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[Graded]Relax and enjoy the view...; Sinjin, Moonlit, Simmons, Luffy
Topic Started: Mar 19 2012, 04:47 PM (1,029 Views)
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The Tracer of Blue Pegasus
Simmons needed to travel; that was the undeniable truth.

It didn't make sense to him at first. He had been on his own for 8 years, traveling the world, trying to find his place and purpose. Though he was a nomad for a good portion of his life, he always wanted to find a home and settle into one place. That had been his goal his entire life; but after finally finding his own guild, after finally finding his 'home', he found that his body craved constant movement. Maybe it was just so ingraned into his system after so long, but whatever the case, Simmons couldn't remain in one place for too long before he got the itch to move on. Blue Pegasus would always be a place he could come back too, but at the moment, the itch for travel was too great to ignore.

Which is how the redheaded mage found himself in Hosenka Spa.

It was around mid-afternoon once he arrived, and the town's lights were just starting to turn on, giving it the look of some fantastic amusement park in the dimming daylight. Simmons couldn't help but smile as he stood on the towns outskirts, examining the scene before him; It was a breath of fresh air, something new, something exciting! Discovery, no matter how normal or fantastic, was always a passion for him. The Tracer mage quickly picked up his pace as he made his way to the carnival of lights, hoping he wouldn't have to look very long before he found his destination.

Many of the mages at BP had described in great length how Hosenka was the definition of relaxation. Known for its casino's, bars, and most importantly, its hot springs, the town was considered a tourist hot spot and travelers paradise. Simmons was suprised he had never even visited such a place untill now; then again, he was never a rich individual to begin with. It was an expensive town to have fun in, let alone stay the night at, so it was never a viable stop for him during his travels. Now, however, after settling into BP and building his savings, he was finally able to afford a small trip to the town.

"Let's see, now where is it?" Simmons mumbled to himself as he glanced around the brightly lit street, eyes shifting from building to building. There was a fair amount of traffic in the brightly lit streets; it was much more crowded than the everyday streets of Poinsetta, but far from the vendor day traffic in Magnolia's market place. Everyone seemed to be having a good time; tourists pointing out possible sights to visit, groups of friends enjoying a night of merriment, and even lovers gently leaning on one another as they strode toward the hotels.

"I know it's around here som-...AH! There it is!"

The redhead quickly spotted his target destination, jogging over to a well decorated building to his right. The front of it was decorated with large, lacrima lit letters and a neon-green dragon under them, reading "The Dragon's Bath" in all capitals. It was one of the few hotsprings the town had, and was relatively cheap compared to the others.

The Tracer mage quickly opened the doors and entered the building. The inside wasn't as vastly decorated or brightly lit as the outside; instead, the foyer was simple in design, and the semi-bright atmosphere was rather comforting and warm. Simmons crossed the main foyer and stopped at the check in desk, ringing a bell and summoning the secretary. From behind the counter, a brown haired woman in a green dress walked out. She was a small woman, only coming up to his chest, and wore a bright smile as she greeted him.

"Welcome to the Dragon's Bath," she said. "Do you have a reservation, or are you only enjoying the hot springs tonight?"

"I have a reservation, yes. It's under Simmons Harmon?"

The woman took out a clip board and glanced over it, running her finger down the page untill it stopped on a name. "Ah, yes, Simmons. Your room is right this way, if you'll follow me." She walked around the counter and began to lead the redhead down the hallway.

Simmons followed, taking in a deep breath in anticipation. Though he was by himself, he believed that his frist hot spring experience would still be enjoyable...
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam
How the hell did I end up here?!

