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[Harvested][Accepted] Zeph Erez; [Harvested]Man of Two Lives
Topic Started: Mar 19 2014, 07:19 PM (791 Views)
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Embodiment of Pandemonium/Aspect of Sacrifice
Account Name: Morti

Name: Zeph Erez
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft (72in, 182.88cm)
Weight: 182 lbs
Guild: N/A
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Cute. A word he had heard often throughout his life from the female opposite. He had always been classified as cute, perhaps it was the strangely fair skin, or maybe the softened eyes. Whatever the reason, there it was, that word. By most standards, he was relatively good looking, and well groomed. His pale skin seemed odd to those whom know him as a mage, since a lot of work that is related to it is done outside. The lack of color does cause his other traits to be a bit more predominate, though that is hardly a change from if he had a tan.

There are few traits that really stand out on Zeph. The ones that really pop out are the, obviously, his hair and eyes. More or less straight, his hair falls about his face, dropping down to about his jawline (the longest in the front), and to the very top of the bridge of his noes (the shortest in the front). The hair in the back drops down to, about, his shoulders. What makes his hair stand out is the color, the brilliant, dark, red.

The next, most noticeable trait that the young man holds, would be his eyes. These burnt orange orbs, though vibrant in color, are set in a perpetual state of, what appears to be, sadness. If one were to look into his eyes, they would see nothing. These are the eyes of a man who has lost everything, and had to watch as it was torn away from him. However, these eyes hold a small amount of hope, looking forward to a new tomorrow.

Overall, Zeph is a pretty slim guy. Tall in stature, with narrow shoulders, his body does remain well toned, an obvious sign that he is accustom to manual labor. Callused hands and feet are evidence to this very fact. Despite these points of roughness, his skin remains very... soft, and unblemished, apart from small, nearly invisible, scars here and there. The most noticeable of these scars is one, roughly an inch in length, cutting across his right eyebrow, giving him a bit of an inquisitive look to him. All in all, Zeph stands tall, head held high, not out of pride nor out of superiority, but so that he may look tomorrow straight in the eyes.

Clothing: Like all mages, Zeph has his own idea of comfort, that fits best with both his personality and his magic. The top most layer of his outfit is a short black cape. It falls down to cover only about half of his upper arms. The cape, though open, is held around him with a thin gold cord, with a small hook that latches onto either side. Under this, he wears a black, high collar coat, the cape fitting around the collar, allowing it to remain exposed. This coat is never closed, allowing it to move about freely. It falls to about his knees, in the back it splits from the hem to around where the waistline would be. With these, he also wears a pair of dark gray, almost black, gloves.

The shirt he wears is actually a sleeveless turtle neck. At the bottom there is a very slight split in the shirt, with a red line that follows the hem. The shirt is a solid white, and it falls well past his waist. Because of it's tactical use, it is not a very free flowing shirt, resting comfortable on him like a second skin. With this he wears a pair of dark blue pants, though they appear high quality, are extremely durable. The pant legs are tucked into a pair of worn, dark brown, tall boots that reach to about high up his legs. Though the miles he has put into the boots are obvious, it is also apparent that he takes great care of them, like the rest of his clothing.

Accessories: A black parasol with a wooden handle. Carried with him everywhere and used whenever he must venture outside into direct sunlight.


Zeph suffers from heliophobia. What it is, in psychological terms, is that he retains an unnatural, or morbid fear of sunlight. As to where this fear stemmed from, is unknown, but his fear becomes apparent when one notices how he dresses. However, this fear isn't sever enough to keep him from going outside, he just does so with clothing that will keep the sun from touching his skin as well as his black parasol. There are very few things that would allow him to push aside this fear to venture forth into the light of the sun, but on rare occasions it has been known to happen.

"I am cruel, as I am kind," These words are ones that Zeph use often. It is an acknowledgment that he possess the qualities to stand on either side of the line that society has drawn. On one side, he is a kind, gentle individual. Someone who would gladly stand and fight for the sake of another if it felt earnest enough. Moving on whim and doing what he feels is right, is just the way he has always functioned, and nothing will ever change that. On the opposite hand though, he possesses the ability for cruelty. Zeph does not hesitate to hurt, or kill another being as long as he believes that it is necessary in order to meet the end goal. Needless death and cruelty is not something that he will do without good deal of provocation.

In all honesty, Zeph has a strong distaste for unnecessary violence. There must be a need, a purpose behind it, or less it is nothing, but a savage's way of life. He can understand fighting to prove oneself, or to understand ones own limits. However, doing so for simple pleasure is something he will not tolerate. There must be purpose, or else everything is meaningless.



Whispering Blade


Burning Tune

Iridescent Ring

Stats - 164
Power: 25
Endurance: 25
Toughness: 30
Speed: 34
Accuracy: 20
Magic: 30

Stat Points Earned: 0/109
Arc Points Earned: 7/12
Jewels Earned: 32,690,000/36,290,000
Guild Points: 4


Skills & Disciplines

  • Hand-to-Hand Expertise: Though he has not trained with his current human form, Zeph has hundreds of years worth of close combat experience to go off of, making him a deadly opponent to engage at close proximity. Though his body needs to be trained to utilize his experience fully, he is still quite the foe.

  • Sword Proficiency: Like with Hand-to-hand combat, Zeph contains extensive knowledge and skill with a sword in hand. Though he does have expert level skill with a sword and varies other weapons, such as knives, daggers, and varies kinds of swords, this does not necessarily mean his new body can keep up.


