, though she keeps the reasons behind these quite personal as even she does not wish to particularly think about them. The goal itself is quite clear - science and discovery rules her actions and everything is about discovery of some form of innovation. Kiyah's own personal wealth is due to her patents and discoveries, having received enormous grants from all over Fiore (and beyond) for her work in various fields and is thus quite personally wealthy as a result, not to mention the boards and groups she acts as a chairperson for. She would do anything for her craft however, anything being quite a key term here as this quite often includes acts which others would deem immoral, illegal or just downright cruel. However she sees these sacrifices as necessary, she sees the death of others for science to be justified outright and she thinks no more of their lives than as successes or failures in her experiments. Not that such things phase her either, both results are just that -a result- and no matter what happens she can always draw data from it and use it to adjust her next experiment, for progress is always key.

She has few personal mundane pleasures, deriving enormous amounts of it from her work both in theoretical and practical experiments in her laboratory and outside of it. There are few things she does that do not fall under the purview of her "work" as a result and those few things that do usually relate back to it in some way, for she adores reading about such things as well, particularly things other people are doing, so she can take it a step further herself. Her only truly personal enjoyment is music, as she is quite the talented composer and player of a variety of instruments though her true talents shine on acoustic instruments and on the piano, especially due to her "primary" magic ability. Ultimately she has very little care for other trivialities, however she will endeavour to help her allies or confidantes in their own endeavours when such things are required; as most of her knowledge of social situations is theoretical she takes such things as "personal requests" or the like very seriously and if someone she actually felt something towards came to her and asked a favour she would endeavour to do all she could for it, as long as it fell within her purview of acceptable at the least. The only really "whimsical" part of her besides her music is that she has an odd tendency towards the dramatic and poetic, sometimes entering into a soliloquy or a dramatic monologue simply because she can - after all who's going to stop her? If you really want her expertise you put up with her oddities, plain and simple.

Truly Kiyah's greatest character flaws are her lack of real affection towards others as well as her lack of social experience in most situations. She is theoretically aware of the correct way to behave -and react- in most situations but to her such things are trivial and often overlooked or forgotten, causing her to act as though she is uncaring or unfeeling towards others. While this is true a lot of the time and her seemingly perpetual apathy towards others causes most people to react coldly towards her -for she comes across apathetic rather than actually hostile or cold- she is not without actual feelings. She often lacks the ability to really react well to her own feelings however, she understands when she is sad or upset and why but often overreacts to such things in one way or the other, though said overreactions are often internal and cause her to retreat further from the company of others. Similar is her anger, seen as a cold and uncaring thing to cause in actuality she becomes somewhat... vengeful against those who truly cause her anger and will often go to enormous and elaborate lengths to get back at them, usually culminating with them and everyone she loves as new subjects in her most cruel active experiment (or one she has dreamed up solely to test on them).

Because even when being vengeful Kiyah brings it all back to her craft.

She always accepts responsibility for her own actions however, to not do so would be an affront to science and medicine and such a thing is beyond her. In terms of her actions overall she is quite consistent, always approaching things with a calm and methodical demeanour in order to learn as much as she can, always gethering information from every possible source and collecting specimens or the like all around. If she were, for instance, to witness a murder she would investigate the scene to determine why it happened, possibly question the murderer in some way -as she is quite difficult to physically resist in terms of combat though she does not relish it- and then perform an autopsy on the deceased simply to discover more about their body. She is a highly intelligent individual after all, especially in terms of the world itself as knowledge and information, though she obviously makes up for it in her lack of people skills. She is above all else a scientist and this is how she lives her life, able to rationalise almost anything and compartmentalise as well, fully capable of performing basic experiments in the midst of a brutal war raging around her for instance, or enjoying herself in the treatment of others. She has some compassion after all, she is also a doctor -in both study and medicine- and she is oddly exceptionally good with children, they always seem to find her intricacies and oddities charming for some reason.

Edited by Tenken, Feb 17 2018, 11:58 PM.
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Hoennese and proud!

