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[Graded]Lost in Heat Madness; Ares and Tsubasa Krull
Topic Started: Feb 21 2012, 07:50 AM (481 Views)
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The Sanzibar desert, a desolate place to only a few people. Most travellers and adventurers had almost few to no problems crossing through the hot climate.
Some even stayed, despite the local's distaste for strangers and the insufferable hot climate, because of the many mysteries buried underneath its sands. Unfortunately, a small teenager with red hair, wearing a mask, belonged to those "few".

Ares dropped to the soft bed of hot sand, as the afternoon sun glared fiercely up in the sky. It was an extremely clear day, not a cloud in sight. A breeze blew gently, as if mocking his near death state. "I need to rest . . . just a little bit." He mumbled, as his throat cracked under the dry weather. He turned himself over, facing the sky and squinted as he tried to shield his eyes from the sun's cruel rays. His feet were hurting and filled blisters. He would've also lost his aim under the heat, if it hadn't been for the remainder the man had given him before he left for his search. His mouth was stale, and remembering what the taste of water felt like, but it only made throat ache. His master's clothes were now worn out and old. His dirty tanned skin was beginning to glow red, and a slow but powerful wind threatened to make him the next mystery added to Sanzibar's history.

He'd lost count of the days, hours he'd been walking around. However, not once he had second thoughts about turning back. All that was embedded in his mind was to help the poor people who had given him food and shelter. It was in the same situation that he was now, where they had saved him. Ares closed his eyes, and let himself sleep as the only sound he could hear was the howl of the wind . . .

”Momma!! There’s a something buried in here!!” A child’s frantic voice screamed loud, which was then followed by a pair of scuffling feet. Ares couldn’t see who was there, or where he was, but he definitely knew he was buried in a pile of sand.

“Sierra! What is it, dear?!” A worried woman’s voice pierced through the darkness. It was so full of concern, Ares wondered who these people were. “Momma!! I think there’s a person in here.” Thudding sounds vibrated from the sand.

“A person..? A person!!” The woman gasped and Ares felt her running away. “Momma!! Wait, where are you going?” The child questioned.

After a few minutes of silence, a new pair of feet vibrated along with the woman’s. A animal – what sounded like a camel – groaned as it stepped to a halt. “Quickly, Sierra!! Tied this knot around the person, and I’ll tie this one to the camel’s. Hurry!” Her instructions were followed by a flow of steps, and Ares felt tiny hands wrap tie a rope around his feet. “Momma!! It’s done.”

“Aright!! Mister, whoever you are, brace yourself!” She yelled from afar, and without a second to spare she gave a loud “Hya!” and the next second, Ares was pulled out of the sand and dragged a few meters before the camel stopped. The young child, all wrapped up in clothes, ran to check up on the red-haired stranger that they had “dug up”. She knelt down, and admired the architecture of his mask.

“Is he alright?” An middle-aged woman came walking up to them. The child looked at her mother, and then back at Ares. She gave his a little poke and said “I think he fainted…”

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The hot desert sun hit's Tsu hard, for twoday hw was delivering a letter too the three towns of Ullalia, Ilcopai and Eleren, each one labled Ergant. Something must be happening, either way, Tsu wasn't really that interested. His first stop was Eleren, the small town on the west of the Sanzibar desert. Though, it will take a while to get there on foot, if only he had wings. It was also helpful to have a Map on him, which was given to him by his contact, this was deemed helpful to him, otherwise he would be lost for good. He stops for a brief second to look at the map, the sun seems to be setting at the current time. So he quickly scanned the map and found that there was an oasis near by towards the north, That seems to be the perfect place to rest, he thought. And so he headed north, towards his resting place.

After two hours of trecking in the desert, it starts to cool down aand cool breeze blows from behind. The cool change was a nice touch, since it was such a dreadful, hot day. He arrives to his destination, where there was a nice small water hole and a couple palm trees, this seemed perfect for Tsu. The cold had now droped more and he was starting to shiver, so he starts to collect some wood to start a fire for the night. He put's the wood in a nice pile on top of some dried leaves and then found some stones. He created some sparks with the stones and the leaves caught light, followed by the wood. Next he took of his cloak and went to go wash it in the water, so it will be clean by the morning. He Set's a small hanging rack to put his cloak to dry. Afterwards he set's up some leaves to make a bed with and goe's to lay down. He knock a tree accidntally and a coconut happens drop down next to him and there was dinner for the night.

