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[Graded]The Amazons Taking Over; Reggie and Ecclair
Topic Started: Apr 15 2015, 04:35 PM (886 Views)
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie was now pouring herself over the newspaper that Mistress Mai had sent to her earlier that day. The lady just left a note for her to go to Clover Town along with the newspaper. The headline of the newspaper seemed to surprise her.

The Amazons Taking Over Clover
Earlier this week, several attacks from the amazons have been reported. They had almost taken over Clover Town yesterday. But with the help of the valiant knights and wizards that worked with each other ,thy managed to stop these warrior women from taking the town for themselves. The amazons had been living peacefully within their tribe deep in the Lancarri Jungle. But after they learned that the kingdom is under the rule of a king, they grew restless. They were rooting for the princess to win the election. But the princess herself decided to step down from being a candidate. And so they were now declaring war against the kingdom.

Without reading further, Reggie knew what she was about to do. But she turned her eyes once again on the newspaper "Wizardaily" and continue reading.

Accordin to a reliable source, the council along with the head of the knights, came up with a way on how to establish peace with the hostile warrior women.

The blonde wizard then realized that she might have to fight a couple of amazons. "Oh! That would be tough." She told herself as she can't imagine herself facing an amazon who can easily break her bone. The amazons were said to be ruthless in battle.

As she was done reading the article, Reggie folded it and brought it with her along with the note. The carriage had arrived to the building where the guild masters met up with each other to talk about issues. And she was now aware what Mistress Mai wanted her to do. To be diplomat enough to face the amazon and asked for forgiveness if the country had violated them.

"What if they would be hostile even against me?" Reggie said as she felt very afraid. She have seen them in the books, and their muscles could choked her neck. The thought of fighting such woman would be tough, and gross.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
The crowning of a new king had brought many in Fiore to voice their outrage, while others felt sated by the change. This was a normal response to something so large, but there was a little more to it that was more unconventional and acceptable. According to all reports that she had heard, and that were being plastered all over the social media; a particular group of Amazonian women were all up in arms and acting out violently. They claimed that the princess had been wrongfully denied of the crown and that she had been forced out of the running by a conspiracy of some sort. And not just that, but that the fact the new king was homosexual offended women everywhere. It was completely and utterly stupid, there was no other way to put it. To Ecclair, even despite the fact that Fiore was not her home nation, someone's sexual preferences and/or gender held no weight on the decision of whether or not they were capable to rule.

As she sat in the now otherwise empty meeting room, Ecclair couldn't help but have her mind wander to family matters. The sound of a carriage pulling up outside travelled through the open window to her right and promptly snapped her back to her real focus. She was to be the bodyguard of a diplomat; her current assignment being to protect the woman who would be sent to reason with the Amazons in hope of a peaceful solution to things. She had never met the mage that had been selected personally, and could only hope that she was at least easy enough to work with. Although, given Ecclair's serious and somewhat distant nature, she would be capable of keeping her mind on the job and performing well even if she didn't like who she was to protect.

As the woman would enter through the two large, wooden doors to the room, she would be greeted by the sight of the knight who sat upon the sofa at its opposing side. The plume of large and pristine white feathers sat at her side as she sat with crossed legs, her gaze venturing from the tiny yellow bird that frolicked on the windowsill. The woman who had arrived held a pale and clear complexion much like Ecclair's own, her lean figure and feminine features making her well suited to the title she had heard her referred to with. Apparently the woman had won a beauty contest or some such and while Ecclair held a beauty of her own, she could see why.

Ecclair stood from her seat in greeting. "I can assume you are Reggie Mckenzie?" She asked with but a momentary pause before continuing. "Sergeant Bellum." The baby bird which had been fluffing itself and enjoying itself in the warm sunlight gave a chirp. Seemingly excited, it flew over to rest upon the knights shoulder happily. "And this is Kishuragi. Kishu for short. He will be aiding me in protecting you." It wasn't often that Ecclair brought her beloved baby chocobo along on assignments, but this time around she truly felt that the danger would be something he would be safe enough from with her company. Well, that and the fact that having a tiny baby bird that could stay with Reggie at all times, and that was capable of shielding her was incredibly handy to say the least.