This was certainly the last time Hiro Nakamura tried to connect with his guild members by participating in one of their “dares”. It was simple, yet it got him already in loads of personal trouble. First off, he had to put a headband over his eyes and soundproof headphones. Then, he was “loaded” on the train and he had to wait at least ten minutes before getting off of it. Reluctantly, Hiro did so and now he regretted. After what he thought was ten minutes (which was actually twenty), he got out of the train and took off the gear they had put on him. To his great (and angry) surprise, the Lamia Scale mage was now at Hosenka, known for its amazing spa. While he didn’t dislike hot baths, Hiro would’ve truly enjoyed it if he had willingly gotten there, something he probably wouldn’t have done on his own accord. An angry mark comically appeared near his head. Hiro would get his revenge on them, sooner or later. Sighing afterwards, he headed for the spa, despite not having booked a room. Luckily for him, he had packed some clothes and such, in case these idiots had done something of the likes.

Heading for the spa resort, Hiro entered the building and went straight for the counter. Already from the way he walked with determination and the cold look in his eyes, the employee at the counter knew he was gonna get it. He slightly shivered in fear, gulped and tried (with a very bad poker face) to greet Hiro with the greatest smile he could muster. The mage didn’t waste any time: he demanded a room and the key to that room, with a shower and a bed. The man tried to explain to him that he had to reserve the rooms in advance in order to get it, but Hiro wouldn’t budge. Grabbing the employee by the collar and bringing him closer to his face, the mage’s temper was at its limits.

Listen, you incompetent soft kitty. I was stranded here after a tasteless joke, so I’m not going to here your noisy ramble and you are going to give me a room, now.

The young man, softly crying inside, stumbled on his words, having lost the small amount of bravery he had pulled out of his very soul. Seeing that, the mage sighed and let go of him. He then remembered what Old Man Rogers had told him when he first got to Fiore. Jewels, the currency from around here, were what were used in Fiore if someone wanted to get something for him or herself. He had to pay it in order to get it. The thing closest to what the old man was talking about was the “yen” currency back home. Understanding this, he took out the wallet Old Man Rogers had gave him as well as some of the money he had earned working for him. He then asked as politely as he could (which wasn’t that polite) the amount of money needed to get a room. It was a little more than if he had reserved in advance, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to lay down to calm down. Hiro, out of sheer annoyance, could’ve decided to take on and beat up every single person in the building, but now that he was part of a larger community, one with real respect from the continent’s government, the mage actually decided to make some efforts and be a “good boy”.

It had only been a week or two since he had past the Optional Entrance Test with Kid. The three stages were hard, granted, but at least he knew two things. One, he had gotten himself a second ally in Lamia Scale. Two, he knew the guild had vast resources and knowledge in many areas. He could count on them when the time came for him to finally found the rest of his comrades, take down “Lord Ghirahim” and go back home. However, for now, he would lay low, do his job as part of Lamia Scale and slowly climb up the ladders.

After getting to his room, putting down his stuff and making sure that the place was a little bit soundproof, Hiro decided to take a look around, should his peace be disturbed and he needed a place (other than his room) to cool down. Arriving at the spa, he sighed softly in relief as he noticed that not a lot of people were around, and it seemed like none of them were the noisy type. The only notable individual around was one with red eyes, but he didn’t pay any attention to him. He went to the men’s locker room, changed to his trunks and went into the spa near the young man with red hair, without even a simple regard as to who he was. Hiro was just here to relax.
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Pickpocketing skills were something the petite redhead had acquired in her year of wandering around the world. Having agile fingers and quick feet made the task of lightening the wallets of the overly rich and inadequately attentive an easy one. The more she practiced, the easier it was. Now she was reaping the benefits of this talent and felt the currency solid and real in her hand. Some of it had already gone missing and as she looked down at the beautiful silk pants and shirt now gracing her slim form a smile crossed her face. Despite her lack of actual human emotions she did have an eye for the finer things in life. She now carried her battered leather bag at her side and in it nestled a very elegant bathing costume she’d expended more of the money on.

Hosenka Spa was well-known as being a place for enjoyment, fun and also a bit of showing off. Emily was happy to have some attention and she knew she’d get it in this bathing suit. It was perfectly tailored and showed off the curves which she did actually possess. Her body was toned from all of the practice (not to mention the running away) that she’d been doing and she just knew she might get someone to manipulate out of all of this. Besides , all of the fine clothing in the world weren’t going to conceal how utterly filthy she was. A good shower or bath was a luxury she wasn’t able to enjoy out wandering the world. Now she’d be able to soak in the luxurious waters of the spa and melt all of the grime away. Even her deprived psyche could take a small modicum of pleasure in this fact.