Summary of Life Events

  • Born in Trillium, Musician Father/Writer Mother, No Siblings.
  • Interested in science at age 5.
  • Graduated from High School at age 14.
  • Moved to Pergrande Kingdom at age 15.
  • Graduated with Doctorates in Chemistry, Physics and Biology by age 19 from Pergrande Scientific Academy.
  • Returned to Fiore after graduating in Pergrande.
  • Graduated with Doctorate in Magical Application from Empyrea Academy by age 21.
  • Graduated with Doctorate in Magical Sciences from St. Vincent's Academy by age 22.
  • Hired as tenured teacher at Empyrea Academy.
  • Hired as recurring guest lecturer at St. Vincent's Academy.
  • Joined Grimoire Heart as Researcher.
  • Left Grimoire Heart to continue research alone.

True History
Clearance re-input required:
Input Password: ████████████████
Level 5 Clearance Accepted.
Accessing Records...
Records Accessed.

Opening Records.

The Complete History of Dr. Kiyah Emily Bright

Fighting Style
Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

Name: Experiment #515-GY: Mansaku (万作 - Witch Hazel)
Class: S
The Mansaku is a strange weapon overall, essentially a 2' long set of three chains made from a silvery metal attached to a small caestus-like hand-grip that the user can wield as a flail, assaulting enemies with their combined triple strikes. Each whip/chain can be moved independently of the others if the user is skilled enough with the weapon and they are made from interlocking silvery-metal links that are nigh-unbreakable but can tear through flesh and bone with ease due to their strength and overall durability. They are essentially a triple-ended whip-sword though without the ability to be returned to a straight edged form. The final thing that does further distinguish this weapon however is that the chains can be loosened from the caestus hand base and launched as a trio of chains to entangle and wrap up a foe whilst allowing the user to keep bashing foes with the caestus.

Experiment #519-BU: Kisokudeshibaru (規則で縛る - Bound By Law) - 9
Type: Offensive - Restraining
Range: On-Hit // 50m Return Range
Technique Description
Kisokudeshibaru is a very powerful ability to suit a very powerful weapon and is activated once the user launches the trio of chain-whips from their caestus base with the basic ability of the weapon. Once launched at an enemy these chains fly at speeds equal to the users (capping at 120) and when they hit an enemy they entangle them and constrict, holding on tightly at a strength of 120. However when an enemy attempts to break this ability using magic the strength amount of the restriction increases, increasing by x strength equivalent to the rank of the technique used to try and break it. If unbroken this technique lasts two posts and prevents a target from moving their limbs or body whilst active, with a cooldown of three posts once over, the chains automatically returning to the caestus once either 'broken' out of or the technique ends.
Price: 47,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Mango)

Name: Experiment #122-JI: Enjintou (円刃刀 - Round Edged Scalpel)
Class: S
The Enjintou is a scalpel but... well mostly only in name and in relation to the sheer sharpness of its blade, as the form is anything but that of a standard scalpel. While most scalpels are small things the Enjintou is as long as a standard sword (28") from end to end however an entire half of the weapon is made up of the hilt with the blade only making up 15" as well. It does resemble a scalpel in appearance in some ways; the blade is a single straight-edged affair with a tapering point off a 50 degree slope and the hilt is entirely a non-ferrous metal with a slight scaling to the grip. This weapon is made for precision cuts as normal scalpels are... albeit very large ones.
Effect/Function: N/A
Price: 27,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Mazohyst)[/tab]
Name: Experiment #901-AA: Uwabari (上貼り - Finishing Coat)
Class: S
The Uwabari is, almost essentially, a laboratory coat made from what appears to be simple white cloth but is far stronger than wool or cotton or anything similar and is in fact made from a synthetic polymer developed by Kiyah Bright and enables it to be as strong as many different kinds of armour (and stronger than most in fact) as well as being light-weight and as maneuverable as standard cloth thanks to superlative internal reinforcement. Finally, the coat also has patches of magically suspended liquid underneath the arm holes in the sides, as strong as the rest of the coat but enables the wearer to potentially extend a second pair of arms out from the coat below the first, whilst preventing things being pushed inside the same areas.