[OOC: Sorry for the delay]

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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie had prepared for this meeting. She wore the dress that was personally picked by Mr. Goldentrumpet for this. It was a peaceful light blue chiffon dress with a small puffy sleeves and a blue slik around the waist. Her hair was not curled nor tied into a ponytail or a bun, but was rather worn down adorned by her usual star shaped pins on the right side of her head. Her face was covered by a light make-up, a stroke of a nude lipstick and light pink blush on. This would be the most simple outfit she wore all throughout her reign. And she didn't have a problem with it. Not at all. Her get-up was the least of her concern. Walking nervously on a pair of blue flats, she breathed deeply before entering the meeting place.

The first thing she saw was the pink hair. It was a lady. A lady knight with pink hair. She greeted her and introduce the bird that was with her inside the room. Kishu. "Hello Miss Bellum. Hello Kishu." Reggie greeted sweetly. The bird was so adorable and she can't wait to get her hands on its smooth feathers. She then remembered her saying that she will be protecting her. Protecting from what? Maybe the council thought she's not capable of protecting herself. Well, maybe she's not since she will be facing aggressive ladies who grew in the wild. "So shall we get into business?" Reggie told Miss Bellum as she sat on the empty seat across the knight.

"So what will be our strategy? Mistress Mai told me to coordinate with you for the success of this peace talk." She asked as she sat with her ankles crossed, as it was the proper way to sit. "I heard they were really aggressive and have been raiding caravans. But I do hope they'll consider our proposition." Reggie said.

She could feel the weight of her keys inside her pocket. Magic. Her last option when things heat up during the peace talk.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Seated once more, it promptly became time for the women to discuss business - just as Ecclair had hoped. However, there seemed to be some kind of misunderstanding on the mages end as to what the knight had been assigned to do. "I have been assigned to be your bodyguard." She said as she watched Kishu hop and skip his way from her shoulder to the table between them. "Regardless of past experience or not," The tiny baby bird then made his way over towards the Reggie herself where he would flutter onto her lap. "I've not been told that my strategy in the matter at hand is at all desired." In truth, Ecclair wasn't all too keen to go sticking her nose into Fiore's political business unless asked to do so. And even then she'd have been somewhat undecided on the matter without some serious thought being made.

"My job is to keep you safe." Ecclair looked the other woman dead in the eyes as she spoke. Her gaze was intense as usual, but there was no freezing cold edge to be felt to their aqua. Instead, a rare sense of warmth was there to let the mage know that she couldn't have been in better hands. Not only was Ecclair professional and trustworthy, but she was one of the most physically capable and skilled of the knights. "Regardless of what may happen soon at this meeting, you will be kept safe." Kishu gave a happy chirp of confirmation and fluffed himself up in agreement.

As the shadow which had cast through the window to the wall of the room began to shift ever slightly, the sun had gave a warning of time passed by. "Keep Kishu with you at all times starting from now." The knight spoke as she stood. "While I have heard you are perfectly capable of defending yourself." She referred to the fact that Reggie was a powerful mage and woman in her own right. "There must be a reason I was needed to protect you." And there was. The Amazonians were a tribe of incredibly physical people and their women were no different. As much magic as the woman may have had at her disposal and as strong as it may have been; she would have been grossly overpowered by them.

"With all that said, we should be moving." The worst thing either of them could do was be late to a meeting with those that were already pissed off.
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★★★Urano Metria!★★★
Reggie listened to the knight as she told her that she was assigned to be her bodyguard. Meaning, she will ensure her safety during the negotiation and nothing more. And she thought Miss Bellum would be able to help her in making the amazons understand that gender won't be a barrier in the king's decision in running the country. Reggie would like to convince her that there might be a chance that the amazons would listen to her. But it seemed that the knight was firm with the assignment that was given to her. To protect her and ensure her safety.

The bird then flew towards Reggie which she touched the soft feathers as it landed on her lap. Miss Bellum then told her that she should stick with Kishu all the time. Reggie then wondered what are the things that Kishu could do. But there was no time as the knight told her that they should go and not get the amazons waiting, especially now that they weren't in their best mood.

"Okay." Reggie said as she rose from her seat and followed the knight outside the room while carrying Kishu in her arms.

