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[Graded][Arc - Part 3] Fly-By Looting
Topic Started: Feb 28 2012, 02:00 AM (2,349 Views)
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Blitz tapped his foot on the group impatiently as he waited outside a building with an airship parked on the other side of it. Blitz and company had obtained the first form, but the time it had taken to fight him had given the other forms time to gain some ground, along with Darkweld, if he'd managed to get solid again. Blitz could tell that the nearest form, while not exactly on the far side of the earth, wasn't exactly close, so they'd take an airship flight to get there. Blitz had managed to secure passage - only right that he pay, it was his mess, after all - and he was just waiting for the airship's captain to get ready for the flight, and to get the all-clear from the crew to board the airship.

The airship itself was a nice piece of work, he had to admit. It was a long metallic thing usually used private matters, but was suited for passengers as well. The outside looked more like it was made for cargo, however. It had a front like a bird's beak and propellers on top, fins on the sides and another propeller on the back.

Airship Pic

A man in a white tux - which clashed with the rusty-looking exterior - walked down the access ramp, waving to Blitz and his friends. "Alright everyone, the ship is ready to go. We can board at any time." "Good, the sooner the better." Blitz said, walking up the ramp behind the captain, back onto the ship and into the interior, Yovel and Hiryu in tow.
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Yovel had never seen a flying contraption before. It was strange to be flying on a metal machine rather than Vits, but atleast now the two of them can travel real quick without worrying about getting tired. It was a strange thing, but it was definately made out of metal. Vits perched on the hull of the ship as Yovel made his way onto it. The floor groaned and creeked with every step Yovel took and it made him feel uneasy. The clanging of the ground as he walked behind Blitz was unsettling. He didn't know what to expect, but it would be the fastest way for any of them to travel.

What made Yovel more uneasy was that they were going to stay inside the ship. He rather that he would be out in the wind rather than hauled up inside. Once they had found their cabins, Yovel made a quick depature for the top. Vits would be up there, but for now he had to figure out how to reach there. Walking up through the metal stairs and stuff, he was told that some areas were off limits to passengers as it was only for the crew. Yovel was annoyed and asked for the direction to reach the deck above.

Eventually he had found the stairs leading up to the deck. He walked to the door and was surprised. It had a window to the outside and through the window was Vits' big head trying to look in. Once it spot Yovel coming up the stairs it squawked happily. Yovel chuckled for a moment before opening the door and giving Vits a hug.
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Hiryu had come in close proximity of the ported vessel. In that moment, even his choice of attire addressed his separatist, anti-social emotions. He wasn't happy that Blitz had been the one to suggest the next mode of transport. Transportation was supposed to be Hiryu's forte. It set a bad precedence if someone had better knowledge of it than him in any situation. He was additionally not happy with the idea of becoming a passenger to another means of transportation.

He had not ascended the the bridge up to the vessel entrance point, but was still on the runway standing against the ship. Hiryu tilted his head, as if the vessel was sporting a piercing glare back at him in an epic stare down. Hiryu stamp kicked the vessel a couple of times, measure the echo and response from the ship.

Nearby the commander-in-chief of the workers aboard the ship. He was overseeing his crew stocking necessary supplies into cargo hold at the back, turn at the sound of grunting and a clangy wail. He and a few of his men walk about the ship to see the source of the strange noise. Seeing Hiryu, hooded up and attacking the vessel repeatedly, they thought the worst. The Commander instantly became protecting of the vessel.

"Hey! Hey you! Get the hell away from there!" he roared running towards Hiryu. Hiryu turned to face the Commander with raised eyebrows, unaware that someone was near enough by to hear him testing the ship. He saw the Commander wore attire generally attributed to that of an air force. He had a long leather, fighter pilot jacket which he hung off his shoulders as opposed to wearing properly, with white t-shirt and an open, thin zip-up gray jumpsuit underneath. He wore black combat boots which his jump suit was tucked into. All of his men wore similar jumpsuits of varying colours seemingly to denote rank, all with the same company logo on the back. "Put your foot on her one more time and I'll kick you and I'll put one foot in your face and the other up your ass!" He threatened still closing in on Hiryu.

