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Guild Purchases
Topic Started: Apr 30 2016, 10:46 PM (241 Views)
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Stay the course.

To make a Guild Purchase, simply copy this template and fill it out. Then, once you're done, post it in this thread. For Major Guilds, you will need at least an active 1/3rd of your guild's members to make the purchase. This is done by having those members post following the purchase request saying they're for it. From there, the purchase will be approved and edited into the Guild's assets by the Guild Librarian, a Global Moderator, or higher. For Minor Guilds it is through whatever process is decided on. Guild purchases are non-refundable except in rare abuse cases.

[b]Guild Name:[/b] (Name of your guild)
[b]GP Being Spent:[/b] (The amount of GP being spent total)
[b]Asset Being Purchased:[/b] (Which guild asset are you buying?)
[b]Description:[/b] (Description of the building or the worker you are purchasing. This will be added into your guild's asset descriptions, which is just a post containing what assets your guild has located in its sub-forum. Can be left blank or N/A.)
Edited by Mazohyst, May 1 2016, 03:16 AM.
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I don't even know.
Guild Name: Blue Pegasus
GP Being Spent: 45GP
Asset Being Purchased: Grandest Guild Hall (30GP+5x3GP)
Description: N/A. If there's anything for the staff to add, I'd wish to let them do it.

So, yeah, making a vote for this as we already have master craftsman and grand buildings, and this will allow us to upgrade them further. Anyone else down?

Side note, the BP Vault hasn't been updated in some time it looks like, as the last update was in January. If there are 5 members now or more, I'll adjust the values to the proper amount. Iirc, Isla joined recently, but I'm not sure if someone else is inactive by now.

Thankies Fum.~

Edited by Fumus, Apr 12 2017, 03:52 AM.
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the pocket kitty
I'm game for that
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

Since the purchase is being made at the end of March, BP is considered to have five (5) active members at this time. you'll need to adjust the number accordingly. You'll also need one (1) more approval from another guild mate.
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I don't even know.
I changed it to the appropriate value Fum, it's now 45GP to account for 5 members, though, if I may ask for assistance, I'm abit confused. The main post says one requires 1/3 or more of the guilds support to make a purchase, and with 5 characters, Ani possessing two and I myself one, do we need a third member to input when over half of the guild's active characters all voting for it? Pages isn't around lately, but I could ask Trix to input a vote if necessary.
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・。゜. ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

I made a reading mistake. You and Ani are enough for the Hall purchase to be accepted.
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I don't even know.
Guild Name: Blue Pegasus
GP Being Spent: Unsure, since the guild bank hasn't been updated in awhile. If we still have four active members, I believe it would be 42GP.
Asset Being Purchased: Grand Master BlackSmith
Description: N/A Already exists. Though if the extra [/center] code could be removed from the right side of the picture, (Or properly centering it if it isn't already.) that'd be appreciated. I submitted that blacksmith idea, but didn't realize the typo until after submission.

Side note: Proposing this vote due to how as of right now, the enchanting and equipment systems for guilds arn't quite in place, but the blacksmith discounts are still a thing and can be useful for the current moment until the other guild features are finished, raising the 15% discount on items to 20%. Anyone else down to vote in on it?
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Just Hanging Around

Since you, SilverRush, have the only active character in Blue Pegasus, I am approving this purchase of the Grand Master Blacksmith, for a total of 42 GP.
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