The two head towards the northern part of the town near the woods that would eventually lead them to the encampment of the amazons who came from the deeper parts of the jungle ahead of the woods.

Reggie followed Miss Bellum's advice. Stick with Kishu. She was now carrying the cute feathered creature on her arms while still wondering what it was capable of.

They were already in the middle of the woods when Reggie suddenly heard rustling of leaves around her. In an insant, ten or fifteen amazons were now pointing their spears and arrows towards them.

Reggie hugged Kishu as she looked at the amazons. All of them looked fierce, wearing fur and armors as their hazel brown eyes were looking sharply at both of them. "Stop right there!" The one who was more muscular than the rest of the group said.

"Please put the spears down. We came in the order of the king." Reggie said.

"Then the better to kill you." The second most muscular in the group said.

"Silence, Anita." The leader said. "What is your business with us?" She asked as she turned back and forth to Reggie and then Miss Bellum.

"We came here to...talk with you. I'm Regina Mckenzie." She said nervously. Well who wouldn't at this kind of situation. "I'm the reigning
Miss Fiore."
She said in a shaky voice.

The amazons then put their spears down. "Queen Aiaia has been waiting for you." She said as she escorted them towards their camp.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Ecclair could hold a small sense of comfort in knowing that Kishu was safely tucked away on Reggie's shoulder. The knight was confident in her own ability to protect the woman, her senses and reflexes second to few. But still, the tiny baby bird would be there just in case something ever so tiny managed to get by her. An ambush where numbers overwhelmed them was about the only scenario she could see bringing such about, or perhaps in a fight in which the mage was required to run for safety. If Reggie knew just how many events went through the mind of a trained individual while on body guard duty she would likely find herself amazed at how many she would have failed to account for herself.

The carriage to the edge of town was a safe one, the driver checking out and nothing or nobody getting in their way. Kishu was sure to show affection to the blonde on the ride there, his small form enjoying the pats he got and 'smiling' from ear to ear. It was always nice to see the little guy getting along with new people, especially allies or friends of her own. So, with a smile, Ecclair made a comment as they neared their destination.

"He likes you." Her words brought Kishu to glance over at her before chirping and fluffing up. "It serves you well that he has taken such a liking to you. He is a good judge of character and loyal to a fault. Should you require aid he will not hesitate to provide it." She'd said it once before, that the baby chocobo would protect her. But this time she was saying that he could not only protect her, but also aid her in other ways if she needed it - not to mention that he would be doing it because he wanted to and not because he had been told to.

Ecclair had sensed the presence of the Amazons long before her charge, Kishu also cluing into their approach thanks to his animalistic senses. Without a word the knight stood defensively beside Reggie, her hand stopping her from moving forwards as she listened to the sounds around them. It was a tricky situation to be in for the woman that had to assure the safety of another. Because of the risk of offending the tribeswomen further; she could not raise a weapon to the Amazonian women without a dire need for it nor could she show a lack of trust in them, nor could she have Kishu raise a shield on the blonde pre-emptively. All she could do was steel her mind and run on instinctual reactions to whatever took place.

The women stepped out from the woods in a fairly typical formation, weapons drawn. Ecclair did not move as she let Reggie do the talking, nor was she baited into reacting as the women moved their weapons about. If she'd needed to, she could have drawn her own from its pocket dimension - as it turned out though there was no need. Instead they were to be lead to the leading figure of the Amazonian tribe, Ecclair directly beside Reggie as they followed to the encampment. There they were stopped by who looked to be a tribe member of note before the largest of the tents surrounding the large fire that several kept burning. "For what do you bring these before the queen?" She snarled to her fellow tribeswomen. "You know outsiders are not to be brought here."

A voice spoke from within the tent before anyone could answer, a figure peeling it back to step outside with a sense of grace and mystery. Based on her attire, the charms and the staff she held, Ecclair had to figure she was the shaman of the tribe. "Can you not sense it Elise?" All other women fell deadly silent. "These women are most welcome here. They hold power and wisdom, our queen wishes to meet them."
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Reggie was glad to hear from Miss Bellum that her pet likes her. She told Reggie that Kishu can aide her in other things aside from protecting her. "Well. He is such a sweetheart." Reggie said as she carried Kishu in her arms.