"Okay okay~" mused Hiryu raising his hands and walking back. "Relax; no harm intended, I just wanted to see if this this could hold together." he remarked, adding a tint of smugness. The Commander grabbed Hiryu by the collar and pulled him in.

"Do you think you're funny?" snapped the Commander, now very willing to put hands on Hiryu.

"You're getting pretty heated pal," began Hiryu in the exact same manner of voice, seemingly belligerent to the feel of the Commander's aggressive breath being heaved on Hiryu's face.

"I could skin you alive and hang you on my trophy wall for laying a foot on my ship!" replied the Commander ominously. Hiryu's eyes narrowed. While he was not anticipating or deliberately instigating a fight with the Commander, his Transporter pride had long since taken over, from the moment he recognised the Commander as the leader of the vessel. Hiryu noted that the man was older than he was, old enough to be his father he imagined. He figured by how boldly and quickly he got in Hiryu's face that he was willing to be scrappy, fulfilling the pirate/adventurer stereotype.

"I am not trying to make this a thing, or get in a fight with an old man. You don't have to get hurt over this. I was just afraid a few kicks might be all it took to for this thing the fall to pieces. That would be an embarrassment to the transport business if that all it muster." explained Hiryu cruelly.

"I don't get your angle brat... but you'll regret insulting my ship!" roared the Commander. He lampooned Hiryu away from him. Hiryu landed on his feet and looked up at the enraged Commander.

"Insult? The only insult I see is the second - no - third rate transporter who takes to the sky in a machine because he's too lazy to use his legs!" Hiryu pushed off against the floor with a track-runner's start.

"Leg lazy!?" bellowed the Commander madly. Hiryu whipped up a signature card[1] and made a dash at the Commander, looking to put him down in one flashy strike feeling highly confident of himself.

"LEGIO- wha...?" muttered Hiryu as he attempted to jump into a kick. He was stumped mid-phrase by what was coming the other way at him. After parroting Hiryu, the Commander's legs tensed insanely, bulging through his jumpsuit. He too then pushed off the ground towards Hiyru, however his push was in a much, much more literal sense. The Commander was now pushing against the thin air, making a three-dimensional zig-zag dash towards Hiryu.[1]

"Sky Strider: LEGION!!"[2] he roared, consuming Hiryu's own attack chant. As they collided kick for kick, it was Hiryu who was found heavily out of position. The Commander landed smoothly to an instant stop on his feet, coming out of the trade gracefully while Hiryu spiralled out, barraged with a multitude of bruised and boot mark to land on his back unconscious and drooling. The Commander and his men all walked toward Hiryu knocked out frame, the Commander getting their first.

By virtue of how unprepared Hiryu was for the Commander's attack, Hiryu did not even manage to secure the card he used in the attack. The Commander, who had not taken his scowling brood off of Hiryu after turning to walk back to him, glance up and fixated intensely on the familiar, gently falling card. As he looked in wonder and silent appreciation for what he saw and for what Hiryu just tried to to do one of his men began to call to him.

"Commander, the sun is rising" he began, pointing to the dawn. "We need you to help us get fully prepared for our next trip!" The Commander said not a word, but looked back to Hiryu as the card hit the floor. "...Commander?" called the subordinate nervously. "What is it?"

Hiryu woke with a splitting headache and a sore back. He murmured and stirred into instant pain, which he expressed in a lethargic grimace and writhe. He opened a pair of groggy eyes, to see a somewhat rusty, ember-red ceiling. He made a face of bemusement, unable to recall what had happened earlier that morning from the severity of the beat down, believing the last waking moment he had was falling asleep at the hotel.

<This isn't the hotel.> he deliberated briefly. Once he established that fact he began waking up, moving with increasing vitality and urgency. He shot out of the foldout metal bed he had been laid upon. As he moved his ears pricked to a monotonous, unappealing jingle, looking down to realised he had been shackled by his feet and handcuffed at the wrists. His face was in amazement. He looked forward to realised that his actually space in his current vicinity was a lot smaller than he though, thanks to a row of vertical metal bars blocking him passage into the main walkway. He clicked that he was currently in confinement.

