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[Graded]Troubled Little Monsters; Arc Part Two of Three
Topic Started: Apr 3 2012, 10:05 AM (1,604 Views)
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

.:Part Two:.

Arc Link

And so it was that Axel was standing in that same place, as he had done so many times before. The dark room or space, he was never quite sure whether it was a room or an endless space of blackness, except for where he stood above a white oval shape as if a light were shining down on where he stood. He didn't bother turning around and trying to look about, he knew where he was and knew what was going to happen and then - ah yes, he could hear it now. The slow, heavy, breathing of an animal of savage intent, a growl of thirst, of lust as the animal stepped closer and closer, waiting for the moment to pounce and have its meal. In truth, Axel was becoming a little impatient as the beast took its time, like it was studying him - yet this had been done countless times before. Tapping his foot in time to a little tune in his head, Axel waited patiently although annoyed and then as he turned around and as he did the beast pounced, but stopped abruptly as he stood before Axel.

"You're late." Axel said, the beast gave a snarl as it stood before him in it's grotesque humanoid wolf like state, it's golden eyes not leaving Axels own orbs of green. "You don't know creatures of darkness as I do, little boy. And that, friend of yours is one of them." The beast replied, it's voice deep, savage and of course, blood thirsty. Axel gave a shrug, sure Eric was some dark child who liked destruction and didn't mind killing people but what was the beasts point, and simply eyed the beast, "Your point, exactly?" Axel asked, a little sly grin crossing his face before the beast replied with a roar in his face before bringing up a clawed hand and swiping it down towards him. It stopped however, just inches before his forehead.

Axel was still standing still, he hadn't said or done anything in response to Erics words. Instead he stood, wordless, his mouth slightly opened as his heart raced, his vision glowing blurry, a dark aura beginning to rise around him - although invisible, the aura was merely an atmospheric thing and it wouldn't be surprising if Eric felt it. His mouth closed and he gulped before blinking and tilting his head slightly as if he didn't quite understand what Eric had said, it was like Eric had asked a question to a younger child. His eyes glazed, a wicked grin crossing his mouth as a loud snap was heard, so loud that it would be as if Eric had snapped one of his own bones, "Eric .... Bashere"Axel said, but halfway though his voice changed, it changed to the beast that Eric witnessed earlier, the blood thirsty, savage, werewolf animal. The wicked grin, changing shape as Axels teeth became fangs, his back arched but then ... But then ...

A man brushed past Eric, ignoring the boys existence for a single moment as he placed a gloved hand on Axels shoulder. The glove began to glow a light thin aura around the outline of the mans hand, and to put it simply, Axel stopped. The dark atmosphere subsided, the savage look in his eyes faded into nothing, his fangs returned to normal human teeth. Axel looked up at the man, a tall man in a top hat and long blonde hair was all he could comprehend as his vision began to blur as his body began to weaken, yet inside he could still hear the snapping of the animals jaws as it had been denied its prey. "There, that's better now." The man said, and soon another appeared on the scene, the girl from earlier who still held that green rabbit. The girl looked at Eric, although not having to look up as much as she had done with Axel and of all things, she gave him a hug and whispered, "Thank you..."
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Hoennese and proud!

The silence following Eric's words was exactly what the boy had imagined, considering the importance Axel had seemingly been placing on Eric being someone he absolutely had to find. When he spoke of it his pupils had dilated and his voice had gotten louder, more forceful, so clearly there was more here than Axel was telling. Which was fine, Eric had far too many secrets to keep track of at times and the fact that Axel hadn't shared his innermost desires and thoughts concerning someone he was after to find like an animal was not surprising, in fact it was better for Eric this way. He always enjoyed finding knowledge, working it out and deducing it than simply being handed it, that always cheapened the thrill a little bit and made him want to do something mentally invigorating like playing chess. And considering that chess was no longer a game of skill for Eric but one of him simply outmaneuvering the other person until they inevitably lost. Well, considering all that he just hoped he could work out Axel's secret, or go through a series of clues until Axel broke down and told him.

However what had happened was that Axel began to exude the same aura he had done so before, when he and Eric had exchanged vaguely-threatening comments and then the other boy had transformed into a canine beast of amusing proportions. It was something Eric had found far more than amusing, especially considering how much he out-stripped the boy in his evil-looking form and he had even inflicted a light wound that had simply been designed to shock and to test, to see how thick Axel's skin was. Of course since Axel was no longer bothered by it even now it was clearly not deep, which was good: Eric hadn't wanted to kill the other boy after all.
He didn't speak as Axel repeated his name, as the last name was distorted behind a wolfen growl and his form began to shift, change, alter, becoming that which Eric had deemed "interesting" before but currently untrained, unharnessed, un... well, suffice it to say that right now Jessica could dominate Axel in his wolf form without breaking a snake-like sweat.

