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Hey guys, hey guys, hey guys... Hey guys... Hi! It's July and guess what! Nothing? Nada? Zilch? Well you are absolutely right! There's nothing too important coming out this month because it's too hot in the northern hemisphere to do anything productive and everyone in the southern half is in hibernation. It's not being lazy or procrastinating, just setting our priorities straight. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our wonderful members just yet... We just need... our breaks... Zzz...

Anyways, May event gradings are being worked on and will be posted in the upcoming days (hopefully): May the Force be With FTG Star Wars Event is here and the Boscan War Memorial Event is there. Very well-written; some of them were too good to be true, so sad but dayum. Good job everyone!

As for events this month, the Boscan-Demon Aftermath event will be continued through this month. Sign-ups are closed now, but if you did sign up and don't know what group you're in, check here. Make sure you guys post in there regularly for the story and the rewards, it's more fun for everyone if you contribute.

That's it fo--oh wait, one last thing! Let's say good-bye and thank you to one of our admins, Marcat, as he will be stepping down after this event.

Okay, that's really it for now. Live long and be happy, folks!

Credit to Auralex for the header! Stay safe and happy FTG!

~The FTG Staff~

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The Triwizard Tournament Arc(WIP); Reggie, Toshiro, and Sinny's character
Topic Started: Jun 30 2015, 07:07 AM (7 Views)
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The Triwizard Tournament Arc
“Eternal Glory Waits.”

Every five years or so, the three main guilds of Fiore observed a tradition wherein they have to compete in a magical contest to promote unity and friendship among the guilds. Each guild will be represented by a Champion, chosen by the impartial judge, the Goblet of Fire. The three guilds, take turns in hosting the event. This competition is known as the Triwizard Tournament.

Every wizards who wanted to participate in the tournament must write their names and guild on a piece of paper and put it on the goblet. On the night of the third day of the tournament, the names that were not burned through the fire will be revealed by the goblet. A champion chosen by the goblet will be tied into a contract where they have to see through the end of the tournament.

The champions will have to face three extremely dangerous task, designed to test their strength, magical ability and resourcefulness. The tasks vary every year. On several occasions in order for the champion to get through the next two tasks, they must acquire something from the first task. Cheating is heavily forbidden during the tournament though most of the wizards claimed that it was already a tradition in the tournament.

Exactly five years after the last competition, the Triwizard Tournament is once back. The Lamia Scale Guild will be hosting this year’s tournament. The wizards from Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus will be coming over to Belladonna to participate in the event. Among the wizards who will grace the event are Reggie Mckenzie, from Blue Pegasus and Toshiro Togashi, from Fairy Tail. The blonde wizard told the Weekly Sorcerer that she will not put her name in the goblet as she didn’t want to go head to head with her boyfriend in the competition. What she didn’t know is that someone will put her name on the goblet.

The Selection
The Triwizard Tournament officially started as the three guilds gathered at the hall of the host guild, Lamia Scale. Both Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus made an entrance as both guilds were lead by their guild masters, as well as their ace members, Toshiro Togashi for Fairy Tail and Regina Mckenzie for Blue Pegasus. As it was a very much awaited event, the weekly sorcerer covered the event with Reggie being the focus on their articles. The blonde wizard told them she won’t participate as she was there to support her boyfriend as Toshiro would be putting his name in the goblet this year. But everyone was shocked as her name was chosen by the goblet. Now Reggie was tied to a contract where she have to see the tournament through the end.

If Two Heads Are Better Than One, How About More Than Two Heads?
Toshiro, Reggie and the Lamia Scale champion will now face the first task of this year’s tournament, which will be a week after the Goblet had chosen their names. The champions will now prepare for their first task. One night, Reggie and Toshiro decided to take a break from all the preparation and went on a dinner date in a café somewhere in the city of Belladonna. They took a stroll around the place when they suddenly stumbled upon a hiding place where the two of the will eventually have a clue on what they will be facing in the first task.

On the day of the tournament, the champions will be drawing the miniature version of the creatures that they will be facing in the arena. Will Reggie survive the first task?

Beyond Lullaby
After successfully getting through the first task, the three champions managed to retrieve a note right after defeating their monsters. They were given another week for preparation in their next task wherein they have to figure out the riddle on the note that they got.

Reggie was having a hard time in figuring out the riddle. So she decided to bring three doses of a healing potion that she bought within the town. Feeling stressed about the competition, Reggie went on a dinner once again with Toshiro. The two then tried to figure out who might’ve have put her name on the goblet. They decided to have a stroll once again in the middle of the night when they noticed something suspicious near the guild hall. She and Toshiro will then had a slight idea of who had put her name on the goblet. But they decided to go back to their beds as they’ll need their strength for the following day.

During the second task, the champions were taken to a different place. The three will soon figured out what the rest of the riddle mean as they fought the guardian of the place.

Upside Down
After the second task, Reggie and Toshiro were keen on finding the person responsible for making Reggie enter the tournament. During their last week before the final task, the two spent most of their times around the city trying to find anything suspicious. But it was on the day before the third task that they managed to have a lead on who could be the culprit. Realizing that they don’t have time to deal with the person, Reggie and Toshiro withdrew to their quarters as they prepared for the last task.

The final task started the moment the clock tower sounded throughout the city. A series of stairs appeared from the rooms of the champions where they have to climb in order to get into a sky labyrinth. But something strange happened inside the labyrinth as Reggie found herself face to face with the person who entered her name in the goblet.
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