The woman behind the spa counter gave her a quizzically uncomfortable stare but as usual the crimson-haired girl was able to dismiss the unwanted glower without much effort at all. The appearance of the appropriate payment quickly quelled any issues the spa employee might have had and with a certain amount of smugness the pretty psychopath strode down the hallway and entered the women’s changing area. It was empty now and with rapid motions Emily stowed her dagger behind her new clothing and locked them into the appropriate storage bin. Now she slid into her lovely new bathing suit and admired how its green colour matched her emerald eyes and bright red hair that sat at her pale, milky-skinned shoulders. After staring at herself in the mirror she walked out into the steaming air of the spa. An attendant with a bucket and soap poured it over her and handed her a washcloth. After scrubbing herself clean she glanced around to find the appropriate pool to swim in.

That’s when the bright shock of red hair attracted her attention. It belonged to a not unattractive young man soaking in one of the pools. Evidently another redhead was a sign that Emily needed to go say hi. She marched over and slid into the steaming water with a satisfied groan.

“Hey! I see you’re a redhead too! Nice to meet ya. I’m Emily!”
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It was looking to be another slow day in the life of a certain Sinjin Fallencrest. The blonde was in his yukata, provided by the hospitable hosts of the Dragon’s Bath spa-slash-inn that he was currently staying at. It was a good change – a favorable one, at that – after leaving the Glacial Flats with that abrupt ending to a fight with Blitz. His injured left arm was still hurting but not so much as when he was in the icy lands off north. Perhaps it was the cold atmosphere that the breeze would seep into the skin and deliberately attack the constitution, or in his case, the joints of the bones and the slight fracture that he received.

But that was the past already as he was enjoying a silent and calming view out the sliding windows of his rented room. Red yukata wrapped around his body and bare within, he couldn’t ask for a more relaxing attire. But as the youth leaned forward along the window pane, he looked out to find the weather as beautiful as the clearest day he’d seen. It called for a little exploration of the place and such a call was something that the blood mage could never decline.

“Perhaps they have a taiyaki stand by the spa. Haven’t been there yet,” he murmured as he quickly turned and walked out of his room, all jovial and greeting everyone in sight with a smile.

In one occasion, he reached the lobby where guests flooded in. He looked around to see if there was anyone he could recognize, especially if it were some self-righteous Fiorean police as he wasn’t really at a favorable spot with them. Then again, he doubted that they could still remember and keep tabs about his alleged involvement about a certain outpost’s untimely… renovation. He let out a gleeful chuckle at the sight being clear from trouble before running off again.

“Ahh~ This is getting troublesome,” he complained as he rubbed his left shoulder down to the elbow, all the while already heading for the spa area, “The doctor said a little steam would do it good, especially for the bones but I don’t really see the connection there.”

He continued to wine for a little bit like a kid, occasionally making a pouting face before he reached the outside of the steaming hot spring bath or spa or whatever else the people around the area called it. He stopped to read at the plate that was hammered to the wall that had all the necessary information for the place, from tourism advertising, to therapeutical claims, to relaxation and to medical practices.

“Heeeee~” he sounded off as if he was still far from being persuaded by the information before giving the said bath a raised brow, “Well, I might as well since I’m here. Not like I’m gonna lose anything.”

And with that, the blonde entered the premises, checking in with the host manning the counter to get his wooden basin, a pair of towels and a key. He would then proceed to the locker room to deposit whatever he had with him – the red yukata – and then proceeded to change before entering the bath. A shy small towel covers his lower part as he holds the basin with one hand, entering the steaming bath with the misty cloud doing its job to greet him. His smile was still there as he placed his basin at a favorable place by the rocks, where his other towel was securely kept before entering the water. It should be noted that the bandage wrapping his injured left arm was very convenient in hiding his guild tattoo, but the other traces of his identity – the blood crest symbol on the right shoulder for one – was for all to see, as well as a navel piercing though was highly to be submerged as soon as he would come to a sit in the water.

