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[Graded]Rest and Relaxation; Closed
Topic Started: Mar 24 2012, 04:54 PM (1,147 Views)
“Just call me Addam.” The knight said, smiling slightly awkwardly and placing his hands on his head, he didn’t like the idea of having a Mr placed in front of his name especially when he was here for a relaxing weekend, it made things seem too formal and ridged and that was too much like his normal life to allow him to relax. He spent another minute or so like that before he finally responded to the rest of what she said, it took him a moment to think of a valid response to her being a celestial spirit mage who had keys, he had been taught that the best thing to do with holder type mages was to separate them from the items the require and that was the most efficient way of doing things, but he doubted it was the best conversation point, especially if he had to spend time in the same room as her.

“So you’re a mage, I am a knight but I don’t see many mages, I live in Chrysanthemum and few mages like the city due to no magical abilities being able to be used.” He informed her, it was a truthful fact and something well known near the area, but Addam hadn’t gotten out of the city often and wasn’t sure what other people knew about it, from the meeting with that family earlier on in the day he knew that not everyone saw knights regularly.

“My bow?” Addam said, looking across to the long wooden and metallic weapon strapped across his back, he was rather used to it and the people who he knew were also that he forgot it was there half of the time, “Sure I can teach you how to use it, but first I have to wait for some messenger who is supposed to be coming to the hotel with a list of everything I need to do while here. But I’ve been told I have to practice my shooting, so later on if you want you can some with me and I can teach you.” He said, thinking of the fact that it would be rather pleasant to have someone else there to talk to while practicing, usually at home he was a person who enjoyed the quiet, but he was on holiday and it would help break p the time.

“But until then I have to spend my time near here, So...” He paused for a moment while he pulled a few things from his almost emptied suitcase. “So, I am going to get ready and go the Spa part of this hotel, I was told to stay on the grounds but that should include the baths and everything else as well.” He said, taking the items he had, he quickly moved to the bathroom and locked the door behind him, emerging a minute or so later with a pile of folded clothes and him wearing a set of plain blue swim shorts, “I’m on holiday so I’m going to enjoy myself.” He said, giving a slight laugh.
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Reggie lightened up as she heard Adamm saying that he can teach her how to use the bow. And she can come to his practice. It seemed like good luck is in her favor. No one can't find a person these days who is kind enough to spare his or her time to teach a nobody. But she's not a nobody anymore. She just updated her rank to Class C before leaving Magnolia to come into this place. And she have to learn to wield a weapon. She just can't rely on her spirits all the time. And she can't refuse his offer. "Really? Thank you!" Reggie said as she smiled at him.

Reggie was preparing for her first activity in this hotel as Adamm excused himself from the room. He'll be enjoying the facilities of the spa. "See you later Adamm!" Reggie said as he opened the door. When he was gone, she proceeded in preparing the bikini that she'll wear for her first activity. Having a dip in the hot spring would gave her more energy to enjoy her stay here. And she have to save some of her energy for the practice. It would be tiring for her as she haven't got any knowledge about using a bow, or any other weapons.

She covered herself in the kimono that the hotel provides for their guest as she was done putting on her bikini. There seemed to be a lot of guest in this hotel. She was even having a hard time passing through the lobby. People occupied most of the area as they were still checking in. Good thing she came here early. Or she'll be stuck in the line. A brunette guy looked at her, and he seemed to like her. But Reggie doesn't have time to entertain random guys. Someone back home will surely be mad if he knows anything about her doing that. The guy tried to approached her. So Reggie walked fast through the crowd. She then noticed a group wearing the same kimono. Reggie walked with them as if she knows them, trying to disappear from the guy who was now approaching her.

Reggie finally got herself out from the lobby. But it seemed that the guy was still following her. She then got the keys from the side of the bottom of her bikini. Good thing she brought her keys with her. This guy might be a bad guy. So she better be careful. She just keep on walking towards the hot spring, without looking back. Suddenly, a hand behind her dropped on her right shoulder. She was so nervous. Who could the guy be? That she do not know unless she will turn around.
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Placing the folded pile onto his almost empty suitcase and moving the suitcase over to underneath the sofa that he had now called for his bed for the time he was here, he gave a small wave to the girl he was with and opened the door the room and stepped back out into the corridor, this was the third time he had been outside of the room in a very short space of time, if memory served him correctly, he recalled some sort of sign to the spa in the reception, so that was his first port of call, if not he decided he could always ask at the reception. Moving through the other people who had just received the keys they had booked previously to their rooms that they got to have fit themselves Addam soon reached the reception which was still bustling with people.