Experiment #912-LA: Tekusuchya (テクスチャー - Conversion) - 9
Type: Defensive - Stealth/Evasive
Range: Self
Technique Description:
Tekusuchya is a fairly powerful ability, allowing the user to shimmer and blend in with their environment entirely for four posts, extending over the entire body of the user whilst active. This stealth ability does not break when the user moves or uses their powers but it will break if the user attacks another being or if they are hit and it can be penetrated by any visually sensory abilities of a higher rank than this one; by equal ranked techniques if they are cast after this one; or by any being with a natural accuracy over 140. After this technique ends there is a two post cooldown before it can be used again.
Price: 46,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Mazohyst)[/tab]
Name: Experiment #421-CS: Chuushaki (注射器 - Injector)
Class: B
The Chuushaki are a set of seven syringes including the body, plungers and needles, ranging in length from 6" to 11" in length and with varying needle gauges across all necessary sizes for scientific and medical inquiry. These syringes are only identical in that they all have a red band around each connected part of the overall items; between the plunger and body and between the body and the needle. Further these needles are not made from the traditional materials but instead a synthetic polymer that is a combination of two different non-ferrous metals and a plastic derived from clay, designed by Kiyah Bright.

Experiment #422-DA: Myouyaku (妙薬 - Miracle Cure) - 5
Type: Temporary Healing
Range: On-Touch
Technique Description
The ability of the Chuushaki is that each individual needle has the ability to inject a drug known as "Myouyaku" into an entity, a drug that instantly evaporates the entire needle to use and then makes the needle vanish until the next topic. This drug instantly heals all wounds of Rank 5 and below on the injected individual for three posts, at the culmination of which all wounds and associated pains are all immediately returned to the injected individual at the same time, potentially killing them from the sudden wounding and pain. This ability can only be used by a single syringe once every three posts, and no more than seven times in a topic as each time it is used the syringe evaporates away to be unused until the next topic.
Price: 4,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Mango)

Name: Experiment #789-AG: Totsurenzu (凸レンズ - Convex Lens)
Class: S
The Totsurenzu are a pair of eyeglasses, black in colour as a base with square-shaped lenses that are primarily opaque but can shimmer and shine like any normal glass can in certain light. However these glasses are not made from standard materials, the metal frames are a hyper-strong non-ferrous alloy and the 'glass' is a similar substance, also a metal but made through a completely opaque form and curved enough to be made into an actual lens. Other than these things these glasses are completely unadorned.

Experiment #78A-AH: Jintsuuriki (じんつうりき - Extrasensory) - 9
Type: Supportive - Sensory
Range: Sight, Up to 200m Distance
Technique Description:
Jintsuuriki is a fairly useful ability that can be activated at nearly any time by the wearer of the Totsurenzu and allows the user to, essentially, see the numerical statistics of anything in the world around them whilst this is active. The distance away of other objects, their dimensions and weight, the curvature of movement arcs, the number of items in a jar, the speed of movement - all of these things can be seen by the user within two hundred metres of themselves and in their line of sight and are extremely useful for scientific inquiry. This ability lasts seven posts and has a cooldown of three posts.
Price: 52,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Mazohyst)

Name: Experiment #113-SA: Danrinpen (団鱗片 - Multiscale)
Class: S
The Danrinpen is a fairly straightforward looking item; a necklace made from an unbelievably hard silver alloy chain made from interlocking small links. At the end of the chain hanging down the front of Kiyah's neck is a small emerald-coloured stone set into a circular base made of the same metal as the chain of the necklace. When the effects of this item activate the stone shines a soft light that does not travel far but still provides some small illumination.

Experiment #GVD-94: Bichousei (微調整 - Fine Tuning) - 9
Type: Supportive - Transformative
Range: Self
Technique Description:
A very powerful effect considering it was something that Kiyah considers almost 'priceless' and beyond essential when it comes to completing her experiments - Bichousei allows the user the ability to transform their extremities (in this case hands and feet) into different forms by overstimulating the cells to fuse together and mould themselves as required. As a baseline this allows the user to transform their fingers into things such as syringes or needles; electrical probes or wires; welding tools; poinards or dirks; scalpels or other medical instruments; or anything cylindrical or otherwise fixable on the ends of her hands or feet. Whilst transformed like this these alterations are equal to S-Rank items and last for a maximum of four posts with a two post cooldown between transformations after the overall duration has ended. During the duration Kiyah can make no more than five changes (either into one thing or back to normal) per post. This technique cannot allow any singular change more than three (3) metres in size or more than 200lbs (90.8kg) in weight and, whilst changed, Kiyah's altered body is treated as made of the material it would otherwise be made of.
Price: 45,000,000 Jewels (Priced by Sachio)[/tab]

Physical Abilities
Magic 120 (300) (OverPower {3})

Stat Points Earned: 0/932
Arc Points Earned: 9/31
Jewels Earned: 119,696,150/392,296,150 (250,070,000)

"We're oft to blame in this too much proved,
With devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar all the devil himself."