He lays down next to the fire and looks at the map. It seems that he was only a day away from the town. This made him smile, since that he had the thought of a nice sleep in a normal bed. He then falls a sleep, with the heat of the fire hitting his skin.
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Ares gained consciousness slowly, but it took his body a long time before he could react. His master had developed his body into resistance of any kind of weather, but he still lacked training. Though his body could withstand, his iron will was still easily shaken. He could tell it was night time, with the sand he was buried under was already as cold as ice. It took him quite a while to realize that being buried underneath sand was not right. His body heat regulated, and it took him another while to realize the unusual warmth in his stomach. The heat slowly crept in beneath the sand and into his stomach... until it got to a cooking point...

"HOT!!HOT!!" he yelled as he rose from the bed of sand, like a dead from the grave. The fire built on top of his stomach died instantly, ashes blown by the cold breeze of the night. Shaking his head out of remaining sand in his hair, he stood up and wondered where he was, or how long he had been asleep. The sky was like a dark ceiling lit by tiny diamonds called stars, with the centerpiece known as the moon.

"So pretty..." He commented with a dreamy stare at the sky. The wind blows again, lifting sand clouds, and he hears ruffling paper. He turns around and finds himself on the center of a black blot that looked like the place of a bonfire. He saw a man, sleeping beside where he stood and his cloak hung on a make-shift rack. The man was resting on a make-shift bed made out of leaves. He bent down and admired the man's handiwork. He silently hopped to the cloak and Ares could see it was wet, which meant there had to be water somewhere, which brought back the memory of what happened before...

His shoulders slacked as he faced-palmed himself. He had so much to learn of the world, and yet so little time. He had to learn fast. But right now, he had a mission (of sorts) to complete. He could not let that poor family down after what they did for him. He looked back at the sleeping man, and saw a paper snuggled tight between his arms. Out of curiosity, Ares slowly took the paper and regarded it carefully.

He held it out so that the moon could light it. It had pictures of places and ways, but Ares had no clue what it was.
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There was a tugging at arms, Tsu stired abit as he felt it. The tugging stopped, but he help but feel that there was something taken from him and so he opened his eye's to see that the map had dissapeared from him. He look's up and see's that there was a figure standing in the moonlight. Could it be a theif or possibly a bandit? He thought, either way they were not going to get away with the only guiding him through this oven from hell. He roll's of the leaves and on to the ground, he then gets up and quickly wraps his right arm his neck and uses his other to grab his victim's left arm and holds it tightly around his back. "Who are you and and what do you want with the map?" He asks. The man tell's him who he is and the reason why he's here. Tsu lets go of him and grabs the map back and then his cloak. "Fine, but now that I'm awake now, I might as well continue moving towards my destination. Feel free to join me." He starts to walk off, with Ares following behind.

Day then breaks as they walk through the desert, the heat starts to rise. The sand then starts to shift forwards, this didn't feel right at all. The current picked up as and his feet got caugt in the current. "Quick, grab me" Tsu yelled to Ares, but it was to late, he too was caugt in the current. They both fell and where now being suck in to a giant sink hole. Tsu manages to grab Ares hand, so at least they woudn't be separated.

When all hope seemed lost, A rope then was flung downwards towards him. He had no time to look up to see who was there and so he grabed the rope out sheer desparation to save his life. He then starts to be pulled up slowly out of the hole, with Ares holding on tight. He reaches the top and a couple set of hands pull him out and help him out. "You alright thar sir's?" A man asked, Tsu nodded to his reply. Then, in sudden panic, reached in to his cloak to see if the letters were still there, and they were and he sighed in relief. To bad that the map didn't survive. "So tell meh, where yall headin'?" asked the man, Tsu told him that they had to get to the towns as quickly as possibe and the the first town was Eleren. The man offered them a ride there, since that was where they going as well. And so they jumped on what seemed to a form of floating raft and were on there way.
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