However before Eric could unleash any of the myriad of ways he had to snap Axel back to his senses short of killing him -and seriously, there were a lot- someone dashed past him with a speed that was not inconsiderable but not amazing either. Someone who ignored Eric competely -and understandably- to slam his palm into Axel's chest and unleash some kind of aura-esque move, something that inhibited the other boy's transformation. Eric didn't even care that the man didn't acknowledge him after that -frankly the guy reminded of Eric of someone he hated and he'd already decided that this foppish doucheface was not worth his time- but the boy of pure darkness did quirk an eyebrow as the young girl from before nodded at him in a way that seemed... approving? Then she hugged him for some reason and even whispered a thanks to Eric, until Eric felt Jessica writhe around his neck and he knew, somehow, she was preparing something nasty.
So, to stem that off, he extricated himself from the girl with a small smile and simply cocked his head to one side at Axel, ignoring the other guy completely.

"Yes, I am Eric Bashere," he said simply, "What was your business with me?"
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

(OOC: Feel free to NPC Claude and Daerys - not over dramatic stuff)

Axel felt weaker, well not really weaker but more drained and light headed. He could still hear the jaws of the beast snapping at the cage as it was denied it's meal. His eyes began to wander as he looked above him to find a man standing there with his hand on his shoulder and wearing a rather longer than normal top hat. Axels eyes wandered over to Eric who was looking at the strange man, although more in a 'what the hell' kind of way and also something gave Axel the idea that Eric didn't like this guy whoever he was. Then of all things he was being hugged by that girl from before?! Wasn't anyone paying Axel any attention?! His eyes drifted a little as he stumbled before his arm was caught by Top Hat guy.

"Yes, I am Eric Bashere," Axel heard Eric say before he gave a little moan as he began to feel dizzy, "What was your business with me?" Eric continued. There was a little chuckle, and Axel fell to his knees panting as he began to recover from being drained or whatever that Top Hat guy did to him. Top Hat in the meantime crossed his arms as the girl walked to stand next to him, "Yes, yes, I know who you are. Well, I've heard of you, as have many - but I'm sure you know that." Top Hat said, his tone not hostile but nor was it friendly. "I must thank you though, if it weren't for you we would have never found Axel. Then again, it may just be a huge coincidence that you both happened to be in the same place." Top Hat continued adding a little smile, "Oh where are my manners? I am Claude Oculus and this here is Daerys." Claude said as he looke down at the girl who was smiling and waving to Eric.

Axel gave a groan, "The hell did you do to me?" Axel said or rather demanded, his voice weaker than before. Claude looked down and although it couldn't be seen, he had infact raised an eyebrow, "Nothing too bad, I just stopped you from causing an unnessecary slaughter fest." Claude said, feeling somewhat pleased with himself. "Claude, we should take him back now" Daerys said tugging at Claudes coat, he heard and gave a nod before picking Axel up by his collar, which annoyed Axel as he turned about tearing himself free of Claudes grip. His eyes staring at Claude, the red orbs shining once again as they had done when examning Erics beast of lightning, but this shine was something else. The red glow of anger.

"Who the hell are you two?! How does she know me!" Axel shouted, ignoring the fact that Eric was still there as his thoughts had currently been sidetracked, he looked at Eric, gritting his teeth not knowing what to do or what was going on. But for now, Eric Bashere would have to wait. Claude gave a little sigh, Daerys looked scared at seeing Axel act like this, "Follow us, we shall discuss matters elsewhere than this crowded street." Claude said as he walked past Eric and Axel not looking back to see if they followed, but rather as if he expected them - well Axel to follow mostly, Eric was just another part to the mystery and it was up to the boy if he followed or not.
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Hoennese and proud!