"Alright everyone, the ship is ready to go. We can board at any time." "Good, the sooner the better." Blitz said, walking up the ramp behind the captain, back onto the ship and into the interior.

"Captain," called a man in a low ranking jumpsuit, appearing at the entrance point with a salute. "Commander Mahkan wanted to inform you of a prisoner being held at the brig; and Assailant who appeared on the runway in the early hours of the day. He is currently being detained awaiting your orders." he explained with military tone.

Used Magic
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As everyone boarded the ship, each of the trio headed in their own separate directions - Yovel opted for some fresh air atop the ship with Vits, while Hiryu tested the ship and got into it with the captain. Blitz, however, went to the forward bow - he figured it'd have the best view at the time, and probably after the ship took off, barring any interesting sights visible only from the top of the ship. The control center for the ship was nice - a grand view from the front, the captain's seat being in the middle, with the crew member seats behind it. Panels of very complex-looking mechanics were in front of all the seats. No doubt connected to the various contraptions that ran the ship.

Blitz walked over and to the front window. It was a clear day, so his sight was unobstructed. It'd be fun to see what the view was once it took off properly. The captain and crew joined Blitz in the front of the ship, but before a major conversation could be launched, someone ran in and informed the captain about some troublemaker they'd apprehended. Curious, Blitz followed the captain to the holding cell, stopping when he saw the "Assailant" and facepalming with a groan. "Hiryu, how in god's name did you manage to get arrested before we'd even been here for five minutes?"
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Yovel and Vits were sunbaking on the deck up top. Yovel found a pair of sunnies and a reclining chair. He sat in the chair, took off all his clothes and laid their under the sun as he awaited for the airship to take off. Vits was sitting on his clothes so that they would not fly off into the air when it did take off. Vits was ruffling his feathers and grooming himself. He scratched himself with his beak. If he did with his talons then that would raise an eye brow with Yovel as only four legged animals would do that. The sun was bright and warm and Yovel didn't feel the cold air that was lingering about. The warm sun was enough to stay naked on the deck.

A few people screamed, most likely that he was naked, but he didn't care. He ignored them and if anyone came up to him, Vits would squawk at them to tell them to **** off. It was their time and no one was going to spoil it.

Well that was until a few of the crew members hauled him off the reclining chair and hosted into onto the floor. Vits stood up and screeched at the men who did that to Yovel, but they grabbed him and dragged him naked to the cabins below. Vits grabbed Yovel's clothes and tried to follow them, but he was too big to fit through the door. He tried to squeeze in, but gut stuck and people saw a giant green feathered ball stuck in a door way. Some more crewmembers came to pull the stupid bird out of doorway. Vits tried to shoo them away but they shooed him away. Clutching Yovel's clothes Vits angrily sat down by the side of the door waiting for his partner to come back.

Yovel instead was hauled off to holding cell where he saw the captain, Hiryu and Blitz. And they all could see Yovel in his naked glory.
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"Five minutes? This trespasser's been here since morning." rebutted a voice coming from round the corner. The voice belonged to the head worker, the man who had personally detained Hiryu, Commander Mahkan. He looked to Hiryu, not menacingly but with great suspicion. Hiryu did the same to Mahkan, trying to push his head through the bars in order to detail the commander's face. "I take it that he was accompanying use on the flight today by the way you seem familiar with him." deduced Mahkan. "I'm not in a habit of letting thugs who dare tarnish this ship go so likely, but he's been so nice and quiet after a kicked a little sense into him."

"Kick? Kick!? That was barely a flail, love tap at best. I had you right were I wanted ya!" replied Hiryu flippantly with a bold and cocky attitude. "...I just slipped that's all, and you got lucky. Why don't you step inside this cell and try that tap-dancing routine on my again? I won't even need the cuffs taken of to kic-"

"Five minutes you said?" repeated Mahkan with slight confusion now looking towards Blitz. "What did you mean by that?" Hiryu was now visibly shocked, having been interrupted in the middle of a flashy monologue. It was pretty embarrassing to be overlooked and ignored by that in the middle of a scene.