“Thank god I got here earlier.” Addam let slip from his mouth as his rush for the hotel had successfully allowed him to miss the queues, he recalled a few faces from the transport he was on earlier and they seemed to recall the young knight as they seemed slightly annoyed most likely thinking that he had used the fact he was a knight to get past the queue and ito a room, he felt like telling them that was not the case and he was actually stuck in an overbooked room, but he was more concerned with trying to find the spa, after looking around the rather large room filled with people, he was able to make out the letter ‘SP and an arrow, the A was hidden behind a rather large woman’s hat with a collection of flowers woven into it, making his way through the crowd, passing a few ‘sorry’s onto people around him as he accidentally bumped into them, he finally managed to enter the hall way, instead of normal flooring, it was made of wooden boards, obviously to allow any water to escape and not cause people to slip.

“Excuse me, where are the baths?” Addam asked to a maid in the thirties holding a collection of white cotton towels, the top one clearly embroidered with the hotel logo, instead of saying anything, she nodded her head in the direction of a passageway at the end of the hall. “Thanks.” Addam said quickly before heading back down, upon reaching there he met almost a sort of toll booth. “Room key please.” A man, just slightly older than him with even more of what appeared a bed head asked him, “Sure.” Addam said before bushing down past his pocket in his swim shorts before realising he had forgotten his room key. “Damn, Sorry I’ll just need to go and pick it back up.” He said, realising how stupid he had been if he was on his own in the room.

Addam made a quick run back to the room, people in the reception once again eyeing the knight with some suspicion as one moment he was walking in one direction, the next running in the other, Upon reaching the corridors that lead to the rooms, the one that he would normally take was filled with luggage as people prepared to leave their room, not wanting to spend too much time waiting, he broke off down the corridor he was on and made his way around in the circle of rooms before reaching his own, “Hello?” Addam said, banging on the door hoping the girl was still in there and they hadn’t found a new room for her. Sighing heavily, he turned to see a figure with the same hair as the girl had turning at the end of the corridor towards the Spa.

“Wait” He shouted, getting an odd look from someone else there, breaking out into another sprint, something that reminded him a little too much of normal knight routine, he cleared the hallway, almost running into the wall, but stopping himself just short enough to maintain his momentum and swing around to enter the lobby. The lobby was once again a feat to cross and Addam was just worried he’d miss her and she’d go into the spa, leaving him sitting around not able to get into the room or spa. However there she was, just in front of some other gut heading in the same direction, Taking a brisk walk he finally reached her, not wanting to shout again due to the odd reception he had received last time, he placed his hand on her shoulder before saying a moment later.

“I left my room key in the room, so Could I get into the spa with you?” He asked, he didn’t see much point in dragging her all the way back to the room if they were going the same place. “They just need to check that groups have a room here so.” He said rubbing the back of his neck as he felt a bit awkward asking. “So if I get in with you, I’d say thanks later by teaching you how to shoot a bow.” He said, hoping she’d accept the deal he had just proposed
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Reggie felt relieved after knowing that it was just Adamm who put his hand on her shoulder. She thought it was the guy whom she have seen in the lobby. She haven't had an experience of being followed by someone she didn't know. Well, no one wants to follow her. And if someone did, her spirits will take care of them. There were girls of her age who were around. They seemed to be jealous about her being approached by a handsome guy. But they didn't knew that the two of them just ended up checking in in the same room. Their stares pierces through her body, as if they wanted to stabbed her to death. A girl who passed by them stared at her sharply. A stare that someone usually receive when he or she did something wrong. But she's not doing anything wrong. The knight approached her. And she's not after him because of his looks. She's after him because of his archery skills.

Reggie kept on receiving sharp stares from girls nearby while Adamm was saying something to her. He left his key in their room and he wants to come with her in the spa. To Reggie, that won't be a problem. But the girls around them were the problem. Their malicious stares won't take off from her if she kept on staying near him. Adamm seemed to notice her having second thoughts so he offered her to teach her archery. And that's the offer that Reggie cannot refuse. She can endure those girls stares as long as she'll learn how to use the bow. "Fine with me! Let's go now shall we?" They both headed to the spa when Reggie noticed the girls followed them. They're looking at Adamm as if he was a prince who will save them from distress. But they're looking at Reggie as if she was the bad guy who'll do everything to hurt them.