Eric was silent as Axel was addressed and talked to by the strange man in the top hat, the man Eric had an odd urge to cut slowly and deeply, to splatter his brains on the ground and spend a long slow hour desecrating his body in the most humiliating ways possible, all of which would be done in exceedingly violent ways - nothing actually humiliating in the way I'm sure you're thinking. Eric wasn't in that kind of mood nor was he that kind of person in general he wished to destroy the body, not subject it to physical abuse of the kind most adult sadists would have done. Eric wished to stab the man as many times as possible and keep him alive, wished to strangle him until he was gasping for lifebreath and then reviving him, restoring him and subjecting him to that again. To set the man on fire, to freeze his bones and electrify him in turn, to reduce him to a broken mass of something that used to be called a man and to then leave him alive to suffer in pain. He was not sure where this odd violent urge had come from but... it had definitely come and was not leaving.

Axel began to question the man back, the answer he got was something Eric expected though and when the girl said they should take Axel back then the darker of the two boys -Eric obviously- narrowed his eyes and looked from the tall man to the short little girl. Take him back she had said, something that spoke of Axel having come from somewhere else, somewhere the man and girl were also from and, from the tone of the girl's voice, it was the kind of place she was eager to return to, or maybe she was simply eager to return there with Axel. The girl was definitely beyond eager, was at the point where she wanted to return no matter what, her tone and posture both spoke of this and the fact she had actually tugged on the man's coat -to which he responded which was in his favour in Eric's mind, the boy expected the tall man to almost just slap her away- but he had nodded and even when Axel cried out in furor the man simply made some kind of asanine response and began to walk away.

This was a risky moment here, for both Eric and Axel. The man was leading them away -or he obviously intended to do so- but the girl had yet to follow him, instead she looked from Axel to Eric with huge eyes and pleading gestures of her hands, as though she was desperate to have them follow the tall man - the one Eric realised by now had named himself as Claude and the girl as Daerys. No, Eric simply ignored the girl completely, he looked at Axel with no affect and with a flat expression.
"What now then," he said slowly, weighing each word as he said them, "Do you trust me enough to want me to watch your back with these people? Unless... you know them?"
Eric wasn't sure Axel did, his reaction had been too natural, but he was offering, in his own way, to help Axel out here, if he wanted and needed it...
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

Axel listened to what they had to say, his anger beginning to rise once again although he knew it wasn't anger but the hatred of not knowing what was happening so yes you could say it was anger. Eric remained silent in the meantime maybe he was planning something or he wanted to find out what was going on? Gritting his teeth he watched as Claude and Daerys walked away as if leading them - or maybe just Axel - and expecting them to follow. That's when Eric spoke up, "What now then," he began slowly as he looked at Axel, "Do you trust me enough to want me to watch your back with these people? Unless... you know them?" Eric finished and Axel looked at him, still his face showed anger but it was lessening now to a more 'what the hell' sort of expression. He let out a sigh, "To be honest, I don't trust anyone. It's not that I choose whom to trust, it's just because I have no one to trust." Axel said, his words somewhat expressive and meaningful, "I would like it if you came along, I don't know who they are or where they leading me to but for this I know, they know who I am and if they know that then they should know my past and maybe they can explain your role in it as well." Axel said, his tone a little darker than before especially when it came to reffering to Erics role in his past, that is if he actually had one.

With a final look to Eric he walked past him, beginning to follow Claude with his hands in his pockets and his back slightly hunched over. "Who are they ... Is this all coincidence? Meeting Eric and those two? Or is it something else ..?" Axel thought as he stopped as Claude and Dearys stopped and turned around, Claude gave a smile or grin and Axel just returned it with a glare before Claude kept walking and Daerys by his side. Axel didn't know if Eric was following although he had accepted his offer and so he assumed he would be following. There was something however that was annoying Axel and something that needed explaining, Eric was about the same age as him maybe even the exact same so how could his name be on that photo? Eric would've been the same age as him if not a little younger or older. Something didn't add up.

After following for some time Claude would eventually stop at an exit of Onibas where he turned and watched as Axel stopped as well, "Will Master Bashere be joining us as well?" Claude said a little amused, it was a little weird calling Eric 'Master Bashere' maybe it had no meaning behind it or maybe there was some purpose behind calling him that, there were too many questions and answers that didn't fit together. Axel wouldn't respond at first, mostly waiting for Eric to state that he was hell he may even threaten Claude and it wouldn't really surprise Axel if he did.

OOC: You can take charge of NPCing the travelling outside and to somewhere if you wish.
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Hoennese and proud!

