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Welcome to September everyone!

So far we already have a nifty little set of September Updates! that inclues a major overhaul to the buff/debuff system, some changes to summons and Take Over magic as well as new policies coming in for items that were priced back in the dark ages before our current item pricing system. If your item was priced prior to June 2011 then you'll need to do one of three options, all found in that topic.

We would also like to introduce Hibiscus Prison. Are you brave enough to enter the highest security prison in the country? You wont get out you know...

The Royal Event continues onwards!
Running from now until January in 2015 there is a massive political campaign for the new King or Queen of Fiore! The event can be found here with all the necessary information for how you go!

The next event for this long site-wide arc will be up very soon, for now the here run by our own Catministrator is still running until the 10th of this month, but keep an eye out for the next Royal Arc Event!
That's all for now. Stay safe and happy everyone

~The FTG Staff~

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Titans Exodus Team Page; Team Members only.
Topic Started: Aug 7 2014, 04:20 PM (89 Views)
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Storm Dragon Slayer :P

From the pits of Tartaros, the Titans rise...

Team Roster

In ancient times, existed ancient primordial deities whose powers shaped the world. As times changed, they were overthrown and sent to the depths of the underworld known as Tartaros, a place of punishment for the most wicked and evil of souls.

After many centuries, Tartaros has become known as a dark guild of Fiore, whose name strikes fear into the hearts of many. Now, out from its depths emerge souls of unquestionable might and power. Bound no more, these individuals shall herald in a new age of power, intimidation, and darkness.

The Titans have been reborn...

Welcome members of Titans Exodus to our new team page. This is a thread dedicated for us as a team to communicate with one another, share updates, thread ideas, arcs and anything really relating to our characters as a team.

Feel free to talk about anything here. We want to hear your ideas, as well as possible plans you want to do. As a team, we should try to make events and plans that we all can benefit from. So please, check this thread regularly. This will be our place for all team matters, so lets do some damage! ^^

Team Titles

Among the members of Titans Exodus, its members bear a name based on their abilities and powers, that reflect one of the Titans from ancient times. You may have a title for our team, based on the name of a Titan that suits you.

A couple of rules though: Cronus/Chronos, the King of Titans, is off limits (Unless you make a Time mage) but there is no KING among the Titans here. Your title must be discussed with the team leaders, being myself (Zaber) or Ryo beforehand. Also should a member become significantly inactive, their title will be removed from this list.

Titan Titles
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Storm Dragon Slayer :P

Thread and theme ideas:

Okay so not pushing speed of events, as we are all in an arc already, I recently got ideas for new thread focus.

@ Ryo, remember the discussion we had about Tartaros guild and the 'unknown elements below'? Well I spoke to Mazo, and he did say when he created the idea for the guild hall back as staff, the idea of 'forbidden secrets and things being down there'. We can have demonic gates to an underworld below there if we so wish for a personal arc. Just saying it is allowed and doable as that was the intent for us to improvise with whatever is down there.

Anyway back in general, recently I seen Wrath of the Titans, and looked back at some God of War material online. I like to discuss some Greek themes for threads that we can do. Arcs, missions, whatever. Based off God of War, or anything really if you got a more original idea.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!
Edited by Zaber, Aug 19 2014, 02:51 AM.
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Storm Dragon Slayer :P

Attention Members of Titan Exodus!!

After a long abscence, and much demand back, we have one of the founder members of the team-- once known as Wrecking Crew, return to us. Let's all give a big applause back to the FTG member Salvidor AKA RavenDark!

We hope he sticks around this time anyway :P and be a part of our awesome Team! ^^

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