The amazons soon appeared and surrounded them. Reggie somehow convinced them that they came to talk to their queen under the order of the king of Fiore. The group of warrior women then brought the two ladies to their camp.

Reggie was still holding Kishu with her as she entered the camp. It was a small clearing deep within the woods near the borders of Lancarri filled with tents and amazons scouting every opening in the camp.

The rest of the group stayed at the entrance of the camp while the leader of the pack lead Reggie and Miss Bellum towards the biggest tent in the center of the camp. One of the amazons then told them that they cannot enter the camp. But the shaman interfered and old them that the queen wants to meet them. Reggie bowed towards the shaman before she entered the tent.

The tent was filled with fur coats and spears. There were other weapons as well but it seemed that they specialized in spears. In the center inside the tent was the hearth with fire burning. A pot was placed within the hearth and sweet smell of jasmine came from the steam of it.

"The rumors and the gossips were right." A deep female voice said.

Reggie turned to the speaker and saw a woman older than her, maybe in her forties. She had a black raven hair worn down with a head band that had a red and white feather and a beaded string hanging in the right. Her nose had an earring in the right nostril. She was wearing a skimpy fur outfit as she was holding a sword. But what makes her more intimidating were her coffee brown eyes that made her gaze looked deadly like an arrow.

"Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your highness." Reggie said as she bowed her head to the queen.

"The pleasure is mine but don't call me that. We don't have that formality in our tribe." She replied. "So Lady Arabellr sent her finest soldier too." She added. "I used to fight her. Back in those days, only to be stopped by Lady Mai. She's really a fan for world peace." The queen said.

Reggie was then amazed that her mistress used to stop such fight due to rivalry. "So you three used to be friends?" She asked.

"Friends is not appropriate. Acquaintance maybe." The amazon queen said. "But I don't see how they let such figure be crowned as...king." Queen Aiaia said as she suddenly changed the subject, expressing her disgust for Stephan.
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The scent of the jasmine which burned from the post at the hearth was relaxing to take in but for Ecclair, there was no time to let her guard down. While so far, things had seemed like the pair had nothing to worry from the Amazonian women of the tribe, the danger of it all being a trap was ever present. Then again perhaps it was because she was a bodyguard that the knight felt so strongly against relaxing. Kishu tucked himself up into Reggies neck and hair as he kept his senses about him, and together the women stood before the leading figure of the tribe.

Reggie chose to bow to the woman before her out of respect and no doubt at least partly out of basic manners. Ecclair on the other hand stood tall and as confident as ever, her direct eye contact with the woman not faltering in the slightest. She wasn't doing it to be rude, nor to try and provoke a reaction from their people. Instead it was because she saw and felt no need to bow to the figure she faced. Her position held no power over the knight and given the behaviour of her people as of late, it warranted no respect from her either.

"I would not claim to be her finest soldier." Ecclair rebuked the praise given to her calmly. "To believe there is none better than you is to ignore the way of the world." The knight lived by the mantra that there was always someone better than you out there somewhere - sometimes it was just harder to find them than others. It was from the sideline that the female shaman seemed interested in what was said, but she remained silent on the matter as the topic shifted to the true matter at hand.

The disgust on the face of the tribal 'queen' was as obvious as the tone of voice she spoke with in regards to Stephan. "You have made it more than known that you do not agree with the current King having been instated. What you fail to share is your reasons as to why, or what you expect to come from your people behaving the way they are." In other words, Ecclair wanted the woman before her to hurry up and get to the information that she and Reggie needed to know in order to even hope of starting a peace talk.

"The man is not fit to be the King of a nation." The tone was blunt and firm as the 'queen' spoke. "He not only shames the people with his frivolity but he insults women everywhere with his 'choice' of lifestyle." It was obvious she was referring to the fact that the man was homosexual, but she was reading far too much into what that meant. "I will not allow women to be insulted like he does, not while there is breath still within my lungs." It sure as heck looked like Reggie was going to have her hands full trying to reason with her.
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So far, the meeting with the queen went smooth. Both Reggie and Ecclair were regarded as the finest wizard and knight that Mai and Arabelle had chosen. But it seemed that the knight disagree. The queen by far was still against the king, telling the two ladies that he is an insult to every women in the country with his choice of lifestyle. It seemed that Reggie was being put to the spot again. Now when was the last time she was in this kind of spot?