Pursing his lips, Eric nodded when Axel said he did not trust anyone. It was not an uncommon thing for people these days, Eric included trusted relatively few people -though he did trust a select few- since only a madman trusted everyone after all.
But then again only a madman trusted nobody as well.
Still, he shrugged at Axel's mention of necessity, knowing she was possibly the hardest mistress one could have, even after fate and loyalty. Sometimes you had to do things that were necessary, no matter how much they grated against the facts and hopes you held dear to your heart, as though life itself was forcing you to accept things that you wouldn't normally want to do. Eric even found himself humming an old tune, one that would run through his head as he shrugged and began to follow on after Axel and his two unknown compatriots.

"Give us your trust said those up high,
on our shoulders we support the sky.
Trust us to know and to do what is best,
And we will take care of the rest."

Axel's posture as they walked was enough for Eric to realise he was more unhappy than he had verbally let on a moment ago, in fact he seemed almost like he was actually dreading what was ahead. However he had been quite verbose in his own ignorance, something Eric was beginning to consider may have been feigned. After all if someone was going to protest that much that they had no idea what was going on or who these people were, then maybe he was acting a part. Of course, he could have been sincere, but too many people had tried to trick Eric before -tried being the operative word- for him to be so easily duped. He would just keep his eyes and ears open and wait.
And then of course Claude made a rather innocuous little comment then, something Eric rolled his eyes at openly to his snake who actually shrugged back at the boy. Of course he was coming along, was this man deaf?

"But trust is the colour of a dark seed growing.
Trust is the colour of a heart's blood flowing.
Trust is the colour of a soul's last breath.
Trust is the colour of death."

When they did finally reach what Eric assumed was an interim stop on the way to their destination at best, Claude and his small female -Eric had forgotten her name already, she was weak enough that he could do that without realising- turning to face Axel and the trailing Eric as they finally reached the front door to a small building that looked like a warehouse outside. Claude opened the door and gestured for them to walk in, but Eric simply stared at him with a flat expression, his left hand tapping idly in the air in time to the tune that was stuck in his head, whereas his other hand lightly fingered the hilt of his blade. Claude smiled at this, and then walked inside himself, the girl following behind. Eric waited to see if Axel would follow and, if he did, he would walk in with him.
If not, well, he would wait and see.
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(OOC: Since it's your birthday, I GUESS I could post :P)

As they did near an exit to Onibas Town, well a two-way entrance or whatever you want to call it, Claude made a remark about Eric and then soon took a different path and instead lead them to a warehouse in which Daerys walked in as Claude opened the door and he stood keeping it open as a 'polite' way for Axel and Eric to go through as he gestured, Axel hadn't moved and neither had Eric who had began humming a tune and then tapping in the air to the rhythm of the beat and soon Claude himself had walked in. Axel took a step forward then stopped, "Do you really intend to go through with this? I mean, if you do they'll think you trust them." Jack said as he materialized next to Axel instead of the usual breaking out of his chest or head, Axel looked up at him, "Are you going soft on me Jack?" Axel said, not really caring whether Eric heard him or not since he had already explained, well attempted to explain, Jack. The skeleton glared, well if he could glare that's what he would have done, instead his head twisted as he looked down and his eyes narrow, "It is not I who am going soft, little boy, why if I could I would rip that brain of yours right out of your skull." Jack said, Axel merely gave a grin a little delight filled his eyes at Jacks description.

A little pause took place and soon Axel turned around slightly, his head fully turned to look at Eric, "Can I ask you something? ... Ever wanted to find something out, but how you find out is what could or has hurt you most?" Axel asked, "And you say I'm going soft" Jack muttered in disgust, it was somewhat true as Axels question was rather ... Sentimental shall we say, he didn't know if Eric would respond to the question although the fact he had asked something such as this was a little apology in a way, since Axels liking for Eric had somewhat declined due to him revealing whom he was. Something at the back of his mind however kept saying it wasn't this Eric Bashere, and Axel did want to agree with it but the only way to find out was following Claude whom seemed to hold the key that Axel needed and depending on the outcome, well ... Things may not go 'exactly' like Axel would intend, well maybe he'd intend it, if Eric would join in the 'outcome'.

Despite Eric's answer Axel would listen before walking inside the warehouse, to which he was somewhat surprised. The warehouse wasn't a warehouse of sorts but more of a little base of operations, some other people were there wearing what looked like labcoats. There was maybe about six of them and each were in pairs of two, such as there was one group moving boxes of something, another two were at some sort of control station and another two were talking with Daerys and Claude, the girl looking very happy with herself especially when Axel came in and she pointed and shouted, causing all eyes and heads to turn to him. He took a few steps in and looked at each of the faces, three females including Daerys and five males including Claude, a total of eight neutral hostilities. Eyes narrowing he looked at Claude, "Who are you and what do you know of me."