Topic Sources

Arc Sources

Mission Sources
Mission Progress

Event Sources

Other Sources

  • Technique Points [x86] - 51,600,000 Jewels
  • Mansaku - 47,000,000 Jewels
  • Enjintou - 27,000,000 Jewels
  • Uwabari - 46,000,000 Jewels
  • Chuushaki [x7] - 4,000,000 Jewels
  • Totsurenzu - 52,000,000 Jewels
  • Danrinpen - 45,000,000 Jewels
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Hoennese and proud!

"I, like "God",
Do not play with dice,
And do not believe in coincidences."

Magic Name: Mattakibaku (全き博 - Doctor Perfect)
Magic Type: Offensive Healing & Adjustments
Tier: 1
Rank: 10 (OP3)
Magic Description:
When push comes to shove there are few things more needed in this world -or indeed, any world- than those men and women who practice the sacred traditions of medicine. Indeed, medicine is the core of scientific and magical advances within the worlds, for it is those who determine how to help people that are often at the forefront in determining other things about them too, such as how best to harm them. Often these secondary discoveries are never acted upon but instead hidden away, squirreled into those small and unread texts that are never really considered worthwhile by the larger communities - ancient and dusty books that never really made much sense with the random words and the nigh-unreadable handwriting. But there are always those fringe dwellers of a society who would seek this information, those who would wonder just what exactly the ancient scholars found that they hid away so carefully, that they threw it away oh-so-casually and then never bothered to talk about again and, unfortunately for them, Kiyah Bright was always one such person.

Mattakibaku is an ancient magic, a Lost Magic one might even say though the term is woefully overapplied these days and Kiyah would never call her magic as such, that allows the user to heal those around them. But it is so much more than that, of course it is what else would you expect - Mattakibaku allows the user to not only heal their targets with startling effect and power but also use that energy, that magic that would reconstitute the human body itself, and then remake it into other forms for a time or even to use the energies that heal a target and then push them further - damaging the body through the constant overstimulation of its cells. Indeed, Mattakibaku is a fairly straightforward magic at face value: It can heal or it can damage a target by overhealing them, causing their very flesh to rend and tear rather than seal together or regrow, but it can also be used to push a body further. Allies -with their permission- can be granted the abilities to change their own body for a time, make it better, stronger, harder and enemies -not with permission but after sustaining sufficient damage- can be made weaker, lesser, stranger. This magic is temporary in its shape changing effects for all but the user but at its core it is medicine and healing, just taken to an extreme very few -if any in this day and age- ever thought capable.

For further information:
  • The powers of the 'overhealing' aspect of the magic is through an effect known as "effluvium" - a corrosive aspect of the human body that reacts to the growth of cells. However Kiyah's effluvium reacts not to cell growth but magical stimulation of the body and thus damages an opponent.
  • Furthermore when Kiyah damages an opponent through one of her damaging techniques the damage manifests on a target in the way Kiyah intends at the time. For example an AoE pulse could inflict severe wounds as either a simple burst of energy on a target or it could be something more along the lines of a rotting slash along an extremity or their body - the damage is the same regardless but it is simply the method of specific damage that changes.
  • Kiyah's shape changing effects are medical in nature simply by the massive influx of magic she places within a target, forcing the body to grow and "overheal" in ways that are positive rather than negative. As a result these changes are only temporary on others who are not Kiyah as the magic ebbs out of their body and causes the changes to revert.
  • Kiyah's magic can be split into three "trees" of effect: Effluvial, Medical and Experimental and have been noted as such in the spoilers below.

Technique Information
Technique Points Earned96 [93+3]
Technique Points Bought86
Spent Technique Points140
OverPower Technique Points42
Technique Points Available0

Effluvial Techniques

Medical Techniques

Experimental Techniques

Guild Spells

[1] All Overpower technique points spent in this technique go towards maintaining it as a passive you mofos let me do this I swear to God I've done so much for everyone just let me have this please god please. Cheers nerds I love you.
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Hoennese and proud!

[Placeholder Post]
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Hoennese and proud!

Alright let's go babyyyyy
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

Welcome to the Grond's Rooster Reviews.

