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It's April. So, now that the 1st of the month is over I have to curiously ask: How many of you actually searched for rabbits? Come on, did you? I'm sorry. I'm just a bastard, aren't I? But, it was all in good fun! For me, anyway. That aside, there is an actual event this month and I'm sure it'll be a doozy. It'll be quite fun. Slay a few demons and all that. Sounds like a rootin' tootin' good time!

T̺̺̭̲̫͚he̗̤̖̝͙ A̴̗p̷̰̲̦̝r̶͖̮̩̬̺̗̹i͈̳̳͙͕͟ͅl̙ E̬̮̕v̝̪͝e̝̗͚n̢͓̮ͅț̷͕̬͚͕ ̰͕̲̜̩̞̥i͚̻̹̞̦̥s͚̹͍̼͔̘̣ u͏͉̰̜p̗̖͎̺̣.̜͔̼

That's all for now. Cheers everyone.

~The FTG Staff~

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Any Threads? Of Any kind, Anywhere? Maybe?; Well, not in space.
Topic Started: Yesterday, 11:56 PM (8 Views)
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Okay! So, I didn't realize that this forum was the one I was looking for... well, I think it is; all the RP ads and requests for threads seem to be here, yeah? Hopefully I'm not mistaken about that...

But, anyway:

I would absolutely love to get a couple of threads going? If I remember right the max is 3 to have per character, not including event ones... and since I posted an open thread (Anyone can still join it!) here:

Hungry, Hungry Days [OPEN]

that should leaaaave... two slots, yes?

Some things of note about the character (I dooo implore reading -some- of the profile, maybe just the appearance really.... the whole thing isn't really super important, but I'll likely assume whoever I RP with has read [well, skimmed] the appearance section so I don't have to re-write all those details every time -- the link's in my signature! I think...). -- but Kit's a shy, introverted type of individual who can get a little excited and outgoing if something interesting is tossed hir way. Ze's also genderfluid (I use gender neutral pronouns to refer to hir outside of threads, as using he or she doesn't quite fit when speaking of the character in a more generalized and less... er, well... in a more objective, and less third-person-limited-y way in threads)... I only say that since I may shift pronouns during the thread itself, and the pronouns are the character's personal preferences and ze isn't actually physically altering hir body or anything along those lines.

I'm really interested in anything:

- New acquaintances

- Old ones (so long it fits the history and all that, would prolly need to talk a biiiit more to make sure nothing's being forgotten about)

- Friends

- Romance interests (would take time to develop... annnd Kit's only interested in males, romantically)

Or ... well, whatever really. Rivals are kinda hard since Kit doesn't really, as a character, understand the concept and is a bit more reserved (as in, isn't the type to challenge people, or really take on an aggressive stance in any capacity).

I think... that's it? I'd really like to RP with people here and I'll do what I can to try posting once a day (if not more), though the lowest amount of posts I want to make per week is... like, 5 if I can help it (as in, no emergencies/medical situations/surprise visits/or I get dragged off somewhere). If something does come up, or I know I won't be able to post for more than... I want to say 3? Days in a row, I'll send a message just to make inform whoever I'm RPing with.

As a rule of thumb:

- I'll definitely do what I can to match what is written for me (maybe exceed it, if I feel the creative drive to do so)

- If I'm writing poorly, inform me so I know to keep proofreading.

- If the thread is an exercise in torture for you, tell me so I can... er, well... not "put you out of your misery" as that's a bit dark sounding, but so the thread can end (finished or not)

- Do not take IC to OOC. Happened once, it was creepy: don't be creepy.

I wrote too much. Woops.
Edited by Kit, Yesterday, 11:58 PM.
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