If Eric joined in, one of the labcoat wearing people would see him and shout out a comment about his height on purpose, trying to get a fight out of the kid unaware of who he was - seemed the labcoat 'freaks' were rather bored.
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Hoennese and proud!

It hadn't taken them all that long to reach the warehouse and by the time they had come to a halt Eric could see that Claude was both eager and nervous about the pair of Axel and Eric walking into the warehouse. His posture spoke of relaxation but the way his eyes kept darting to and fro from Eric to Axel before narrowing and then looking at the doorway and re-widening slightly spoke of someone who was both happy and unhappy with the situation at hand. The girl -seriously, Eric had not only forgotten her name but deleted it from his memory and the face he even remembered she was there at all was amazing- was quite literally wringing her hands as she waited for them to walk inside, and by them Eric realised, she was focusing solely on Axel as though he (Eric) no longer existed. Unused to being ignored but not unhappy with the occurence the black-haired child instead turned his focus to his equally youthful brethren, seeing the emotions flicker on Axel's face as he wrestled with some inner dilemma.

It was as Axel turned to face Eric that he realised just how immense this inner dilemma must be on the lad, for his question was both amusing and a little startling for Eric to hear, since it was one of the last things he would have expected to have been asked. What was even more confusing about it was that he actually had to think for a minute about the answer.
It was true that Eric had done a lot of bad things in his life, in fact if someone were to measure it in terms of crimes to technical monetary value of bounty accrued he was at least as wanted as some A-Rank Dark Mages, if not more than most. But during the twilight of his first seven or eight years of his life he had had no idea about what had happened to him prior to those years, he had had no memory of anything that had happened to him. When he had found out he had undergone an awakening of sorts, his powers increasing exponentially and his mind freely able to consider plans it had previously shied away from. Had he ever wanted to find out something so badly that could hurt him more than anything though?
The answer was not simple.

"Yes." he said slowly, eyes narrowed slightly, "And no. If something is going to hurt me I prefer to find it out one way or another and I actively seek those things out so I can know as much as I can about anything, but have I ever wanted to personally know something that could hurt me more than anything else? Considering the pain I've already gone through in life for ignorance: no, I have not."
It was a fairly roundabout answer but Eric could hardly divulge his entire past -as that question needed him to for a proper answer- to Axel in this moment in time. After all there was still a fairly high chance the other boy wanted to kill him for some unknown reason if it turned out he was some enemy of his from long ago - somehow. Instead he followed Axel into the warehouse and his smile returned, full of vim as he heard the insult from one of the six strange people ahead of them.

"If they aren't necessary," Eric voiced his question casually to the air around him, Axel, Claude the the girl but loud enough for the person who had insulted him to hear, "Can I kill him? My snake is hungry."
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

"Yes." Eric said, slowly, before he continued "And no. If something is going to hurt me I prefer to find it out one way or another and I actively seek those things out so I can know as much as I can about anything, but have I ever wanted to personally know something that could hurt me more than anything else? Considering the pain I've already gone through in life for ignorance: no, I have not." Axel listened and raised an eyebrow slightly, Eric was odder than he expected the Eric he was looking he believed to be someone else mostly an adult rather than a child the same age as himself, but perhaps they only shared the name 'Eric Bashere' but then again how many people had that exact name. Axel nodded in reply before entering the warehouse.

Axel heard the shout out to Eric by one of the labcoat lackeys, "If they aren't necessary," Eric said in reply, "Can I kill him? My snake is hungry." He finished and the labcoat lackey seemed to grin, he hadn't expected such an invitation to wipe the smirk of the 'unknown' child's face. Claude seemed to grin, "Go ahead, they say that a fight is the best way to know a person." Perhaps by the lackey fighting Eric the others would understand who he was, they had only heard the name and some of his powers but nothing of Eric's actual appearance - to them he was just some lost kid with a fancy snake for a scarf. The other lackeys stopped what they were doing and looked towards the lackey walking towards the Eric, stretching as he did, "Don't cause a mess now" Claude added in and Axel began to distance himself, walking towards Claude, so he was out of the way and also to talk to Claude.