"Oi... er, I think you cut me off." chimed Hiryu modestly at Mahkan.

"Hmm, now that I think about it there were three passengers who boarded the ship with me, one of which looked like your prisoner." ruminated the captain with a nostalgic expression on his face. Hiryu's face now began flashing intermittently between Mahkan and the Captain.

"Y-y-you all saw that right? He cut me off, right?" urged Hiryu sheepishly.

"He's been here all morning, sound asleep unconscious. I remember personally carrying him aboard, and then he boarded with you just a while ago...?" replied the commander, leaving Hiryu ignored once again.

"OIIIII!" Screamed Hiryu out into the room frantically. Finally he cleaved everybody's attention. "I'm not invisible or so forgettable! I'm a main character - MAIN! If you wrote this up as a story I bet you two guys wouldn't even be properly named!" he grunted spitefully to the captain and the commander. "I'm offended you think you can ignore me mid-trash talk and talk so casually about not remembering which scene I was in!" as mad as he was, Hiryu was still so egotistical that his point was somewhat masked by his perverse analogy and context.

"...Do you have any form of twin or some form of clone magic?" asked the commander.

"I'm one of a kind pal, believe that!" replied Hiryu with an air of pride.

"Then who came aboard with you, Captain? Is he not still here?" asked the commander looking about and only seeing Hiryu and Blitz as non-company personnel. As the commander asked the question Yovel came into view, as naked as the day he was born, seemingly in some trouble of his own with the crew. After the short silence with none knowing what to say to Yovel entrance, Hiryu put up his hand to motion to speak.

"I'm not sharing a cell with him while his butt naked." he objected in a monotonous voice.
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Read this, both of you.

Blitz was informed that the prisoner had been "tarnishing the ship" somehow, and gotten some sense beat into him as a result. Blitz sighed and slipped one hand into his hair to idly scratch his scalp. It certainly sounded like Hiryu, from what he knew about him. And Hiryu proceeded to exclaim about how that scrap was just a misstep and bad luck - again, just like Blitz would expect from Hiryu. He'd probably been arrogant as he'd been when facing him back in the forest when they first met, too.

As the Captain and Commander spoke - Hiryu's rage increasing with every syllable not directed at him - they mentioned a third person who had been brought on board. "That's probably Yovel, a friend of mine. Last I checked, he was heading to the top of the ship - maybe he needed some fresh air?" It was at that moment that the guards hauled in a Yovel, minus his druid poncho, or any other concealing bit of fabric. Blitz face-palmed again. "One gets himself arrested and denies he lost the fight, the other gets arrested while unclothed....this is going to be a very awkward flight," he muttered to himself. "If you're going to lock him up, at least give him his clothes back."
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The two people who were hauling Yovel chucked him into the cell with Hiryu. He made a small yip sound as he landed on the cold floor. He turned around and smiled to everyone and saw that the captain ordered the two sailors to grab his clothes back. Yovel moved onto the cot that was there and smiled wonder how they would fair trying to get their clothes back from Vits. He watched as the pair had left for the deck and he turned over to Blitz. He waved and said Hi Blitz. How are you?

Vits was sitting down on the deck waiting for the door to open. He held Yovel's clothes under his wing as time went by. Eventually the door opened and the two people that took him came through. Vits stood up and and looked at the two crewmembers. Vits squawked at them and started to chase them. He was mad at taking Yovel away and started to peck the closest one. He took flight and he glided through the air. He then came down onto a guy and pushed him to the ground. He came down with a giant thump and pecked the guys head. He then squawked at the other fellow to scare him off. This other guy took a step back not wanting to be jumped by the big bird when Vits turned around. The door was still open and this time he wasn't going to get stuck. He dashed towards the door and at the final moment, he leapt through. He was getting through the door when *thump* his butt got stuck through the door way. His feathers were ruffled, he was made and so Vits started to shake his booty and he was slowly slipping through the door. Then *plomp* his ass popped through the door and he was home free.