But it was strange when the first unusual sound to hear was a girl’s voice booming and he quickly turned around to find a girl in the boy’s bath and yelling about redhairs.
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The Tracer of Blue Pegasus

The redheaded mage couldn't help but coo silently as most of his body was submerged into the perfectly warm hotspring. Every muscle under his skin seemed to loosen with whatever tension it held, leaving him feeling like a content, floating puddle of jello. He had to admit, the rumors about Hosenka were not exagerated; not only did he feel like he was floating on a warm, liquid cloud, but as he gazed up into the darkening night sky, he could see the stars slowly emerge from behind the veil. Though the town was brightly lit, it was the only source of bright light for miles, and the building's position blocked out most of the town's glow from the spa.

The combination of the clear night sky and the spa's soothing nature already made the mage's experience worth it.

"I should have done this a long time ago..." he thought.

After the secratary had shown him his room, Simmons wasted no time dropping his belongings and stripping down to a towel and a brush. Though not bulky, his muscles were tonned well enough to be considered at least average in attraction; he still hated that he had no abs to account for, but he was learning to live with it. The white-swirl pendant dangled from around his neck, and his Blue Pegasus tattoo was etched onto his left side shoulder. Though he thought about covering it up, he brushed off the worry, not thinking that it would cause any real trouble. Besides, shouldn't he wear his guild symbol proudly?

After stripping down, Simmons grabed the wodden bucket and nonchelauntly strode down to the male bath area. Simmons was an individual who had no qualms about being naked when the time called for it; he was all to familiar with bathing nude with other individuals ever since he was young, so he never built up the modesty to be embarassed about his body. In fact, such modesty was alien to him, though he respected it when necessary.

After a few moments of bathing, Simmons dunked his head under the water, allowing the warmth to wash over him completely. He brough his head up again, and though he felt the chill of the night air cool his head, it was a refreshing contrast with the rest of his body that cleared his mind. He quickly noticed that someone had sat down next to him in the bath, but paid no heed to the individual; if the man did not wish to greet him, then Simmons didn't want to disturb him in return.

However, what DID grab his attention was the happy, feminine groan that eminated from his left, the rippling water signaling another persons entry next to him. Simmons opened his eyes, turning his head and looking directly into the face of a girl. For a moment, the red hair and green eyes caused his heart to skip a beat, but when he noticed the rest of her features he relaxed; for a minute there she reminded him of someone else. Still, he quickly shook off the feeling as his eyes instantly noticed the rest of her. She was very pale, though not unattractively so, and very petite. She only came up to about his chest, he figured. It wasn't an unfamiliar site; he was used to being the taller person in the room.

“Hey! I see you’re a redhead too! Nice to meet ya. I’m Emily!”

"Uhh...." Simmons fumbled with his words at first, thinking of a way to respond to the sudden situation. "Yeah. Same here. I'm Simmons, and...."

And he just realized something very, VERY important about Emily's being a woman...

"...please tell me I'm not in the wrong bath?"
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam
Hiro looked around. The place was getting slightly more crowded, with every new addition weirder than the last. First came a fat man with a fireball tattoo on his naked belly; then came a woman. She was cute and all (not that Hiro cared), except she was EXTREMELY noisy. Sure, he didn’t see her since she went to the lady’s side, but the mage could clearly hear her. Either she was hyperactively joyful or a happy drunk person. Then came a blond young man. He had some kind of tattoo on one side, and a bandage on the other arm (?). Hiro didn’t know him, but points were given for him not making a dynamic entry or making a lot of noise. Nevertheless, the ebony-haired youngster didn’t pay much attention; he was here to relax after the prank some of the Lamia Scale members pulled on him. He knew that, when he’d get back, some of them were gonna pay it dearly.