The two of them walked through the corridor to the spa. Reggie was really excited about the archery session that she will have with Adamm later. But she's worried at the same time about the girls who kept on following them around. They're almost there when Reggie tried to talk to Adamm about the girls. "Don't you feel odd about having these girls around?" But it seemed like Adamm didn't understand what she mean. So Reggie pointed the girls behind them who scattered through the corridor when Adamm looked at them. Adamm is not the womanizer type of guy, who have girls following him around wherever he goes. But he still got girls following him around. But Reggie doesn't feel the same way towards Adamm.
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“Thanks.” Addam said, happy that she had agreed to let him enter the spa with her, he wasn’t sure exactly what the girl thought of him, but he was sure that he wasn’t viewed as normal after walking into the room that she thought she had all to herself. “By the way, sorry about having to hare the room with you. After the messenger comes and gives me the list of what I need to do and after I’ve given you a lesson with my bow, I can see if there are any rooms free again or try another hotel.” Addam said, feeling slightly awkward for placing he in this situation. “But thanks anyway for letting me in with you.” He said again, feeling slightly out of place being in swim shorts and having to talk to someone, usually when he went anywhere like this he would have been on his own and Addam wasn’t the best with walking up to people he hadn’t met before and introducing himself.

“What girls?” He asked, bringing himself out of his thoughts and back into the real world, “I didn’t notice anyone looking at me.” Addam said, honestly he had never really had anyone look at him before and he was rather shocked when he cocked his head slightly to the side that he saw a collection of girls ogling at him, he was used to being seen as a knight, and although there were many knights who had large fan clubs, he was only a private who people passed by, but it seemed that when he was out of uniform and in this case shirtless, people especially girls started to look at him more.

With the realisation that the girls around them were looking at him, the young knights face went ablaze with red, wishing he was wearing a T-Shirt at least, it wasn’t that he had any body issues, he was rather physically fit it was just the fact that one of the girls was looking at him as though he was food and she hadn’t eaten in a week. “Oh, I see.” He said rather quietly, feeling stupid for not noticing it before and now rather distraught in the fact that he did notice it and couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable about it, placing his hands on his head, trying to mentally hold back this, he returned himself to what he was doing before. “The entrance to the Spa is just around that corner, once we are there you just have to show your room key.” Addam said, wishing that the people following them didn’t have their room keys

“And after we finish and we are dressed in normal clothes, if the messenger has come by then we can go and I’ll show you how to shoot a bow, it isn’t too difficult once you get used to it, but just tell me when you’re leaving so I can leave to, you have the room key and I’ll need to get back in to get mine as well.” He said as the pair turned the corner and the turn style was just ahead with the people waiting rather lethargically to check they had a room key. “You go first.” He said, dropping slightly behind her so she could flash them the key and hopefully that would be enough to get them both in.
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Reggie seemed to be bothered by the stares of the people inside the spa. They kept on looking at her. She even heard one said 'what a cute couple'. Reggie tried not to mind it. But their stares kept on reminding her about that. They're not a couple. They just ended up checking in the same room. Good thing the girls who followed them didn't have an access in the spa, or the whole place would blew up having too many people inside. One staff approached her and asked her if she wanted a foot spa. Reggie readily agreed and turned to Adamm who was also approached by another staff. The personnel lead her to a comfortable seat and let her dipped her feet in a basin of water with rose petals on it. The staff then started to give her the treatment that she wanted. Reggie closed her eyes in satisfaction.

After the foot spa, the personnel asked her if she wanted a body massage. Reggie nodded her head and the personnel lead her to room with a dim light. The personnel was a girl so Reggie didn't have any trouble in taking off her clothes. It was a requirement for her to do so she could enjoy a nice massage. Reggie inserted her head inside a hole on one edge of the bed-like table covered with cushion. Seconds later, the personnel started to give her a very nice massage. The last time Reggie felt this relaxed was when she was spending her time in the lake where she drew the view of the lake. She really felt relaxed even though no one was there to give her this massage. And she can't afford this kind of luxury. She just started working as a mage and she still have something to spend with her money. The rent for her room, her food, transportation allowance for missions, clothes. Reggie then remembered something. She haven't paid her rent yet for this month!

After spending the time in the spa, she met Adamm in the entrance who was also about to leave. He waited for her because he was not bringing his key to their room. How come they have two keys for one room in this hotel? The very important reason that came to her mind is for emergency purposes. But the hotel should be careful into mixing the duplicates with the original. She's thinking too much about sharing her room with someone though this gave her the chance to learn a new skill, archery. It would be very essential skill for her in future missions as the level of the danger increased as she's now a C-class mage.

Reggie and Adamm headed to their room and prepared themselves for lunch. Reggie get one shirt from her closet and a denim skirt. She then headed to the bathroom and changed her outfit. When she went out of the bathroom, Adamm was already dressed up and ready for lunch. The two of them didn't really planned on going together to eat lunch. So Reggie tried to invite him to lunch. "I'm going to eat lunch Adamm, wanna join?" She said as she waited for his response with regards to her invitation.
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Addam felt slightly awkward and too aware of his surroundings and the people around him after Reggie pointed out the fact that people were looking at them. Addam was fine while wearing something that pointed him out as a knight, but at this moment in time he was just a normal person without the reassurance of anything. “I think I will be happy once I’m into the Spa.” He said under his breath, really not used to this situation. As Reggie and him reached the desk where they assured that the two were guests at the hotel, it was time for them to go off their separate ways for awhile. “I’ll meet you in a bit, you have the room key.” He said, reminding her that he would be unable to get back into the room if she were to go off and he would have to walk around like this for some time, Plus he wasn’t going to try to talk to the receptionists again after the previous mishap of over booking.