Vits was intent to find Yovel sensed with their bond and figured the general direction. He started to run down the stairs hoping to cause as much chaos as he could while finding Yovel.
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"A streaker!?!" piped Mahkan in shock. He immediately shook his head, physically rejecting the notion to be taken in by the ridiculousness of the situation. He looked back to the captain. "Captain is this the man you saw?" The captain offered up a hand but waved it with insecurity.

"Yes, I remember him boarding with us... maybe with more clothes back then, but I'm sure I sure both of them enter behind me, along with with Blitz, who is the patron for this journey." Mahkan turned back to Hiryu, who after his former outburst and the arrival of Yovel was simply leaning against the bars casually. Seeing the commander fixed his stare on him, Hiryu did the same back.

"Vandalism, harassment... streaking. Is this a joke too?" he inquired, poking at Hiryu since his apparent double sighting did make him the obvious prime suspect. Hiryu, having not really grasped the full situation in his head, did not think to respond in a manner that specifically made him less incriminating.

"Only joke is that I have to be transported by the likes of you. But Blitz need to take the ship, and while I am obviously fine trekking by foot across planes, he is the package so I can't complain that he is a much more fragile pedestrian..." began Hiryu blabbering on once again.

"Well then if this is not a joke, then there is one more of you than their should be currently aboard the ship." stated the commander. At this point, the revelation would not have been a surprise to anyone who was there for the whole conversation. Of course, Hiryu was a little too self-involved to have registered this conclusion earlier on.

"There is!?" gasped Hiryu, genuinely surprised. "...Well actually I'm not surprised. If anything, I'm only surprised that it took so long for people to start pretending to be me. If I wasn't me, I'd find it hard not to want to be me too. I have that effect-"

"For now I'm going to assume you are the real one. Your friends seem to recognise you pretty well after all. Without it being a twin, then there was probably some magic involved in walking on as an imposter and no one on the crew apart from myself uses magic. So, even though you two have caused so much mischief before we've even set off, I'm going to let you both go under a few conditions; First, he stays with me." explained the commander, pointing to Hiryu. Hiryu then stepped back a bit pointing to himself. "That way if you see him show up without me in toe, you can assume it's the imposter... plus I generally don't trust him to be alone with the ship anyway. Second, as the only other magic users, I want you to help keep on the look out for this imposter. You agree to that and I'll agree to set off and carry you across Fiore." he reasoned.
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Blitz sighed while Yovel put some clothes back on, then replied "Hi Yovel" when he greeted him. "I've been better - this boarding of the ship has been rather awkward, to say the least." He listened with interest, too, as the captain and commander discussed the "extra" guest. "Are you sure you didn't just miscount Hiryu twice? He was the last one to walk up the ramp, after all." Pointing at Hiryu, the Mahkan asked if it was a joke. "No, I'm fairly sure that's really Hiryu.....unfortunately," he added with a chuckle. Though his gaze did narrow at Hiryu's "fragile pedestrian" remark. "For someone in jail, you're remarkably outspoken. Particularly to the only person on this ship who can vouch for you in your current situation."

The comment on a double got his attention, though. Blitz's mind started churning gears. Did one of his clones end up on the ship? It would make sense for them to think it was him if they had. But he hadn't used his magic in the presence of the captain or the commander, so the difference between regular Blitz and metallic form Blitz should be obvious. Hiryu took the doppelganger theory with an unsurprising accepting of his "status", as the Commander laid down the rules - Hiryu had to stick with the Commander at all times, and Yovel and Blitz had to help search for the imposter. Blitz nodded. "You have a deal." He held his hand out and Makhan shook it firmly - he had a rough hand shake.

Before they could set off on their little adventure, however, another adventurer came squawking down the access ramp from the upper levels of the ship - Vits, who looked very distressed. The Captain and Commander looked at each other, then moved as if to stop the bird, but Blitz held a hand out. "Hold up, it's just the druid's flight friend." As Vits ran up, Blitz stopped in front of it. Vits squawked at him. "Relax, featherduster, your master is fine and they're letting him out of prison, see?" Blitz stood aside to show Yovel walking out, Vits brushing past Blitz to Yovel.

"We'll split up and look for this guy - holler if you find him." With that, Blitz set off down the nearest hallway and down the stairs.
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