His already present irritation was further intensified when a familiar redhead appeared cheerfully and splashed into his and Simmons corner. Normally he would already have somehow shouted or hit the girl, but the fact that he knew her and that she was some kind of assassin or trained fighter ignited his instincts. He didn’t want to cause a scene or try to alarm anybody. Besides, it was certainly none of his business what she was doing with her life, but, even with his nature, he just had to see if everything was okay with her. As she introduced herself to the other redhead guy, the mage smirked. Obviously, she pulled her happy go lucky act on the person. He knew she wanted something from anyone here and that she would not hesitate to try anything to get it. As a mage from a legal guild, it was his duty to keep an eye on her.

Humph, weird redhead girl, we meet again.

As Hiro talked to her, he also realized that she was a woman. It’s not that he didn’t notice before, it was just that they were in a spa resort and that men and women usually weren’t in the same spot. Hiro simply shook his head at Simmons remark and smirked at Emily’s lack of shame. He remembered how low she would go to simply get some money, food or clothing. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t do anything.
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Even Emily had to giggle at the fact that this young mage with his red hair was completely minus clothing in the warm waters of the spa. Of course she could care less about the nakedness itself. To the pretty crimson-haired girl a body was a body, male or female and she wasn’t going to act like a silly young fool in the face of nakedness. However she was enjoying the fact that she’d wandered over into the wrong side of the baths. At this point she wasn’t about to leave the seductively warm and soothing waters so she just shrugged in Simmons’ direction.

“No. You’re in the right place. I just made a bit of a mistake but I’m sure you won’t mind my being here. I didn’t realize bathing suits were optional. Should I take it off?”

A sharp laugh came from the petite girl and she was hoping her off-the-cuff comment would elicit some reaction but before any was forthcoming there was another occupant entering the large, stone-ringed pool with its soothingly steaming waters. After staring for a moment Emily came to the realization that she’d seen him before. It was Hiro. The young and seemingly overly forgiving mage she’d met earlier wasn’t bad looking when not covered by a shirt. She smiled over at him in a vaguely wolfish fashion.

“Oh hi Hiro. You kinda took off the last time I saw you! Didja get scared? I do that to people sometimes. Anyhow the water’s so great. You totally need to relax with us. These guys seem like a pretty interesting bunch.”

As if to cement her intentions to stay in the water despite remaining on the inappropriate side of the spa Emily leaned back and stretched out her legs in the warm water. She brushed the bangs out of her eyes and ran the hot water over her face. It felt so good to actually be inside clean water that was warm and not having to search for a place to relax where you didn’t have to have your blade at the ready every minute in case some sleazeball tried to do something. She also hoped that she might make a few more useful contacts from this experience. Contacts who would prove useful in the glorious future which awaited her.
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Who would have thought that the first to make a move was the raven-haired guy. Sinjin continued to observe from where he was, eye pacing between members in that steamy room. Oh how the hot water was so relaxing to his muscles that he floated in reserve until he hit the wall with a slight thud. He winced and raised a hand to rub the back of his head for a short moment before looking back at them. The girl was interesting too, if not too suggestive in her motives.

“I didn’t know that this was a mixed bath,” he finally said out loud for everyone to hear before submerging into the water and allow himself to relax for a brief moment, childishly blowing some bubbles underwater.

It was a good half-minute before he would come up to surface once more and look around him again. He smirked and then brushed his gold hair back before coming to a sit at a corner and becoming an astute observer. Of course, he went to look over to the other resident redhair and he seemed to be in a rather positive mood. Or was the idea of a girl joining the bath also hitting him funny in the head?

But an important thought came to mind and he clasped his hands in effect. A lightbulb would appear in his head as he found his question.

“That’s right! Hey, did you see any taiyaki stand nearby?”
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The Tracer of Blue Pegasus
“No. You’re in the right place. I just made a bit of a mistake but I’m sure you won’t mind my being here. I didn’t realize bathing suits were optional. Should I take it off?”

"W-well," Simmons suttered, a little taken back by the girls suggestion, "It is optional, so you can if you want to. This is a bath house, after all."