Labcoat Dude Stats

The labcoat dude would use some sort of Brawler Magic to enhance his punching power, but other than that Axel didn't pay much attention. "As I said, who are you and what do you know of me." Axel asked, once again. The two labcoats with them looked at him and raised an eyebrow, Claude narrowed his eyes and removed his glasses, "We are your family ... So to say. You lived with us, do you remember? The orphanage? The nurse?" Claude said and Axels eyes widened, of course he remembered the orphanage and that nurse and of course the closing of the orphanage. "We are the last of the family you once knew" Claude continued placing a hand on Axels shoulder, he looked at it in disgust, "I am the Director." He said, Axel looked at him in disbelief. Claude was the Director of the orphanage? The Director who massacred the whole place?! No that couldn't be! Axel had manipulated that fool, twisted his mind and he looked nothing like Claude! Taking a step back, his eyes narrowed, his red orbs glowing for some unknown reason, "Was it truly you doing the manipulation?" Claude said with a grin, Axel grit his teeth. If there was anyone whom he wanted to kill more, it was Claude.

Axel turned to see that the labcoat dude had been hit by one of Eric's attacks and smoke was drifting off of him, although he was still standing. His eyes snapped back to Claude, Daerys and the two lackeys. A deep anger beginning to rise, "Axel ... Please," Daerys said, her voice soft and a sadness hidden behind it, his eyes turned to her, "We want you to come back ... Join us" the young girl continued, she held the green rabbit tight to her chest as she spoke, he didn't know this girl but he didn't want to inflict pain on her or allow her to watch such a savage death he would provide Claude. He sighed before walking over to Claude and staring at him, "Fine. Tell me everything and what you want with us." Axel asked and referred to himself and Eric, as the mystery of Eric was still at large. Claude smiled, "In due time. Now let's see how young Eric fairs." Claude said, the two lackeys gasped at the mention of Eric's name, the gasp was interesting. It wasn't a gasp of surprise like normal, but more of shock and horror. Something was definitely not being answered.

For now, they watched the fight.

(OOC: Feel free to kill or do an Ichigo - cut his arm off.)
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After receiving permission from Claude Eric's grin lit up like Christmas Lights on a festively designed tree, as though he was the happiest person in the world. He may have just killed a traitor for his Guild, the kind of person who had disobeyed an order from someone that Eric had to follow -which of course meant everyone else had to as well- but this was pure pleasure, which meant that Eric could actually enjoy himself rather than make it a spectacle, a message for other people who might think of fleeing from Grimoire Heart.
"You know you can back down here and now," the child said as he gestured his arms wide, his snake's eyes already beginning to glow a deep dark blue, "Nobody here will think any less of you for it. In fact it takes more courage to admit you're in the wrong than in the right, so maybe you should just leave now before you die."

He had not expected his little taunt to have any effect on the outcome of whether or not he and the lab-assistant guy would fight, in fact Eric hoped -and was proven correctly in the hypothesis that- it would have the opposite effect, the other man grinning widely as he stepped into a brawler stance, in preparation of beating down this small child.
"I'm gonna wipe the floor with you," he said with what he probably thought was an evil little laugh, "Nobody has ever beaten my strength before." Good, people who were cocky like that were the best to fight, and as Eric simply raised his arm he thought he'd test out the other man with a simple little attack that anyone who was really strong would be able to stand, or dodge.

It was actually a very simple attack, as Eric's left arm glowed a bright silver and he let out a single metal spike that slammed straight into the enemy but not dropping him despite the heavy grunt it elicited.
"Not bad!" Eric said with a grin as his opponent tensed and suddenly leaped at him, "But stamina and strength means nothing. Not when a real fight only boils down to one thing when it's against me." He didn't finish though, the man finally closed the gap and struck out with his fist, but Eric was suddenly no longer there. Where before the boy had been he was no longer, and as Axel, Claude and the other lackeys would turn to look the fight was already over.

Having moved at the same time -and being at least four times faster than his enemy after Eric had both sped himself up at the same time that Jessica had slowed the man down- Eric had simply ringed his foe, moved behind the man and pointed his fingers at the back of his neck at the same time he had jutted forwards. Where before Eric had used a heavy blast of metal magic this time he simply used a fine lance of it, slamming out and stabbing through his foe's neck.
"Speed," Eric said to the man as he lay suspended in mid-air by the thick lance of meta; skewered through his neck, "Is what really determines a fight."
Turning, he smiled at the others, his grin honestly delighted.
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edge created by tiptopolive of IDS
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Edge skin adapted to Fairy Tail Guild Theme by Affinity