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Did we all survive another New Year?
Hell Yes we did! Happy 2015 everyone!

Well, with a new year we have a bunch of stuff to wrap up from 2014 and a bunch of new stuff to bring through into the new year! For starters the infinite thread slots y'all love are remaining for another 2 months, the trial ending after that time and so far it's looking good! The Halloween Town event has officially ended though, thanks everyone for halting their posting on the required date.

The Game of Chairs has ended and the results have been announced! We've crowned a brand new king of Fiore. With the new monarch on the throne and his allies, expect to see some big long-terms changes in FTG and Fiore as a whole. You can find out learn the identity of our new king here.

We've announced a brand-new event, The Demon Inquisition. This is a completely new event where you get to hunt a secret demon cult in Fiore...or help them fight back. Your choice, really. Did I mention that you get to possibly influence Fiore however you like. Yeah, that's also a thing. Check the thread for more details!

The Christmas Event rewards are now posted. Be sure to check the thread for the results.

That's about it for all. Be sure to stay safe, keep warm (or cool, depending where you live) and have a wonderful New Year!

~The FTG Staff~

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Monster Hunter
Topic Started: Feb 23 2015, 08:37 PM (39 Views)
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So here is Moon doing whatever he does on his weekends wishing he had Monster Hunter 4 and a 3DS soooo..out of passion and love the series I would very much like to do a series of Monster Hunter threads which might be an arc? Anyway if you know Monster Hunter it's going to be a standard affair of "hunt Y and kill Z for important reason X" which might sound...boring but it's going to be a test. Those involved will have their abilities to tackle these great creatures tested. Oh and for the staff reading? This will become an arc..eventually I am just eager to see if anyone would be interested.

Anyway in a nut shell: giant monsters, kill them, prove you're awesome.

Serious stuff:

At the start of this arc all magic will be taken. Not magical items but character's magic meaning you'll need to get through this on items and physical abilities. Pets are welcome but there's a risk of death for everyone involved. To compensate for the lack of magic, and to make balancing easier, every character's total SP will be boosted to 148, excluding the SP in magic, which is the same as Adrian's excluding his magic stat. If everyone interested in this arc can post with the spread for their character's stats after adding in the boost I'd be very grateful and no you can not take SP away from magic or lower your stats to boost others. Additionally for those who have more than 148 SP, excluding magic, your stats will remain unchanged.

The beginning

Lately numerous creatures from beyond the borders of Fiore have started to wander into the civilized areas putting the civilians who can't fight at great risk. In order to do something about this numerous individuals have taken the matters into their own hands and arranged to hire numerous mages, knights and freelance mercenaries to do something about these monsters. One of the hirelings is Adrian which marks the beginning of learning a secret about his grandfather.

The second act
The hirelings have taken care of the monsters that have wondered into Fiore's territory but now comes the harder task of venturing beyond Fiore's borders, deep into the Lancarri Jungle and perhaps beyond, to discover why the monsters are advancing into Fiore instead of staying in their natural habitat.

The third act
With the effects and the cause of monster's migrating into Fiore known it becomes time to begin, carry out and put into motion the final preparations for the penultimate battle which should hopefully put a stop to the monsters venturing into Fiore's borders.

The final act
The group are ready to go for the final battle. Final battle happens and the "boss" is defeated which means everyone's able to go home all safe and sound..hopefully. However this is when Adrian learns something interesting about his heritage and where he comes from.

Character list:

Adrian Snooks/meeee~

Isabella Valentina Sho

Edited by LunarCataphract, Feb 27 2015, 05:08 PM.
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I totally forgot . . .
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes I would be 100% in on this. Although I haven't played any of the 3DS installments Monster Hunter is an will always be in my top five list for the greatest game fanchises ever created. All my Monster Hunter experice comes from Freedom Unite and Portable 3rd on the PSP BUT I put in like 600+ hours between both of those games so you can see why this peaks my interest. You should totally do this.
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Well I will be starting this arc after the current event has ended so could you use Alexus? For the sake of balancing I need people with SP close to Adrian's so hopefully Alexus would have enough by then. ^^;
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