Under Euclid Techs, namely Shutsugeki, isn't this tech capable of killing anyone (PCs included) with just a single touch? I'd rather a restriction for PCs was made available, so that while capable of incapacitating immediately, it shouldn't be likely to kill on the spot. And it may be just me, but x500 is frighteningly much. Lemme try to get some perspective on the matter. According to all those Chemistry books they tortured me with in high school, 25 degrees Centigrade is "room temperature", so we can have a dweeb in a shirt that's, say 20 degrees. Now, if Kiyah 'Shutsugeki'es the shirt to the max, what we'll have is a fellow wearing something that suddenly supersedes solar surface temperature. I don't even want to think of the potentials of that, but I'm not sure someone with a Toughness of 100 can walk on the surface of the sun and not push interstellar daisies instantaneously.

Under Shukumei,
One of the signature abilities of Kiyah's magic, and one of the three Euclid-Class abilities that deal directly with the chemical compounds of the world as her magic is aimed at doing, Shukumei allows Kiyah to manipulate the chemical make-up of biochemical compounds in the world around her.

Underlined emphasis mine. Shukumei seems to deal with manipulation of nonbiochemical substances, so I assume that the underlined word is a typo, yes?

Concerning Hensen, there should be a stat-based ability to resist being forced to grow an extra eye on one's... never mind, I'm sure you get that. Please put a stat-based resistance to Hensen.

That's that, for now. Thank you for using Grond's Rooster Reviews. Do come again.
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Hoennese and proud!

  • Shutsugeki
    Fair points, made the following changes:
    -Reduced overall temperature multiplicative changes to maximum degree changes.
    -Made it a 50% reduction in effect if an item is touching a PC.
    -Added a further 50% reduction on S-Rank items.

  • Shukumei
    Well spotted, copy-pasting base descriptions and then editing them isn't always easy to get every mistake haha. Changed "biochemical" to "inorganic" for correctness.

  • Hensen
    Fair point, added in the following:
    "If an opponent does not wish to have their body changed this effect can be reduced by 1/2 effectiveness (half duration+half size of change) if they have a stamina equal to/above 120 and it can be fully resisted with a stamina equal to/above 180."
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FTG's Freak of RP-Nature

Well, I think I'm done with my review, although if I spot anything else, I'll be back pronto.

Thank you for using Grond's Rooster Reviews. Do come back anytime.

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Stay the course.

Honestly, the magic as is right now is a bit too broad. It's possible to say that most individual techs, on their own, can be the basis of a separate magic description, but it's combined here under a single magic system that's super broad. Moreover, things here are written with description that's too scientific for the site.

Chōsa (Investigation - 調査)
- I'm not keen on this being passive at Rank 10. With OP investment it's more passable, but considering most passives are both: Rank -4 and generally for DS, TO, and similar magics, this tech is a little much right now even with the trade-off in consideration.

Hishō (Aviation - 飛翔)
- Flight's kind of debatable here given the sheer amount of things you can do with your magic. Also, affecting the gravity of other objects is something that should be entirely left to gravity magic as it is its own Tier 1 magic.

Omokage (Imagination - 面影)
- Could use some sort of mass or size limitation. It seems implied, but something more concrete would be cool.

Shihai (Domination - 支配)
- This tech is just way too versatile and affects too many unspecific things while being vague about it. What it does should be more concrete, concise, and exact, as affecting the carbon makeup of things is a little extreme. Also, it's really difficult to quantify what a 20x or a 100x change is in a lot of situations. Like, can you take a 3km-sized object and affect its features by as up to 100x? On any other technique, this would be excessive.

Gekika (Escalation - 激化)
- Functionally, this is basically a magnetism/gravitational tech all in one which is a bit of a stretch here.

Shutsugeki (Activation - 出撃)
- This is a bit much with everything else you can do. Moreover, it's better to avoid celsius and degrees entirely and just focus more on how much damage it deals in RANK or descriptive terms.

Shinnyū (Violation - 侵入)
- Magnetism is a bit much on top of everything else.

Basically, the problem is that we can boil down your techs into some functional categories -- self-body modification, modification of inorganic material, magnetism, heat, and gravity. Even if it's all under the same scientific umbrella of carbon and atomic or molecular manipulation, it can't all exist under the same magic description in a balanced form.
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