Walking down a small corridor following an attendant, the woman in her thirties led the knight to a portion of the Spa labelled baths, they were supposed to be refreshing and revitalising and Addam was hoping that they would at least do the job of drowning away his worries foe awhile at least before he had to brave the outside world again. Entering the room where there where a large number of towels he opened the door on the other side and slipped into an open area were a portion of the area’s local hot springs were funnelled into a more touristy setting and made so people could soak in them. Luckily as it was early morning and most people were either checking in or out and some he would guess were slightly too intoxicated to remove themselves from the bed. Addam slipped into the warm waters alone with a sigh of relief as he floated across to the side, the warm rocks being used as the back of a chain would.

“I have to say this was all worth it.” Addam said with a sigh of relief as he closed his eyes and thought through what sort of things he could do that day, he had already promised Reggie a lesson or two with his bow which would occupy some time and then he also had the messenger that was coming, “What was all worth it?” A voice asked him in response to his earlier comment to himself. Opening his eyes Addam saw a woman of early twenties in full swimming gear sat next to him with a smile. “Eh?” He said, falling backwards so his head went under the water for a second as the person had caught him off guard.

“I thought this was the men’s baths.” He said, thinking back to remember that there were no signs telling him either way and a female attendant did guide him here. “Don’t worry about it,” She said with a smile. Addams face blushed red as this was not turning out to be the day he had expected. “Well I’m going now anyway, nice to meet you.” Addam said before running out of the baths, picking up a towel on the way and drying himself as he made his way back to the entrance.

Making his way out he thought he may as well risk it and walked up to the reception, however instead of the crowd he had expected to see, in front of him was a very prim and proper female knight all geared up in her armour, she was just a little older than him and Addam was sure that he recalled her from the academy, she turned around to eye him in a manner that made Addam’s spine chill, she defiantly wasn’t the sort to take messing around seriously and the way it looked With Addam still half damp from the baths and in nothing more than swim shorts and a towel draped over his shoulders, this wasn’t the best of meetings for him.

“You should learn to wait for orders before rushing off to relax.” She said with a stern tone, Addam wasn’t sure of what rank she was but it made no difference for this he would treat her as if she were Arabelle herself. “Sorry, I didn’t think. Ma’am” He replayed post haste and in a sincere manner, before once again being taken off guard by her ramming a letter addressed to him into his chest, with such force that the young knight became unbalanced and fell backwards onto the floor, gripping the letter in his hands. “In the future if I am required to give you orders, do not make me wait and dolly around after you, got it?” She said, not waiting for a response before she walked out of the hotel, the reception staff returning to their desk as Addam just realised they had been hiding in a room waiting for the female knight to leave.

Quickly fumbling around with the letter, Addam read the top few comments, it seemed as though he had nothing to do today besides attend some sort of formal event party later that night, most likely to try to show himself off as an up and coming private or whatever else his ex-trainer had planned for him.

Happy with the fact he had nothing to do until later, he picked himself up and just before he was going to head back to his room, the remembrance that he had left his key there hit him, walking slowly back down the corridor to the entrance to the spa, the young knight prompt himself against the wall and waited a good amount of time for Reggie to appear, and from the look of it she had enjoyed her time better than he had his. “Alright, shall we?” Addam asked, ready to make his way back and get into clothes so he didn’t feel so bare

The walk back to the room was short and quiet as Addam read through the letter. It came with a rather fancy invitation informing him that he required to dress smartly and if she wished he could bring a plus one, which was slightly awkward due to the happenings of the day being paired in the same room with a girl he had never met, but he decided that he may as well ask her later if she wanted to, but it would mean they would have to go shopping for more suitable clothes as he had only brought ones for relaxing.

Once back in the room, Addam quickly got Dressed in a clean set of clothes, a plain blue T-Shirt and jeans, nothing special and then pulled his bow and quiver over his shoulder. “Sure, I got the message before so I can leave the hotel now.” He informed her, quickly thinking how to ask. “I have to go to some formal party later on, and I was wondering if you would come with me. It says I can bring a plus one and I know nobody else here, it’s fine if you don’t want to but if you do we will have to get something to look the part.” He said, seating himself on the sofa and his bed for the time while he waited for he answer. “We will still have time for an archery lesson.” He went over, reminding her that he hadn’t forgotten.
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