The final question of the Miss Fiore Pageant. She had faced it twice and almost won in her first attempt. But this one is different. She didn't have an audience to please with her answer. Instead, she had a queen to convince.

"I am a supporter of the princess during the election." Reggie started after taking a deep breath. "And it was clear. There was a fair election. The princess stepped down for his two brothers and prince Herad stepped down for prince Stefan. Even the two candidates had chosen themelves. They see that Prince Stefan is fit for king." She said as she looked into the queen's eyes. "The people respected the result. Although there were a few apprehension but they somehow accepted it. And I'm hoping you can do the same. For the unity of this kingdom and your tribe." Reggie said.

The queen was now looking at Reggie after saying those words. The shaman seemed to be please with Reggie's words. There was a moment of silence. The blonde wizard tried to relax as she smelled the jasmine that was coning out from the pot.

The silence was broke by the shaman. "The prophecy queen Aiaia. The prophecy." The shaman said. "I know." The queen said as she turned to the shaman and then to Reggie.

"What's with the prophecy?" She asked.

"It's none of your business. It's only for the tribe." The queen said firmly. "And you're quite good with words. No wonder you won in that silly contest of yours. But however, we must observe tradition." She added.

"Tradition?" Reggie asked as she was confused as to what the queen was referring to.

"You have to fight the leader of the tribe if you wanted your favor to be granted." She said as she curled her lips into a smile. "I would prefer fighting Arabelle and Mai. But in this case, I will let my mightiest amazons to fight the two of you." Queen Aiaia said. "Fetch the twins." She told the shaman as she hurried off and went out of the tent.

"A battle? But..." Reggie said as she suddenly felt nervous. She hadn't been in battles yet.

"Yes. In front of the amazons. That's the tradition." She said.

And in front of an audience. Reggie then thought it was just like Miss Fiore, she'll be using her keys instead of her heels.
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Reggie's attempts to reason with the Amazonian leader quickly proved futile despite the eloquent nature of her words being noted. It seemed as though a fight had been planned from the very beginning, an outcome without violence not something they were lucky enough to be granted. "I will fight." Her partner might not have desired to fight, nor even felt comfortable enough to do so against what were women of an intimidating appearance. But Ecclair? Ecclair didn't fear them in the slightest - nor was she at all concerned by the idea of battling them. "There is no need for Regina to do so." The knight's words were not said because she didn't believe that the mage was capable of handling herself, but were instead because of her duty as the woman's bodyguard.

"Such was not unexpected from 'The Valkyrie of Bellum'." So they had known who she was from the very beginning. "But I am afraid such will not be permitted. You must both prove your worth if you expect your words to hold any weight." Ecclair had expected such a reply and yet it wasn't any less annoying to hear. "Very well." She was just going to have to make sure that Reggie stayed safe while also fighting her own battle.

Two members of the tribe ushered their visitors outside. "Follow us." They lead the pair some distance from the core of the camp, the 'queen' and her shaman following close behind with a protective party of their own. After a few minutes of walking they emerged from the wooded trail and into an opening, an opening that was clearly set up as a sparring/training ground of sorts. "This is where you will do battle.", "Please step inside and wait for further instructions."

The queen and the others that would be watching took their places around the ring as the combatants entered it. Reggie and Ecclair were the first to arrive of the four who would do battle, their opponents arriving under half a minute later in all their glory. Both women were far bigger in stature than their challengers and their muscles practically twitched under the body paint that they wore. Adorned with feathers and other tribal attire and accessories, they elicited the cries and cheers from their fans.

Watching the hulking women enter the arena, Ecclair whispered to Reggie. "Focus on your own safety." Her gaze never left either of the two they were to fight. "I will do the rest if need be." Her weapon materialised into her grasp with several large white feathers falling down from it only to disappear upon touching the ground. Several murmurs and sounds of interest came from the crowd at the sight, the confidence and focused gaze of the knight causing them to watch with interest.
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