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[Arc] The Telltale Rocks; Things 'n' such.
Topic Started: Apr 10 2015, 03:15 AM (96 Views)
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Yep, still hungry.
So I've got an adventure in mind.

I need 2 to 3 other people to run around 'n do stuff with. I don't mind if you're new or experienced as long as you plan on seeing it through.

Gonna find m'boy Eizos some rocks. Here's the skivvy:

Eizos made it to Acacia, the city he had been directed to by the latest rumors concerning a certain someone from his past. He would like to find that someone, but lacks the means to go where he is.

He had inquired the local homeless population about any further leads. After sifting though interesting, yet unimportant rumors such as "This rusty nail tastes like my cat.", "Stay out of the basement!" and his personal favorite: "BEES! BEES! THEY'RE IN MY EYES! GAH THEY'RE IN MY EYES!", Eizos has been informed that he needs four magical rocks.

These rocks are hidden in and around the city of Acacia, and will supposedly summon a magical portal to meet his old buddy, the Wandering Salesman. Eizos and whoever deigns to accompany him will hunt:

Thread One:

The Stone of Self - Supposedly locked away in the safe of an older woman, rich and prominent. Rumors say she enjoys tea, badminton, and tricky young upstarts who insult the tapestry over her fireplace. Watch out though, she's a selfish old gal and holds on to that stone like Gollum holds on to the One Ring... So not all that well, but damn does she try!

Thread Two:

The Stone of Freedom - Held by the foreman of one of the nearby mines of the Cerulean Gorge. Rumor has it, he's been utilizing some rather shady business practices. Some mess about orphans and slavery, probably a load of crap. He really hates journalists and recording devices, for some unknown reason. But he seems like such a nice guy! He's always willing to provide a job, even to strangers, should they need one.

Thread Three:

The Stone of Love - This stone is actually the centerpiece of an old mosaic hanging up in a museum. It's a beautiful piece known as the Declaration of Love. It's under heavy guard and is damn near impossible to get close to. I don't know how, but one thing's for sure: We're going to steal the Declaration of Love.

Thread Four:

The Stone of Hatred - The rumors say it rests somewhere beneath the city, within the recesses of the sewers. Not much is known about this one, as it was then that the old man suddenly started shrieking about licorice gummy worms eating his feet.

The Rockseekers:
Eizos Cromwell - Corbiskeith
Yuurei Soukutsu - Jova
Jaxus Morbane - SilverRush
Edited by Corbiskeith, Apr 11 2015, 05:13 PM.
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I can join you. I don't mind at all and I will see it through to the end. Btw if you are making this into an arc should put [ARC] on your title.
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Yep, still hungry.
Awesome! Glad to have you on board! :D

We should probably get one or two others on as well, and then we'll start up.
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Yo, sup? Your character's backround sounded rather cool, and honestly, I'm a sucker for Halloween themes. I'd more than enjoy joining the arc if you would have me. :P
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Yep, still hungry.
Happy to have you! I'll update the list and we can get started asap! :D
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Your local Sand Mage
I can join one too
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Inara Serra
Member Avatar
Star Doom, Abolisher of Men

On the whole an interesting concept, but I'm going to need more information before it's approved. Arcs are meant to be for character development, and thus far all I'm seeing are a bunch of different threads for stealing rocks.

Give me a bit more information as to why this is important to your character, and I will have another look.
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Yep, still hungry.
Sorry I haven't tweaked this yet, I've been dealing with some issues. Between moving across the country, finding a job, and dealing with my family, I'm perpetually exhausted and it's probably going to be a while before I can come mess with this. Sorry I didn't say anything sooner.
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