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Fairy Tail Guild RP Current News

May is here, Ladies and Gentlemen, and you know what that means!
Well, actually, I don't really know what it means. It means something, I s'pose. This month is going to be a calm month for the most part. We're running a few low-key writing events and we'll be prepping for the next big story event coming up. So with that, let's get this announcement started.

You'll notice two writing events this month. First, we have the Star Wars in FTG Writing Event. This is an event where you get to create your own sci-fi themed short story for rewards. The twist? You have to use characters from FTG, mainly characters that don't belong to you! It's a fun way to learn more about the amazing cast of characters we have on FTG.

The second writing event you'll see is the Memorial Day Writing Event. Here you'll get to write about the effect the Boscan War had on your characters and on Fiore. This is a particularly important writing event for reasons that shall remain, hm..., undisclosed for the moment.

There's some new May Updates, these include some changes to established rules to FTG so be sure to read them up before you continue RPing!

We have lots of plans for the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned. We're hoping to get some more juicy story events out there for you guys, along with a compilation of the current lore in FTG so people can keep with all the new happenings.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for now, if you have any queries of questions please don't hesitate to post them somewhere or contact a member of our staff!

Stay safe and happy FTG!

~The FTG Staff~

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An Idea: Brief-Meet threads!; b/c it's bound to happen off-screen anyway
Topic Started: Feb 15 2014, 09:36 PM (348 Views)
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*squishes forever*

Considering how large the world is and how every thread generally leads to characters meeting each other and then doing something with each other, I am thinking about threads with extremely short/brief meetings, or just people not entirely interacting with each other, but passing by them or whatever. A lot of characters already know each other, or have no idea who other people are and have never seen them in their life ever, which is quite understandable! But there are also times when you don't believe to have met a person, only to go through your memories and be like "oh hey, I ran into them before".

Basically, I'm thinking about doing a monthly (or whatever) thread that is either a 2-post 1 pager with 5 people, or a 1-post 1 pager with 10 people. Just... going about their business, or maybe a brief run-in, or comment, whatever!

Yeah the grading's going to be like 20,000 Jewels only, or maybe none, but this is more for the potential of actually RPing with each other in the future and having the ability to say "doesn't that look like ___ from that one time who did the ___ and ___?"

Anyway, if you're interested, post in here. Interested, actually up for it, or just straight-up think it's useless.

edit: edited the title
Edited by Fumus, Oct 7 2014, 10:42 PM.
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Sounds like a reasonable idea.

This may help with the "somehow I never see the same character twice" problem, and maybe encourage formation of teams; after all, if you've met someone before, you're more likely to want to meet them again, and again, and so forth, till suddenly team registration.

It could be helpful for plotters who like making sure every single thing is foreshadowed somehow at some point so basically me, so there's that extra boon.

So, ya, I support the idea!
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I totally forgot . . .
I've revamped my character twice and only know like one person at this point so it would be nice to have a way regain some acquaintances.

So ya, I support this idea as well.
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If you need some background character then my maid waitress character Cisnei has some free slot.
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*squishes forever*

Awesome. I'll wait a bit for the idea to settle and see if more people want to join as they free up slots. It's looking more veered towards ~5 people per brief thread, depending on any other ideas that might come up.
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*squishes forever*

I'm pulling this back up... With half of March nearing its end (and the event), I figured if ever there was a time to be shameless for rewards, it'd be now. I'm up for the first thread, anyone else? Up to five I'm thinking, just to see how it goes. 2 post each.
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Gif? Jif? Gyfe? Jyfe? Get a life!
I probably need to do one of these, considering none of any of my other threads are very active, and I want to get some of those achievements done. So I'm up for a thread with my knight character Zelda.
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sounds good.
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Combat Enthusiast

FTG Social Networking? xD

But a good idea. Meeting people for references. I've actually been meaning to make a Timeline for Blitz just to keep all his own memories in order for recollection later, xD

Varriden might be the one to use for a part of this, though, just for the sake of all that magic in one place, xD
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*squishes forever*


5 people at most, 2 posts each by April~

I put a bunch of possibilities for anyone that still needs their March Event Achievements finished! Feel free to join anyone, as well as do anything with the plot, but please just keep in mind this is supposed to be like a "brief" glance meeting of sorts. Uhhhhhhh I guess rotation will move along after 5 days.

For ideas: There's the kissing in the play, or wearing green, or potato food as the obvious ones, and then there's anything and everything else that you can do like rainbow in the play, pot of gold/toy, random four-leaf, a leperchaun in the play xD, but don't try to scare my character's snake because it won't work (just a warning wwww) /helpful_ideas
Edited by Fumus, Mar 21 2014, 05:02 PM.
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