If there was one thing the Tracer Mage was proud of, it was his ability to maintain a cool head in extreme situations and maintain his dignity when it was most threatened. As said before, he was no stranger to the naked body; even when it came to women, he had the uncanny ability to maintain eye contact with a woman when she was...well...less than fully clothed. Though he was attracted to women, he never allowed himself to leer; or perhapse, he never had the undeniable urge to leer.

Proximity to open skin, however, changed the ballgame considerately in that department. As familiar as he was with being close to women, and as much as he was able to keep the air respectable if they weren't fully clothed, the combination of little-to-no clothing and sitting right next to him made it increadibly hard for him to maintain his concentration. And if, God forbid, his face was increadibly close to that of a woman's, then there was no hope for coherent sentence structure...

He could only pray that, for his own decency, she would remain clothed.

Humph, weird redhead girl, we meet again.

Curious at the sudden comment, Simmons turned to the voice at his right, finally getting a good look at the man who was sitting by his side. Though he was shorter than the Tracer mage, he was sitting up taller than the redhead, due to Simmons' height being all in his legs. The man had jet black hair, and a pari of powerful blue eyes that seemed to almost light up in the dimming atmosphere. Curious as to how he knew Emily, he turned back to her just as she replied.

“Oh hi Hiro. You kinda took off the last time I saw you! Didja get scared? I do that to people sometimes. Anyhow the water’s so great. You totally need to relax with us. These guys seem like a pretty interesting bunch.”

"Wait, ran off?" Simmons looked back and forth them, quickly getting confused by the sudden change in topic. "How do you two know eachother?"

Just as or right after they gave him their answesr, a stranger spoke out in the middle from the other side of the bath.

“I didn’t know that this was a mixed bath,”

Though the individual who spoke dissapeared underwater, Simmons could not help but notice the suprised looks of most of the other males as he tried to find the source of the statement. There were a few men who, thankfully, noticed that Emily was wearing clothes, and didn't pay much heed to her presence. However, unfortunately there were a few individuals who began to sport an all to familiar gleem in their eyes. It looked like being in the male bathouse might cause the poor girl nothing short of several annoyances. With a sigh and a scratch of the back of his head, Simmons looked back at Emily with an apologetic expression.

"Yeah, this bath is the male side, as you can see. You might want to leave if you don't want testosterone prone idiots to come up to try and impress you. That, or..." he glanced back at the men with leering gazes, "If you feel uncomfortable with looks like that..."
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam
Hiro Nakamura was more or less relaxing when Emily, the girl he met in the city the Grimoire Heart guild was supposedly hiding, came in their little area of pleasant bathing. He didn’t mind whether or not a woman was with them; as long as she watched her mouth, wasn’t noisy and didn’t disturb his peace, he couldn’t care less even if she was a two legged fire breathing frog. It seemed that it was now that Simmons had noticed his presence and of course, he was giving off an irritated/deadly aura around him. That was always how he was, even if Hiro was around Aysia. Sighing as she answered him with her “joyful fakeness”, she continued to tease the redhead dude with the fact that she was a woman. At first, it seemed Simmons wasn’t exactly annoyed by this, but as she got bolder, he was getting increasingly uncomfortable.

Oi, leave him alone. He has nothing for you.

He called her on that again. Hiro knew she was simply trying to get an angle, trying to get money or something of the like. Personally, he would help her, but as for the others, he wasn’t exactly keen on her trying to “steal” from them. Well, it’s her life… Hiro resumed to enjoy his time here and closed his eyes, when another stranger came in. His eyes were still closed, but they were twitching. He was about to snap, he was very close to it, too close for comfort. The other man seemingly joined them as they all stayed in the baths. He wished with all of his heart that his little journey wouldn’t make him move too much, he was not in the mood.

That’s when Simmons noticed and commented on the fact that more than one person was showing “interest” at Emily’s presence among them. Hiro Nakamura could feel the testosterone and other stuff rising and these men and it disgust him. Simmons felt the same and was warning Emily. One of them, a large man, would come and try to “pick up” Emily, but Hiro would get up and punch the man, out of pure annoyance.
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