Magic Name: Acoustic Control
Magic Type: Sound Manipulation Magic
Tier of Magic: 1
Rank: 4
Magic Description: In short, the control of Sound, specifically the vibration and force behind Sound. This allows for multitude of possibilities with this magic. This ranges from creating wide-spread destruction to forming a soundless vacuum to disorientate. Finding the right frequency to cause every nerve in the body to scream with pain. The possibilities even enter the realm of using just vibration to cause objects to simply fall apart into dust. Such possibilities make Acoustic Control a magic not to trifle with, when used correctly.

Techniques: 16/16 (10 Earned + 6 Bought)

Silence - 4
Type: Passive
Range: Personal
Effect: Extensive use of Acoustic Control has begun to effect the very vibrations that Zeph creates. Because of this, sound that he would normally make by simply moving, or existing, have begun to be nullified without his need to even think on it. This does not mean that he creates no sound whatsoever, but thanks to the reduction of natural vibrations, it is difficult to detect, and almost impossible for some to pick up all together.

Detection Stat - Accuracy

Amplify - 4
Type: Offensive
Range: 20m
Effect: With sound magic, Zeph is able to increase the potency of any sound that he can create.
When Amplify is focused on a targeted location, it's effects become more offensive based and no longer covers an area. Instead it becomes a focused beam of sound. At it's current rank it can only effectively cause a good amount of damage. Also, when used, the beam itself, as it is sound and not something that is normally tangible, has the same appearance a bubble has, a shimmer of reflected color, making it visible. Because Amplify is still concentrated sound, a hit from it, or a close brush with the still, half a meter to either side, still has a disorienting effect, somewhat stronger than that of the Unfocused Amplify as this is concentrated.

Resist Disorientation

Resist Knockback

Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts

Demonic Symphony - 4
Type: Multi-Type
Range: 6m
Effect: Like any of Zeph's spells, this spell is visible, appearing as a light reflection, similar to the surface of a bubble.

This spell utilizes the sound from Zeph's very core. A rapidly amplifying and expelling sound/vibrations from his body, this spell creates a sonic boom effect, with Zeph as it's epicenter. Because of this, it strikes in all directions at once, creating a bubble of sound that quickly dissipates once it reaches it's max range. This spell is capable of being utilized simply for the destructive force such concentrated sound can create, dealing damage, but it can also used to counter the attacks of others.

Able to neutralize spells of two ranks lower. Reduce damage of spells one rank lower, same rank, or one rank higher, by a single rank.

Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts

Knockback Resist

Siren's Call - 4
Type: Support
Range: 8m
Description: When used, this spell emits a soft humming that is different for each person that hears it, having a soothing gentle kind of sound to it, however, it's effect is anything but. Though the sound is not harmful, the vibrations that create it are. Directly targeting the equilibrium, causes painful headaches, and loss of balance as the vibrations target the inner ear that controls and regulates one's balance. The longer one is exposed to the Siren's Call, the worse the headaches become. For some, it will start only with a small headache and slowly escalate to full on migraine, the headaches tend to get worse with repeated exposure.

Technique Option: Type-Specific Effects: (1.5 x Rank)+ Stat-Reduction=


  • Speed: -16
  • Accuracy: -16

Duration: 3
Cool-Down: 3
Edited by Mango, Jun 18 2017, 09:52 PM.
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Assassination Extraordinaire

Magic Tier is 1.
Magic Rank is 1, not D. Magic rank is determined through dividing the magic stat by ten, rounding down, and then adding one. So in this case, the Magic rank is 1.
Very iffy on some of the more advanced and manipulative abilities of this magic, especially on the part where you influence other minds, so if you can describe how you think that's viable through a reply, that'd be great for further confirmation.

Silence is too powerful for it's rank, R1 techs are the lowest of the low, or as a mod called Gale is saying, "R1 techs don't do anything but say the guy has magic." At this rank, it'd muffle the noises a bit, but the noise would still be somewhat audible, depending on what Zeph is doing.

Just clarifying things here, but Throw Voice does nothing but create a noise/sound/mimic a voice in some other location nearby, right?
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Embodiment of Pandemonium/Aspect of Sacrifice
1) It would work a lot like subliminal messaging in a video. The only difference is that with that, the auditory sensory is being targeted, not the visual. Sound can be used to influence a persons mood, this is evident when you listen to a song and it causes an emotional reaction. This could do that, but a step further. By creating to frequencies, one which is heard consciously and the other heard subconsciously, it would be possible to say one thing like, "how are you?" but implant the words, "Punch the bartender." As long as the mind excepts these words as being of it's own thoughts, the person would, possibly, act on them.

If you're still iffy I'll just yank it out.

2) I got Silence nerfed a bit, let me know if I need to modify it more.

3) Yes, that is correct.
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Ask away; I have all the answers.

As long as you're only trying to and not forcing them to do so and leaving it up to the other person's control, I'm fine with #1 but perhaps you can word it better so that it explains what you just said

Cooldown increase to 2 post for both please and that's about it for me

Edited by AuraLex, Mar 27 2014, 08:49 AM.
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Embodiment of Pandemonium/Aspect of Sacrifice
Changed the cooldown and added into the description that these are simply "suggestions," that must be accepted by the brain.
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Ask away; I have all the answers.

K 1/2
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Assassination Extraordinaire

Edited by Gale, Apr 2 2014, 08:38 AM.
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Your character application is now accepted and will be placed in the archived forum. This topic has now been resolved, so therefore its closed.

This is an automatic message.
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Crème de la Kremlin

This character has been harvested and is thus considered gone.

This is an automatic message.
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